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< (ignore the by:tiana part and the title at the top of the photo. I couldn't make a better banner) Ok, so this story is about how after the Volturi leaves, Nahuel, the other half human half vampire person, stays and falls for Nessie, and nessie falls for him. Jake gets really pised, but decides that she'll move on after he leaves. it's been seven years now, and nahuel still hasn't left and he's still with Nessie. Now, he's desperate for her now that her hormones are kicking in, but he thinks that she'll only think of him as her best friend forever, which always makes him feel down and depressed, because he knows that he just wants her to be happy. So, here it goes!
Jacob's POV-
Stupid, stupid Nahuel. All he did was make me pissed whenever he kissed Nessie... MY Nessie. Everyone made fun of me when i got pissed at him, even Bella. Even Nahuel knew i had imprinted on her, and ever since he found out, he's just gotten even more flirty with her, kinda like he's just using her to make me jealous. Either that, or he's trying to make it clear that i can't have her. Edward says that i can tell her once she's over him, but we're both pretty positive that won't happen at least not until after another century. I knew i was gonna kill myself before this century was over. I simply loved her so much! If only there was some way that i could get her to get over Nahuel...
No! i couldn't think that. No matter what I simply had to keep her happy. That was what imprinting did to a werewolf like me. God, i only she loved me back. It just hurt so much to see her with that stupid Nahuel. Right now, I was dancing like crazy to songs that Nahuel hated. Simply rocking out and doing air guitar. Ever since Billy died, Bella offered for me to stay with her, Eddie, and Nessie at their house. the bad thign is, Nauhel lived there, too. In fact, we SHARED A ROOM. It was complete torture to look at that moron. But, at least i was the one who most of the time cuddled with Nessie at night. I always smiled at that fact. the reason Edward agreed to Bella's offer was because they knew i was meant to be with their daughter, and Edward's bond with me was stronger than ever. He knew i just wanted his daughter to be happy, though, which is why he didn't interfer with her relationship with Nahuel. He did want me to be with her, though. He was like, like my dad in so many ways. Suddenly, i heard the door open. I quickly spun around an saw Nessie giggling at me while i was in the middle of my air guitar, and the fast that i was shirtless, waring my ducky boxers. "Well, this is awkard," i muttered. i turned the music off and put some shorts on and walked towards Nessie.
"Hey. How ya doin, babe?" i asked her. I always called Nessie that. I had called her that since she was three months old. She liked it when i called her that. I could tell just by the way her face lit up when i said the word. She was the only thing in the world that could ever cheer me up whenever i thought of her stupid boyfriend. "I'm good. Nahuel's taking me to dinner for our three year anniversery!" she said happily. Ever since she turned four, she looked like she was i her teens. That was when i was going to tell her about my imprint that had happened between us, but Nahuel beat me to the punch line. It was like he ahd ripped my heart out and had happily ate it in front of my face. Everyone knew how i had felt after he did that. Bella and Alice always tried to comfort me about it, and sometimes it helped. Alice and Bella were like my little sisters. Rose was..... like my personal devil. She had tried to make me feel better at first, though, which had creeped me out, so she stopped. Emmet just made fun of me and made me laugh. He was just like my twin bro. It felt nice to laugh around him. And Eddie (my nickname for him,) was just like my dad. I groaned after she said that, but quietly so she couldn't hear me. "That's great, Ness," i said with my biggest fake smile.
I heard Nahuel calling for her. "Well, gotta go!" she said cheerfully. Then she pecked me on the cheek, and left. Suddenly, Nahuel came in, and grabbed a tie from his side of the room. "see ya later, wolfy," he said with a mocking grin. Then, he left to go towards Renesmee. "I wish it was our three year anniversery," i muttered under my breath. Then i continued to listen to the music Nauhel hated, happily taking my shorts off so i could dance with my awesome ducky boxers.


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Here's the rest of chapter 2 tht i couldn't finish 'cuz my mom made me stop:-(
The rest of chapter 2:
Jacob's POV-
"ok." she said, now looking at our hands again.
"i, um, gotta go," she muttered, then awkwardly got off of the bed. i chuckled by the way her face looked. she smiled at me. then, she closed her door behind herself. i jerked myself out of her bed's covers and put my left hand under my head. then i outstretched ,y other arm across the rest of the small bed, which made my hand go off the bed a bit. suddenly, nahuel burst her door open. "oh, hey," i said, looking at him disgustingly. "ok, what the freak was that?!" nahuel snapped at me.
"it was an accident, dude. just chill."
"but i know you wanted it to happen. so, back off my renesmee, and we won't have any problems," he snapped, now inches away from my face. god, he didn't have ay ieea how much i wanted to crush all of his bones. but, i knew nessiw would never forgive me for that.
"whatever," i said while nahuel slammed the door in my face. then, i
stared at nessie's ceiling for over
half the day, only thinking about
nessie, and how great our accidental kiss had been.

