The Twilight Saga

This is about a girl named Serenity who moved to Forks after her mother split from her dad and got a job in Forks and a vampire who lives by himself, by the name of Tristan.

Chapter 1: Moving Day

I watched my sisters run upstairs empty-handed and run downstairs with their arms full of boxes. My nineteen year old sister, Janine, hauled her backpack downstairs, dropping it on the landing. It was D-Day. Moving Day to them, Doomsday to me. I was leaving my cherished, sunny home of Chico, California to move to cold, wet, and gray Forks, Washington. "Stop moping, Serenity", Mom chided me, thumping my nose carefully. I frowned and pulled my duffel over my shoulder and walked to our Suburban. I tossed my duffel into the backseat and walked back inside. "Ren! Rocky's here!" I heard Trinity, my twin sister call to me. We were fraternal twins. Every time my mother introduced us, no one believed her when she called us her twin daughters.
I smiled. Rocky was my boyfriend and he was here with my dad to help us move. Janine was driving the Suburban, Mom was driving the moving truck. Almost all of my stuff was in the car. I jogged over to my boyfriend and threw my arms around his neck. "I'm gonna miss you so much", I said. He picked me up and twirled me around. "Likewise", he replied.

He walked inside and looked around. "A bunch of our furniture has to stay here", I said, leading him upstairs. He followed me and saw my dresser. "That staying?" he asked. I shook my head and lifted up one end. The mirror attached was already packed up and in the truck. My grandmother's dresser.

He lifted up the other end and we precariously approached the stairs. I carefully held onto my end as we slowly went down the stairs. We walked up to the truck and pushed it in. I looked at the almost stuffed truck and walked to get my few precious belongings to put into the car. I knew I had to change because Forks was already cold now. It was close to leaving time. I walked into my room with my book bag and pulled off my tank top and shorts. I pulled on my favorite sweat pants and my other tank top. I zipped up my sweatshirt and pulled on my favorite pair of Converses. I pulled my hair up and put my clothes back into my book bag.

I finally padded downstairs, slinging my bag over my shoulder, carrying my jewelry box and my carton full of friends' memories. I set it beside me and curled up in my spot on the very back seat, my pillow and blanket beside me. My iPod perched on top of my pillow and I put on my earphones. I looked at my phone. Rocky stood outside of my window. I hopped over the seat. "I'll miss you, Ren", he said. I kissed him. "I'll miss you too. Text me", I replied. I hugged him and slid back into my seat. He closed the door. I buckled my seat belt and waited for Trinity and Janine. They finally got in, tossing me a breakfast burrito. I opened it and bit down, feeling the spicy juices melt into my mouth. Janine started the car. "Say goodbye to our childhood home, girls", she said soberly. I waved at my house sadly as we pulled out of the driveway and left.

Chapter 2: Monotonous Prison

I sighed, pushing open the doors to the school. I was hoping today would be different, but today brought nothing but monotonous, tedious information I already knew. I heard a teacher chatter in the classrooms about making room for two new students. I rolled my eyes with distaste. People made too much fuss about new people. I sat down in my first class. "Mr. Beck? The principal would like to see you", Mr. Banner said to me. I stood up and walked down the hall into the principal's office. "We have a new student coming as you may have heard in rumors", Mr. McGuire said. I shrugged. "We were wondering if you would be one of the students' peer guide. Ya know, help her out around school, show her around town, that sort of thing. She's going through a very rough time and her and her sister need to know they have someone there", Mr. McGuire finally asked. And there was the big question.

"I guess. I don't really have anything else to do. Is it just one or both?" I said. "One. Your buddy is named Trinity", Mr. McGuire replied. "Okay", I said, shrugging. I had to sign a couple of papers and then I sauntered off to class. I pretended to not listen to everything the teacher said. Finally, school let out and I grabbed my books and walked home. I saw a moving truck pull into the old Davis place. The two younger girls must be the new students. I saw a pretty blonde girl dressed in mainly pink get out. I secretly hoped it wasn't Trinity. I saw another girl get out of the backseat, wearing sweats. She looked like she didn't care what she looked like and I liked that. She had light red hair pulled back into a messy ponytail. I continued to walk towards my home.

