The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1

As I woke from my vision it instantly vanished from my mind. I was left with no more than a feeling of panic and despair. What just happened? I could not remember but I was terrified. A task but what I could not remember. I have had these dream visions for years I knew the Elders want me to fulfill another task, but I couldn’t remember what it was supposed to be. Then I heard a muffled cough from the corner of my room and felt instant panic. What was that… a demon here in my room? No. That couldn’t be it if one had found me they would have killed me before I could notice them. In fact, it almost felt as though the cough was to get me to notice their presence. But who was it? I began to panic; someone was here in my home.

“Don’t be alarmed” the gentle voice almost sang to me and then and instant calm came to me. The words spoken directly to my mind “Hello Aarynrea I am Wyatt, be at peace here and know that you are loved.” Then I understood. An angel was here. It must be my replacement Seraph. My original Seraph Kara had been promoted to Elder. I had been missing her deeply.

I found my voice and spoke to him “but I don’t understand? My tasks have always come in clear but tonight my dream? I cannot remember.”

“That is why they have sent me dear child. I am here to give you the information you will need.” Wyatt then was silent as I considered what he had said.

“But I have always been given a clear path before. Why not this time as well? And the dream why give it to me if I am not allowed to use it to aid me?” I had become more impatient as the silence grew. I assumed Wyatt was thinking of how best to answer my questions.

“My dear child your dream is stored in your subconscious, it will be there to silently give you the reassurance you will need as difficulties arise in your task.”

I thought about that for a moment. “Then what is my task?” I questioned.

“Your true task will come to you at the correct time, however today all I am allowed to tell you is your cover task. You will seek out a group of beings, these beings are not demons for you to destroy they are good beings for you to befriend. Once you reach these beings your cover task will be to teach their child all there is to know of your powers and knowledge.”

I took a second and with hesitation asked “Cover task? So then the child has not a magical soul?”

Wyatt then with a look of understanding said to me “Dear one, this child is of a magical soul you have not encountered before, a being that almost none has encountered before. She is so unique that you could not fully understand, but to better answer your question, yes she will be able to perform and use the same and many more abilities like you. Maybe cover task is the wrong phrase for this task, as it is just as important as your other tasks, maybe even more so. You must take her teachings very seriously as it will be of the up most importance to her future and the future of all beings.”

I thought about all he had said, and I felt more confused than ever. “I think I understand that part but what is my other task?”

He hesitated again obviously knowing that I was trying to get more information than he was allowed to give me. “All I can tell you of your other task is to give you this letter to take with you and give it to the Cullen it is addressed to. I will be back before sunrise to take you to the location where your mission will begin.”

“But sunrise is in one hour. How long will I be gone and I don’t know what type of clothes to pack?”

Wyatt looked back at me once more “My dear child, packing will not be necessary the Seer will take care of everything for you.” then he started to shimmer as he was leaving back to the heavens.

“Wait who is the Seer, I don’t understand.” but it was too late he was gone.

I spent the next hour showering, eating and gathering some belongings into a bag. I would need my family book and a few potion ingredients of course but other than that I couldn’t think of what else to take, He’d said the Seer would take care of that, whom ever that was. I was deep in thought again, thinking of everything Wyatt had told me and I desperately tried to make sense of all the nonsense he gave me

Suddenly I felt something on my shoulder and I jumped. My instinct to defend had been triggered and I quickly went into fight mode and jumped feverishly at the attacker giving him my best levitating kick. He vanished and came back as I fell on the floor. It was Wyatt and I felt the heat of embarrassment cross my face.

“I am sorry dear child, I forgot you have been vanquishing demons for your last two lives; no need to worry they shouldn’t be an issue during your current tasks. Are you ready to go?”

I simply nodded and then thought better of it “wait I almost forgot. I have already been given a special task for the Winter Solstice. Will I still be able to complete this task? Will I be back in time?” This task was one that I was very excited about participating in and it was one that came with great honor I couldn’t see myself being able to give that up.

“Yes my child you will complete all your tasks, no need to worry. We really must be going now.”

With that he held his hand out to me and I felt exhilarated as we shimmered and moved the laws of physics. This shimmering was a gift Seraphim had that was powered by their pure love, So when we shimmered I was overcome with this feeling of love that was amazing and something I didn’t want to give up, but almost instantly it was over and we were standing on a long drive way.

Then Wyatt looked to me, smiled and said “Dear child this is where I am to leave you. You will follow this path all the way up to the house. The family will hear you coming and greet you at the door. You may share with them the information I have provided to you except for the information of there being a second task. This information you may not share. I have blocked the information of your special task from anyone who may pry. Don’t forget to give the letter to the Cullen it is addressed to. Peace be with you.”

“And with you” I replied as Wyatt shimmered into thin air. I slowly started my walk up wondering what these people would be like. What did Wyatt mean he had shielded the second task from those who would pry? Who could pry in my mind? Was Nessie a mind reader? Would the Cullens be kind to me? Or would they treat me as a servant? After all I was going to be offering to teach their child my workings for room and board. It sounded like a servant type of deal, and humans often took a dislike to my kind. No that was my silly imagination. I can do this. I am strong and I have a task, none of the tasks the Elders have ever given me was pointless. With all this cloak-and-dagger surrounding this cryptic assignment, this must be extremely secretive and important.

As I approached the house I could clearly see several figures on the porch waiting for me. I was instantly nervous but as I walked closer to the home I became more nervous for a different reason. Wyatt was right these people weren’t evil in any way but I still felt scared as I got closer to them something was different about them, were they even human? Something deep within me was yelling for me to turn and run. But like I had in the past when fighting demons I pushed my fear as deep down inside me as I could to put on a brave face.

“Hello Cullen family my name is Aarynrea.” I spoke as they all watched me with curiosity. Then the handsome blonde man who looked about physically twenty five years or so but at the same time he looked about fifty, I’m not sure why. He spoke first.

“Hello Aarynrea I am Carlisle and this is my family. My wife Esme, my daughter Alice, her husband Jasper, my son Edward and his wife Bella, there daughter Nessie and her friend Jacob, my daughter Rosalie and her husband Emmet.”

The one whom I looked closely at was Nessie. She must be the one I am here to teach. She looks about fifteen years old but her “friend” as Carlisle addressed him looks more like twenty five. How curious. Then I focused my attention back to Carlisle.

“Mr. Cullen I have been sent to you to teach Nessie.”

“Please call me Carlisle. May I ask who sent you to teach her and what they have asked you to teach her?”

This is where my nerves always show. Only on rare occasion have I had to share what I am with humans, and it was always some crazy reaction I received. Although if their Nessie was indeed Eumenide as I am they would not be surprised that I was here. Surely they would have noticed she was no mere human, in fact I was beginning to doubt any of them were. “I was sent here by the being Wyatt on a task from the Elders. They sent me here to teach your Nessie Divinity as he believes her to be Eumenide as I am.”

Then I prepared for anything as he began to speak “I see. Please come in so that we may discuses this farther.”

As their large family began to shift indoors I took an extra opportunity. “Rosalie?”

“Yes?” she answered with a look that convinced me that in no way she wanted me here.

“The Elders requested I give you this letter.” I gave her the letter and quickly walked into the house behind the Cullens mostly to get away from Rosalie’s glare at me.
Once inside Esme motioned for me to have a seat. I had expected Carlisle to continue the questioning as he appeared to be the head of the family, however this time Edward began “What are Eumenide? I have read a lot and I’ve never heard of Eumenides”

Oh boy this is the part where I usually got the most grief. “Well Eumenides are magical beings. For the most part we fight evil, such as vanquishing demons back to the underworld. In Greek Mythology we were known as Erinyes, the deities of vengeance on evil. We are honestly much more than that. I guess you could say we are the American equivalent of White Witches.” After my explanation there was a lengthy silence.

“May I ask what are Elders are and why do they want you to teach Nessie Divinity? And whom is Wyatt” Bella asked.

