The Twilight Saga

This is about a girl named Serenity who moved to Forks after her mother split from her dad and got a job in Forks and a vampire who lives by himself, by the name of Tristan.

Chapter 1: Moving Day

I watched my sisters run upstairs empty-handed and run downstairs with their arms full of boxes. My nineteen year old sister, Janine, hauled her backpack downstairs, dropping it on the landing. It was D-Day. Moving Day to them, Doomsday to me. I was leaving my cherished, sunny home of Chico, California to move to cold, wet, and gray Forks, Washington. "Stop moping, Serenity", Mom chided me, thumping my nose carefully. I frowned and pulled my duffel over my shoulder and walked to our Suburban. I tossed my duffel into the backseat and walked back inside. "Ren! Rocky's here!" I heard Trinity, my twin sister call to me. We were fraternal twins. Every time my mother introduced us, no one believed her when she called us her twin daughters.
I smiled. Rocky was my boyfriend and he was here with my dad to help us move. Janine was driving the Suburban, Mom was driving the moving truck. Almost all of my stuff was in the car. I jogged over to my boyfriend and threw my arms around his neck. "I'm gonna miss you so much", I said. He picked me up and twirled me around. "Likewise", he replied.

He walked inside and looked around. "A bunch of our furniture has to stay here", I said, leading him upstairs. He followed me and saw my dresser. "That staying?" he asked. I shook my head and lifted up one end. The mirror attached was already packed up and in the truck. My grandmother's dresser.

He lifted up the other end and we precariously approached the stairs. I carefully held onto my end as we slowly went down the stairs. We walked up to the truck and pushed it in. I looked at the almost stuffed truck and walked to get my few precious belongings to put into the car. I knew I had to change because Forks was already cold now. It was close to leaving time. I walked into my room with my book bag and pulled off my tank top and shorts. I pulled on my favorite sweat pants and my other tank top. I zipped up my sweatshirt and pulled on my favorite pair of Converses. I pulled my hair up and put my clothes back into my book bag.

I finally padded downstairs, slinging my bag over my shoulder, carrying my jewelry box and my carton full of friends' memories. I set it beside me and curled up in my spot on the very back seat, my pillow and blanket beside me. My iPod perched on top of my pillow and I put on my earphones. I looked at my phone. Rocky stood outside of my window. I hopped over the seat. "I'll miss you, Ren", he said. I kissed him. "I'll miss you too. Text me", I replied. I hugged him and slid back into my seat. He closed the door. I buckled my seat belt and waited for Trinity and Janine. They finally got in, tossing me a breakfast burrito. I opened it and bit down, feeling the spicy juices melt into my mouth. Janine started the car. "Say goodbye to our childhood home, girls", she said soberly. I waved at my house sadly as we pulled out of the driveway and left.

Chapter 2: Monotonous Prison

I sighed, pushing open the doors to the school. I was hoping today would be different, but today brought nothing but monotonous, tedious information I already knew. I heard a teacher chatter in the classrooms about making room for two new students. I rolled my eyes with distaste. People made too much fuss about new people. I sat down in my first class. "Mr. Beck? The principal would like to see you", Mr. Banner said to me. I stood up and walked down the hall into the principal's office. "We have a new student coming as you may have heard in rumors", Mr. McGuire said. I shrugged. "We were wondering if you would be one of the students' peer guide. Ya know, help her out around school, show her around town, that sort of thing. She's going through a very rough time and her and her sister need to know they have someone there", Mr. McGuire finally asked. And there was the big question.

"I guess. I don't really have anything else to do. Is it just one or both?" I said. "One. Your buddy is named Trinity", Mr. McGuire replied. "Okay", I said, shrugging. I had to sign a couple of papers and then I sauntered off to class. I pretended to not listen to everything the teacher said. Finally, school let out and I grabbed my books and walked home. I saw a moving truck pull into the old Davis place. The two younger girls must be the new students. I saw a pretty blonde girl dressed in mainly pink get out. I secretly hoped it wasn't Trinity. I saw another girl get out of the backseat, wearing sweats. She looked like she didn't care what she looked like and I liked that. She had light red hair pulled back into a messy ponytail. I continued to walk towards my home.