Chapter 3: Finally Here

I got out of the backseat, looking at our old/new home. It was two story like our old one, but much older. I helped Mom unload the truck. We had movers come and help us move in. My room was on the upper level. Janine was staying with us momentarily. She was going to school in Seattle. I looked at my room and smiled. The walls needed some good scrubbing. The hardwoods were in desperate need of some TLC. I set down my carton and waited for my dresser to come. I was going to spend today unpacking. School was in about a week, so this was perfect. I watched as the movers slammed down my dresser. "That's antique, you milk-livered louts!" I said in horror. One mover glowered at me and stomped downstairs. "Using Elizabethan insults isn't nice, Serenity", Mom called.

I frowned. I jogged downstairs and grabbed my fragile boxes. "Someone breaks these, their necks will be hung from the staircase", I grumbled, carrying them up the stairs. I set them down gently and got to work with setting up my bed. Mom came into the room. Mom was very pretty, and very young-looking although she was barely pushing 39. She was 20 when she had Janine and produced me and my sister three years later. Dad loved us, but was hardly around. Mom's soft blonde hair hung in her face. I pulled one of my many hair ties off my wrist and handed it to her. "Here, Mom", I said. "Thanks, sweetie", she replied, pulling her hair back. She gripped together the bed rails and finally plopped down my box spring. I helped her hoist the mattress onto the bed and screw on the posters. "You were lucky enough to inherit this. It's very old", Mom said, wiping her forehead. My room was almost unpacked. I had the majority of my clothes put away and my shoes were in my closet and in my dresser. I unpacked my sheets from my dresser and put them on my bed. It was pillow-top. I loved soft, Trinity preferred firm. I spread out my favorite comforter and my quilt. I tossed the pillows on the bed and flopped down next to Mom.

"Se, hon. I gotta get you and your sister downstairs in the living room. I have to tell you something", Mom said. I nodded and hung up my jacket. The moving truck was empty now and the movers took it. I jogged downstairs and sat down in the living room. Trinity and Janine were already there with Mom. I sat down on the couch. "Kids, you need to know the truth about your father", Mom said. From the look on Janine's face, I knew she knew. Me and Trinity looked at Mom, both of us in silence. "Your father has another family. Has had them for about twelve years. You have a half-sister and a half-brother who live in Eureka", Mom said carefully. The statement hit me like a ton of cinder blocks. Trinity burst into tears. "You mean he just kept us for himself to look good?" I said, standing up. "He loved us, but he had had an affair soon after he and I were married and he had to take care of this other child", Mom replied. "Which resulted in another child. I don't care about Dad anymore. I never want to see him again!" I yelled, stomping upstairs and throwing myself on my bed. I finally let the tears out I'd been holding in since hearing about the divorce.

I heard my phone ring. I saw the caller ID and saw my dad's name. I pressed ignore and put it back down on my bed. I wanted to throw it against the wall, but knew I couldn't. I continued my sob-fest till my mom came into my room. She sat down on the bed with me and hugged me tightly. She handed me my phone. "Call him", she urged me. She had already urged Trinity to call him. I finally called him and waited for him to pick up. "Cece, I know you're upset", Dad said. "I should be! You go and cheat on Mom and have a whole new family? I'm pretty mad", I shot back. "Will you come to see me at Thanksgiving?" Dad asked. "We'll see how I feel then", I replied coldly. "Your sister is coming", Dad said to me. I couldn't hold back my tears. My voice shook as I spoke to the man who was biologically my father. Emotionally, I knew I could never forgive him. "I sent you a present, I hope it comes soon", Dad said softly. "Delivery for Miss Serenity Callington?" I heard a man call. "It's been delivered", I said into the phone. I couldn't deny that I was curious. I slipped downstairs and saw a box with holes in it. "Dad, you didn't", I said, shock in my voice. I opened the box and saw a kennel. Inside the kennel was a Schipperke puppy. Its tiny little black body wiggled in excitement.