I waited a moment trying to think of how best to make a simple explanation of Elders but really there was none so I continued with the complicated version. “Well there are many types of Angels. Angels have levels; Elders are the Angels in charge of Eumenides and the fifth highest level of Angels. First one must live 12 lives as Eumenides. The ones whom have shown special ability in their lives will become Seraphim. Wyatt is my Seraph. Seraphim are the sixth highest level of Angels, Archangels being the highest. Seraphim are the only Angels permitted to interact with living beings. They help to protect their charges the Eumenides and to guide them. Each Seraph is given a few charges at a time. Seraphim also help deliver the visions of Eumenides tasks. After being a Seraph for some time and pleasing the Elders one can be promoted to an Elder. That is the most I know of them. As far as why I am to teach Nessie divinity I don’t know. I thought she would be a magical child born to humans, since that has happened on occasion. However I can clearly see you are not humans.”

They all looked back at me wondering how much I had figured out so far. “I think it might be helpful to my teachings of Nessie if I did know what exactly I have gotten myself into. Would anyone care to tell me whom or what you are?” Carlisle then nodded towards me and the one named Emmet said “I hope you’re comfy because this is going to be a long story.”

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Chapter 2
The Cullens

As I sat and waited for everyone to begin explaining to me what they were exactly Nessie’s friend Jacob handed me a soda and opened one for his self. He then sat next to Nessie and she grabbed his hand in hers and I watched as he interlaced his fingers between hers. Friends… Humph that Carlisle must be blind, they were clearly more than friends. As I looked over the two of them I realized they were like night and day. She was so pale and he was so dark. The only thing that boy seemed to have in common with Nessie was an innocence that radiated off him, which was surprising… seeing as how he was clearly flirting with a 15 year old girl.

Carlisle then asked his family “Are we ready to proceed? Yes. Okay well Aarynrea.”

“Please call me Aaryn” I said.

“Okay well Aaryn. You have shared much information with us although we still don’t completely understand. So now it is our turn to tell you about us. We are for lack of a better word… vampires.” he paused. At first I wanted to jump from my seat but honestly I was too scared. Vampires how was that possible? No it wasn’t possible Wyatt wouldn’t send me to Vampires and tell me to befriend them? Then right before I was about to leap off the couch and make a move Esme spoke.

“We do not hunt humans. We do have to survive on blood, so we feed on animals.”

Then as I looked around the room I saw that most of the Cullens had a look on their face as if they were hoping for my approval. There were three exceptions to that. Two of them were Rosalie and Edward who both seemed to dislike me greatly, and the other was Emmet who looked very proud of himself. “Okay” I barley managed to breath. “What about them?” I said as I pointed to Nessie and Jacob as it was obvious that Jacob was not a vampire and vampires couldn’t have children. Could they? Honestly how would I know?

Then Carlisle started again. “Jacob is a Shape Shifter. Nessie is his Imprint and that is how he has come to join our family. Nessie is Edward and Bella’s child whom was born to Bella while she was still human.”

Okay. I was worried I sounded loony to them but just the opposite had happened. I was wondering if they were the ones who were crazy. Just then out of thin air Edward was standing by my side.

“Aaryn, We are what we are. There is nothing that we can do about a fate we had no choice in. We have made the best with what choices we did have available to us. Those are the facts. DO with them what you will.” then as if to show me that Carlisle was indeed being honest he jumped far over my head and landed all the way at the back of the room with out a sound and ran faster than I could focus on him back to his seat next to Bella.

From the looks he has given me and the tone of his voice I could have assumed this guy hated me, or maybe he just distrusted me.

“Yes Aaryn, the second one.” he replied to my thoughts.

But how did he know, ah he had a gift. So then he must have been Eumenide in a past life, maybe the life he lived before he was changed, but if that was the case then why was he treating me as badly as humans would have? Is it because of Wyatt shielding my thoughts of my second task? Then a growl came from deep in Edward’s chest. Oops right he can hear my thoughts. I shut my eyes concentrated hard on thinking of a spell, ahh yes I have it now let’s test it. “To the one who see’s deep with in my mind, make my thoughts completely blind. Take his gift of sight, and shield me as dark as night. So let it be.”

Now let’s test it. Edward? Hum, nothing so far. Let’s try a little harder. Edward you are a big fat bat! There still was no response. “Edward did you hear what I was thinking just now?”

“No, what was that you did?” he said in an accusing tone.

“A spell to shield myself from your ability”

Then Jacob chimed in “Oh you are going to have to teach me that!”

“She will do no such thing.” Edward growled at him and then stormed out of the room and up the stairs.

At that Carlisle turned the questioning from his family back to me once again. “You can shield our gifts?”

Did he say ‘our gifts’? “More than Edward has gifts?” I asked in amazement.

“Yes Jasper, Alice, Bella and Nessie all have gifts also.”

Wow. I didn’t know what I thought about that. I quickly excused myself to get a few answers. “Um, may I take a break for about fifteen minutes; I would like to get some fresh air?”

“Yes of course dear. We’ll be here when you return.” Esme said.

I quickly exited the house and went a little ways into the woods hoping none of the family had followed to check on me. After I had gone a few feet into the woods I began to call out “Kara… Kara, are you here? Can you hear me?” after a few moments with no answer I saw that Kara had been correct. As an Elder now, she would no longer permitted to answer my calls or visit me. I thought for a moment and even though I didn’t want to call to my new seraph, but I had no other choice. “Wyatt” I said this time with more confidence.

There was a shimmer and there he was before me. “Yes my child?” he answered.

“Please stop that.” I snapped at him.

“Stop what I don’t understand”

“Calling me child you know I am 27 and you appear as young as I am. And stop talking to my mind. It’s creepy. Talk out loud like everyone else in the world does. I don’t want to be treated like some pupil you are teaching. Do they teach you that crap in Seraph classes? Oh my dear child.” I began to mock him.

“Yes, actually they do.” he barley said as he let out the laugh he had been holding back.

“Get serious, will you?” I responded.

“No, they really do. They say it gives our charges confidence in our leadership.”

Then we both busted out laughing. Maybe having Wyatt as my new Seraph wouldn’t be as bad as I thought.

“Wyatt I called for you because, some of the Cullens have gifts. I was curious how that was possible?”

He paused for a long second as if waiting for the okay from the Elders to explain “Well you see Aaryn all of the Cullens have gifts. Before they were changed they were Eumenides just like you. In some cases as the blood line was passed down through the generations the human race lost the knowledge and teaching of the Eumenides. Most do not even realize what they are. This was the case with each of the Cullens.”

“Well only some of the Cullens have gifts they kept during transition why would that be? And if they were Eumenides, are they capable like Nessie, to perform magic?” I asked.

He paused again as if waiting for approval before he answered, “They all have gifts. Some of them just haven’t figured them out yet. They probably just over looked their abilities. And as far as their capabilities of magic they may be able to perform some to a small extent but it is highly doubtful that they can truly perform magic. Aaryn, I must be going. The Elders are calling for me. Peace be with you.”

“And with you” I called out as he shimmered back to the heavens.

I went back into the Cullen household and asked if anyone had anymore questions for me. Everyone began to shout out questions at once. After a few more hours of attempting to answer their questions I grew tired. They began to ask their questions about the workings of magic, but there were no quick answers that would do. I could not explain the world of the supernatural in one meeting. I could tell it was going to be a long night if I didn’t put an end to this right away.

“Excuse me, this has been a long day for me and I need to put together a teaching plan for Nessie tomorrow. I understand you all have questions but I feel this could go on for weeks, just answering your questions. Perhaps we could have another meeting tomorrow so that I may rest for now?”

Then Esme and Alice both stood up. “Yes of course, I will be happy to fix you some dinner when I make Nessie’s; Alice has arranged a room for you.”

Then Alice walked over to me “I have stocked your closet and bathroom for you. I have also ordered the ingredients and supplies you will be using in the next few weeks and I can pick them up in Seattle tomorrow.”

I stared at her in amazement as I took in everything she said “You must be the Seer.” I added with a smile on my face.
Posting the first five chapters now, I have 21 so far and the writting does get better as it goes on, if I get a few likes I will post more tommorow....So two more mini chapters coming up now!

Chapter 3
Introduction to Magic

“So Aaryn are you ready for this morning?” Esme asked as she placed plates in front of Jacob, Nessie and I.

Nessie, I noticed only placed Eggs on her plate, and then she drenched them in maple syrup. “I think I’m prepared. I have never taught anyone and I didn’t know I would be teaching the whole family, just Nessie.”

Esme smiled at me as she poured my orange juice and said “Not to worry Aaryn, it will only be this one time that the whole family sits in on your lesson.”