Chapter 3: Finally Here

I got out of the backseat, looking at our old/new home. It was two story like our old one, but much older. I helped Mom unload the truck. We had movers come and help us move in. My room was on the upper level. Janine was staying with us momentarily. She was going to school in Seattle. I looked at my room and smiled. The walls needed some good scrubbing. The hardwoods were in desperate need of some TLC. I set down my carton and waited for my dresser to come. I was going to spend today unpacking. School was in about a week, so this was perfect. I watched as the movers slammed down my dresser. "That's antique, you milk-livered louts!" I said in horror. One mover glowered at me and stomped downstairs. "Using Elizabethan insults isn't nice, Serenity", Mom called.

I frowned. I jogged downstairs and grabbed my fragile boxes. "Someone breaks these, their necks will be hung from the staircase", I grumbled, carrying them up the stairs. I set them down gently and got to work with setting up my bed. Mom came into the room. Mom was very pretty, and very young-looking although she was barely pushing 39. She was 20 when she had Janine and produced me and my sister three years later. Dad loved us, but was hardly around. Mom's soft blonde hair hung in her face. I pulled one of my many hair ties off my wrist and handed it to her. "Here, Mom", I said. "Thanks, sweetie", she replied, pulling her hair back. She gripped together the bed rails and finally plopped down my box spring. I helped her hoist the mattress onto the bed and screw on the posters. "You were lucky enough to inherit this. It's very old", Mom said, wiping her forehead. My room was almost unpacked. I had the majority of my clothes put away and my shoes were in my closet and in my dresser. I unpacked my sheets from my dresser and put them on my bed. It was pillow-top. I loved soft, Trinity preferred firm. I spread out my favorite comforter and my quilt. I tossed the pillows on the bed and flopped down next to Mom.

"Se, hon. I gotta get you and your sister downstairs in the living room. I have to tell you something", Mom said. I nodded and hung up my jacket. The moving truck was empty now and the movers took it. I jogged downstairs and sat down in the living room. Trinity and Janine were already there with Mom. I sat down on the couch. "Kids, you need to know the truth about your father", Mom said. From the look on Janine's face, I knew she knew. Me and Trinity looked at Mom, both of us in silence. "Your father has another family. Has had them for about twelve years. You have a half-sister and a half-brother who live in Eureka", Mom said carefully. The statement hit me like a ton of cinder blocks. Trinity burst into tears. "You mean he just kept us for himself to look good?" I said, standing up. "He loved us, but he had had an affair soon after he and I were married and he had to take care of this other child", Mom replied. "Which resulted in another child. I don't care about Dad anymore. I never want to see him again!" I yelled, stomping upstairs and throwing myself on my bed. I finally let the tears out I'd been holding in since hearing about the divorce.

I heard my phone ring. I saw the caller ID and saw my dad's name. I pressed ignore and put it back down on my bed. I wanted to throw it against the wall, but knew I couldn't. I continued my sob-fest till my mom came into my room. She sat down on the bed with me and hugged me tightly. She handed me my phone. "Call him", she urged me. She had already urged Trinity to call him. I finally called him and waited for him to pick up. "Cece, I know you're upset", Dad said. "I should be! You go and cheat on Mom and have a whole new family? I'm pretty mad", I shot back. "Will you come to see me at Thanksgiving?" Dad asked. "We'll see how I feel then", I replied coldly. "Your sister is coming", Dad said to me. I couldn't hold back my tears. My voice shook as I spoke to the man who was biologically my father. Emotionally, I knew I could never forgive him. "I sent you a present, I hope it comes soon", Dad said softly. "Delivery for Miss Serenity Callington?" I heard a man call. "It's been delivered", I said into the phone. I couldn't deny that I was curious. I slipped downstairs and saw a box with holes in it. "Dad, you didn't", I said, shock in my voice. I opened the box and saw a kennel. Inside the kennel was a Schipperke puppy. Its tiny little black body wiggled in excitement.

"Do you like him?" Dad asked. "It's a girl", I said, surprised. "She's to keep you company until you can make new friends", Dad replied. I pulled the puppy out and saw her wiggle even more. I pulled the kennel into the bathroom and smiled. Inside the box was a bunch of dishes and some puppy food. In a bag, was pet grooming supplies and a harness with a leash. I'd always wanted a dog, but no one was home to take care of her. There was a huge, fenced in backyard so she could run around as much as she wanted. "We'll have someone stop in every few hours to come in and let her out to go potty", Mom said. Trinity saw the puppy and squealed. "What's her name?" she asked. She was holding a tiny silver-furred kitten in her arms. "I haven't named her yet. But I think Ebony's a good name for her", I replied, stroking the puppy's fur. She wiggled under my attention, her tiny little bottom wriggling. [That's a Schipperke puppy]