"Do you like him?" Dad asked. "It's a girl", I said, surprised. "She's to keep you company until you can make new friends", Dad replied. I pulled the puppy out and saw her wiggle even more. I pulled the kennel into the bathroom and smiled. Inside the box was a bunch of dishes and some puppy food. In a bag, was pet grooming supplies and a harness with a leash. I'd always wanted a dog, but no one was home to take care of her. There was a huge, fenced in backyard so she could run around as much as she wanted. "We'll have someone stop in every few hours to come in and let her out to go potty", Mom said. Trinity saw the puppy and squealed. "What's her name?" she asked. She was holding a tiny silver-furred kitten in her arms. "I haven't named her yet. But I think Ebony's a good name for her", I replied, stroking the puppy's fur. She wiggled under my attention, her tiny little bottom wriggling. [That's a Schipperke puppy]

I smiled and set her into the bath tub. It was old, but updated. Ebony wriggled under the warm water, I could tell she didn't particularly like water, but after her cold journey, I could tell she liked the warmth. I washed her with flea and tick shampoo and watched with horror at all the dirt and dead fleas that came off of her coat. I finally lifted her out and dried her off. I turned on the hair dryer on low and dried her off completely. I took a bristle brush and gently combed her fur. She loved that. I smiled and slipped her little purple collar on her. She was so adorable. She ran around the house, sniffing around. I talked to my dad a little more. I wasn't ready to forgive him, but the puppy took the edge off my anger. "This is Angora", Trinity said proudly with her kitten. She set her down and Ebony ran to her, knocking her down. Angora spit and hissed, swiping at Ebony's nose.

l led Ebony into her kennel and locked it. "Don't get yourself into any trouble now, sugar", I cooed. I walked upstairs to finish unpacking. "What are my siblings' names?" I asked. "Your brother's name is Eric and your sister's name is Ashley", Dad replied. He seemed to be relieved I was at least asking questions about my half-siblings. "Okay", I said. I talked to him for a little bit. "How old are they?" I asked. "Eric is twelve, Ashley is seven", Dad replied. "So did you name your puppy?" Dad asked. "Her name is Ebony. She was really dirty when I got her", I replied. "She's in good care", Dad said. "I gotta go, Dad", I said, hanging up. I didn't want to talk to him anymore so I shoved my phone in my pocket. I looked down at Ebony's adorable little face. She was innocent.
I let her out and carried her upstairs and set her on my bed. She seemed to like it, because she was rolling around, scratching her back. I rubbed her tummy and laughed as her back paw kicked.

I looked out the window and noticed it was sundown. "Come on, kids, we're getting dinner!" I heard Mom call. I looked at the clock and saw it was almost six o'clock. I picked up Ebony and jogged downstairs with her. "Put the dog in her kennel", Mom said. I set her into her kennel and walked out the door.

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first of all..............................................................................................................

i don't get it.though i like the way you write
first of all..............................................................................................................

i don't get it.though i like the way you write
sounds cool update more
Glad you like it! But I don't understand how it can be confusing...
I'm continuing the rest of Chapter 3 in the discussion, then I will post Chapter 4 here
Looks interesting. I like it.
Chapter 4: Welcome to the Neighborhood

I stood up from my chair, my cat, Figaro hopping down. His brilliant green eyes stood out with his splendid ginger coat as he meowed to be let out. I had rescued him as a kitten from a storm drain and now he was reluctant to leave my side. He was my temporary companion, and I would be sad to see him go. I glanced at a piece of paper on the table. Mr. McGuire had requested that I stopped by to welcome the Callingtons to Forks. He showed me and another student by the name of Alexander, two photos of the students. They were both blonds, one a honey blonde, the other a strawberry blonde. They were fraternal twins, and not very close. I opened the door and slipped out, securing it behind me. I lived in a small, cozy two-bedroom cabin-like house in the woods. I didn't need much more.

