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Tell me if I should write this.  Desription: It takes place during Eclipse Bella isn't dating Edward, but they're still really good friends.Bella is also Quilute and Edward would still do anything for her. Bella is the Imprintee of Jacob. Victora dosen't attack in Forks. Instead she leads them to Fell's Church where they meet Elena, Stefen, Damon and the rest of them. Will the Salvitores help the Cullens or will they help Victora?





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omg u shud well write this !!!! ,, tell me wen u post plz, its sound amazing
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ooooohhhh I love both of those book series. I'm reading them again. Yes you should write this
oh Vampire Acedemy. I love them. Dimitri is my favourite
Chapter 1


"I still don't get WHY we're going all the way across the country to a town about the size of Forks?" I complianed for like the hundreth time to Jake. We all thought it would be fun to go to a little town in Virgina called Fell's Church. Who names a town Fell's Church for Gods sake? I don't know, but I think I'm the only one who dosen't know why we're going there in the first place, but I guess I'm going to go because my Jake is and I don't go anywhere without him. It's been about a year and a half since Jake became a werewolf and imprinted on me. Sometimes I still can't get over it. He's all mine and I'm all his. I was to wraped up in my thoughts I didn't hear what he said to me.
"What did you said Jake?" I asked.
"I said we're going there because thats were Alice says that the red head will attack." he said rolling his eyes at me. We are on our way to the Cullens house with the rest of the pack. Even though I'm not dating Edward anymore I still remained friends with them.
"Then if she's going to attack there then why are we going there?"
"Because we don't want her to kill anymore people Bells and if she does then she is able to get even more newborns on her side. We don't need those odds against us. It wouldn't matter if we are pros at killing those things she'll just have more coming." he said taking my face in his hands.
"Fine I'll go. I just don't want anything to happen to you guys.' I said kissing him.
"Don't worry nothing is going to happen to us and the Cullens trust me." he said kissing me a little longer.

When we got to the Cullens house the rest of the pack was already there. We walked in Esme and Alice came and gave me a hug. Even Roslie gave me a hug. She doesn't hate me as much after I broke up with Edward.
"Well when are we all leaveing?" Paul asked.
"We were thinking maybe tomorro morning. Alice dosn't see Victora attacking for about a week to two weeks" Carlile said.
"Ok then lets go and get packed. I need to take Bella back to her house so she can get packed." Jake said.
"You mean she hasn't moved in yet there Jake. Thats what I thought because she's there all the time." said Embry.
"No not yet I want to get a house of my own first." Jake said laughing."Come on Bells lets get you home to pack."
The whole time we were there Edward didn't same a word. He looked still a little sad that I picked Jacob over him. Well he needs to get over it already it's been nearly two years dude get a life or a new girlfriend. I thought to myself. When we got to my house Charlie still wasn't there. I went upstairs and finished packing then I went and wrote Charlie a note telling him we're leaving tomorro and I'm staying at Jakes house. Then we left.
Chapter 2


It was about 2 in the morning when we got to Fell's Church. Crap I should call Charlie oh well I'll call him in the morning. Esme said that they rented a couple of rooms at the local bordinghouse since they don't have any hotals in this town. When we got there Edward went and knocked on the door and this guy about 18 answered the door. He was about Carlile's hight, about Jasper's build. He had dark, dark black hair and oak green eyes. He was also inhumanly good looking.
"Hello my name is Stefen Salvitore. How may I help you?" he asked
"We're the Cullen's and we rented a couple rooms." Edward said. He looked like he was focusing on something and I thought he must be trying to read that guy I mean Stefen's mind.
"Oh yes Mrs.Flowers she's the one who owns the house said that you would be here soon." she said as he turned and lead us into the house. I went up to Edward and asked if he got anything and he just shook his head and said it was like running into a mental wall. Uhm... I wonder what that means I thought.

The next morning I went downstairs to get something eat. I was just leaving the kichen when I nearly ran right into an old woman entering.
"Opps I'm soo sorry ma'ma I didn't mean to I wasn't watching where I was going." I said.
"Oh don't worry about it sweetheart. My name is Mrs.Flowers and you are?" she said looking at me with this smile on her face.
"My name is Bella Swan I'm with the Cullens." I said smiling back at her. Then comes down the guy oh what's his name Stefen from last night.
"Oh hi. How was your night Miss."
"It was fine thank you and call me Bella please. What's your name agian?"
"Stefen and this is my girlfriend Elena and my pain in the neck brother Damon." he said. I didn't even notice those people come in the room. Elena is a very pretty girl with long pale blonde hair, dark blue eyes, and a body any girl would die for. Damon was a lot like his brother, a little shorter, but with the same dark black hair and his eyes! They were black pich black! He was built like a smaller Emmett he was very muscular and he was eyeing me with awe.
"It's very nice to meet you Bella." Elena said with a smile.
"Yes it's very nice to meet you." Damon said and extened his hand I took it.
"Good morning babe." Jake said.
"Jake!" I said."Good morning to you too." I said giveing him a quick kiss. When I looked back Elena and Stefen were both chuckling at Damon who looked a little disapointed. Then I heard a hiss. Oh god Victora! Everyone was running down the stairs.
"What is it? Is she here?" I nearly screamed.
"Yes it is her now lets get out of here Bella." Alice yelled grabing my arm." You all are comeing too I don't care if you don't want to or not you're comeing." When none of them moved she shouted"NOW"
Chapter 3


