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Okay so I want to write this story about how when Edward left Bella she didn't get depressed or zombie like she just got over him and Edward thought he still loved Bella so everything happen the same when she jumped off the cliff. Alice talks her into going to get Edward so that happens the same but when Aro offers her to stay with them and become a member of the Volturi she agrees because she feels drawn to a certain Volturi member.

What happens to Edward?

When they meeet again how will everyone react?

And who is that special volturi member that Edward meets and doesn't want to leave?

So should i write this or not?





When Edward left many thought that I would be sad or depressed because he was so great... but I wasn't in fact I analyzed our relatiuonship and realized it wasn't love it was just an experiance. But when I looked into the eyes of him I knew my life changed he seemed so down and sad that I just had to go to him and comfort him but I couldn''t with Edward there so I did the next best thing I left Edward and I said yes.

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yes u shud
okay so there is the prologue i hoped you liked it!
thank you
Chapter One: He Left
Bella POV--
"Okay Jake so this is what happened" I started then recalled what happened
"Bella just please be safe and don't do anything reckless promise me please" Edward asked
"Okay I promise" I sniffed
"And I promise in return you'll never see me agaiin" Edward said and he kissed my head then left me alone in the forest
"Edward" I whispered but he was gone" I finished

"Well that ended faster than I thought it would Bella" Jake said from my kicthen table
"Yep but after thinking it through I realized that I didn't really love him I guess i just kinda used him to make time go bye' i confessed
"Why didn't you use me then?" Jake asked
"Jaaakkkeee ugh your my best friend I see you as a brother nothing more nothing less I'm sorry if this hurts you but it's true by the way you need to get out and date someone forget about me okay?" I said
"Okay fine and your the only girl I'm interested in at the moment but do you have anyone in mind?" he asked slightly excited I laughed and ruffled his hair a little
"Maybe what's your type?" I asked him
"Uh lets see My all time dream girl is someone who can work on cars like me and loves to just chill has no problem to tell it like it is and I want her to look good too of course" He explained
"Okay well there is a sophmore who sits with us at lunch she's really out going and she helped Mike fix something on his car one morning at school I don't think she's dating anyone oh and she is really cute!" I said excited
"Really when can I meet her?" he exclaimed
"Party on the Rez?" we said at the same time and we laughed
"alright it's settled then bomb fire tomorrow night" Jake said and I nodded and left
Minutes later and after I emailed everyone at school Charlie arrived at the house.
"Bells I'm home!" he hollared out
"Hey Dad we're having lasanga with garlic bread is that alright?" I asked
"Yes that's great exactly what I'm in the mood for" he said as he kissed my head and went to his room to change
We were both eating when I brought up the party and mine and Edward's breakup.
"So Dad me and Edward broke up" I started he lifted his head from his plate
"Really you two seemed so into eachother what happened?" he asked
"Well I don't want to talk about it I mean I'm over him but I want the why's to stay private" I explained there was no way i could tell the truth which was Jasper tried to suck my blood becuase he's a vampire and so are all the Cullens I dont think that Charlie will take that all to well
"Oh is that all?" he asked
"Uh no in order to get over him Jake is having a bomb fire party and wants me to come so can i go it's tomorrow?" I asked
"Uh sure but you'll be careful right?" he questioned as we cleaned up the kitchen
"Of course Char-dad" I smiled
"Okay then goodnight" he said and kissed my head and retreated into his room
"Night!" I hollared and went into my room and for the first time in a while I shut and locked my window now that I realized it I thought it was kinda creepy that he watched me every night but I guess I wasn't thinking and the I was "in" love but now it's time for a change and I have a feeling something big will happen soon and it's going to be good.
So there is chapter one I hope you like it?!
i luv it!!!!!!!!!
cant wait for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you i just wanted to do something different.

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thank you and i love your "i love it!"
Chapter Two: Feelin' The Heat

When I got ready for the bomb fire I decided to dress sexy I wanted to look good and different. So I put on a pair of jean short shorts, a shirt and a pair of boots along with a leather jacket.
(out fit )
I hated to say it but I thought I looked good for a change.

When I arrived all eyes were on me mainly because of my loud truck but also because of the way I was dressed. everyone knew I normally didnt dress like this but hey they ned to get over it. I walked up to Jake and his friends I saw that he already met Kaitlyn the girl I talked to him about she was attached to his arm I smiled at them.
"Dang is that you Bella?" Quil asked
"Yea I needed a knew look what do you think?" I asked as I twirled around
He wolf whistled and I was about to slap him playfully till I heard a yell I turned to the cliffs and saw that someone had jumped.
"Oh my gosh we got to go help them!" I screeched Jake grumbled and said
"It's just Sam and his gang and they're cliff diving everyone does it" he explained
"Oh I want to do it!" I exclaimed
"I'll take you!" Quil pipped I smiled at him
"Sure when and were?" I said
"Uh how about two weeks from today that's when school gets out and we can do it like a graduation present party thing for you?" he asked (and I sped things up I know!)
"Sure, Jake you don't seem to like Sam and them" I stated
"Yea they took Embry and Sam's been watching me like he expects something it's creepy!" he exclaimed
"I bet well let's party!" I hollared and everyone agreed

Edwards POV
Leaving Bella hurt me but its what I had to do but everyone is depressed in the family so I left to go off and look for Victoria but Rose thinks I'm going off to mope I hate to say it but I think she's right for once.

(okay it's kinda short but hey someone wanted more *cough* Kr!ssa *cough* lol i will have more soon promise)
luv it!!!
*cough* kr!ssa *cough* lol that was hilarious!!!
yea i thought you might like that lol


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