The Twilight Saga

This is an Edward and Bella story, it takes place in the present day, Edward is this handsome mysterious man at Forks high, no one knows his life history at all.


Edward is pretty much of a loner he has no family no one really to care about him, he prances through life just how he pleases, but Edward also has a secret, he’s a vampire, he knows nothing of his past or how he became one so he try’s to dig up every bit of information he can find out.


One day Bella swan moves to forks WA with her foster family (her family was killed in a car crash and left her all alone)

She thinks the town is a big joke she cant believe they succumbed her to a place like this.


When Bella goes to the high school, she runs into Edward there, her whole outlook on this small town just got a little better, but she has no idea what she is in store for.


Can Edward over come this suddenly thriving thirst for this new girl. And realize that they are destined to be together? Or will the thirst over come him and put her life in danger……


“how can you turn away from the most important thing in your life when you know that they could be the one responsible for the bad things that might come to you?”


please note: i dont not own any of these characters...


*let me kno what you think thank you*

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This story sound so good please keep writing and keep me updated I want to know what happens to Bella. I can't wait to read more about this please keep writing.
sounds good
thanks :)
thank you and i will
love it!!!


Nothing could have been foreseen as this could have.
Here standing in front of me was this god like man, perfect in every way possible, his emerald green eyes glistening at me
But with perfection there also comes a price, and at the time i didnt know how much of a heavy one that would be.

He had a burden on him, this dark sercet that he shouldnt have revealed not even to me but now that i knew,
i was in grave danager conquences would come to me and there wasnt anything i could do about it.

Is this really worth all the risk?
what would happen to me if i turned my back on everything that i knew and loved for something i know would be impossible to have?
could you really just walk away from every little detail of a normal life for something that is totally abnormal?
reallyy good...please keep going:)
THANK YOU and i will :)
sounds great can't wait for more!

OMG!! I'm already hooked!! PLEASE continue this story...u have a great plot on ur hands!! =)
Chapter one

I dreamt I was running through a dark forest, leaves and bits of branches were in my hair, scared look upon my face, running at the speed of light away from a strange figure that has haunted my dreams for some time now.
When I turned around and looked behind me, I saw that he was gaining on me.
It was like I was running in slow motion like in some kind of scary movie where the monster was surly going to catch me.
But I wouldn’t let him, no, I would fight even if it cost me in the end.

But then a bright light opened up and I felt a sense a relief come over me, so I picked up my speed and started to run toward it.
But my feet caught out from under me and I fell to my knees.
But I wasn’t down for long and out of the light came this figure with its hand extended out to me.
I couldn’t make it out who it was when they pulled me to my feet.

Then a horrible scream came out from behind me and it woke me up from my sleep.
I just laid there with sweat dripping from my forehead onto my pillow.

Trying to catch my breath from that horrible dream, the lights from the street bleaming in from the street, I sat up and took a deep breath when a knock came to my door.
“bella? Bella are you ok in there?” my foster mother Diane ask me from the other side of the door.
“ yeah I am alright” I yelled to her.
Then I saw the hallway light shut off and she went to bed.

I have lived here for most of my life since my parents were killed in a car crash when I was just 5.
But now I would have to go through another change in my life we were moving to forks Washington a dead end town with nothing that represents of a national mall for miles.

I didn’t know why I was being burden to this fate nothing was going to come good of it of could tell.
I decided to lay back down and try to get some more sleep for the long flight of bordum.
Tomorrow would surly be so interesting….

Next day

When I awoke at 6am we loaded up the car with our carry on. The other lunge was already sent ahead to our new house.
My foster father david looked at me through the rear view mirror.
“bella cheer up I am sure forks will be a good adventure for you”
“adventure? I don’t think so I miss my home and all my friends I cant believe that I have to go along with this ridiculous sceam of yours” I said to him in an angry tone.

He didn’t even reply to me guess he figured it was just a waste of time and it was I didn’t want to go and I didn’t know why they were making me? What could Forks really offer me but endless skies of gray and raining days?
I couldn’t believe this.

On the plane I put on my head phones and listen to my music and closed my eyes and tried to remember my dream.
The figured that pulled me from the ground I could tell from the muscler hand extened toward me that it was a male.
But I just wished I could see his face.
Who was my saver?

Then the plane started to do the turblance thing and I took off my head phones and listen to the captain.

Ladies and gentleman this is your captain please put your seat belts on, we have arrived at our destination.

“Great we are here I thought” to myself.

Welcome to my new nightmare.


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