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Emmett wants to have his own game show. And what game is the best game for his show? Truth or Dare!!!! But what happens when his show gets a bit too xtreme? and unexpected and unwanted guests join? Should I write this? Let me know!!


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thank you!!
omg yyyyyeeeessssssss
yo fanfics r the best
Write it update me when it's ready ppppppppppllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz
please write it!!! it sounds awesome!!!!
Guys please can you read my fanfic 'Skye's the Limit' it would mean so much to me, its different xx
write it now or.... or just write it lol
here is the first post!! enjoy!!! (btw, the pov's are mostly in bella, edward, or emmetts. some others might be added too.)

Ch. 1- EXGS (in other words, Emmett's xtreme game show) (bella pov)

Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky, are like shooting stars,
I could really use a wish right now,
A wish right now~

Emmett was calling me. Ugh. This was his 58th call in a row. When was he gonna get that I wasnt in the mood to talk? Emmett is an awesome big brother, but sometimes, he's just so stupid. I picked up the phone cuz I really didnt want to see if he could reach 100 calls without me answering. He sounded REALLY hyper when I picked up(more hyper than Alice. Is that even possible?)

"Bella! Bella! BELLA!!!!!!" Emmett screamed into the phone. I swear, someday Im gonna lock him up in a mental institute.

"What?!" I yell back."I hear you just fine, Emmett!! You dont have to scream into the phone!!!"

"Guesswhatguesswhat!!!Igotmyowngameshowanditscalledemmett'sxtremegameshow!!!!!!!" What?

"You got your own rodeo with extreme poker-playing pigs?!?!?! That's awesome!!! It was always my dream to be in one of those rodeos............."

Emmett started laughing. Why was my secret dream funny? Then I realized. Oops. "Bella!!! I never knew that!!! I'll make sure to mention that on my truth or dare game show!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!" Damn. What if Jacob finds out?! Or Nessie?! Or even worse......... EDWARD?!?!?! This was not how my morning was suppose to start.

I wanna be a bilionare
So friggin bad, buy all of the
Things I never had. I wanna be
On the cover of, Fords Magazine,
Smilin' next to Oprah and the

Edward. Did he hear about my stupidity? O god please say no. I reach for the phone, afraid of what would happen next.

Like it? What will Edward say? Read to find out!!! And also, read my other fan fics, Burning Silver and Chat Wars!!!
u gotta wait for that!! hehehe........................*grins mischiviously*................
Love it plz keep me updated! =) Loving it! =)
write more soon please!!!
Love it! Please Write More


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