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This is my banner shop for people in desperate need of an awesome or semi-awesome banner. Here are some examples of my work.





link for story-

couldn't find link for this story, sorry

no link for this one either

If you want me to make you a banner leave the following information.

Story Name:______________________

Story Quote (if there is one):_______________________

Person Writing Story:___________________

Picture You Want (please include one if possible, if not it is okay):___________________

I will try to get them done as soon as possible, no guarantees school can get hectic. Thanks.

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Story Name: Wrapped with Death

Person writing Story: Melissa Nelson

Story is about a girl who stops living her comfortable, and has a brush with death, literally. She gets caught up with a grim reaper.

I don't reallyy care what kind of pic is used, but here's my first chapter to help you out:


Here is your banner



It's great, I <3 it

story name- Best Friends Until the End

Quote- Tell me, are we still friends? Or are we more?

Person Writing story- Bella Cullen the Ninja



thnx a bunch!!!! :D

Here you go

yay i luv this!!!! :D

ok so my story name is : crazy

 the story quote is :when your a vampire you also that to deal with ..........crazy

the person writing te story is : bella swan

and the picture um you can chose the picture but just mack sure it has some one that looks like crazy oliva and james and nick oh and read my blog to know who nick, oliva, james and crazy are so um just og to my page down to were it says my blogs and go on were it says crazy ok so um thank you and if you have a quston leve me a coment ok thank yoy :) :) :)  

Here ya go, srry this is the only pic i could find

Story name: Whitlock's Revenge

Story Quote:

"the future was undenying. He is a forever damned monster. And he is seeking revenge." (you don't have to put the whole thing if you don't want to :)


Person writing story: Anabella Cullen Lunzel (Anabel C. Lunzel for short)


i don't really have any pictures but i recommend Jasper and Alice and Edward pics from back in the day--thanks!

here ya go srry if u dont like the pic, it was the only one i could find of the together

its ok and thanks it's great!


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