Then as Carlisle walked in he added “Yes, we are quiet curious.”

Then as Emmet and Jasper came in to join the conversation Jasper asked “So Aaryn do you have a topic for today’s lesson?”

“Um I was thinking an introduction to magic. Just keep it simple to start with you know.”

As Emmet and Jacob wrestled around on the kitchen floor Jacob said “well I can’t wait for your lesson!”

Then Emmet added “you’re not near as excited as I am.” I could tell that Jacob and Emmet would be joining Nessie’s lessons often.

After breakfast I went outside to the tent Alice had arranged along with tables and chairs for everyone. On the front table that I assumed was for me since it had one lonely chair at it, on the opposite side of the table as all the other chairs as if to be a teacher’s desk I sat my Family book and what few supplies I had brought with me. I would have to remember to ask Alice to take me with her to Seattle when she picks up the supplies. I was pleased to see that on the other five tables Bella had placed one ceramic bowl on each as I had asked. Soon each of the Cullens pilled out of the door and sat two at each table appropriate to their couples. Nessie and Jacob had the lone table centered in the middle. Behind them were Carlisle and Esme at the table to the left. Emmet was at the table to the right by him self, and in the back row Bella and Edward on the left and Jasper and Alice at the right table.
I assumed due to Rosalie’s general dislike of me that she wouldn’t be joining in on today’s lesson. I began to tell them that I would appreciate them bearing with me, seeing as how I have never taught a class before when Rosalie came around the side of the house. She was smiling bigger than I had seen anyone ever smile before. She walked straight up to me and hugged me with so much enthusiasm that the strength made me cough out the air in my lungs.

“Oops sorry.” she said as the whole family and I stared at her with disbelief. She pretended not to notice and walked straight up to Jacob and made a little “um hem.” sound as if to announce she was waiting for him to do something. Jacob quickly got up with a look of anger and took the seat next to Emmet, and Rosalie took the seat next to Nessie still smiling up at me. I didn’t know what to make of her sudden turn around about me, I could only assume the letter had told her something that made her feel at ease with me so I ignored her behavior and began my lesson.

“Okay so today I am going to try to give a general introduction to magic. I hope this will answer some of the questions you all still have about me as well. Please remember I am here to teach Nessie and she will be my main focus although I do not mind answering a few questions along the way.”

I looked at everyone around the room and could see them all nodding in agreement, all except Edward who had not changed his attitude towards me at all. “Okay so to begin I thought it would be fun for Nessie and everyone to get some interaction by comparing Eumenide lifestyle to the American tales of wizardry and witchcraft. At this time I will let everyone take turns asking some of the questions that may seem silly, to teach about all the possibilities of what is real and what is fiction. You may ask non in-depth questions such as do you fly on broom sticks? Or can you turn a frog into a prince by kissing him? Or anything you desire.” At this several people giggled and had good spirits about where this was leading. “Okay Nessie would you like to go first? Do you have a fun question for me?”

“I sure do. I got a bunch of them! Um let’s see one question. Okay for my first question I want to know, do all Eumenides have special abilities?”

This was a very good question and brought a smile to my face. “Yes Nessie all Eumenides do, as we grow and use our powers they become stronger.”

She quickly squealed with joy and asked “powers, you have more than one?” ah she will be a bright student. I was not enjoying the idea of teaching some bratty teenager but this girl wasn’t going to be like that at all.

“Very clever you are Nessie, I was wondering if you would catch that. Do you remember me saying that every Eumenide has to live 12 lives to have a chance at becoming a white lighter in the after life?” she nodded at me. “Well for every life we live we get a power, twelve powers in the last life. However we have to relearn and re-strengthen our powers in each life.” Then I asked whom next?

Quickly a boy who was sitting next to Jacob; that I hadn’t even notice join us said “I have one” hmm.

“Okay go ahead.” as he began to answer he was cut off by Carlisle’s voice.

“I’m sorry Aaryn; I forgot to tell you that Seth here would be joining us today.” I smiled at him and turned back towards Seth.

“Okay Seth lets see how much about me have you been told?”

He smiled a wide grin and replied “Oh I know everything. When in wolf form Jacob and I share thoughts, and well not just the two of us but the entire pack.”

I would have to remember to learn more about these Shape Shifters; this was as new to me as friendly vampires were.

“I see. Well Seth what is your question?”

He started smiling again and said “Well I was wondering how many lives you have lived and how many powers you have?”

I smiled back at him. His smile truly was contagious and I couldn’t help it. “That is another good question. I do not know how many lives I have lived, that information is not one that the Elders permit us to know. I do know that so far in this life time I have discovered four powers, so this is at least my fourth life. As I continue to work to develop them, they get stronger and on rare occasion I have discovered I have another closely related power.

“Awesome!” he shouted.

“I’m next.” Jasper said.

“Okay Jasper what is your question.”

He got a somewhat curious look on his face and said “Can you tell us what one of your powers is and show us?”

Hum. I didn’t know if I should, but I honestly couldn’t see a problem with it. After all both Alice and Edward had already shown me their powers. “Okay” I said as I made my way around the table and walked right in front of Nessie’s table giving her the best view of my exhibition. I then concentrated very hard and saw some chins drop down in amazement and heard a few gasps as my feet left the ground and I hovered about four feet mid air. I quickly landed with a small thud as my feet hit the ground.
“It’s called levitation. My height and the length of time I can stay up gets better the more I use it, but that is the best I can do right now. My levitation is a defense that I use when battling demons. Many of them can be quiet powerful and it’s not always as easy as a vanquishing potion or spell to get rid of them, sometimes I have to physically fight and levitation is perfect for kicking a mouthy demon in the head.” To this I got a chorus of laughter from everyone. I even thought I heard Edward giggle a little.

Just as I was getting returning to my desk, Bella asked, “So do you all really fly around on broomsticks?”

Everyone then laughed and Jacob snorted “Geez Bella you need to get a grip.”

I quickly came to her aid “Actually Bella that is a good question as well. Some Eumenides have a power similar to the American term telekinesis. We call it Telecinesi. It is the ability to move inanimate objects with your mind. So while I have never seen or heard of anyone riding around on broomsticks or vacuum cleaners, it is quiet a real possibility.” At this Bella stuck her tongue out at Jacob.
Esme quickly corrected her behavior “Bella” at this she put her tongue back in her mouth and set down. Esme then addressed me “May I ask, what the book you carry with you is?” yes of course I never explained my book to them.

“Well Esme it is a book that is basically the history of my bloodline; kind of a family journal. It is a tool that helps me complete my tasks. Every Eumenide in my family that practiced had a hand in making this book. It also includes a record of the demons we have faced, the spells and potions that have helped us along, and in some cases it is about our own personal experiences with all the types of beings we have encountered. It helps us develop our powers too, most of the time the types of powers are also passed along our blood line. My levitation comes from my Aunt and Grandmother.”
“May I ask a question?” I heard Edward speak out from the back of our make shift classroom.
“Yes of course, what is your question Edward?”
“Yesterday you were thinking that those of us whom have gifts of our own may have been Eumenide during our human lives. I was wondering what you meant?”
Edward had been so mean to me in the last twenty four hours if his question had not affected the whole family I might have blown it off. But it did affect everyone, so best to answer. “I called to my Seraph last night to question that very theory with him. He did have knowledge on the matter of the gifts, and of the entire Cullen family.



Chapter 4 Gifts
“What Wyatt explained to me was that every member of the Cullen family had in fact been Eumenide during their life. Wyatt believes you all have gifts that carried over threw your transition and that those of you who believe you don’t have gifts, just have not discovered them yet. Everyone looked around at each other and then Alice raised her hand as if we were in a formal classroom even though everyone else had just called out their previous questions. “Yes Alice?”

“Aaryn earlier you said that through practice Eumenides gifts could grow, can our gifts still grow? I use my gift often but it has never changed.”

I thought about this for awhile but I couldn’t be sure if my theory would be correct. I wish I could call Wyatt to help me with Alice’s question but I am sure the Elders would see it as inappropriate to call him in front of the Cullens. “Well Alice it is possible that your gift may be able to grow as well. Maybe it has not changed because while you have used it you haven’t experimented and explored with it. Perhaps you would come forward and we could try something different?”