I smiled and set her into the bath tub. It was old, but updated. Ebony wriggled under the warm water, I could tell she didn't particularly like water, but after her cold journey, I could tell she liked the warmth. I washed her with flea and tick shampoo and watched with horror at all the dirt and dead fleas that came off of her coat. I finally lifted her out and dried her off. I turned on the hair dryer on low and dried her off completely. I took a bristle brush and gently combed her fur. She loved that. I smiled and slipped her little purple collar on her. She was so adorable. She ran around the house, sniffing around. I talked to my dad a little more. I wasn't ready to forgive him, but the puppy took the edge off my anger. "This is Angora", Trinity said proudly with her kitten. She set her down and Ebony ran to her, knocking her down. Angora spit and hissed, swiping at Ebony's nose.

l led Ebony into her kennel and locked it. "Don't get yourself into any trouble now, sugar", I cooed. I walked upstairs to finish unpacking. "What are my siblings' names?" I asked. "Your brother's name is Eric and your sister's name is Ashley", Dad replied. He seemed to be relieved I was at least asking questions about my half-siblings. "Okay", I said. I talked to him for a little bit. "How old are they?" I asked. "Eric is twelve, Ashley is seven", Dad replied. "So did you name your puppy?" Dad asked. "Her name is Ebony. She was really dirty when I got her", I replied. "She's in good care", Dad said. "I gotta go, Dad", I said, hanging up. I didn't want to talk to him anymore so I shoved my phone in my pocket. I looked down at Ebony's adorable little face. She was innocent.
I let her out and carried her upstairs and set her on my bed. She seemed to like it, because she was rolling around, scratching her back. I rubbed her tummy and laughed as her back paw kicked.

I looked out the window and noticed it was sundown. "Come on, kids, we're getting dinner!" I heard Mom call. I looked at the clock and saw it was almost six o'clock. I picked up Ebony and jogged downstairs with her. "Put the dog in her kennel", Mom said. I set her into her kennel and walked out the door.

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So glad!

I sighed in relief when she smiled back up at me. "I have to go, Mom's gonna be home soon. Her boss invited us over for dinner so I need to get dressed", she said, her mind whirling regret. She frowned and put her phone in her pocket. "I'll see you later?" I asked. She nodded. I hugged her gently and kissed her forehead. She hugged me back and released me. "I'll lead you up the path", I said, helping her up the path to the street. I leaned down to softly kiss her, a real kiss. I heard her emotions whir in surprise before I pulled away. Her eyes were wide. "I'm here only if you want me", I said. She smiled, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. "Good to know", she replied. I let go of her hand and heard a familiar mind near. Tristan Beck...look at you, getting yourself a new girl! High time too, the mind said.

I smiled and waved to her as she walked away. I turned around and saw my old friend, Jameson. "Jameson!" I said, shaking his hand. "So that's why you've stayed out of touch", he said, nodding to the Callington house. I chuckled and shoved his shoulder. "She's a really great girl", I replied. "I saw Lorena last week. She's looking for you, man", Jameson said carefully. I frowned. "Did you tell her where I was?" I asked. Jameson shook his head. "No, I didn't. If she saw that human, she'd go ballistic, you know that, right?" he said. I nodded. "She'd go after her family", I replied. I saw Serenity in her window. She was always so breathtaking. She hated dressing up when it's not her. I heard Ebony's furious barking and the front door opened. Out stepped Serenity, holding Ebony on a leash. She started to bark and jump up and down. She saw me and her whole body was wiggling.

"Hey, Serenity!" I called, jogging over to her. "Careful, she's hyper", Serenity said, smiling. I bent down and petted the wiggly puppy, who in turn, covered my arm with licks. "Going to that dinner?" I asked. She nodded. "It's been pushed to tomorrow night", she replied. She bent down, rubbing the puppy's ear. "There's someone I want you to meet", I said softly. I helped her up, handing her the dropped leash. Jameson grinned and stood on the curb. It was almost nighttime, which was impossible to tell by the cloudy day. "I'm Serenity", she called, waving. "Jameson. Jameson Campbell", Jameson replied, waving. I rolled my shoulders, stretching a bit. It was a common thing to do as a human. I smiled, hearing his thoughts.

