The Twilight Saga

This is a story about a girl who gets shipped off to a boarding school right outside the town Elkins, WV. There she meets Nessie and Jacob's son, Darin. I don't know what I'm going to name it yet, but if you have any ideas then comment :)



Sam (16 yrs)



Darin (17)




Renesmee (16)


Bella (18)


Stephanie (16)

Everyone else looks the same btw :)


Chapter 1




Chapter 2


I hadn't seen Darin sinse the day in the parking lot. I guess it had only been 2 days but it felt like much longer.
 My aunt wasn't the funnest person to be around, and that didn't help the Darin situation. All she wanted to do was
 sit around and either knit or watch shows about knitting. Not the most exciting life.
 It was the end of another day that must have all been a part of some nightmare of mine. I shut my locker ready to
get out of this zoo. I jumped while gasping.
 "Holy crap!" I exclaimed as I realized that it was Darin leaning against the locker next to mine.
 "Sorry 'bout that."
 "You seem to be saying that to me quite frequently," I said.
 "Ya," he started. "Sorry, again.
 "Uh-ya okay. Well I kinda gotta go?" I couln't believe that I was telling him that I had to go!
 "Well maybe," he was talking really slow now.
 "You wanna go to-like to dinner or something this weekend?" I must have given him an odd look. "You don't have to
if you don't wanna but-"
 "Ya sure,"I replied quickly. "But I really have to go now. Just call me okay?"
 I hurried out the door, to my car, off to the boring night that lied ahead.
 I was in the middle of my usual English class when the door started to open. Every one's eyes went up and you would
never guess who walked in, Darin! My heart melted but I was extremly confuzed at the same time. Mr. Ingalls and Darin
talked for a few minutes while the rest of us tried to hear, but couldn't.
 "You can take a seat right over there, Mr. Black," Mr.Ingalls announced loudly as he pointed to the empty seat
behind mine. Darin nodded and silently took his new place.
 After class Darin walked right next to me out into the hallway.
 "So what's with the class switch?" I asked casually.
 "Do you need to no everything?" he teased. I looked up at him and smiled. "Well, it you must know, I didn't want to
take Gernam anymore, and since it's so early in the school year, the let me switch."
 "Hmm," I said, nodding slowly with my eyebrows crinkled, not sure that this story was true.
 "Ya know how you said to call you?" h asked. I gave him one quick nod. "Well I was going to last night, but then I
picked up the phone and realized that I didn't have your number."
 I started laughing at how dumb I was for not giving him my number after I had told him to call me.
 I wrote it on his arm and headed to lunch waving at him.
 That night as I was doing my homework and listening to my IPod, my phone buzzed. Blocked number. I pulled out my
earphones and answered with a simple,
 "Hey. This is Darin. Sorry 'bout my blocked number. Just makin' sure it was really you." A huge smile spread across my face.



Chapter 3


I had made a few friends. I wasn't quite sure about them yet, but they were nice and welcoming. The only one that I really
liked and wanted to hang out with was Stephanie. She was really pretty, long brown curls, bright hazel eyes. She was tall
and skinny too, like a model would be.
"You have nothing to wear tonight!" Stephanie exclaimed, as she went through my tiny closet, looking for something for me
to wear on my date with Darin tonight.
I gave her the look that said 'that's what I've been trying to tell you for the past 3 hours'!
There was a soft knock on the front door.
"I'll get it," I hoped off the bed and ran to the door. I looked through the peek hole and saw the most beautiful girl I
had ever seen! Even prettier than Stephanie, which was very hard to imagine. She was short, thin, with short pixy-like
hair, and carmel colored eyes. I opened the door, "Can I help you?"
"No," she smiled at me, "but I can help you. I'm Alice, Alice Cullen. I'm Darin's cousin. Umm, this is for you." she handed
me a small box, wrapped in bright pink paper.
"What's this for?" I took the box hesitanlty.
"For you to wear tonight, silly!"
"Well, thanks, but-"
"Nope. You're taking it! Just go try it on! I wanna see it on you."
It fit me perfectly. It was a long, silky baby-blue, flowing dress.
"Yay!" Alice clapped her hands together excitedly. "I knew it was perfect for you!"
"Well,umm, thanks, I guess."
"She's right!" Stephanie seemed to really be getting along with Alice. "It is perfect for you!"
"Sit down," Alice commanded. "I'm doing your hair now!"
"I call doing your makeup!" Stephanie raised her hand.
I stood in front of the full-body mirror. I looked beautiful. Alice had really done a great job. And Stephaine.
"Well, I have to go. Good luck tonight!" Alice smiled at me and then pecked me on my cheek. She, gracfully, walked out the
front door.
"Sorry," Steph said. "but I have to go too. Good luck." She gave me a smile and left.
Now all I had to do was wait.
What I didn't know, was that I would be waiting for hours, and hours. Darin didn't show up at 6 like he had said he would.
Two more hours had passed, and he still hadn't showed up. I tried calling his cell phone, but no one answered.
At midnight I finally decided to go to bed.