At this Alice first looked at Carlisle and when he nodded at her to go ahead she walked forward and stood next to me. “Okay.”

“Alice I am going to try to give you a little guidance to try to create the feeling of taking your visions into the past by trying to get you to feel what I felt when I viewed the past.”

Alice looked at me a little confused and said “you can see things too?”

I smiled brightly at Alice as the thought of how wonderful a gift that would be but it was just a fantasy because that wasn’t one of my gifts. “No Alice I cannot. I once had a friend Kara, she was a Eumenide like me and she could. She would often show me her gift, she was quiet proud of being a Seer.”

“You speak of your friend in past tense?” Alice Asked

“Yes, Alice she died when we were twelve.” I answered

Alice hugged me and said “I’m sorry Aaryn.”

“It’s quiet okay Alice, that was a long time ago, and we weren’t apart for long. When I turned seventeen, Kara became my first Seraph and she was with me up until this past fall.” I could feel myself getting sad and thought it would be best to turn things back to our little experiment. I put both my hands out in front of me palm up. Alice placed her hands on mine just like Kara used to do. “Alice when you use your gift you have an emotion that powers your gift. What is that emotion?”

Alice thought for a moment and then said “Curiosity.”
“Good that should make this easier.” I said.

“Easier?” she questioned

“Yes Alice, if your emotion had been fear or greed that would make this more difficult.” The whole family then began to shift forward in their seats to get a better look at what we were doing. “Okay Alice, now I want you to pick a family member. Now think about how you go to their path to look around instead of going to their future try to go backwards, instead of being curious about their future, wonder about their past. Use as much curiosity as you can.”

It was quiet for at least three whole minutes when Alice sighed and said “Nothings happening.”

“Alice this may take a lot of practice and trying, it may be awhile before you get anything. We will try again another time”

Just then Nessie came out of her seat and walked up to Alice and me “Please don’t give up yet, try once more.”

Alice then once more put her head back and closed her eyes. As Alice tried to force her gift backwards, I concentrated on trying to see her gift like Kara would show me but I couldn’t. Alice must not be able to share her gift. So then I thought about how it had felt when Kara shared her gift with me trying to find anything I could to help Alice recreate the feeling when suddenly I felt Nessie place her hands around mine and Alice’s. Then there was a small shock feeling that came through me and I could feel Nessie pulling my emotions from me and giving them to Alice.

I looked up at Nessie to see if she did this on purpose and could see she was just as shocked by what she was feeling as I was. Alice’s ear piercing scream brought me back to the moment and Alice broke from Nessie and me and ran to Rosalie. She threw her arms around Rosalie and was mumbling “horrible, horrible man” A few seconds later Alice had calmed down and looked at me with terrified eyes and said “I didn’t just see Rosalie’s past, I felt what she was feeling at that time.”

At this time I thought it would be the best time for mid day break and to get Nessie some food. Carlisle agreed. As the Cullen Family went inside, I walked to the woods once more. I could tell that I would be calling to Wyatt for assistance quiet often during this task.

When I got to the woods I called to Wyatt, he quickly shimmered and was in front of me. “Good afternoon Aaryn.”

“Hello Wyatt, I have some more questions for you.”

Wyatt did not look surprised at all, and said “I will answer them the best that I can.” I explained to him about everything that had happened during my lesson and he looked pleased. “Aaryn I think it is good that you are helping all the Cullens extend the use of their gifts.”

I couldn’t believe he missed the whole point of my story “Wyatt you don’t understand, Alice didn’t just see Rosalie’s past she felt it. In fact I believe the only reason Alice managed the skill so quickly was because Nessie channeled the feeling of it from me to Alice.”

He smiled at me and simply stated “Yes Nessie is something grand isn’t she?”

At this point I am growing frustrated with Wyatt; he was just not getting it, and was going to make me spell it all out for him. “Wyatt dang it, Nessie has more than one gift! This is her first life right? So she is only supposed to have one gift not two?”

Finally he gave me a look of understanding. “Ah, yes I see why you’re alarmed now. Well Aaryn you see this may be Nessie’s first life but when the perfected beings created her they knew from the start this would also be Nessie’s only life. Nessie is part vampire and instead of living twelve lives to gain access to the after life she will live the length of at least twelve normal lives in her one life. All of the perfected beings including the Elders agreed that it would serve the purpose of good to the best if she was granted all twelve gifts immediately.”

“Oh” I said trying to take it all in. “So then I’m not just here to teach her how to use spells and potions, I am also here to help her discover and strengthen her gifts as well?”

“That is correct.” He said to me pleased with my understanding.

“Okay so two gifts down, only ten more to go then.” I joked to lighten my nerves.

“Actually” Wyatt said “This is her third gift.”

I didn’t understand the Cullens hadn’t said anything about her having a second gift. I better ask to be sure. “Wyatt, the Cullens believe Nessie only has one gift?”

He once again smiled at me as if he knew I was going to ask that question “Well, the Cullens are incorrect. Carlisle has assumed that Nessie has one gift that is a combination of the reversals of her parent’s gifts. While he is correct about the reversal part they are in fact two separate gifts, one gift is the reversal of Edwards ability to read other’s thoughts, Nessie can share her thoughts with whom ever she likes by simply touching them. The other gift is the reversal of Bella’s gift to shield, likewise Nessie can open herself to broadcast her feelings to anyone she wishes. Each gift will grow in different directions and the Elders believe she will be able to perfect them to a point of using them the same as her parents do. You see they also had believed that Nessie’s third gift was just another part of one big gift.”

They had said nothing of Nessie’s abilities to me so I was shocked by this “Wyatt do you mean they have seen Nessie’s Empath abilities before?”

He nodded. “Yes Aaryn they have, they have seen her project feelings onto animals. They thought it was another part of her broadcasting but in truth it is part of her Empath ability, so you see you only have nine gifts left to discover.

I was in awe by all the knowledge that has come to light since I had met the Cullen family. I looked at Wyatt still wanting more information but unable to bring anything to actual question format. “Thank you Wyatt. May I call on you if I have more questions?”

“I imagine you will ask many questions, and I will be pleased to answer them. Peace be with you”

“And with you” I replied as he shimmered away.

Chapter 5
The Empath

After Wyatt left I stood at the edge line of the Cullen woods for a moment trying to take everything in so that I can find a way to explain all this to the Cullens. It would be easy to explain to Carlisle he seemed to accept every curve ball that has been thrown at him so far. It’s almost as if he knows what is coming before I tell him, kind of like Wyatt knows what I am going to ask before I do. He of course waits for me to speak the words out loud probably to give me common courtesy, but I can always tell by his expression and tone that he was prepared for what I was going to ask. In fact all Seraphim and perfect beings could. It was almost as though Carlisle retained the qualities of a perfected being himself. I walked as slowly back to the house as I could manage trying to ponder what I would say to Alice, Nessie and the rest of the Cullens.

The only person I was worried about sharing my information with was Edward. I know I shouldn’t be afraid of him, I am a little but mostly it was his general hatred towards me that got to me. I so far am enjoying being around people again. It has been torture to be alone hiding, moving from place to place, sleeping at day and demon hunting at night. Don’t get me wrong it is my destiny, my job, my whole life and I embrace it and love fighting in the name of good. I am very proud but in the end it is also very lonely and sad. Being with the Cullens yesterday and today I felt like I could be myself and be accepted. I didn’t have to be an outsider; I could talk and interact with others. Edward was a different story. I walked in to the front door and went and set on the stool next to Seth.

“I hope you like soup and grilled cheese” Bella said as she placed a sandwich on each Jacob and Seth’s plates. “Seth, Jacob slow down I only made twelve sandwiches” she said as she shook her head at them.

Did she say twelve sandwiches? There were only four of us here that eat real food and it appeared that Nessie had taken a pass at this meal. I looked at her with questioning eyes and she smiled back to me and answered my unasked question. “I am going to be going hunting with Uncle Emmet tonight while you and Aunt Alice go to Seattle. Most of the time I prefer the diet of my family.”

I see now. She hunts like her parents. Carlisle and Rosalie entered the kitchen and Rosalie looked at me like she was going to ask me a question but before she could Alice joined us in the kitchen and said “of course you are welcome to come with us to Seattle Rosalie, you don’t mind do you Aaryn?”

