The Twilight Saga

When a teenage secret agent, and Twihard Rhiannon gets a mission that could change her whole life and make her do things she never dreamed of doing. Her idols the twilight cast are held hostage because of her past will she come on out on top to save her idols or will she turn them down like the strangers they are to her


Chapter 1


Running. Faster and faster. Actually come to think of it all I seem to do is run? Why you ask? That would be because I am an agent for the government at the age of 14 how cool is that! Anyway back to running. These guys have been chasing me for 3 days now, they really want for a reason unknown by myself. I am always being hunted down for something that’s why I have to swap identities every now and then to try and keep me hidden but I never lasts long these ‘hunters’ (as I call them) aren’t stupid and normally catch up with me within a month. Think its cool now? Didn’t think so.  I have to hid these particular hunters are fast and I mean VERY fast. I called for backup 10 minutes ago! WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY? DO THEY WANT ME TO DIE? As i ran faster then i every thought possible i ran straight to my home. They couldn’t touch me there, i know it is a cowards way out but I am in some serious trouble and i have to read TWILIGHT!!!! (yes i am a very big fan of the twilight saga) BANG BANG BANG! Fantastic they want to break the door. That’s all i need.

“ COME OUT NOW! WE ONLY WANT TO SPEAK WITH YOU” they shouted. Do they think i am stupid? Like i would really fall for that again.

BANG BANG BANG BANG! They are trying to break the door down. Crap. I grabbed my gun and sprinted for the stairs which were luckly at the back of the house.


With that final thump the door caved in with a puff of smoke. Oh crap i really am dead. They were heading towards me. I could hear the foot steps getting closer and closer. I calculated my chances of  getting up the stairs and into my bulletproof room before they got to me. My chances were very, very slim. Oh well, i always knew this day would come. I squeezed my eyes closed and then the footsteps stopped. I couldn’t bring myself to open my eyes. Then suddenly  20 pairs of heavy boots came charging in my house. I had to look then. I was surrounded by about 22 men in full bulletproof equipment with rather large guns all pointing at me.

“Wow you really know how to hunt someone don’t you” i said trying to lighten the mood despite my death drawing closer.

I felt 2 pairs of hands wrap around my arms like a vice so could no longer move no matter how hard i tryed then a big guy with curly hair ( the one that reminded me of Emmett) spoke

“ is there anything you would like to bring with you?” at first i thought he was joking but then i saw the non-joking facial expression he wore on his face.

“ what the hell? What sort of kidnapping is this? But since your asking i want my twilight books. All of them.” My tone would’ve scared a lion. I was being harse but seen as though they were kidnapping me i thought i had the right to be.

A man ran to my room and grabbed my books before coming back down and throwing then in a black jeep. HOW DARE HE THROW MY BOOKS THE B-----D!

“HEY! LISTERN I SWEAR IF THERE IS EVEN A SCRATCH ON THOSE BOOKS YOUR LIVES WONT BE WORTH LIVING” I screeched as they tied my hands together and threw me in the back of the jeep along with me books. It was then, and only then, that i got a proper glimpse of the driver. I had seen him somewhere before but i just couldn’t quiet put my finger on it. Then i hit me. Oh. I was in more trouble than i thought. I was in alot and i mean alot of trouble.

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Hi Rhi,

This is a really good start and lots of fun.

I like your style of conversing with the reader, it makes the writing feel fresh and lively.

looking forward to more.

Best wishes


thank you for your comment and thought
more will be updated soon

Hey Rhi.

This is really good! I can't wait for Chapter 2! :D


thank you! chapter 2 will be up soon :D

Rhi xo

Chapter 2


“Hello Rhiannon, long time no see. You look wonderful as always” I was in no mood for niceties. This man was the reason I was alone. The reason I was an agent. The reason I kill. I practically growled at him. For some reason he found this funny. He won’t be laughing when he has no head will he? Well seen as thought I am not speaking to the jerk and are going to be here for a long time I might as well explain who the idiot driving the car is.


“RHIANNON RUN!!!” my dad yelled at me as someone dressed from head to toe in black raised a gun to his head from behind. My mother also had a gun held to her head.

“Rhiannon, listen to me baby, run as fast as you can and don’t stop till your far away from here. Never trust a stranger. We love you. NOW RUN!” with that I ran as fast as my ten year old legs would carry me. I was no more than a few meters away when I heard gun shots signalling my parent’s death and for me to pick up the speed. I was running down the main road when a black BMW pulled up in front of me.

“Hey kid!” I was still running “hey wait stop, I am here to help you!” the man was tall which blonde hair; he was wearing a black suit with dark sunglasses so I couldn’t see his eyes. He grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him.

“My name is James, I work for the government. We need you. I need you to come with me now before those people in your house catch up with us. So please get in the car and I will explain on the way. Despite what my mother had said only seconds ago I felt like I could trust this man with my life. I followed him into the car and we sped off down the road.


At that point James, who is my base manager now, explained that I am important. My parents worked for some top secret person (so secret that even I don’t know) and when they worked for this person they betrayed them. I don’t know how because James won’t tell me but whatever they did was really bad. This person wants revenge and because my parents had a child this stupid guy needs to kill me. James said that when my parents betrayed the person they put it into their DNA to hide it so this means they split this ‘magical thing’ into half so they each had a bit. Then they had me so I got the entire thing. That’s why I apparently need to die. So back to the guy driving the car. He is the one who shot my parents. He works for ‘him’ (let’s call the person that for now) and he is now the guy who has me. But for some reason wants me to be happy? Well what other reason would the other guy bring my books?  The trees that had been zooming past the entire length of the journey started the thin out and house that would put the queen of England’s palace to shame came into view. The house was magnificent. Half way down the gravel drive way the car suddenly stopped. The man who brought me my books got out of the front, walked to the boot, grabbed a small black bag then came and sat next to me in the back of the car.

He started to open the bag and begin setting up what looked like a needle and injection. When the needle was full assembled he turned to face my and grabbed my tiny arm in his iron grasp. He can’t actually think that that needle is going anywhere near me does he? I started screaming a trying to escape but it was pointless. He shoved the long needle into my arm and the pain made me cry and I never EVER cry. I pulled it out and that when I blacked out.

This is great, Rhi!! Really good. :D

Thank you!

Rhi xo


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