Chapter 4
Stephanie called me first thing on Sunday morning.
"Hello?" I answered grogily.
"How was it? Oh my goodness this is so exciting!" She always talked way too fast. "What happened last night?! This is
so exciting! Where did you guys-"
"Steph! He didn't show."
"Wait, what?" she was silent for a moment. "I'm going to come over, okay?"
"Yeah okay. Sounds good."
In the next 15 minutes, I was sitting at the dinner table eating cereal with Steph next to me going on and on about
Darin not showing up last night.
"Honestly," I reasured her, again, "I'm perfectly fine."
"No you are not! That date is the only thing you've thought about for the past week!"
I would never admit this to anyone but myself, but I wasn't mad about him not showing up. I don't know why I wasn't, but
I just couldn't be for some reason. All that I really thought of it was that I just really wanted to see him tomorrow.
"You know what?" Steph had a hint of excitment in her voice now. Great. "Tomorrow we are going to skip school and go
"How?" I had never skipped school and I wasn't sure if I wanted to start now.
"You call yourself in sick! Duh!"
"I'm just not sure..." I trailed off.
"Well I am! We are for sure going! It'll totally take your mind off of Darin!"
The next morning I met Steph at her house and we headed for the mall in Buckhannan, far enough away that no one would
recognize us. Steph had to call me in because I was too afraid to.
"What if we get caught?"
"Oh stop your worrying!" she scolded me. "Just shop!"
Shopping did take my mind mostly off of Darin, but there was still a distinct spot in my mind that couldn't get him out.
As we walked down the huge halway to the Payless at the other end my phone buzzed. It was Alice. How had she gotten my
phone number?
"Sam! You need to stay put! Darin is coming to get you! Nessie is coming to get Stephanie home!" She sounded really
worried, which confuzed me. The line went dead.
"We need to stay here for a couple minutes!" I told Steph, looking around to find Darin.
"Why?" she demanded. "Who was that?"
"Alice!" I saw Darin and a stunningly beautiful girl about my age a few feet in front of him. Was she why he hadn't shown
us Satuday night?
"Stephanie, you need to go with her." Darin was right next to us with the girl now.
"Yeah right!" Steph was not easily controlled.
The girl- Nessie?- stepped forward. "There is a possible chance that if you don't come with me, you could be killed.
Please?" Her voice sounded like music.
Steph was freaked out now. She just slowly nodded and walked away with Nessie.
"She's gunna be fine," Darin assured me.
"Why didn't you show Saturday? Huh?" I was letting the only anger out that I had towards him, but I was secretly very happy
to see him. "Was it because of her? Who is she?"
He looked me straight in the eyes and I could have sworn there was a smile at the corner of his mouth. "Sam, that's my
"Darin this isn't funny!"
"Come with me and I'll explain everything, but it isn't safe here! The Volturi are looking for you!"
"The what?" I was exctremely confuzed at this point.
"Just come on!" He grabbed my arm gently and tugged me outside with him.
"Do you have a car?"
"And how exactly do you expect us to get back to your house if you don't have a car?"
"Just trust me alright?" I nodded. "climb on my back in a minute okay?"
His hand started trembling and he let go of me, walking about 20 feet away from me.
Darin seemed to fall forward, vibrating violently now. Halfway to the ground, there was a loud ripping noise, and he
exploded. In his place was a large white and black snow leapard with the same blue eyes that Darin had.

Darin Snow Leapard


 Chapter 5


This was the scariest thing I had ever done. I was riding on the back of a snow leopard? Darin?

I didn't know.

I didn't know if I even wanted to know.

This was a rush. The wind blowing in my face and blowing my hair back.

He ran for a couple miles, maybe eight, and stopped in front of a giant mansion. The

front was made almost entirely of glass. Inside I could barely make out the living room. All white furniture. People were sitting on the couch, someone had a bag of chips, most seemed tense.

A big, pale, dark haired, scary and beautiful looking guy came out the front door. I got off of the leopard.

The guy tossed some clothes to Darin and he caught them in his mouth. He trotted into some bushes on the other side of the unpaved road.

The big scary guy nodded me into the house and I followed him in, both confuzed and scared.


"Wait," I whispered putting my hand up. I pointed at Carlisle, Esme, Emmet, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, Edward, and Bella. "You guys are... v-vampires." I pointed at

Renesmee. "You are half vamp- pire and human." I pointed at Jake, Seth, Quill, Embry, and Leah. "You are shapeshifters? Wolves right?" Seth nodded at me. I pointed at Darin. "And you are, like a half shape shifter quarter human quarter vampire?"

Carlisle nodded once, "Yes. I know that this is hard to wrap your head around, but we belive that you are truely in danger. The Voltouri may be after you. Alice had a vision of them talking about you... we think."

"And the Voltouri are dangerous? Right?"

"Yes. Very."

"So, why would they want m-" my vision went blank. An image of a beautiful young girl with blonde hair and crimson eyes apeared. She was at the door to this mansion, wearing a black robe.

I blinked and realized I was looking at my knees.

When I looked up, I saw that evertone was surrounding me with worried expressions on their face.

"Wh- what just happened?" I whispered.


Chapter 6



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this is good your starting off good keep me updated


I love Darin...Who is he in the real life? I mean.....What actor....and Why his eyes are so blue???

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i honestly have no idea who he is in real life, and irdk... i just pictured him that way in my hed so thats how i made him :)
omg keep me updated. great chapter many questions going through my head that i hope your next chapter will answer
well i will definatly keep u updated :) what kind of questions tho??
well you will absolutly find out :)
Yeah or as Alice Cullen would say EPPPPPPPP XD LOL.

DARIN IS SUCH AN BUTT MONKEY!!!!!!!!!! post more and keep me updated!


I still dont really know if that name is right... if any one has any ideas, then please comment!!
oooo i like that nothing but love :)


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