“No” I replied.

Then Carlisle spoke to me “Aaryn did Wyatt answer all your questions?” There it was again, as if he already knew what I was up to before I told him. I guess it is possible that any of the Cullens could have come up with the same explanation as to why I went into the woods but then again it just felt as if Carlisle knew everything.

“Yes Carlisle, he answered all the questions I could think to ask.” I thought about who all I would have to include in this conversation. Obviously Carlisle as the head of the family and Nessie since it was her gift. I would have to include Alice because what had happened to her probably scared her and I want her to continue using her gift, I don’t want her to think that every time she looks at the past she would feel what was going on around her, and as long as Nessie doesn’t ‘help’ next time she shouldn’t. I would assume that Bella as her mother should be included and unfortunately that would include taking Edward’s criticism as well. Jacob of course would be right were Nessie is because, well I haven’t seen them apart since the minute I met them. “Carlisle maybe we should find a bigger space to have this discussion so everyone can be included?”

“Indeed, the dinning room is always a place we seem to use for family meetings.” He motioned to the open doorway that leads to a grand table that had a beautiful cherry finish.

I quickly took a drink of my milk as Esme took my plate. “Bella thank you for lunch.”

“Your welcome, let Esme and I clean up the kitchen and then we will meet you four in the dinning room.” She waved her hand in a motion for Nessie, Jacob, Seth and I to run along as if to tell us ‘go play children’ much like my own mother did when my brother and I were young.

By the time Bella and Esme joined us the rest of the family had also came in to join the discussion of what had happened to Nessie, Alice and I during my little experiment. Carlisle asked me to start and I did my best to try to repeat everything that Wyatt had explained to me. Everyone around the room nodded still looking a bit confused, everyone but Carlisle he had a complete look of understanding on his face.

Then Nessie asked “So what exactly does an Empath do?”

I turned to her and smiled. “Nessie an Empath feels and directs emotions.”

She looked excited and said “So I’m like Uncle Jasper!”
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Chapter 6
The Rules

After our meeting in the dining room we decided it would be best to give everyone two hours to rest before we restarted class. That afternoon as I walked outside to find Nessie to tell her it was time for our second half of today’s lesson. I walked around to the backyard and found that Nessie, Jasper, Rosalie and of course Jacob were all back there talking and laughing. “Nessie are you ready to begin the lesson?” I called to her.

“Yes Aaryn” she replied and we all walked to the tent. This time Alice was the only one not there and Seth had taken her seat next to Jasper.

“Okay so for the second half of today’s introduction to magic I would like to talk about Rules and Guidelines. Exposure is of course an important issue but I believe Nessie you already understand that and follow that rule and so I will skip that rule in my lesson.” Everyone nodded in agreement and I went on. “The most important rule for a practicing Eumenide is of course to stay on the path of goodness. Nessie when faced with right vs. wrong only you can decide for yourself what you believe to be a right choice. The Elders don’t have strict rules on what you may not do written down anywhere but if they feel you are making wrong or misguided choices they will let your Seraph know and your Seraph will help you decide what to do.

Then Nessie raised her hand “but Aaryn I don’t have a Seraph”

Hmm. She’s right. “Well there is a general rule that says a Eumenide does not receive their first Seraph until they turn seventeen. How old are you Nessie fifteen? I asked.

She smiled and said proudly “I am almost five.”

I gave her a stunned look and then Carlisle spoke “Aaryn, Nessie is indeed only four. She has grown at an accelerated rate since birth and should be full grown by the time she is seven. At first she was growing at about a rate of four human years in one year but after her second birthday it slowed to three human years a year. We imagine that it may slow more after her fifth birthday.”

I didn’t know what to think of that “Okay well Nessie we will come back to the issue of you not having a Seraph after I consult with Wyatt.” For now let’s just discuss some of my experiences. A Few years back during a task I once used a spell to turn my old jeep into a sports car so that I could get to my mission faster. This didn’t seem to bother the Elders seeing as how I didn’t do it for a reason of greed. I did however leave my car like that for a few days just for fun and let me tell you they didn’t like that at all. So you can see how I failed to draw the line between right and wrong in that situation.”
Nessie nodded to show me she understood what my point was so I continued “I do get odds and end jobs when I can to pay for things for myself but on occasion when caught up in a task money gets low. To stay on the correct path I never have allowed myself to try to gain money by using magic but on occasion I have had to use magic to allow myself necessities such as food and clothes. I may make an apple appear or a new pair of demon butt kicking shoes on occasion, but I never do that unless I don’t have the means to buy those objects do you understand?

“Yes Aaryn. I do.” Nessie answered

“Okay well Nessie those are the two main rules, Exposure and Right vs. Wrong. I think you will do just fine. So for our last part of our lesson I want to spend the next two hours trying to teach you how to create a spell. Since you are new to this your spell may need a potion to go along with it so I have asked Bella to place bowls on each table. Everyone is free to join in on trying to create a spell, however Wyatt has explained to me that since your transitions your ability to actually perform magic will be much depleted and you may not be able to do them at all.”

As the last two hours of class finished up I was pleased to see that Nessie took right to potion making and that she accomplished one spell without needing the aid of a potion at all. The Cullens for the most part had very little success although they were able to use a potion to make a flower however most of their flowers looked wilted. Jacob and Seth were extremely disappointed to find that they couldn’t make any spell work and I got the feeling that Seth was slightly jealous of the full bloomed beautiful rose bush Nessie had made.

Rosalie clapped and got excited every time Nessie had a successful spell. I could tell that Rosalie loved Nessie very deeply. For the last half hour of class most of the Cullen’s had given up on trying to make their own potions and spells and gathered around Nessie to see all the wonderful spells she was accomplishing. I suddenly felt happy. It had been a long time since I felt happy. I have spent most of the last few years since my brother Presston stopped practicing magic alone and being with the Cullens made me happy. At the end of our lesson Esme called for Jacob, Seth and I to come eat dinner and we all moved inside.

Chapter 7

At dinner Alice had informed me that we would be leaving for Seattle at 6pm so I was trying to quickly put a list of things I would need together when Alice walked up behind me. “Aaryn I have already ordered all that and everything you will realize tomorrow that you forgot to add to the list.

I smiled at her “Thank you Alice”

“You’re welcome Aaryn. I think Rosalie is waiting in the garage for us are you ready to go?”

“Yes” I said and followed her to the car. Rosalie had a gorgeous yellow sports car. Alice climbed in the back letting me sit in the passenger side. After leaving the drive way Rosalie began to speed up. It wasn’t long before she was going ninety five and I got nervous. “Um Rosalie, you are going kind of fast.”

She smiled at me and said “Don’t worry Aaryn I have never had a wreck and I drive much faster than this normally.
The drive to Seattle was much shorter than it should have been and as we climbed out of the car and my feet hit the ground I was thankful it was over. As Rosalie and I followed Alice around to all the shops she had ordered supplies from Rosalie began to make some strange small talk with me.

“So Aaryn, you vanquish demons?” Rosalie Asked

“Yes I do usually. I guess for now though I am a teacher” I said smiling back at her.

“Aaryn, do you smoke.” She asked.

“Nope, never have” What a strange question for her to ask

“What about Alcohol do you like to drink?” she continued

“Um, on occasion I have but I’m not much of a drinker” I replied. What is up with Rosalie? She can be so weird sometimes. I sped up my walk a little to walk next to Alice and pretended to need to ask her something to get away from Rosalie’s strange behavior. “Hey Alice what is that shop over there across the street it looks interesting.”

She gave me a knowing look and did her best to save me from Rosalie’s behavior. “That shop over there is a trinket shop. It is owned by a really nice couple.”

“So have you been in there before?” I asked in hopes of keeping this conversation going

“I went in there once to order three necklaces I had a vision about once.” She answered

“What were the necklaces?” This time I really was interested in our conversation, Alice’s gift was something of amazement to me.

“They were these beautiful wolf necklaces. One was of a wolf surrounded by the sun, another was a wolf intertwined with a rose bush and the last one was of a wolf with a bear cub.” She smiled as she remembered the necklaces. “I have left them there ever since I ordered them. I’m not really sure why I had to order them but I know when the time is right I will know when to pick them up.”

