The Twilight Saga

What would it have been like if Bella and Edward hadnt met until the night Bella was bitten? What would like be like for them? What if Bella didnt know what she wanted? Would it work out with them?





Chapter 1: Footsteps  (Bella POV)

   It’s September, it’s warm out tonight. The sun has already set and its now dark, nice night for a walk. I’d done this many times before, so there was nothing off about tonight usually walked at night to relax, let off steam and stress from the day.
   There weren’t many people out due to how late it was. I didn’t mind; it was peaceful.
   After a while, I noticed that there are footsteps behind me, to which I don’t pay any mind. The steps increased in pace, getting closer. Still, this doesn’t seem to be any threat to me.
   Soon the hooded figure walking behind calls out to me, “Hey!” Surely he can’t be talking to me? Who is he? “Excuse me?!” He calls out again, closer this time.
    I looked back and notice he has increased his pace, quickly closing the gap between the two of us.
   I begin to quicken my pace in order to, maybe, find somewhere to go? It’s late; I doubt anything is open right now.
   I look back again, he’s getting closer now.

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the story is really good!!!

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edward is so sweet!
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Chapter 32: Going Home (Bella POV)

now that I had Edward, I wasn’t going to be alone anymore




After Edward called Carlisle back to let him know that everything was okay, we got our things together and checked out of the hotel. Tanya was not any happier to see us than I was to see her. Although, it did make it worth seeing her again while walking hand in hand with Edward, knowing that I was going home with he and she wasn’t. I guess thoughts like that are still my inner mate showing. I didn’t mind in the slightest, smiling to myself.


We left the front desk and when we were outside Edward handed the valet his ticket to retrieve his car. “Thank you Mr. Cullen. Have a safe trip sir. Ma‘am.” He said nodding his head at the two of us.


“We will, thank you.” Edward replied handing the valet a tip then turning to me, “Are you ready?”


I bit my lip before answering, “Yes. I’m more nervous than you can imagine, but as ready as I‘ll ever be.” I said smiling at him. He held the door open for me as I got into the passenger seat, such a gentleman.


After we were both buckled in, we were off. Off to his home…to his family. I think now would be a good time to try to get to know a little bit about everyone.


“So…” I said hesitantly, “tell me about your family. What are they like?” I asked looking at him while he watched the road leading us there.


He looked over at me and smiled, “Well you met Carlisle. He’s a doctor at the hospital in Forks.”


A doctor? That didn’t seem possible. “Isn’t that hard? Being a doctor? Having to deal with blood and people on a daily basis?” I asked curiously.


“Not really. Carlisle has learned to, dismiss, the urge to feed on human blood. I’m sure it wasn’t without difficulty at first. But, he’s been doing this for quite a while.” Edward explained.


“How long?” My curiosity was getting the best of me. But I guess that was a good thing. I would get to know about everybody faster. And at the rate Edward was driving, I knew we’d arrive quickly, leaving me with only a short amount of time to do this.


Edwards smile grew wider. “About two centuries. Carlisle’s over 300 years old.”


Holy hell! 300!? I think my jaw hit the floorboard because Edward just laughed and I was at a loss for words. He continued, “And then there’s Esme, Carlisle’s wife. And my mother, for all intents and purposes.”


Finally able to speak again I asked, “Which one is she?” and no sooner had the words come out of my mouth, I wanted to take them back. I felt ashamed that I had to ask and looked at my hands laid in my lap. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have had to ask that.”


He looked at me with a serious and gentle face, took one of my hands and held it tight, “It’s alright Bella. You have to let this go. Alright?”


“Okay.” I nodded and looked up at him then out the window. Even though Edward kept telling me it was alright and that no one was mad, I still didn’t feel any better. I was still upset with myself about it all.


Edwards voice broke my train of thought as he continued to tell me about the rest of his family. “Esme has light brown hair, about shoulders length. Light honey eyes of course. She‘s really into redecorating. She loves to restore and redecorate older places.” She sounded beautiful. “Then there’s my brothers and sisters. Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, and Alice.”


