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Emmett wants to have his own game show. And what game is the best game for his show? Truth or Dare!!!! But what happens when his show gets a bit too xtreme? and unexpected and unwanted guests join? Should I write this? Let me know!!


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love it
fab! LOL! post more soon, i have the sudden need to read more! XD
Love it!
You have to post soon!
Can't wait for more!! :)
Ch. 7- I will never go shopping again (nessie pov)

I just need somebody to love
I, I don't need too much
Just somebody to love
I don't need nothing else
I promise girl I swear
I just need somebody to love

I roll on my bed. Auntie Alice? Why is she calling? Usually she would just barge into my room, hand me my outfit for the day(or at least the hours before she brings me another) and chase Momma down for her "barbie hour". I reach for my phone and answer it.

"Auntie Alice?"

"Nessie, I need you to do something for me."

"What is it?"

"First, hang up. I see Bella and Edward outside your door listening, just in case I do something dangerous."


"I'll text you, Nes. And get Eddie boy out of your head before you read my texts."

Click. She hung up. I got off my bed and opened the door. Momma was reading a book on the couch and Daddy was making me breakfast. I walk up to Momma.

"Why were you guys listening to my conversation with Auntie Alice?" I was mad at them. They know I like to have my privacy when Im in my room. Why would I have posted all those signs on my door and and made the walls sound proof(for humans only, it seems)?

"Sorry, sweetie. After that game show your aunt and Emmett pulled off, we're being extra cautious just in case they plan to use you against us." Daddy looks apologetic. I frown. Was I really that vulnerable against Alice? I thought about it. Yes, yes I was. Sigh.

"Well, Im going back to my room."

"Take your breakfast with you. And there better not be any leftovers." Daddy looked at me with those eyes. He was so strict on the weirdest things. I roll my eyes and enter my room and shut the door. Somebody to love (i just love JB!!!) started to play again. I read Alice's text while thinking of my favorite tv show, Barnie's Death Show and eating the gross bacon and eggs(human food can really ruin your day).

Alliebear: u got rid of ur ol' folks?

Monsterhugs302: yea

Alliebear: Ok, u need 2 come 2 the big house rite now.

Monsterhugs302: y?

Alliebear: muttboy is gonna get hurt by rose if u dont come now!!!!

Monsterhugs302: on my way!!!!!!!!!!

Is Auntie Rosie really gonna hurt my Jacob?! No way!!!! She wouldnt do that!!!! Then again, he DID get on her nerves and ruin her red silk prom dress.............. Oh, no!!!! I gotta get to the big house and save Jacob!!!!! I ran out of the house toward the big house.

~~~~~2 hours later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Get these metal things off of me!!!" I scream at Emmett. He's my favorite uncle, but right now, I hate him. "Jasper!!! Your my new favorite Uncle!!!! Uncle Emmy is too mean!!!!"

"Nessie, Im sorry. But Allie and I need to do this if we want the game show to be a success." Oh, so this was all about the game show?! It didnt matter if your one and only niece was uncomfortable and bound in steel cables as long as the game show was a sucsess?!?!?!?!

Pokemon! Pokemon!!! POKEMON!!!!!!

Emmett's cell started to ring. This was............ I knew who this!!! Jake was calling!!!!!! Emmett duck taped my mouth. WHAT KIND OF UNCLE DUCK TAPES YOUR MOUTH?????!!!!!! Now I was really pissed.


"Hey, Em. I got your message. What's this about Nessie?"

"I dont know, but Nessie is in trouble!!!!"

"What trouble?! Tell me!!!! TELL ME YOU OLD MAN!!!!!!!"



"Oh, right. Nessie is being chased by some sadistic vampire!!!! He wants her to expirament with!!!!! Make her part vampire, part human, part donkey, part fish!!!!!!" Now this was gettin out of hand. Seriously? A vahuishky?!?! Jacob is too smart to believe that.

"NEVER!!!!!! IM GONNA PROTECT NESSIE WITH MY LIFE!!!!!!!! IM COMMING, NES!!!!!" Okay, not smart as I thought. I glare at Emmett. He hangs up and grins. Screw him.............................

What are Emmett and Alice planning? Why is Emmett making up crazy lies? And why is Nessie held hostage? 15 comments till I continue!
omg im laughing so hard right now lol post more soon
hehe yeah
Love it !!
Moree , Nowwww !!!!
i love it
pokemon? emmett is hilarious! i love him lol <33
i wonder wat there trying to do
&& i cant believe jacob is dumb enough to believe that haha :)

update soon!!
Great chapter.
Love it.
Please update really soon.
I can't wait!!! :)
my BFF is obsessed wit JB


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