I thought about her story for awhile and then said “Alice, do you think it has anything to do with…” and then she cut me off mid sentence

“Aaryn, I’m can’t say for sure that it has anything to do with Jacob or Nessie. You see I can’t really see their future. The closer I get to them the more I can get little glimpses but nothing really definite. When I think of Nessie and Jacob and the necklaces the only thing I can see is two names Jalie and Mason” She said

“I see. Well thank you for sharing your story with me Alice” I said as she walked back into another store.

Rosalie quickly walked up to me and grabbed my hand in hers and said “Come with me to the book store, there are some books I want to buy, and anything you want I am more than happy to buy you.”

“Thank you Rosalie but It seems that Alice has everything covered.” I replied

“No silly, I mean anything you want not just teaching supplies.” She said grinning at me

“Oh. I see. Well I don’t really want nor need anything but I was thinking that Nessie would need a family book of her own. Do you think they have a blank book in there?”

She simply said “I don’t know but let’s go find out.”

For the rest of our evening in Seattle Alice went around picking up her orders. I did my best to bond with Rosalie as she took me from store to store asking me every question about myself that she could think of and insisting we do all sorts of crazy things. She even made me try rock climbing with her. She won of course; in fact I think she was showing off a little too much because the gentleman in charge of instructing us was even amazed at her speed as she easily climbed up the thirty foot wall. Then she insisted I let her buy me a hot dog and coke at a little corner outdoor dinner. I thought while Rosalie was busy trying to bond with me it would be a good time to get a little information about that letter the Elders wanted me to give her. “Rosalie?”

“Yes Aaryn?”

“I was wondering what was in that letter that the Elders asked me to give you? It just seems at first you didn’t like me all that much and then the next day it was like you were happy I was here. I was wondering if it was the letter.”

She took my hand and led me to a bench. “No Aaryn it was never that I disliked you. I just didn’t understand why you were here and I can be a bit of a skeptic sometimes. And yes the letter did help me feel happy to have you here, although I am sure I would have grown to like you anyways. I am not allowed to tell you exactly what was in the letter Aaryn, but I will tell you that it is nothing bad. I know it is unfair of me to ask you to trust me because I so easily distrusted you when you came to my family, but I promise I will not treat you like that ever again.

“Okay, I will trust you.” Then Alice walked up to us and sat down, she grabbed my hot dog, stuck it in her mouth and then spit it out.

“Aaryn, that is disgusting how can you eat that?” Rosalie and I both just laughed at her. Then she said “come on guys we have everything now and It’s time to get back home.” Rosalie and I followed her back to the car that was now over packed with bags and bags of stuff.

“Alice, why didn’t you put it in the trunk?” Rosalie asked her.

“Because the trunk is full already” Alice said as she winked at me. “So Aaryn, did you and Rosalie get Nessie a book?”

“Well we found the stuff we need to make her our own book. Rosalie thought it would be a good project for us.” I said and we all climbed in the car and headed home.

Chapter 8

As I was settling in for the night thinking about tomorrow’s lesson plan there was a knock at my bedroom door. “Come in”
Esme came in with the gentle smile she always had on her face. “Aaryn, I was wondering if we could talk.”

“Of course Esme” I replied with curiosity.

She smiled at me but looked kind of nervous. “Aaryn you had said we all have had our gifts carry threw our transition but that we just haven’t discovered them.”

She paused and I could see she doubted her reason for coming to me. “Esme, please go on” I tried to encourage her.

She hesitated and then began “Well I’ve given it a lot of thought and I can’t think of any gifts that I may have. I was hoping maybe you could help me, or ask Wyatt about me?”

I too had spent a lot of time thinking about the Cullens that hadn’t discovered their gifts. I’ve tried to figure out who might have which gift and I thought Esme’s was the most obvious. The way her family adores her, the way she brings them closer together. The other day I heard Nessie refer to her as the heart of the family, that is when I knew my guess at Esme’s gift was correct. I guess now is the time to test that.

“Esme, can’t you see what you are? The way you understand them, they call you their heart because you are the love that binds them together. You fix their hearts and put their minds to ease. Esme you are the healer.”

She brightly smiled at me and said “Thank you for your kind thoughtful words Aaryn, but you are mistaken. Carlisle is the only healer in this family.”

She truly didn’t see what was inside of her but I had an idea of how to make her understand. “Esme, from what I have read of Vampires in my family book, different types of beings smell different to you. I read a legend that when the evil beings created Vampires it was to destroy Eumenides and the love in humans. It was to place fear on the earth. The evil beings knew that the more fear they create the more control they have. The legend says that the ones called Perfected Beings allowed the Elders to counter act by giving Eumenides and a few other types of beings a special effect in their blood to make them smell less appetizing to Vampires. Eumenides are supposed to smell bland. Is this true? Do I smell different to you?”

She thought hard for a moment and then said “Well now that I think about it, yes different beings smell differently to me. Other vampires scent’s are like flowers and plants. Each one smell different but they sure don’t smell like food. Jacob and the other wolves have a musky woodsy kind of smell. Nessie smells like a spring day after a warm rain shower. I guess if I were to use an analogy of food, humans would be steak and potatoes and you would be the bowl of fruit salad. Not a bad smell just not something that makes my mouth water and my belly grumble”

“So you’re not attracted to my blood?” I asked

“No, I’m not.” She answered giving me a questioning look

“Good” I replied. I thought hard about what I was about to do before I spoke again “Esme I am sorry, but I have to do this to make you see what you are. Please forgive me.” I quickly grabbed the dagger from under my mattress before she could speak again. I moved closer to Esme and sliced as deep as my strength would let me into my upper arm centered perfectly between my shoulder and elbow. The wound was deep, looking at the open flesh made me nauseous the cut was a good inch deep. Blood began pouring out. I looked to Esme and she was in complete shock.

Esme began to holler “Car...” I quickly clamped my good hand as hard as I could over her mouth. Just then Wyatt shimmered into my room and started walking towards me.

I looked at him with my hand still clamped hard against Esme’s mouth “NO. Wyatt you will not be healing me today.” Then I looked back at Esme “and Carlisle will not be stitching me either.”

Esme objected “but Aaryn”

“No, no buts Esme, you are going to heal me.” In response to my statement Wyatt took a few steps back and stood quietly watching us from the corner of the room.

“I can’t, I don’t know how” Esme protested.

I looked her right in the eyes and took her hand with the one good arm I had and placed it over my wound “Heal me” I demanded.

Esme now was looking frightened as the pool of my blood on the floor was getting larger “Carlisle” she yelled before I could realize what she was doing.

“NO, Esme. You” I shouted at her as Edward opened the door.

“Carlisle went…” he began before noticing what was happening.

I turned my attention back to Esme and said “See Esme, It’s just you, you must heal me” I could see the fear in her eyes as I continued “put your hands over my wound and let the love inside of you flow to me.”

“I can’t” she cried out

“Yes Esme, you can, you must. If you don’t I will die. Close your eyes and think of your family. Think of your love for them… think of Carlisle.” I barley got that last part out in a whisper before my head began to spin; it was getting hard to breath and then darkness.

When I woke up Carlisle was checking me over and Esme, Edward and Rosalie were all standing on the far right side of my room.

“Aaryn can you hear me?” Carlisle asked and I nodded my head which made me aware of a pounding headache. Just then Alice walked in and handed me two aspirin and a glass of water. I swallowed my aspirin and then turned my arm over to look at it. There was no cut, and no scar. If Carlisle had doctored me there would be a huge scar, so either my plan worked and Esme healed me or Wyatt had stepped in and healed me at the last minute.

The Carlisle spoke “You lost a lot of blood today Aaryn. That was quiet some stunt you pulled.”

Edward made a smirking sound and said “A stupid stunt at that”

I ignored Edward and looked to Esme “Well, did it work?”

She simply nodded a yes to me but there was no hint of a smile in her expression. My own pleased expression must have angered Rosalie because she snapped “Damn it Aaryn, yes it worked but at what cost? You could have died; do you know what that would mean for me? Do you know how much it would have hurt me to lose you? Then she stormed out the door and Edward, Alice and Esme followed behind her.

I looked at Carlisle and asked “What is with Rosalie she talks about me as if I am her best friend. She doesn’t even know me, is she always like this?”