ok, that's the end of chapter two. i
know it mite be kinda boring rite now, but if u keep on reading, it will get dramatic and much better and more love triangley.
plz continu reading my story!:-)
yea, but that's wut makes this story interesting!:-)
Love itttt :) write more soon! Ik you started reading my story but I updated and here is the link!!

Chapter Three
Renesmee's POV-
I closed the door behind me, and heard Jake smiling. I put my back to the wall and sank to the floor. had he elt the same way? Had he felt those millions of sparks exploding from each of our mouths when we had kissed? i didn't want to feel this way about my best friend. I loved Nahuel, didn't I? I felt myself smiling as i though more and more of my kiss with jake. Did i love my friend more than in a brotherly way? Wait... crap. Dad was probably lisening to everything that i was thinking about. What would he think? Would he simply chuckle at me? Would he make fun of Jacob? Would he get angry? I decided to eavesdrop on the silent conversation going on downstairs. I quickly thought of Jacob, and the way he glowed so amazingly when he smiled my favorite smile; the one where he showed all of his teeth, but didn't look as though he were forcing himself to do so. "Edward, why are you smiling?" i heard my mom ask Dad. "I just heard our Nessie and Jake kissing while you went outside to fix the flowers," my dad said, probably still smiling. I heard my mom drop something that shattered all over the floor. "oh my gosh," i heard Mom say.
"I can't believe they finally had their first kiss! Do you think she's already dumped Nahuel? Do you think that she'll finally love Jacob the way he-"
"It was an accidental kiss, love," my father said, walking towards Mom and so he could hold her by her waist. It was quiet for a very long period of time. Finally, my mother said, "Oh. Well, Jake must feel really upset that she probably, well, you know-"
"Didn't dump Nahuel for him? Yes, i know, love. In fact, she's feeling really confused about it right now and she's listening to nour conversation. Isn't that right, Nessie?" Dad said with a smile on his face. I blushed the brightest of all reds. Then i went downstairs and stared at my parents. "I have no idea what you guys were saying about the whole 'me and jake' thing, but he's just my best friend," I think, i thought. Crap. Stupid, mindreading father. My dad rolled his eyes at my new nickname for him. "I think i'm gonna go walk," i said. Then i opened our front door and slammed it closed. Why was i feeling this way about my best friend? Did i love him more than my best friend? and how did they act like they aready knew jake was in love with me, even before the kiss? And how come Nahuel was becoming a blur in my mind now that all i could think about was my beautiful Jacob? Not yours, stupid, i thought. Though you know you want him to be yours, i thought once more. Stupid heart! Then i started running all over the forest, and found the field. The field looked as though it never ended, and had beautiful wild flowers all around it. Whenevr anyone layed on its beautiful, flowing grass, it felt like a pillow instead of needles being stabbed into your back, like regular grass did. Jacob had brought me here after i was three years old, and told me he wanted to tell me one of the most important things he would ever ask me. But right before he had asked me, Nahuel had ran into the field and took me away in his arms. it was te that he had told me he loved me. Then he had kissed me, which had made me feel more ight headed than i had ever ben. ever since then, he had been my lover. Now i wasn't so sure if i wanted him to be that. Then, i decided i would simply forget my feelings for Jake, but i could tel that was never going to be possible for me. I groaned and let myself fall on the beautiful, pillow-like grass. Then, i closed my eyes and dreamed about Jacob and me, and our amazingly perfect kiss.

Ok, so i really want at least 10 comments on this one, and each one from a different person, so u better tel ur friends 2 comment if u want the next one!
Love It!!!!!! Want More!!!!!!!!!!