Alice. She was the only one, besides Carlisle, that I knew anything about. And even that was very little. I’m gonna let Edward keep going before I ask anymore questions. I had a few when it came to her.


“Rosalie has long blonde hair. Do I need to tell you that we all have matching eyes or have you figured that out yet?” Edward smiled at me.


I laughed, “Yeah I think I got it.”


“Alright. Rose is very into…herself.”


“That’s not very nice.” And even thought it wasn’t, I couldn’t help but laugh a little under my breath.


Edward laughed too before going on, “On the other hand, she’s also useful when it comes to our vehicles. Even though she doesn’t look like it, she’s very car smart.”


He was right, from what I saw and could remember, she didn’t look like the type to be into cars. She looked like a model that belonged on the runway. She was stunning just in the few seconds I saw her.


“She’s with Emmett. He’s the tall, bulky guy with black hair. He looks vicious, but is really a big teddy bear. He’s the goofball of the family.”


“They don’t look like they’d be a couple.”


“Nope. Almost complete opposites at times. But Emmett’s fun side kinda keeps Rose grounded a little.”


“I see.”


“Then there’s Jasper. He’s the tall, less bulky one with bronze-colored hair. Jasper’s from the south. He was a soldier before he was one of us. He’s with my little sister, Alice, the little pixie like one with short black, and usually spiky, hair. She‘s very quirky and into fashion. Her, Esme and Rose like to take trips to do, I would say ’light’ shopping but that would be a lie. I‘m sure she‘s going to be more than excited to meet you once we get there.” Edwards expression on his face changed as he spoke of his family. I could tell by the way he talked about his “little sister” that they were close. Closer than the others.


“So about Alice, you said she was different. Special. What did you mean by that?”


Edwards expression became serious as he started to explain what he had meant, “Well, Carlisle believes that when we are turned we bring our strongest traits, what we had as humans, with us into our next life where they are intensified--like our minds and our senses.”


“What is Alice’s trait?”


“Alice has visions. Carlisle believes Alice had some precognition, wherever she was before she was bitten.”


“Alice can see the future?” That explains a few things.


He nodded, “That’s how she knew you were with me. And to leave the clothes.”


I considered the impossibilities he described, trying to take it in. He waited patiently while I thought. “What about the rest of your family? Are any of the rest of you special? Like Alice is?”


“Well we all brought something to our new life. Just not all as impressive as Alice’s gift.”


“What did you bring with you Edward? To this life?” Edward and I hadn’t really talked much about himself other than who turned him, so this was something new I would find out about him.


“I…” Edward continued to look straight ahead as he answered, “I can hear peoples thoughts. What they are thinking in that very moment. With one exception however.”


He can…hear…what people are thinking. Meaning…he’s been able to hear me. The…entire…time? And hasn’t said anything!? Why hasn’t he said anything? “You can hear what people are…thinking? As in…me? You can hear what I’m thinking?”


“Like I said, there’s an exception.”


“What’s the exception?” I couldn’t take my eyes off of him as I was now completely wrapped up in what he was telling me. I wondered how much he heard and what he was now thinking. And why he hadn’t said anything to me sooner? He has to hear how fast my mind is racing right now. And what’s going through it.


All he did was look at me. The depth of his eyes, that I seemed to get lost in more easily now, lit up and that gorgeous crooked smile, that I was loving more and more, was on his beautiful face. “You."




A/N: Hello everybody. I want to start off with a HUGE I'm sorry. I have no reason other than real life is a pain in my a...bottom for not updating. I hope to get back to my normal writing schedule now that things have somewhat settled down for me. I hope I still have some of you with me. Hope to hear from ya'll. Much Love --Cherie--

It was just awesome, a great chapter! :D

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Awesome!!! Can't wait for more!!!
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