He had a look of understanding on his face as he answered “Aaryn I can’t exactly say what is up with Rosalie but I can offer you a story that may help. Has anyone told you about Bella and Alice?

“No they haven’t” I answered.

Carlisle then explained to me what all had happened before Edward accepted his love for Bella. He explained that Alice loved Bella and Bella was her best friend long before Bella and Alice even began hanging out because of her visions. “So you see Aaryn, Love and friendship isn’t always as simple as a two way street. Maybe you are important to Rosalie even though you don’t know it yet.”

Again I got the feeling that Carlisle knew exactly what was going on but was letting me find out on my own before he would share. He defiantly knew something. I was beginning to regret the way I have been blowing Rosalie off.

I went to sleep that night thinking of how special my last few days with the Cullens had been and I was beginning to realize that I was pushing them too far. What was I thinking? Esme wasn’t ready for that, and Rosalie I had upset her so much. Not to mention I was not helping Edward to trust me. I was here to teach Nessie about myself, I was not here to force anyone into my life style. I will have to call to Wyatt tomorrow after Nessie’s lesson so that we can have a deep discussion about this.

Chapter 9
Forces of Evil

When I woke up the next morning I went to find Rosalie before having breakfast. I needed to apologize for my behavior the last few days. I ran into Bella in the hall way. “Bella, do you know where I can find Rosalie?”

She gave me a smile and said “I believe she is in the computer room on the third floor”

“Thank you Bella. Can I ask you another question? It’s about Edward.”

“I will do my best to answer your question” she replied as the smile left her face.

I hesitated I didn’t do well with confutations and I didn’t want to say the wrong thing and upset Bella too. “He doesn’t seem to like me much; I was wondering am I doing something wrong?” Just as I finished my sentence Edward came around the corner and answered my question for his self.

“Aaryn, it’s not that you are doing something wrong, it’s what you’ve already done. You are hiding something from my family. I do not know what but from that first day when reading your mind I could see there was something there, something you have been working very hard at hiding.” He then quickly walked away with out even allowing me to make excuses.

He was right I was hiding something, but it wasn’t something that would harm his family in any way, or at least I don’t think it would, honestly I didn’t know much more than Edward did about my second task. I quickly walked up to the third floor and located the computer room and knocked on the open door to announce my presence.

“Come in” Rosalie said as she gave me a disappointed look. Apparently she was still sour about last night.

“Rosalie, I was wondering if you and I could have a heart to heart.”

“I guess I could manage that” she replied with a pout.

“Rosalie, I am sorry about yesterday. I can see now that I have been pushing your family to hard and I crossed the line. I have no excuses. I was so excited about what I believed Esme to be capable of that I couldn’t see how I was causing everyone pain, I also am sorry for the way I have been treating you. Your interest in me surprised me and I was foolish to reject your friendship and would like another chance if you have it in you to forgive me.”

Rosalie kind of cocked her head to the side in a look as if she didn’t truly grasp my apology at first and said “Aaryn, I think that is the most honest apology anyone has ever given me, I didn’t even hear a hint of excuse in your statement.”

I smiled at her and replied “It wouldn’t be a real apology if I was making excuses for my behavior. Will you forgive me?”

“Of course I forgive you Aaryn.” And then she hugged me. I would have to get used to these strong hugs if Rosalie and I were going to be doing more bonding. I then left the computer room and went downstairs to the first floor to have some breakfast. The smell of bacon and eggs was calling to me. For someone who didn’t eat Esme had an amazing talent for cooking. Her food was always just what I needed. I sat down next to Jacob to fix myself a plate.

“Good morning Aaryn, what is today’s topic?” Jacob asked

“I was thinking the forces of evil would be appropriate for our second lesson. Since evil doesn’t operate the way the forces of good do, I thought it to be important for Nessie to learn about.” As I finished, Carlisle and Edward walked into the room.

Carlisle looked at Jacob and said “Jacob, Edward and I were thinking that maybe you should let Nessie attend her lessons on her own. If her teachings are as important as Aaryn has expressed then maybe it would be best if she has Nessie’s full attention.”

Then with out Jacob having said aloud how he felt about that Edward added “now Jacob if these lessons are going to help Nessie protect herself in the future don’t you think it would be to her best interest if she was not distracted in anyway?”

“Yes, Edward I agree” Jacob said as he got up from his seat. “If Nessie asks will you let her know that I have gone to La Push and will be back soon.”

“Of course” Carlisle answered.

After Jacob had gone out the front door Bella joined us in the kitchen “Edward that was not nice”

“What did I do?” he asked Bella although I got the feeling he knew exactly what she meant.

“You know what you did Edward Cullen, using Jacob’s imprinting as a tool to make him do what you want.” She said as she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Well Bella dear, I am a father and fathers do what they must for their little girls.” He said as he gave her a wink.

When I was finished eating I went to the living room and found Nessie waiting for me there. “Are you ready for today’s lesson” I asked her.

“Yes” Nessie said as she left her seat and followed me towards the door. This time when we got to the side of the house where Alice’s tent and make shift classroom had previously been there was now just simply a large round table that was low to the ground underneath a grand maple tree. There were quilts and pillows on the ground around it. Even Alice couldn’t just make a simple Alter she had gone overboard with making sure we would be comfortable sitting on the ground.

When I got to the alter and lifted the top off of it I could see that Alice had already placed all the ingredients I intended to use today inside of it along with a few candles and a small ceramic bowl for Nessie to mix her spells in. The bowl had a beautiful design to it, it was bronze and blue and on the rim there were many tiny images of a little girl standing next to a wolf. In one image the little girl was sleeping across the wolf’s stomach and in another she was riding on his back. Each image was different but equally as amazing and I knew Alice must have had this bowl especially made for Nessie. Just then Rosalie walked up and set down on the last quilt that was around the Alter.

I smiled up at Rosalie as I began to speak “Okay Nessie. So for today’s lesson I thought you should learn about the forces of evil. If you remember me explaining that we have rules and must follow right from wrong then you should be able to grasp the rules of the forces of evil. Evil has no rules; they do not follow the rule of exposure and risk it often. When attempting to vanquish a demon I must not risk exposure to humans, but demons will risk exposure when hunting Eumenides.

Nessie’s eyes got wide and she asked “Demons hunt you?”

I smiled and replied “Yes but I am hard to track, you see I have the power to change my appearance at any time”

Nessie giggled and then asked “So you could turn into Aunt Rose right now?”

“No Nessie it is not that simple, I can change features of myself at will but I can’t simply develop another’s features. Let me show you.” At this moment I thought hard to find something that would make Nessie and Rosalie laugh. I love making people laugh. So I took my power and at first I gave myself short blue spiky hair, then I threw in a pigs nose for fun and instantly both Rosalie and Nessie were bent over laughing into their pillows to try to keep the sound of there very loud laugh from traveling all the way to town. “It is called Transmogrification.” I told them

I quickly went back to normal just incase any of the other family members decided to come out to check what all the ruckus was about and when Rosalie and Nessie had calmed down I went back to my lesson. I spent the rest of the morning explaining to Nessie that demons like Angels had levels and what those levels were. I explained to her about a few of the demons I had battled and the ones that were in my family book. As we left the Alter to break for lunch Nessie asked me “Aaryn, when do I get to learn some vanquishing spells?”

I smiled at her enthusiasm “Nessie, I think it would be best if I taught you how to defend yourself first. After lunch I am going to go over a few very minor spells with you on defending yourself from some of the gifts demons process.”
Nessie’s mouth dropped open “demons have gifts too?”

I simply smiled at her and replied “After lunch Nessie, after lunch.”

Chapter 10
Self Defense

After lunch and a short break Rosalie, Nessie and I headed back to the Alter in the side yard to finish our lesson. I had a few fun spells planned for Nessie to try out, but since I would need a “demon” for her to defend her self from I had asked Emmet to join us. He seemed really excited about our little demonstration for Nessie. What Emmet didn’t know was that Jasper would be joining us for a completely different reason.

“Okay Nessie for the second half of today’s demonstration I would like you to learn how to make a few simple defense spells. Now to answer the question from earlier, yes most upper level demons do have powers but for today I will be focusing on teaching you some general defense techniques and later on down the road we will work on teaching you how to defend yourself against specific demonic powers okay?”

“Sounds good to me” Nessie said in an excited tone.

