The Twilight Saga

Tell me if I should write this.  Desription: It takes place during Eclipse Bella isn't dating Edward, but they're still really good friends.Bella is also Quilute and Edward would still do anything for her. Bella is the Imprintee of Jacob. Victora dosen't attack in Forks. Instead she leads them to Fell's Church where they meet Elena, Stefen, Damon and the rest of them. Will the Salvitores help the Cullens or will they help Victora?





Thanks Mrs.Dean Kelsey Whichester for the banner. Can anyone else make me a banner? I haven't gotten how to make them. Thanks again.-Alexis Hultin



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I'll post chapter 5 in a bit i just need to figure out how to end it. Thanks for reading.

Love it! Could you plz keep me updated??
i'm srry for not updating for a while its been busy and every time i try 2 sit down and update some thing comes up. So i'll try to update as soon as i can. it'll be by sat cuz i have semester test comeing up. thanks for reading it means a lot.


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