Jake and Nessie belong together!!!!!!!!
This is a great story!!! plz continue!! i hope jake and nessie get together...
ok, me wants at least 6 more comments from different ppl b4 i make chapter 4!!!:-)
Okay I like this story and we need to let all our friends know about it, so it will go on. Now we need 4 more comments. Spread the word on this story
ok, soooooo............
if i don't get 4 comments by 2morrow, then i'll just wrte two more chapter on the SAME DAY. and then if i don't get 10 comments 4 both of my chapters, then i'll just put this story on hold until i do.
here's the next chapter:

(by the way, i'm probably only gonna make inbetween ten and fifteen chapters, but i already no everything that's gonna happen so just keep readin to find out!:-)

Chapter Four
Rosalie's POV
I watched through binoculars as Jacob and Nessie sat on top of a small hill in front of our house, giggling and laughing and happily being friends. Poor Jacob. he was in love wth my niece, but my nieca was in love with some other dude who was also part vampire and part human.

i put the binoculars down on the coffee table and asked to no one in particular, "How come Nessie can't just all of a sudden fall in love with jake?"
Alice stopped rearranging the flowers, Jasper stopped folowing her while she re-arranged the flowers, Edward stopedpllaying with bella's hands, Bella stopped playing with edward's hands, Carlisle stopped typing on the computer, Esme stopped sweeping our floor, Emmett stopped watching the footbal game, and everyone was suddenly frozen.

"Well, she kinda already is," Bella muttered.
"What are you talking about?"
"You see, they accidentally kissed, and now Nessie's starting to feel for Jacob," Edward muttered.
"She is? that's so cute!" Alice suddenly had a vision.
We waited for her to get ou of it, and then she said, "Oh my gosh!" and began to dance everywhere.
'What is it?" i asked.
"I'm not gonna tell anyone except for the girls to help me plan," Alice replied.
Bella and esme made their way towards Alice. I was right behind them.
"Well what is it?" we all asked.
She whispered it in our ears, and we were all grinning ear to ear.
"But, you can't tell them, or anyone," alice said.
"Ok," Bella, esme, and i, all chirped together.
Then, afterwards, all of the guys said it was unfair they couldn't know, and all i said was,"Tough kumquats,"

Ok, i'll post the next part of chapter four in acouple of hours, and then i'll post all of chapter five in a lot of hours:-)
Chapter 4 Part 2
Nessie's POV-
Jacob and i layed next 2 eachother on ou favoite hill, his leg wrapped around mine. it wasn't awkward doing this. we had always done this ever since i was one year old and was old enough 4 him not 2 accidentally squish my leg instead of wrappping his leg around mine.
Jake was playing with a lock of my hair while i stared at him. :you know, you got a big nose," i said, getting lost in his beautiful black eyes.
"Well, i'm officially offended," he said jokingly.
"you should be" i giggled once he tried to tickle me. Then i started laughing my headoff. suddenly, he stopped tickling me, but now he was stroking his fingers up and down my belly, and they were about to go lower...
Then our eyes interlocked. "I, um..." he trailed off. Then he jerked himself up, and ran into woods while turning into a wolf. He was probably going to go talk to Leah for support. I couldn't stop staring after him. suddenly, i knew that i had wanted him to touch me lower. i had wanted him to hold me closer, to interlock his lips with mine, to go deeper inside of me...
it was at that moment that i knew i had falen in love with my best friend.

* * *

I ran into the house and bust the door open. I looked around whil everyone stared. then i ran up the stairs towards my old room that was still empty.
it was now a guest room, and there was a soft bed in the middle of the room. I plotted myself onto the bed, and then realized that dad probably knew i was in love with jacob now. you better not tell anyone, i thought towads. him. Too late. I could practcially hear him say those words in front of me."Ugh!" i said, knowing they could all hear me. Then i beat up a pillow until it was simply a pile ofhelpless feathers.
I knew i was in love with Jacob. i was pretty darn positive he loved me back. But, i also knew that he was gonna imprint on nother girl. I cried about that fact for a while. I knew he could never be my Jacob, because i knew that he wasn'y gonna love me forever. He was going to meet the love of his life some day, and i was simply going to be his best friend forever.
Suddenly, i heard Jacob bursting through the door in hman form. "Where's Nessie?" he asked ugently.
"You're gonna tell her now?" dad asked him.
"It's now or never. heard nahuel, andhe's about to ask her to-"
Suddenly, al of us heard Nahuel climb through my window. He was carrying the cutest litle box, the cover made of red leather.
"Nessie, i hve to ask you something before it's too late,' he said with a smirk.
"NOO!" jacob roared. he was suddenly running up the stairs. but before he could burst through the room, Nahuel said,
:Will you marry me?" while goinjg down on one knee and handing me the oldest ring i had ever seen. My eyes practically popped out of my head. I looked towards Jake, who was trembling like crazy next to the door. he and i both knew we could never have a relationship due to his imprining. So, i said, "But of course i'll mary you."
hmmmmmm..... i like tht idea:-). LOL:-)


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