“Okay Nessie the first defense I want to teach you is a push spell, a push is a physical defense that should move the demon away from you to give you time to throw your vanquishing potion at him.”

Nessie jumped up as I stood up and I could tell she was very excited. “Nessie the first thing you have to do is create a spell. The same wording in a spell doesn’t actually work for everyone so you may have to tweak it to fit you. After you have been practicing spells for awhile, you will be able to make them more of a command, for example I can simply command “Push” but you will need a spell until you have been practicing for awhile. So try repeating after me ‘a creature after me, hit him with what he can’t see’”

After Nessie had repeated it a few times to herself I called for Emmet to come out from around the side of the house. Emmet walked striate up to Nessie and said “Don’t worry Ness; you know I’ll go easy on you.” And then he walked about ten feet in front of her.

As soon as Emmet took his place, Nessie attempted to let him have it “creature after me, hit him with what he can’t see”
Nothing happened. Nessie and Rosalie both looked to me with concern. “Don’t worry Nessie; it is hard to accomplish a defense spell when you’re not really in the heat of the moment. That is why I have asked Jasper to help us today as well. Just then the smile faded off of Emmet’s face and Jasper came and stood next to Nessie.

“Okay Nessie, let’s try this again” I told her “Jasper, do you remember what to do?”

“I think I got it” he replied. Just then I could feel the feeling of threat Jasper was sending out to Nessie. When he threw in a side of fear and anger, Nessie’s expression completely changed and I knew it was time to step it up “Nessie, Uncle Emmet is the threat, he’s not Uncle Emmet. He’s a demon. Nessie you must defend us from the demon.

Nessie’s voice boomed out “take this evil after me, Push him where I can’t see” and as she said it she pushed her hands out with extreme force.

Just then a huge gust of wind hit Emmet and he let out a huge gust of air and almost sounded as though in pain. The wind hitting Emmet was like two cars crashing head on and the gust of wind flew back and knocked us all off our feet.

Jasper let all the feelings he was putting on us disappear as he hit the ground and I was thankful for that. He really had given it his best, by the time Nessie made her spell I was about to attack. I felt so scared, threatened I almost even thought Emmet was a demon for a second.

Rosalie’s voice interrupted my thoughts. “Where is Emmet?”

We all looked around and couldn’t see him anywhere.

“Aaryn, I messed up the spell” Nessie looked worried as she admitted what she had said instead of the proper spell. “It was my wording; I made him disappear didn’t I?”

Just then Emmet’s voice made us all turn around “I’d say you made me disappear! I was all the way to the cottage by the time that was over. Way to go Nessie!” Emmet laughed and then turned to me and said “Can we do that again?”

I looked to Nessie and said “do you think you could tone it down a bit this time?” Nessie must not have known I was kidding because a look of shame crossed her face. I quickly corrected myself “Nessie I was joking. What you did wasn’t wrong in any way. In fact it was right; if a real demon had attacked you by surprise what you did would save your life. Do you understand?

Nessie simply nodded that she understood. “Okay Nessie that was quiet powerful and since Uncle Emmet isn’t a demon what I want you to do is just a little push this time.” Then I looked to Jasper and said “Do you think you could give her just a small nudge this time?” he nodded in agreement and a slight feeling of worry came over us all.

Nessie stood up right, put her hands in front of her and said “take the evil I see and push him away from me” This time as the wind hit Emmet hard, he took the blow well and only moved one foot back to steady himself. Rosalie clapped in approval and I let a huge smile cross my face to show Nessie I too thought her push was well. Just then Jacob came walking out of the woods wearing only a pair of shorts and still attempting to force one of his tennis shoes onto his foot.

Jacob walked striate up to Nessie and kissed her forehead. “What was that you did to Emmet Nessie?” he asked her

“It’s called a push, it’s kind of fun too.” She replied while looking at him with so much love in her eyes it made me slightly jealous of what they had.

“Jacob” I heard Edward yell out from inside the house.

“Well I better get inside before your dad comes out and drags me in.” he told Nessie.

I quickly spoke up so that Edward would hear me as well “Actually Jacob we could use your help, In fact if Edward would be willing to help as well that would be best.”

Edward was outside in a flash and said to me “How can I help?”

I smiled at the thought of what Nessie’s push could do to Edward but let the thought quickly leave my mind. I must remember that I am trying to turn things around with the Cullens. Edward has a good reason to feel mistrust towards me and I must remember that I am here for Nessie. “Okay Edward, Jacob, I want you two to stand a few feet parallel to Emmet you guys are going to be pretend demons too. Nessie, some demons attack in groups of three or four so let’s practice putting distance between you and them giving you time to defend and attack. Okay?”

“I will do my best” she replied nervously

“Now I want you three demons to try to attack Nessie, do not hold back at all, demons are just as fast as you and they also have powers you do not have. They have their own similar form of shimmering called jumping giving them the ability to move up to two hundred feet at a time with in a half a second. So be fast, and steady. It is truly important that Nessie be prepared for fierce attacks.

To help us all along Jasper will once again be sending us feelings to intensify the mimic battle.” Everyone nodded except Nessie looked worried. “Nessie, don’t worry pushing does not hurt it is just a forced move everyone will be okay. Nessie this time I want you to practice not actually speaking the spell. Say it in your mind. If a demon can hear what you are about to do, it will make it difficult for you to have the upper hand.”

Just then Alice and Bella came to join us as well. Bella spoke “Will it be fairer if I shield Edward from being able to hear Nessie’s thoughts? I nodded although I thought that it is possible for a demon to have the same gift as Edward but I don’t want to overwhelm Nessie so for now Bella shielding her will be a good idea.

I motioned for the men to move back a few more feet and then I said “Begin”

At this Jasper let out the horrible combination of feelings he had let over take us during Nessie’s first try at pushing and I could see everyone get into battle mode. Emmet crouched down low to the ground and Edward stood ready to run, Jacob mostly looked extremely worried and was trembling from head to toe and I couldn’t figure out why he was so worried he would tremble.

Nobody moved. I figured the men were afraid of hurting Nessie and I knew I had to turn this up a notch. “Alice, Bella, Rosalie please move back, Jasper turn up the heat. Make them need to attack”

I could see everyone including Alice Bella and Rosalie react when Jasper turned up the volume of his anger. Emmet was the first to attack. Nessie quickly threw her hands forward and pushed him at least another thirty feet away from her. Then Jacob began to tremble even harder and suddenly he burst into the biggest wolf I had ever seen. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He let out a huge howl and lunged at Nessie.

This time Nessie paused just for a moment as she looked at Jacob in wolf form coming towards her and she then pushed him with a much lighter force than she had hit Emmet but Jacob still flew at least forty feet backwards. Then both Emmet and Edward attacked at the same time. Nessie’s right hand pushed forward towards Emmet hard and he flew back and disappeared into the woods once more, at the same time she attacked Emmet she pushed her left hand towards Edward but she slightly lost control and instead of pushing him backwards she pushed him striate up in the air about sixty feet. It was absolutely amazing to see Edward drop back down to the ground and land on his feet with out even a thud.

Before I could let go of my thoughts about Edward and Emmet’s last attempt at attacking I realized suddenly we were surrounded by at least eight huge wolves. Some of them seemed to stand in confusion but at least four of them looked ready to attack Nessie. I quickly yelled for Jasper to pull back his negative feelings before any of the wolves attacked but it was too late. Two of the wolves leaped towards Nessie and I jumped forward and I pushed them back myself. This action set all the wolves into attack mode and they all moved forward.

Nessie and I were struggling to push the wolves all back when suddenly I heard Rosalie scream. As I turned to look I could see that one of the wolves was going to attack Nessie from her back and she was busy pushing one from her front. Rosalie jumped in between Nessie and the wolf threw her hands forward and yelled “NO” and then it happened.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I looked around and saw that everyone had stopped fighting and we all stood there staring at Rosalie in disbelief. Rosalie had discovered her power and it was a very rare gift. Almost everyone seemed amazed at her discovery but that was probably only because I was the only one who knew that it was not a gift she was supposed to have.

That was a gift that only demons possessed. I knew I had to talk to Wyatt right now, our lesson was over.
LOL, you'll have to wait till tommorow for the next five to find out! Thank you for reading :)


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