The Twilight Saga

What would it have been like if Bella and Edward hadnt met until the night Bella was bitten? What would like be like for them? What if Bella didnt know what she wanted? Would it work out with them?





Chapter 1: Footsteps  (Bella POV)

   It’s September, it’s warm out tonight. The sun has already set and its now dark, nice night for a walk. I’d done this many times before, so there was nothing off about tonight usually walked at night to relax, let off steam and stress from the day.
   There weren’t many people out due to how late it was. I didn’t mind; it was peaceful.
   After a while, I noticed that there are footsteps behind me, to which I don’t pay any mind. The steps increased in pace, getting closer. Still, this doesn’t seem to be any threat to me.
   Soon the hooded figure walking behind calls out to me, “Hey!” Surely he can’t be talking to me? Who is he? “Excuse me?!” He calls out again, closer this time.
    I looked back and notice he has increased his pace, quickly closing the gap between the two of us.
   I begin to quicken my pace in order to, maybe, find somewhere to go? It’s late; I doubt anything is open right now.
   I look back again, he’s getting closer now.

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love it
lovely plot luv it
OMGOMG!! <3 I loved it!! <3
I have waited for this moment and now I can't wait for the next chapter. Will they speak? and what will they say to each other??
Melissa, thank you for reading. You and many others (along with myself lol) have wait to get here. And yet again we are left waiting. Hope you stick around to find out. Much love --Cherie--
ii can'T w8 to se what happens neXt~! keep postiinq ^^
love it post more soon
Love it!!!
you have me on my toes update soon
LOVE IT can't wait for more
PLZ UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


CHAPTER 21: Edward (Bella POV)

The new breeze brought the scents of lilacs, roses, orange blossoms, the sun, and honey. I inhaled the beautiful scent, more longing. As I slowly inhaled, a voice so soft and smooth, a very--for some reason--haunting voice spoke and I came crashing down from my blood induced high.



His voice was soft and velvety, and I melted into it. “Bella?”

I let out a gasp as I watched him emerge from the dark forest of dead, tangled trees.

“Bella, are you alright?”

I couldn’t find the air in my voice to speak in order to answer him. All I could do is stand frozen to the ground as if someone was physically holding my unwilling feet in place and I stared at him. I’m sure I looked like a complete idiot in his eyes, but still I stood and stared.

Those eyes. I saw how light his eyes were. They were so much lighter than I remembered, golden butterscotch. So beautiful. I must look like such a monster compared to him with my blood red eyes. Complete opposite to is angelic honey eyes.

My thoughts scrambled about what had just happened seconds before he’d emerged. How long had he been watching? I looked at the scattered, lifeless bodies around me then shot a glance at him. I self-consciously, feeling him watch my every move, wiped my mouth with the back of my arm, smearing blood onto my shirt sleeve, as my eyes darted around uneasily.

I looked down at my feet, not wanting to meet his gaze, biting my bottom lip holding it prisoner between my teeth until I could find the will to speak, twisting my fingers nervously together in front of me.

“Bella, its okay look at me.”

I sucked in a deep breath of warm air that was tainted by the smell of blood, to clear my head and throat.

I duly noted that there was no longer a burn.

I continued to bite down, rather hard, on my lip as I slowly lifted my head to look up at him. If my heart were still beating it would practically be trying to jump from my chest I was so nervous.

I was finally able to meet Edwards soft, anguished eyes after what seemed like a lifetime. A slight sense of relief washed over me and I felt something so heavy lift off my shoulders.

“Edward.” It was all I could breath out.

Suddenly, with him standing there in front of me I felt more ashamed than I ever thought possible for taking the lives of yet another three people than I had after Peter. I felt like I had let him down in such an infinite way even though he wouldn’t be affected in any way by what I had done.

He started to walk slowly toward me, never once taking his beautiful eyes away from mine to assess the bodies at my feet. Edward’s expression was calm, collected, and compassionate, yet conflicted all at once. Troubled somehow. As he got even closer, only inches from me, he asked again, “Are you alright?”

His breath hit my face like a tidal wave, pulling me under, away from everything around us. I closed my eyes, bit my lip even harder only to release it a second later and took a deep breath. Breathing his scent into myself. I could taste his breath on my tongue. The taste was absolutely intoxicating.

“Yes.” I managed out in a weak voice, still with my eyes closed, only feeling his presence near me.

The space between our bodies buzzed like a volt of electricity had pulsed between the two of us, shocking me with such voltage to keep me planted in that very spot unwilling to move.

Whether it was all the blood I had consumed in such little time, the new intoxicating scent in front of me, or the way the air was buzzing around us I wasn’t sure but I began to feel incredibly dizzy. “I need to sit down.”

I looked around for a place to sit but once the bodies hit my line of view I was once again disgusted with myself and wanted to leave. It was as if I was plummeting down from an unwanted high. I was so ashamed and angry. “Ugh!”

Without a word to Edward, I angrily walked around him and into the dark forest of trees in front of us, hoping to get away from the campsite as quickly as possible.

“Bella?” Edward turned to me, confused by my sudden departure.

“I’m sorry, I have to get away from here.” I said to him softly, then continued to myself much more harshly.

“What have you done! You’ve done it again! This is not what you wanted Bella. You’ve killed three more innocent people. All because you’re selfish! Stupid! You couldn’t just walk away, you had to get what you wanted. Now look! Three more people. DEAD!”

I continued to mutter profanities to myself as I heard Edward follow behind me. I was walking rather quickly so we were well into the depths of the trees by now.

“Hey, Bella hang on.”

I ignored him and kept walking.

“Bella, wait.” He pleaded, easily catching up to me. He lightly wrapped his long, velvet fingers around my wrist and stopped me in my tracks.

My eyes slid to his touch. His skin was so soft and smooth against mine. The feeling he left on my skin was knee weakening. I could feel myself melting beneath his touch, loosing myself in it. And all he was doing was holding my wrist.

I once again got that strange connection feeling between the two of us. Like I was connected to him in some strong, binding way.

My gaze lingered on my wrist in his soft hand and I felt his body get even closer.

“Bella, please. It’s okay.”

I didn’t let him finish before I started screaming at him, “No it’s not Edward. Look! Look at what I’ve done! Again! I didn’t mean for this to happen. This is not what I wanted.”

My breaths were coming faster and I waited for myself to breakdown and cry but, once again, the tears never came.

I looked down as I continued, in a softer and calmer voice, “I didn’t want to do this. I really did try not to hurt anyone else. I didn’t expect them to be up here.” I closed my eyes and took a shaky breath, trying to calm myself.

It took quite a few before I finally felt remotely calm. As I continued breathing I felt the touch of Edward’s hand leave my wrist and return to the sides of my face. He cradled my head in his hands like he was holding something so fragile. “Bella?”

I let out a long breath and slowly opened my eyes to find his face only inches from mine, his eyes carefully searching mine.

A/N: Hello readers! I hope it wasn't too long of a wait for ya'll. I'm really trying to get this whole schedule worked out but RL is being such a pain in the rear! Hope ya'll will forgive me :) As always, thank you all for reading and please let me know what you think. I love hearing from all of you. Much love --Cherie--


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