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Okay so I want to write this story about how when Edward left Bella she didn't get depressed or zombie like she just got over him and Edward thought he still loved Bella so everything happen the same when she jumped off the cliff. Alice talks her into going to get Edward so that happens the same but when Aro offers her to stay with them and become a member of the Volturi she agrees because she feels drawn to a certain Volturi member.

What happens to Edward?

When they meeet again how will everyone react?

And who is that special volturi member that Edward meets and doesn't want to leave?

So should i write this or not?





When Edward left many thought that I would be sad or depressed because he was so great... but I wasn't in fact I analyzed our relatiuonship and realized it wasn't love it was just an experiance. But when I looked into the eyes of him I knew my life changed he seemed so down and sad that I just had to go to him and comfort him but I couldn''t with Edward there so I did the next best thing I left Edward and I said yes.

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i really do wish u would countinue this story

Plz post more soon....

Chapter nine

Bella’s POV

I was nervous, and I’m not talking about the just biting my lip nervous, I mean pulling my hair out whiling pacing anxiously nervous. Today was the day of my wedding and the day the Cullens would make a reappearance in my life. David and CJ –as I now reluctantly called her looked to be about ten. They grew at a rapid rate that sometimes scares me but I knew from the research the brother’s did that my
children will stop aging when they look about eighteen.

But, back to the Cullens who were due to show up in my chamber any minute.... I haven’t seen them in so long I wonder how their doing... I wonder how Edwards doing....


Edward POV  

(A few months earlier)


I am still getting over Bella and how she just walked out on our relationship. Granted I’m the one who left but, still I loved her and I still do love her, and so does the family and that is why I chose to go out and hunt because I just couldn’t stand their thoughts and how they revolved around Bella.

I was about to pounce on a deer when something rock hard collided with me. I growled and sprung away from the threat and just as I was about to onslaught an attack I looked at the assailant and froze, she was just
so beautiful. Instantly she made me forget about Bella and she became the
center of my universe.

“How could ye?” she said with a beautiful Scottish accent

She was so pale with long blonde hair that complemented her butterscotch eyes way better than Rosalie’s did. She wore a black hoodie and a purple shirt nothing fancy but elegant one the less. She looked about sixteen or seventeen
but her eyes held knowledge that only accumulated over a long amount of years.

“Ye would kill a mama deer whom is with babe?” she asked when I offered no answer to her previous question.


“She is?” I asked dumbly

“Aye, she is vary pregnant too” she answered casting a loving glance at the path the doe had fled down.


“Me name is Ceria McDonald, what is yers?” I realized then that I could not read her mind and like with Bella it frustrated me.

“Edward Anthony Mason Cullen, why can’t I read your mind?” I asked helplessly

She giggled before she responded.


“Because Mr. Cullen I don’t want ye too, therefore yer mind reading abilities have no sway on me mind or me body.” Her eyes twinkled with mischief as she said this.

“How is that possible only a shield can do that? Are there many of these shields out there?” I asked and then added…


“Please call me Edward.”

“Nay there are vary few mental shields and I am not one of them. I can simply do things with me mind others cannae. It’s me power for
before I was changed me mind always was to big for meself as my pa would always
say and when I was turned me mind expanded even more into what it is now. And I
also have a tiny soft spot for animals, in case you didnae notice”

She was so beautiful and powerful and I felt as if she was mine. These feelings I am experiencing are way stronger than what I felt with Bella, that now felt like puppy love.

“I noticed, if this is not to brash I must say you are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen would you like to accompany me to my house and meet my family?” I asked holding my hand out to her afraid that she
would run away from me.

“Of course Edward, I would love too, this is the start of something big I can tell can ye?” she asked

“Yes, yes I can” I whispered as she grabbed my hand and we took off.

-         This character was thought up by: Harmony AKA Ariella I just tweaked her and put her in the story. Also her picture is on page 3.


Bella POV
(Back to current time)

“Mistress Bella, the Cullen’s are here and your children are wanting you as well” An unknown vampire said to me causing and interruption in my frantic pacing.

“Oh send them all end, but the children come in here first I need to speak with them for a moment” she nodded and rushed away as I turned back to pacing.

The sound of running little feet had me stopping again and dropping to my knees as I opened my arms.

“Mommy!” they both said as they ran into my arms.

“Sweethearts, how are you?” I said as I stood up and brushed out my Victorian blood red dress (sorry no picture of it so use your imagination?!” I led my two children to a couch and we all sat down me in the
middle of course.

“Well…” CJ started with a small smile

“We ran away from daddy…” David continued

“Cause he tried to make us stay with the human lady the desk…” CJ followed up

“Even though we don’t like her cause her blood smells funny.” David finished

“Hmm I see. Well I’ll talk to your daddy about that later but for now I have guests coming and I want you to be on your best behavior for
me please?” I asked them

“Yes mommy” they answered together

“Good. Bring them in!” I said to a vampire who was guiding the Cullen’s to me.

Okay Bella deep even and steady breaths you can do this.

I looked at the door when it opened and saw the Cullen’s for the first time in quite a few months.



So kinda a cliffy but I wanted to give ya’ll something because I’ve been gone for so long. I do hope ya’ll forgive me!


There will be more very soon I'm nearly finished with the next chapter!


