The Twilight Saga

A happy couple get torn apart by a tragic accident.....but a lifetime's second chance and fate brings them back together, in an unexpected way. What would they do to keep the one they love forever?

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Chapter 1

“Miss swan….Miss swan?” The faraway voice kept ringing in side of Bella’s head. But she knew it sounded more closer than it seemed. She tried to force her eyes open, but it was like something was pulling her back in, she let out a painful groan as she struggled to look at who was talking to her.

“Miss swan?” the voice came again, as she felt a hand softly touch her arm. She tried to move but she felt like her whole body was detached from her head, it felt weak, limp and numb. As she finally managed to open her eyes, she blinked as her vision was hazy. After a while, she started to make things out clearly, she was in a hospital room, hooked up to machines and she had her head bandaged. On her right there was a man covered in a white cloth...he was dead.

The police officer looked at her “Miss Swan? Do you remember what happened?” he asked looking at Bella with concern as she took in her strange, new surroundings.

Bella looked at the officer in front of her. She squinted her eyes slightly, he looked bit older than 30 years old. “I…” she tried to pull herself up, but winced as her arms trembled. Her mind flashed back to yesterday: Glass shattering, car spinning out of control and screams filling her head. Blood dripping down from her forehead and traveling down the side of her neck. “I umm...I just remember a car spinning and screams...blood.” she said and she set her hand to her forehead, she had a big headache and she gasped, trying to breathe.

The police officer looked at her worried so he called a nurse to help her. “You were in a car accident, Miss Swan.” he told her, he then looked over to the other bed “Did you know the young man that died?” he asked looking at her.

Bella looked up alarmed “Someone died?” she asked, shocked. She looked over to the bed. She then looked back at the police officers, she felt sad for who ever died, for their family. She could not imagine the pain.

The police officer nodded as he looked at her “Yes.” he said in a sad tone “He was in the front of the car with you.” he said and he showed Bella a picture of a young man in his mid 20’s. “Does he look familiar to you?” he asked looking at her, if she did not remember, it was clear that this girl was suffering from Amnesia due to the accident.

Bella looked at the phone and she tilted her head to the side, as she took in the features. She then looked at the police officer. “I...I am not sure. I can’t remember.” she said, no matter how hard she tried to remember if she knew this man, everything came up blank. “What’s his name?” she asked, just out of curiosity, maybe his name might help me. she thought to herself.

The police officer looked at his paper just as the nurse walked in and helped Bella sit up on the bed and gave her some pain killers and something to drink “Christopher Andrew Fuller.” he said as he looked at Bella.

Bella took the painkillers and she drank them down, as he said the name and she looked at the officer and she sighed defeated “Doesn’t ring a bell.” she said, she felt like all of her life was deleted in one second, all she remembered was part of the accident, nothing else. She barely even knew her self.

The nurse looked at her “You’re suffering from Amnesia.” she told her, in a careful manner as not to upset her. Bella sighed, she half as much expected that answer and she nodded. She leaned her head against the pillow softly and she closed her eyes.

“I will leave you now.” the police officer told her “I am sorry for bothering you Miss Swan.” he said as he handed her his card “If you remember anything at all, please don’t hesitate to call.” he told her before he left. Bella looked at the card and she looked at the name. Alan Rogers! Was the last name.

She closed her eyes trying to fall asleep, which she did soon. She felt like she slept for a rather long time, because when she woke up, it felt like days have passed, but it was only a few hours. She noticed the body was gone now, from the other bed. She sighed as she sat up on the bed rather shakily. She saw discharge papers near the side of her bed. The date read 21st May. She could be let free in 2 days.

She was thankful she was going to go home….but the question remained as to where her home was. As the 2 days passed, she seemed to be doing bit better, but she did have to come back for checkups once she would be free to go. One the day she could finally go home, she sighed her discharge papers and she shakily dressed herself up into clean clothes.

She was given her purse, which included her things including a house key. The cab that was waiting outside for her, took her to where she lived.  She looked out of the window curious and she blinked when she was shocked. Bella found herself outside a big white mansion. It looked beautiful.  She looked at the cab driver “Are we in the right place?” she asked

The cab driver looked down at the address again and nodded “Yes, this is the place.” he told her giving her a soft smile. Bella nodded and she paid the driver before she got out of the cab with her things and she looked at the front door. It was made out of pure wood and Ivory. She pulled out her key from her purse and she walked inside after she opened up the front door.