Figaro meowed and I rubbed between his ears. He purred and padded off to do whatever cats do. I walked along the path and out of the woods towards the neighborhoods. I pulled off my sunglasses and sat them on top of my head. I liked it when it was cloudy. On a sunny day, I happened to be 'sick' and stayed home from school. I approached the house and saw the strawberry blonde girl sitting on the porch, in a mushroom chair with a guitar. She was singing very softly while playing. I could hear the lyrics and recognized the song. It was 'Ready To Love Again' by Lady Antebellum.


I continued to play, trying to remember the words. As I continued the notes on my Gibson, I felt the words come to me at once. Ebony was sitting down, watching with wonder. She liked music. I smiled as I sang louder. It was so peaceful.

Seems I was walking in the wrong direction
I barely recognized my own reflection, no
Scared of love, but scared of life alone
Seems I've been playing on the safe side, baby
Building walls around my heart to save me, oh
But it's time for me to let it go

Yeah, I'm ready to feel now
No longer am I 'fraid of the fall down
It must be time to move on now
Without the fear of how it might end
I guess I'm ready to love again.

Just when you think that love will never find you
You run away but still it's right behind you, oh
It's just something that we can't control

Yeah, I'm ready to feel now
No longer am I 'fraid of the fall down
It must be time to move on now
Without the fear of how it might end
I guess I'm ready to love again

I looked up and saw a guy standing quietly near the curb by the house. I quickly put away my guitar, my face flushing. "No, keep going. You're better than most people I've seen", he called. Ebony saw him and barked. "Hush, Eb", I said to the puppy. "I'm Tristan. I go to Forks High", he called. I walked into the yard. "Serenity", I replied. I reached my hand out and shook his. He was pretty cute. Ebony ran after me. "Ebony, no!" I scolded the puppy, who had jumped up onto him. He chuckled and rubbed her ears. She wiggled. "How old is she?" Tristan asked. "She's about nine weeks. I just got her yesterday", I replied. Ebony wiggled back over to me and I bent down to scratch her back. I had gotten my nails done before we moved, and she loved my gel nails. "She's a Schipperke, right?" he asked. I nodded. "Yeah", I replied. I brushed my hair out of my face and tucked it behind my ear.

"I was just here to, uh, welcome you to the neighborhood", Tristan said. He looked a little nervous. "Thanks", I replied, smiling. I picked up Ebony who wiggled around to lick my face. I pushed her head down. "So where did you move from?" he asked. "Chico, California", I replied. "Pretty far drive", Tristan commented. I nodded.

"Yeah, Chico's in Northern California", I replied. He seemed pretty cool. "Don't let me interrupt your guitar playing", he said, nodding to the case. "Oh, you wanted to hear more?" I asked. "I wanted to hear the rest of it", he replied. I shrugged and walked back over to the chair. I pulled it back out and pulled the strap around me and set it on my lap and started to continue.

So come and find me
I'll be waiting up for you
I'll be holding out for you tonight

Yeah, I'm ready to feel now
Not 'fraid of the fall down
It must be time to move on now
Without the fear of how it might end
I guess I'm ready, ready to love again
I'm ready to love again

I stopped. "You should try out for choir. They'd be insane not to let you in", Tristan said. He was studying me. "I'm gonna try to get caught up before I do any extracurricular activities", I replied, shrugging. He chuckled. "Is your sister here? She's my peer guide buddy, I should really be getting to know her too", he said awkwardly. I felt my face fall. We'd been talking for about an hour now. "Yeah, lemme get her", I replied, standing up. I brushed off my pants and jogged inside. "Hey, Trinity! Someone's downstairs to see you!" I called. I walked back outside to grab my guitar. I shook his hand again just in time to see my sister flounce out the door. It was then I realized how icy cold and hard his hand was. I pulled my hand away quickly, but fascinated. He must be hypersensitive to cold, I surmised.

