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1st: SOFIA MICHELLE CLEARWATER Promotion and recommendation of any of your stories and a banner which claims you being a winner and a fanmade video which looks like an official trailer of the story which wins! (the video for the winner will be a gift, the one who has it can post it on youtube, here or any other sites freely)


2nd: TEAMCARLISLE+ESME A posting of the link to your story in as many threads as possible as long as it's not breaking the rules.


3rd: MRS SKY CULLEN A banner made by proffessionals for a story of yours tht is up to you to choose which one!

If you want to participate PM me and I will add your name and the name of your story to a list!!




Daydreaming a Beautiful Reality (19) 

Norther Lights (16)

Brick by Boring Brick (12)





Nina♥Rose - "Between Heaven and Hell"


Supermassive Bliss >> Riley'sLuvr - "California Girl meets England Boy"

mareesa cullen - "Forgotten"


tanzin bushra "Forbidden Death"


Dajana D.C <3

►♀The Minight Howls Pack♀◄


Crissie Castellan♥LukesButterfly - "Circles"

§♥Heather♥§ - "Forget Me Never"

Anna Cait Rose - "Brick by Boring Brick"

Bella Swan (Te ultimate Twi-fan)

Hanna <3 Vamps - "Second Life"

Ashmeena Sulaman

Claire Lorraine-Baker - "Lies help.Love Hurts"

xXxXx Piper (Pipes!) xXxXx - "Vampiric Peaches"

Sofia Michelle Clearwater - "Daydreaming a Beautiful Reality"


TeamCarlisle+Esme - "Northern Lights"

Mrs Sky Cullen - "Visions" 


Lauren Jackson

Bianca Hale <3 :)

 ℓαuяεn hαwтhoяn™ "Infatuation"

 Georgie Lautner


Nicole (*HDTT*) "The Bomb"






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Replies to This Discussion

aww come on!! I know you love to write people!!
that's great, as soon as your one-shot story is finished post it here or post a link to it!! :D
that is AWSOME nina!!! I love it, we will see other entries but yours is great!!
This story is amazing!
It's more than ok!! :D
Count me in. How mutch time do we have?
You have until august more or less, I'll say the ending date only when it's near so I won't give you the pressure of doing it quickly, don't worry, you've got time :D
i wana participate too i ll post my story as soon as it finishes
oh wen is da deadline?
close to mid-august, anyway, if it's not anough time I'll give more :) No pressure!
I would like to enter:) When is it over?
I want to enter, this is going to be fun.
Not necessarily, but you can make it twilight related if you want!


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