The Twilight Saga

Wind Whispers

The Story of Ginny Whitlock

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**Author’s note: This story is written about a time period of American history that dealt very bluntly and often unfairly with issues of race. Slavery was a fact of life, and racism was the rule and not the exception. Please do not confuse my accurately accounting things (such as prevailing attitudes, beliefs, and mannerisms such as accents and ways of speaking) with endorsing such. I strive to be as accurate and faithful to the characters and history as possible. Thank you.**
Rated T for adult themes

Chapter List:

Chapter 1 ~ Awareness
Part 1
Part 2

Chapter 2 ~ Abandoned
Chapter 2

Chapter 3 ~ Agony
Part 1
Part 2

Chapter 4 - Adapting

Chapter 5 - Ambushed

Chapter 6 - Avalanche

Chapter 7 Adored

Chapter 8 - Accommodations

Chapter 9 : Adios, Adieu, Aloha...Goodbye?

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Yes, hon, I will update soon. And I'm so glad you're enjoying it. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. If you want something else to read, check out my other stuff too! There's plenty there! ;)
Holy crud jess!That was soo amazing!I'm so happy she ends up with him!!But isn't he sorta old?I know they got married earlier to older people in those days,but she is a child!15!He's twenty!And then they have children!!When she is still a kid!Ok,i like it!Its just an odd thought to picture someone my big sister's age with someone 20 years old.My cousins age.Shivers!But ome!I really love this!So poetic!It made me upset in the last one when Mrs.Whitlock said ginny would never do to be a housewife!But ur right,people were brainwashed like that then.Still loving it!Update soon!
LOL Julia, I said he looked about 20...but remember that shapeshifters look older than they are...;) And they won't get married right away. And yes, girls back then married early, sixteen was a very common age to marry and have kids. I think about my own daughter who's 10 and am like, no way! But it was a very different world. Kids grew up a lot faster, they worked like adults, and people died earlier, too. I'm working on the next chapter already. Thanks for reading!
Great as always! :) can't wait for an update of this story and The long road home :D
Thanks Alex....sooon.....
Here is Chapter 7: Adored. Please let me know what you think!
Really beautiful, . You capture the intensity of true love so well. I felt Ginny's nervous excitement as I read the chapter. I can't wait to see what William meant when he said "I know."My favorite part was when she said "kin od chill that comes with fear; the kind tht comes when you're about to do something truly foolish and terribly fun, a tremor of anticipation of forbidden delight.. (I know she does, since I read TLRH!)

Another great/wonderful chapter
I'm really sorry. I'd like to give you some constructive criticism. I read the chapter again, trying to find something I could say. I think I've given up.

I love your story, I love your writing.
Really beautiful, Jess. You capture the intensity of first love so well. I could feel Ginny's nervous excitement as I read the chapter. I can't wait to see what William meant when he said "I know." And I can't wait to see how and when she decides to run away with him. (I know she does, since I read TLRH!)
hee hee, yes, that was a bit of a spoiler there, wasn't it? Gave me a goal to reach for! Thanks for the comment, I try hard, and only hope what I'm trying to say comes through. I appreciate you all!!!!!
I had one reader say she couldn't read the last page or so of the pdf for some reason, so here's the word doc instead, just in case!
Well if you really want a spoiler, read The Long Road Home, chapter 9 mentions it. They're intertwined stories, like all my stuff is. Maybe you'd like it. And thanks!!


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