I turned to see my sister pull her hair back. My sister was a lot prettier than me and she knew it. She wore tons of pink and did a lot of extracurriculars. Everyone loved her, I was mostly just the brush-off. I just took my guitar back upstairs. One thing about me that set me above my sister was my music abilities. Trinity couldn't sing or play an instrument worth a dime.

Chapter 5: Meeting My Peer Buddy

I watched as Serenity disappeared into the house. Trinity flashed her sister a look and sat down. "I guess you already know my name, what's yours?" she asked. If there was one thing I couldn't stand was a girl who knew how attractive she was. And Trinity Callington knew exactly how pretty she is. I found myself pining for the girl who played guitar and loved her puppy. It was irrational, really. Serenity was just a human, after all. What right did I have to take an interest in her? She wasn't even my peer guide buddy! I focused on Trinity. "I'm Tristan Beck", I replied, shaking her hand. I could hear her thoughts, as it was a gift of mine. She wasn't even focusing on what I was saying, just how I looked.

I couldn't see Serenity's thoughts, just her emotions. She seemed surprised at the frigidity of my skin, but quickly wrote it off. Trinity was annoyed that she thought I wasn't listening to her. Tristan and Trinity...we're made to be together! she thought. My annoyance grew. I smiled and let her talk. "We should totally study together", Trinity said. "Yeah, that'd be cool", I replied, uninterested. I stood up. "Well, welcome to the neighborhood, but I must be going", I said. "'Bye, Tristan!" Trinity called. I waved with a flick of my hand and jogged down the driveway. I took one last look at the house and heard Trinity's heartbeat stutter. I chuckled and continued down to my house. Figaro meowed at the door. I opened it and let him in.

I didn't particularly enjoy wearing the same clothes all night, a human habit I had picked up, so I changed into some sweat pants and no shirt. I started to feel a muted burn in my throat so I went to find some elk blood in my kitchen. A vampire friend of mine was a butcher, so I got as much blood as I wanted. I downed a shot and rinsed out the glass. It was enough to keep the edge off. I sat down on my chair and watched TV, yet another human habit. I frowned and shut off the TV. My thoughts had been churning in my head and now Serenity Callington was the culprit of my jumbled thoughts. She was very puzzling. Very puzzling indeed...

(The end of the week, now it's time for first day of school!)

Chapter 6: First Day of School!

I stood in front of my closet for ten minutes, trying to decide what to wear. I shrugged out of my pajamas and tossed them into my hamper. I stood there for another ten minutes in my bra and panties, still trying to decide what to wear. I finally pulled out my new cowl-neck top and I laid it out on my bed. I walked over to my dresser and pulled on my new pair of skinny jeans. I found my very favorite pair of boots and set them down. I pulled out my lucky coat and hung it up. It looked light and cool, but it was lined with fleece and was very warm. I finally got dressed and applied makeup.

Trinity met me downstairs, fully dressed in pink.

I shrugged and slung my book bag over my shoulder. I kissed Mom's cheek goodbye and rubbed Ebony's sides quickly before jogging out the front door. We were going to walk to school, it was only three blocks away. I saw a few kids walking towards school too.

(I know, this chapter was terribly boring x.x)
Don't worry the chapter is very good. I love it
Thumb's up :)

I continued walking towards school, and saw two girls whispering to each other. They were looking at us as they did so. I just lifted my chin and continued my walk, now a bit of a strut. We finally reached the school and Trinity and I walked into the office. There stood Tristan Beck and another guy. I looked at the principal. "Are you two ladies Serenity and Trinity Callington?" he asked. We nodded. "I'm Serenity", I replied. "Trinity", my sister replied, waving with one hand on her backpack strap. "Okay, girls. So here are your peer guides, they'll be showing you to your classes and around school", Mr. McGuire said, holding out some papers for me and my sister to sign. I huffed and quickly signed my name on the paper.