Nice work, Beck. She's way hot, and she likes you more than a little. Maybe I should move here, huh? Jameson thought, grinning at me with his thoughts. I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to Serenity. "So, am I going to see you tomorrow?" I asked Serenity. She curved her face to think about it for a second. "Probably. I don't think my mom has anything planned tomorrow. Janine is coming tomorrow, so I think they're going shopping in the Port. She said she had some news", she replied. "I don't want to take you from your sister", I said, looking down a bit. "She comes every other weekend. Trust me, I most likely am free", she replied, that teasing glint in her eye. "And if you're not, I will be stuck visiting my old friend for the whole day. Please be free", I teased back. She snorted and rolled her eyes. "Wanna walk with me? I gotta get Ebony to learn how to walk on a leash", she asked.

I nodded, looking at Jameson. He shrugged. I'll leave you two alone, he thought slyly. I saw him glance at Serenity. "I gotta get home anyways. See you tomorrow", he said, jogging off. Serenity rolled her eyes again. "He seemed nice", she said. "He's a jerk, but he's always there when I need him", I replied honestly. I heard that! Jameson called in his head. But his earlier news disturbed me. What if Lorena came? I couldn't protect Serenity for very long. I couldn't risk her being in the face of danger. I helped her get Ebony to the street corner and back. I rubbed the puppy's ears. "I'll let her back in real quick", Serenity said, holding up a finger. She came back out a minute later.

She sat down on the couch on the porch. I sat down beside her. "My dad called", she said. "What'd he have to say?" I asked. "He wants me to go see him next month. I'd be gone from the week before Thanksgiving till two weeks before Christmas", she replied. I kissed her hair, stroking it. "I don't wanna go, but he wants to see me and have me meet his new family", she said bitterly. I chuckled. "You don't have to go if you don't want to", I pointed out. "My mom understands why I don't wanna go", she replied.

Gonna write more later...
awesome updatte a soon as yhu can

I sighed. We were holding hands now, our fingers intertwined. I was now used to his frigid skin, so it didn't bother me. I knew he wasn't cold-natured, he would be in sweaters all the time. That sort of bothered me, but I didn't push it. His head suddenly shot up. "I gotta go, but I'll see you tomorrow, yeah?" he said. It took me by surprise, but I nodded. "Yeah, sure", I replied. We kissed quickly and he jumped to his feet very quickly as he bounded down the stairs, full-out running to his house. I shook my head and walked inside. I jogged upstairs and flopped on my bed, thinking about earlier. Ebony was whimpering in her kennel. "You know, I just can't wait till you're house-trained and you can come up on my bed with me", I told her, rolling on my side to look at her. She wiggled and yipped.

I laid in bed and heard my phone go off. "Me and Trinity are running to the store really quick, wanna go?" Mom asked. "Nah, I'll just stay home", I replied, hanging up. I sat up and went downstairs, sitting on the couch. I was home alone, finally. Angora curled on the back of the couch, slumbering peacefully. I just sat down on the couch, enjoying the peace and quiet when suddenly, Ebony erupted in a fury of barking. I jumped to my feet, slipping quietly into the kitchen to grab the butcher knife out of the block and slip back into the living room. I heard footsteps on the stairs and ducked behind the wall, my heart hammering in my chest so loudly that I could hear it. It was then that I felt real, paralyzing fear.

Chapter 11: Paralyzing Fear

I saw a striking young woman step into the light that hit the window from the street. She had raven-black hair and piercing red eyes. "I can hear your heartbeat, little girl. Don't you dare hide from me", she said, her voice that would have sounded musical in any other situations. But in this one, it sounded like a menacing growl. "I have a knife", I said, holding it up. A cackle bubbled up her throat. "You don't scare me", she replied, walking towards me. I gripped the hilt in my hand, narrowing my eyes threateningly. "Take one step closer, and I'm not afraid to stab", I warned, pointing it at her. "Do it. It won't leave anything remotely resembling a scratch", she replied, continuing to walk towards me. I felt the wall behind my back as I collided with it with a grunt. I heard Ebony's barks of fury turn to joyous yips and yelps.