Chapter Ten

Bella POV

Last time on "You Belong To Me".... 

"I looked at the door when it opened and saw the Cullen’s for the first time in quite a few months."


I smiled awkwardly at Carlisle and Esme and the smiled back warmly. They both stepped forward but suddenly both were pushed out of the way by a huge object that was heading towards me very quickly.


"BELLSY!" The object yelled signaling that Emmett was the object.


He tackled me to the ground in a hug that was too tight for my human body.


"Emmett, I need to breathe let go" I said calmly


"Opps sorry" He said as he let go quickly "It's so good to see you, how are the Volturi treating you? How have you been? What have you been doing? Is it true that Marcus is your mate? I can't beleive you go-" Suddenly he stopped his rambling questions when he noticed CJ and David


"Are those what I think they are?" He asked causeing all the Cullens to look at my beautiful childern


"Bella?" Rosalie questioned


"Um well you see.... vampires-can-get-human-women-pregnant-if-they-do-the-dirty." I said in a rush knowing that they would still know what I said


"These are mine and Marcus' childern Chloe Joy and David Lee Volturi, childern this is the Cullen family that I told you about." I said as I walked to my childern and made them stand up to great our guests.


"Hi!" They said together I smiled fondly at them as Rosalie gasped


"Impossible, h-how can this happen Carlisle, Bella I'm so h-h-happy for you and quite jealous as well" Rosalie said sadly


"I do not know Rose, this is a first for me, Bella will you explain?" Carlisle asked


"Marcus can and after the ceromony he gets all emotional about it for some reason, it's not like he had to carry the babies for months or delevier the little rascals either, or go through endless hours of pain. But, ask him and he will tell you all about it. Now childern go give your aunt Rosalie a hug and say hello." I shoved them forward and they ran to Rose to do just that.


"Thank you Bella" Rose said I nodded and turned to face the rest of the family including Edward and Alice who was bouncing on the balls of her feet. There was also a new face standing behind Edward and I grew curious as Edward looked cross between being Guilty and being happy.


"Who is that hiding behind you Edward?" I asked


"I am Ceria McDonald Edward's mate" She aid with a strong Scottish accent and a stern face.


"Oh how lovely, Edward are you finally happy?" I asked


"Yes, Bella, I am truely sorry that I put you thr-" I silenced him by raising my hand


"Edward I've been worried about you and you not finding happiness. I'm sorry about how we ended and I forgive you for whatever you think you did wrong but I am truely happy for you and I hope you are truely happy for me as well." I said smiling


"I am. Thank you Bella, for everything." I nodded in reply and opened my arms for Alice she didnt hesitate as she jumped into them.


"Oh Bella your soo beautiful, Oh I'm so happy for you and Carlisle will say yes, and don't drink the punch tonight Emmett and David will have spike it, well mainly Emmet but David helped." Alice said smiling smugly at Emmett.


"ALICE!" Emmett whined


"Emmett and David don't you dare." I growled


"Okay" They both said from the ground where Rosalie and Emmett had seated themselves to play and talk with my childern.


"Thanks Alice, and Jasper I know you think it's all your fault that this happen because you tried to attack me but it's not you were just going by your nature and I completly forgive you even though you don't need it." I said smileing fonsly towards Jasper he smiled warmly back at me.


"Thank you Bella."


"Miss the ceromony begins in fifteen minutes. Master Marcus said be ready for he waits at the alter for you." With that said the vampire messenge left.


"Ugh" I sighed and began pacing again


"Carlisle I've never stopped thinking of you and Esme as a father and mother and I was hoping well wishing that you would you know walk me down the isle as Charlie clearly cannot be here and well you don't have to if you don't want to but I would really like it if you did." I mumbled


"Oh Bella I would absolutely be proud to walk you donw the isle. Me ans Esme always and still do beleive you are our daughter and a part of this family." Carlisle said as he and Esme hugged me


"Yes my darling you'll always be a daughter to us." Esme confirmed


"Thank you so much both of you, actually all of you." I said my eyes watering slightly "Okay well let's get this show on the rode eh?" I asked chuckling the family chuckled as well


"And Ceria I would like to talk and get to know you later on tonight if that is alright." I said


"Of course" She replied smiling


"Well CJ and David hope about you go find daddy and tell him to give you your rings for you David so you can be ready and the flower basket for you CJ so you can do your part as well."


They nodded and got up but CJ turned around to ask "Mommy can Rosie and Emmy walk with us?" She asked sweetly


"Please?" David begged


Emmett and Rose looked at me pleadingly and I sighed and nodded "Yes but not funny business Emmett." He grumbled but nodded and they left.


"Alright everyone your seats are in the second row." They all nodded and left after giving me hugs including Ceria. Finally it was just me and Carlisle


"You ready sweetie?" He asked


"No, but I really don't have a choice, the whole becoming queen thing you know?" I said sarcastically


"You'll be a wonderful queen now lets go get your king."




*So another chapter yay I hope you like it!*



Awwwwww YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'VE MISSED THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you I will have more up this week.

*sniff sniff* You haven't updated yet ='(


Love it post more soon please and keep me updated please!!!

This is sooo amazing; I L O V E it; write moore soon(:

I just started to read this story today, and I'm hoked!!! lol plese update me :) and keep writing more lol


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