The Twilight Saga

This is an Edward and Bella story, it takes place in the present day, Edward is this handsome mysterious man at Forks high, no one knows his life history at all.


Edward is pretty much of a loner he has no family no one really to care about him, he prances through life just how he pleases, but Edward also has a secret, he’s a vampire, he knows nothing of his past or how he became one so he try’s to dig up every bit of information he can find out.


One day Bella swan moves to forks WA with her foster family (her family was killed in a car crash and left her all alone)

She thinks the town is a big joke she cant believe they succumbed her to a place like this.


When Bella goes to the high school, she runs into Edward there, her whole outlook on this small town just got a little better, but she has no idea what she is in store for.


Can Edward over come this suddenly thriving thirst for this new girl. And realize that they are destined to be together? Or will the thirst over come him and put her life in danger……


“how can you turn away from the most important thing in your life when you know that they could be the one responsible for the bad things that might come to you?”


please note: i dont not own any of these characters...


*let me kno what you think thank you*

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like it :)
thanks :)
thank you
looks very interesting pls add and update me. Cheers


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