Well I guess I'll go see Stefen I'm so bored there nothing to do in this tiny town and I've already hunted. He told me yesterday that they have a very large group of people comeing and staying at the boardinghouse. I wonder where they're from and who they are. When I got there I went up to Stefens' room. He was talking to Elena.
"Well good morning little brother and Elena." I said.
"Good morning Damon." Elena said. I heard a crash down stairs and a musical voice. Stefen went down stairs first then me and Elena followed. When we reached the last step Stefen was talking to a girl. God she was gorgeous even for a human. She has long wavy dark brown hair and choclote brown eyes, and her scent was mouth watering and if it wasn't for Stefens' mental voice calming me down I would have lunged for her. As Stefen told her who we were she looked startled for a second like she didn't know we were here.
"It's very nice to meet you Bella." Elena said with a smile. Gosh her and this Bella girl are most likely going to be best friends they're both very good looking.
"Yes it's very nice to meet you." I said extending my hand towards her. She took it and shook. Shes got a good grip.
"Good morining babe." said some very dark, tall, muscluar boy who looked like he could have had a very good chance at takeing me. Then I smelt him. Werewolf or something very close to it.
"Jake!" she said"Good morning to you too" giveing him a quick kiss. Damn it! Stefen and Elena must have heard me because they started chuckling at me. I was a little disapointed she has a boyfriend. Then I heard a hiss. What the hell? Who's that? Is it a nother vampire? There were like nearly 14 people all running down the stairs.
"What is it? Is she here?" Bella nearly screamed. What? Who?
"Yes it is her now lets get out of here Bella." a pixie like girl yelled grabbing Bellas arm."You all are comeing too I don't care if you don't want to or not you're comeing." she yelled at us. When we didn't move she shouted"NOW".

a/n sorry it's so short I'll add more later.
Chapter 4


"NOW!!!" the little pixie yelled and grabbed me,Stefen and Elena by the arm and pulled us out of the door. When we tried to pull out of her grip we couldn't. What is she? I thought. No human can have that kind of streangth. She's a vampire. They all are, all the pale golden eyed poeple are anyway. Stefen thought to me. Well then who are the big guys? I asked him the same way. I don't but we'll find out soon enough. Right when he said that we can to a stop.
"Who are and what are you?" I asked the curoisty was burning at me.
"We're vampires and they're werewolves." the tall blonde said. He must be the leader. Pointing to his famliy and the tall dark guys.
"To answer your first question is the Cullens. I'm Carlile and this is my wife Esme, and my children Rosealie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, and Edward."
"I am Sam and the rest of my pack is Jacob, Paul, Embry, Quil, Jared, Seth, Leah. This is Bella Jacobs' girlfriend/mate." the tallest one said.
"Who were you running from?" Elena asked trying to help calm a very scared and upset Bella.
"Her name is Victoria and she's after Bella because I killed her mate about two years ago when he was trying to kill Bella. Now she is hunting Bella because she thinks it's fair mate for mate. Even though she's not my mate just a very good friend." Edward said."We're also trying to stop her from getting even more newborns on her side."
"Newborns? What are they?"Stefen asked.
"They're new vampires that are very strong. They're our kind of vampire. They are also very hard to kill. Well our kind in genaral is very hard to kill." the second blonde-Jasper- said.
"We'll help you if you will teach us." I said takeing both Stefen and Elena by suprise.
"Thank you we could use all the help we can get." Carlile said. Stefen looked at me like I had lost my mind. Well I think I did. I just meet this girl and I would do anything for her like I've know her my whole life. Very strange.
"Well where are we going to stay now that she knows where the boardeinghouse is?" Quil asked.
"I think I have an idea." I said."I know a couple of vampires who wouldn't mind if we stayed with them for a while. They might even help."

A/N sorry it's so short i've been really busy I'll add more later.
oh nice please another chapter
another chapter plzz!!!! its amazing!!!
love it but Bella and Jacob no thanks


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