"Don't forget to initial, Serenity", Tristan chuckled. I shot him a warning look and rolled my eyes. I handed the paper to Mr. McGuire and walked out into the hall. "I'm Vick. The guy who was supposed to be your guide bailed", the other guy in the office said. I nodded. "Serenity. Call me Se-Se", I replied. "So when did you move here?" Vick asked. "A week ago", I replied. "Oh. Cool. Where'd you move from?" he asked. "Chico, California", I replied, nodding. I really missed its warmth. It was October and it was 71 degrees there. Here it was almost in the thirties. "The weather here just isn't natural", I added. "You get used to it", Vick replied. I shrugged. We reached first period class and he opened the door for me. "Thanks", I replied. I walked in. "Class, we have a new student from California. Will you please introduce yourself, dear?" the nice teacher asked. "Serenity. Serenity Callington", I replied.

(Bit of a short one...but it'll be finished later ;D)
Continued again


I watched in disbelief as Serenity was assigned to the seat next to me. She slid in and watched Mrs. Diaz. "Ms. Callington, we were discussing about modernized Shakespearean plays. What is your take on that?" she asked Serenity. "I've read most of Shakespeare's plays. None of them should be modernized", Serenity replied. I felt my body stiffen in shock. It was her first day and she just guessed wrong to the wrong teacher. "And why is that, Ms. Callington?" Mrs. Diaz said, obviously flustered. She wouldn't cut a new student any slack. "Because no one can capture the point of Shakespeare's ideas in modern times. No guy would proclaim his love from a girl's balcony, no one would risk their lives for their true love, the way Romeo did for Juliet. Because times have changed, so have modern definitions of love. Nowadays, a girl's tricked into believing everything a guy says. When in fact, the guy would leave her as soon as he got tired of her", Serenity replied. She was smart. And she knew her Shakespeare.

Mrs. Diaz nodded to Serenity. "Good argument", she approved. "Any reasons why we may be able to?" she called into the class. Kayla Roberts, the snottiest girl in school raised her hand. "Because no one talks like Shakespeare anymore. And no one has his ideals. This isn't the 1400's", she replied. Serenity turned to look at her. "The Elizabethan era was 1558 to 1603", she simply said. "Well still. There's no reason why we shouldn't modernize", Kayla snapped. "Update, maybe. But not modernize", Serenity argued. She was good. She leaned back in her chair and raised an eyebrow. "I think the argument goes to the newbie", a guy named Phil spoke up. Serenity had a daring look in her eye. She was enjoying this.

"So you want a guy to call you a bunch of stuff and you have no idea what he's saying?" Kayla sneered. Serenity raised an eyebrow. "Not that I'd have that problem. You're a real saucy reeling-ripe nut-hook there, aren't you?" she retorted. She just talked smack using Elizabethan. And in a proper accent. Kayla looked unsure whether to be insulted or angered. The entire class was quiet. Kayla Roberts was the generically popular one. And the new girl took what was given and gave it back twice as hard. Her eyes were dancing.

"Ms. Callington, have you studied Shakespearean culture before?" Mrs. Diaz asked, obviously intrigued. "History was my best subject. I thrived in Shakespearean tongue and entertainment", Serenity replied. "Have you ever done any musicals?" Mrs. Diaz asked. Serenity shrugged. "Once, but I was a backup", she replied. I snorted quietly. I knew what this girl was capable of. She didn't, but I did. "You're on my list, Ms. Callington. Not many people can boast of that", Mrs. Diaz said, waving a ruler to Serenity. Serenity grinned. I leaned over and whispered to her. "Nice wordplay". She turned and chuckled. "Thanks", she replied. Mrs. Diaz watched us. "Mr. Beck, would you like to share with us what you shared with Ms. Callington?" she called. I looked up quickly. I stood up and looked down at Serenity. "Nice wordplay, Miss Serenity", I said, exaggerating a bow. I heard Kayla's angered thoughts swirl in her head.

The bell rang. "Class, your assignment is to read up on Much Ado About Nothing and write a report on it", Mrs. Diaz called. We stood up. I saw Vick Simmons waiting outside of the door. He was obviously very eager to see Serenity. The four of us had music next period. Joy...


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