The door opened up into a long and shiny hall way. The walls were white, when Bella looked to her left, she saw open staircase leading upstairs, to the main bedroom, bathroom and study. Downstairs was a large living area with a kitchen and dining place.

As Bella looked around, she noticed the daily news paper was on the table. She picked it up and she looked at the main title: Young actor dies in a car crash.

She flipped over the page to read the story: The young actor Christopher Andrew Fuller aged 26, was recently reported to have died in a car crash that left his long term girlfriend Isabella Swan of 10 years suffering from amnesia. It is a sad and tragic story, no one can even begin to imagine how Chris’s family and girlfriend must be feeling during this tragic time. The funeral is said to be at the end of May.  On the right of the article there was the same picture that the police officer showed her and below that was a picture of her with the young actor, they looked happy and like they were in love. She blinked in shock as the paper slipped from her hands.

She blinked in shock once again. She was his girlfriend for 10 years? She felt herself turn pale, she felt furious at herself for not remembering that the man she loved, lost his life in the same car crash, that left her with memory loss. There came a knock on the door and Bella took a deep breath as she picked up the newspaper and she put it on the table, she then went to the front door and she opened it up.

When she did, she saw a young girl about 17 was there, long blonde hair and blue eyes. With an older woman and man, who Bella assumed to be her parents. The girl threw her arms around Bella in a hug. Bella looked shocked and she looked at the older woman and man confused “ I know you?” she asked them. She looked confused.

The older man smiled nodding kindly “Yes, you do dear.” he said “My name is Alan Fuller, this is my wife Jennifer and our daughter Julie.” he said nodding to the girl who was hugging Bella.

Bella’s eyes widened slightly at the last name, they were Chris’s parents and little sister. “Oh, umm come in.” she said as she patted Julie’s back softly and she let them all in. She then closed the door behind them.

“I heard about your memory loss.” Jennifer said “I am deeply sorry, that you are going through that during such a tough time.” she told her and gave her hand a soft squeeze.

Bella sighed as she looked at Jennifer “It’s not the easiest, not remembering most of my life.” she said and she sighed “I feel confused mostly, I guess it’s a lot for me to accept and let it all sink in.” she said as they walked to the kitchen. “Tea? coffee?” she looked at them.

Alan smiled softly “I’ll make it dear, you just relax and sit down.” he told Bella as he patted her back softly and he walked over to the counter and he made himself some coffee, and he made tea for the girls. He then joined them at the table, he saw the newspaper and he sighed softly.

Bella bit her lip “I...umm it was here when I got back.” she said as she took the paper and she set it down on the table behind her and she sighed.  Julie looked at Bella sadly, she looked a like Chris, in the eyes and they had the same hair colour, light brown to medium brown.

Jennifer sighed “It’s okay.” she told her and she looked at Bella “We aren’t the only one’s who lost Chris.” she said and Bella bit her lip as she sighed “You should know, Chris loved you deeply.” she told Bella, kindly.

“I wish I could remember.” Bella sighed softly as she looked at them 3, she then sipped her tea as she cradled the cup in both of her hands, she let the warmth of the tea cup, warm up her hands.

“You will in time.” Julie told her and hugged her softly and she sighed “We will help you, “ she said and she gave her a soft warm smile. She gave Bella’s hand a soft squeeze and Bella smiled softly at Julie and she sighed. She felt grateful, that she had at least someone who she knew well, to help her through this.

After they drank their tea/coffee, they talked for a bit, as Jennifer and Alan mostly explained things to Bella, she needed to know, about the house,  shopping and things like that. After they said goodbye, Bella was left in the house on her own. Bella familiarised herself with the entire house and then she went to the kitchen and she cooked her self something to eat, she was surprised at least one skill she could remember. When she was also finished cooking, she felt an odd chill in the room, which was odd, since the windows were slightly ajar but it was warm outside.

She then jumped as the stereo turned itself on, playing a rather romantic song, that she knew well. But she could not remember that she knew it, but it did remind her off something...of someone. It reminded her of Chris, deep down inside of her.

She looked around “Hello?” she called out softly, but no answer back. There was no one in the room. She could not understand why or how the stereo turned itself on without anyone there.

Sounds mysterious!  I wonder what will happen next?

Yes it does a bit :) I wanted to add a little bit of mystery into the first chapter. You will have to wait and see who or what it is, as the story goes on :)

Oh my goodness! I am not a big time ghost story reader but this caught my eye and I cant wait to read the rest.

I am glad you like it so far :)


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