"Stay away from Tristan. He's mine", the girl threatened. I finally stabbed the knife into her shoulder, expecting to see blood. Instead, the knife bent back, much to my utter shock and horror. I brought up my knee to her gut and tried my very best to fight her off. She threw me down with an insane amount of force and pinned me down. "Oh, I'll enjoy this", she hissed, leaning down to bite my neck. "NO!" I screamed. Suddenly, her weight was gone. Tristan crouched, his face darkened with fury as he turned to face my attacker. "Tristan, what are you doing here?" I asked, sitting up and crawling back against the wall. "Get upstairs with Ebony, Serenity. I don't want you to see this", Tristan said, not taking his eyes from the woman. "Will you explain to me what the hell is going on here?" I demanded. "I have no choice now", he replied, his voice dripping with defeat.

I saw the woman lunge for me as I ran for the living room to gather Angora in my arms and run upstairs with her. I heard the door open and close. I was shaking with fear as my puppy licked my face and Angora slept on my bed. Tristan knocked on my door. "I'm so sorry you had to see that", he said, rushing to me. His cold, statue-like body curled around me as I sobbed into his chest. "I don't even know who she was", I sniffled. He rubbed my back with one hand, stroking my hair with the other. "Serenity, what I'm going to tell you, you cannot tell anyone else. Not anyone", he said, tilting my chin up to look me in the eyes. "What is it?" I replied. His voice was dripping with alarm and complete seriousness. "You might not believe me", he warned, leaning back a bit. "Tristan, just tell me. I'm a big girl, I'm sure I can take it", I said, pulling away to give him my warning look.

"I'm a vampire", he said, carefully taking in my reaction. I was on the brink of laughing hysterically. "Prove it", I replied, standing up. "That's the reason I'm cold. I've been a vampire since the 1800's. The woman that attacked you was my maker, Lorena", he said, standing up as well. "That's why her eyes were red", I realized, remembering how odd it was. "I tried to stay away from you so Lorena couldn't find you and use you against me to get me back", he explained. I felt like an idiot. "Do you have powers?" I asked. He nodded. "I can hear thoughts", he replied. My heart suddenly raced as my jaw dropped. "For some reason, I can't read your thoughts, just your emotions. I can tell when you're feeling sad or happy or when you're pretty pissed off at me", he explained. "It's a lot to process", I said, tucking my hair behind my ear. "I don't expect you to stay with me. I won't be a normal boyfriend. I can't beat up anyone on an impulse, although sometimes, I rather wish I could", he replied, looking away.

"I want you. Not someone you're pretending to be. Now I guess we can sort of start secrets. No lies", I said. I stepped a bit closer to him. He chuckled. "I could do with that", he replied. I heard a car door slam. "Damn! My mom's home!" I said, clapping my hand over my mouth. "I'll slip out", he suggested. He kissed me quickly and then vanished.
This is awesome. Love it. I'm happy you updated :)
I'm glad you like it. I love writing this story, it's so simple and the ideas just come to me

I rolled out of bed, my forehead clammy from my nightmare. I remembered it vividly. Lorena, the strange but beautiful vampire was facing me with blood red eyes and teeth ready to rip my throat out. Ebony had become a huge wolf and had fought valiantly for my life, only to fall. But Tristan had lunged for me as well. He seemed like a deranged animal, having traded what was left of his humanity for a horrid vengeance. I wiped my forehead and stretched. I heard my phone go off. "Hello?" I asked, not recognizing the number. "Serenity! This is Ms. Rose, your music teacher. Anyways, I'm sorry to call you so early, but I need your assistance with something. Once a year, our school does something with other schools in the county called 'Battle of the Elements'", Ms. Rose chattered. I smiled.

"Okay", I replied. "Well, your voice is so pretty and I was wondering if you would be so kind as to represent our school because we were selected for 'Fire' this year. No other student signed up for it", Ms. Rose asked. "What time is rehearsal?" I asked. "If you'd like to stop by the school at about ten am, we'll find you a song and costume", Ms. Rose replied. "Also! Can you do any stunts?" Ms. Rose asked. I thought back a bit. "I did some martial arts a while back", I replied. "Good!" Ms. Rose said. "I'll come in then, Ms. Rose", I answered. "Alright, love, see you then!" Ms. Rose said, hanging up. I tossed my phone on my bed and sighed. I pulled a top out of my closet and some jeans and went to go get dressed. I heard something sounding like a car backfiring. Something was horribly wrong.

