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Okay so I want to write this story about how when Edward left Bella she didn't get depressed or zombie like she just got over him and Edward thought he still loved Bella so everything happen the same when she jumped off the cliff. Alice talks her into going to get Edward so that happens the same but when Aro offers her to stay with them and become a member of the Volturi she agrees because she feels drawn to a certain Volturi member.

What happens to Edward?

When they meeet again how will everyone react?

And who is that special volturi member that Edward meets and doesn't want to leave?

So should i write this or not?





When Edward left many thought that I would be sad or depressed because he was so great... but I wasn't in fact I analyzed our relatiuonship and realized it wasn't love it was just an experiance. But when I looked into the eyes of him I knew my life changed he seemed so down and sad that I just had to go to him and comfort him but I couldn''t with Edward there so I did the next best thing I left Edward and I said yes.

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Sweet can't wait
Omg i love this storieee please keep me updated :) <3
When r u posting more??
Chapter eight
Bella POV
The week following the news of my pregnancy was crazy everyone was worried and hovering over me it was driving me insane.
"Bella are you sure your alright I mean I can get a fluffier pillow or I can get you some more blood anything." Marcus said I groaned and flopped back down I was huge now and moody as hell
"Marcus I'm going to ripe you apart slowly and enjoy every minute of it if you stop worrying and go hunt!" I hissed
"okay, okay I love you" he said as he kissed my head I lifted my head up and captured his lips in a deep passionate kiss he pulled away and I breathed deeply for air.
"darling do you want me to stay?" he asked I shook my head because as much as I wanted him to I knew he needed to hunt as I was about to reply a sharp pain happened in my stomach I screamed out in pain and Marcus looked at me in alarm.
"Bella love are you okay?" he asked I shook my head and grabbed his chin
"this baby is coming out now do you think I'm okay Marcus!" I yelled at him
"oh my gosh uh lets go to the birthing room thing" he said as he picked me up and ran with me to the operating room that Aro had set up.
"yea this *edited by moderator* hurts" I breathed
"I know darling I know it'll be over soon" he whispered soothingly I yelled as another contraction hit me
"how do you freaking know I'm the one giving birth you moron!" I hissed
"ah brother is it time?" Caius asked I glared at him
"no I just thought I would practice being in pain" I hissed he rolled his eyes and I growled at him
"get this baby out of me now please" I begged as contraction after contraction ripped though me
"yes love we need you to push them out alright" Marcus said I nodded
"okay Bella push on the count of three" Jane said I nodded
"One…two…three" I pushed and screamed at the same time
"again Bella one… two… three" I pushed again then I heard the most beautiful sounds wait sounds? Yes I heard two cries from two different children twins…
"Bella my love twins!" Marcus exclaimed I smiled with tears in my eyes
"can I hold them?"I asked he nodded and handed me a boy in my left arm and a girl in my right
"Chloe' Joy Volturi and David Lee Volturi" I whispered
"perfect names love now you need to rest" Marcus said taking the children away
"but…" I said before I nodded off to sleep.
Marcus POV
I was so happy my Bella had given me more than I can ever ask for she gave me a baby not just one but two.
She was sleeping peacefully on our bed as I held our children. Bella would be turned next week when we have the ball and the wedding I'm so excited to get to call her my wife and mate.
I was pulled out of my thoughts by Bella stirring around on the bed I quickly went to her.
"hi" she whispered I chuckled at her and she smiled
"my love you did great their beautiful David looks exactly like you while Chloe looks like me isn't that wonderful?" I asked excitedly
"really I want to see them" she said I nodded and set the babies in her arms
"hey my darlings Marcus there so big" she exclaimed yes indeed they looked more than a days old they looked about a couple months my guess is that that's the vampire in them
"yea remember my love there half vampire" she nodded
"I'm so ready to get out of this bed Marky" she whined I laughed out loud at the nickname she had given me
"not yet my love our children are gifted though" I said recalling when I found out
Flash back attack!
It was after they had been born for a few hours and they were both in my lap Chloe lifted her hand to my cheek and told me her thoughts by showing me pictures and images and sending words into my mind I gasped and stared at her in amazement and looked to my son her shrugged and moved a toy with his mind to show me his I was beyond elated.
End of flashback attack!
"Really what is there gifts?" Bella asked
"CJ can project her thoughts and David can move things with his mind although something tells me they will have more power" I explained slipping on the nickname me and my brothers had given Chloe' Joy
"CJ! That is a guy name I will not have my daughter be referred to as a guy!" she yelled I winced and took her hand
"I'm sorry love it's too late everyone is calling her that now thanks to Caius and Aro" I said making my brothers take the blame instead of me
"when I get out of this bed I swear to baby Jesus I will murder them again!" she hissed I laughed and kissed her gently on the lips
"I love you Bella"
"I love you too Marcus and don't think you'll be getting sex anytime soon because as much as I love these children already there is no way in hell I will give birth to anymore so not until I change" she warned I nodded frowning
That would be awhile and I don't know if me and little man can last that long…
Love it
plz plz plz plz post more soon this is really good
Haha bella is hillarious! §§§
thats funnyyyy
I wish u would post more
plz post more
Love this story.Please try to finish.


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