Chapter 12: Taking Action

I looked out the window and saw someone waving a gun at another person. I pulled out my cell phone and called the police. After that was done, I hung up my phone and brought Ebony inside. I looked around for my mom's car and saw it was gone. I saw Trinity backed up against a car, someone holding a gun to her. I gritted my teeth and picked up the nearest thing to me. The first thing I learned in martial arts was to use anything and everything as a weapon. I found a garden stake. "Turn around slowly and get down on the ground", I said in a low voice. The man turned around. "Give me your money!" he threatened. The gun was pointed at me now. "No", I replied, pointing the tip of the stake at him. He laughed. "You just brought a knife to a gunfight, missy", he laughed. Without another word, I spun the stake and stabbed him in the arm, kicking his knees out from under him. He fired a warning shot and I wrestled the gun from his hand, pointing it at him.

"You wait for the police. Don't ever mess with my sister again", I warned. The gun was loaded, I could feel the difference in weight. I looked up and saw Tristan frozen and staring at me. He looked positively infuriated. I disabled the gun and threw it down, hog-tying the kid with the leash. I was feeling the cold in my bones as I had ran outside without thinking to help my sister. Tristan was suddenly at my side, helping my sister up. "Are you okay, Trinity? Did he hurt you?" he asked, examining her arm. Trinity shook her head. He turned and faced me, his concern deepening. We walked inside before he faced me on the porch. "What on Earth where you thinking?" he said, pulling me against his chest. "I was thinking my sister was in danger and needed my help", I replied. "How did you wrestle the gun from him?" he asked. "He didn't know how to use it properly, so it was easy to disarm him", I replied, propping my chin onto his chest to look at him. The police had taken the kid off, Chief Swan thanking me profusely.

"So you know self-defense then", Tristan surmised. "Yeah, there was a serial killer in Chico a couple of years ago, so my dad made me take self-defense classes. Trinity didn't fit the guy's MO, so I was the person who took the classes", I replied. "I just wanted to see that you were okay", Tristan murmured, kissing my hair. "I gotta thing at school with Ms. Rose now. The Battle of the Elements or something like that", I said, looking up at him. "Yeah, last year, we were 'Air'", Tristan replied. "I'm the main person this year", I grumbled.

He laughed. "And this means everything relies on showmanship. You're going to be lifted up, doing somersaults, cartwheels, if you're able. You gotta be a real performer", Tristan replied. I nodded. "Want me to walk you to the school?" he asked. I nodded, appreciating his gesture. "I'll go get dressed", I replied, walking inside and running up the stairs. I quickly ran back down in about five minutes, phone in my pocket.

I opened the door, my hair pulled back into a messy ponytail. Tristan held out his hand and I took it, walking down the steps with him. I knew my mom would be thrilled that I was doing this. "So any questions about what happened last night?" Tristan asked. I shrugged. "I suppose I'll learn as we go along", I replied. He gave me a strange look.

Chapter 13: Pyromania

When we reached the school, I jogged into the music room. Ms. Rose wasn't there. "She's in the auditorium", Tristan urged me towards the stage. I walked in, recognizing a few of the guys there. It was Vick, a kid named Jeremy, and a guy named Vince. "Serenity! So glad you were able to make it on time!" Ms. Rose trilled.

I smiled and walked onto the stage. "Here, take off your jacket and we'll go through a song I think you'll like", she said, taking my hoodie. She handed me a lyric sheet. I didn't recognize the song, but the artist. The artist was Cascada. "Here, this is the song", Vick said, pressing play on a CD player. It was unfamiliar but catchy... I instantly liked it. "This is perfect", I approved, smiling. A bag was near the front of the stage. "Inside the bag is your costume", Jeremy added. I looked in the bag and at its contents. I knew I was supposed to resemble a flame, so I picked it up and walked backstage to change.

I walked out, letting my hair down. "I think I'd have a good idea for it", Tristan requested. "Tell us your ideas", Ms. Rose encouraged. "The three guys start saying the first part of the song, kind of shrouded and stuff and Serenity just sort of comes on the stage as the lights start brightening. And before it gets to the chorus, when 'It's getting hot, hot and I'm burning up' comes on, they boost one foot and catch her", Tristan replied. I thought it seemed a bit risky. "There'd have to be more than three than, to spot", Ms. Rose added. I nodded. "It seems really cool, so let's try it", Vince suggested. The part came up, and I stepped onto their hands, Tristan standing back behind them, in case I lost my balance. I jumped and did a toe-touch, landing in their arms. I shook a little bit. "That was an adrenaline rush!" I giggled hysterically.


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