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< (ignore the by:tiana part and the title at the top of the photo. I couldn't make a better banner) Ok, so this story is about how after the Volturi leaves, Nahuel, the other half human half vampire person, stays and falls for Nessie, and nessie falls for him. Jake gets really pised, but decides that she'll move on after he leaves. it's been seven years now, and nahuel still hasn't left and he's still with Nessie. Now, he's desperate for her now that her hormones are kicking in, but he thinks that she'll only think of him as her best friend forever, which always makes him feel down and depressed, because he knows that he just wants her to be happy. So, here it goes!
Jacob's POV-
Stupid, stupid Nahuel. All he did was make me pissed whenever he kissed Nessie... MY Nessie. Everyone made fun of me when i got pissed at him, even Bella. Even Nahuel knew i had imprinted on her, and ever since he found out, he's just gotten even more flirty with her, kinda like he's just using her to make me jealous. Either that, or he's trying to make it clear that i can't have her. Edward says that i can tell her once she's over him, but we're both pretty positive that won't happen at least not until after another century. I knew i was gonna kill myself before this century was over. I simply loved her so much! If only there was some way that i could get her to get over Nahuel...
No! i couldn't think that. No matter what I simply had to keep her happy. That was what imprinting did to a werewolf like me. God, i only she loved me back. It just hurt so much to see her with that stupid Nahuel. Right now, I was dancing like crazy to songs that Nahuel hated. Simply rocking out and doing air guitar. Ever since Billy died, Bella offered for me to stay with her, Eddie, and Nessie at their house. the bad thign is, Nauhel lived there, too. In fact, we SHARED A ROOM. It was complete torture to look at that moron. But, at least i was the one who most of the time cuddled with Nessie at night. I always smiled at that fact. the reason Edward agreed to Bella's offer was because they knew i was meant to be with their daughter, and Edward's bond with me was stronger than ever. He knew i just wanted his daughter to be happy, though, which is why he didn't interfer with her relationship with Nahuel. He did want me to be with her, though. He was like, like my dad in so many ways. Suddenly, i heard the door open. I quickly spun around an saw Nessie giggling at me while i was in the middle of my air guitar, and the fast that i was shirtless, waring my ducky boxers. "Well, this is awkard," i muttered. i turned the music off and put some shorts on and walked towards Nessie.
"Hey. How ya doin, babe?" i asked her. I always called Nessie that. I had called her that since she was three months old. She liked it when i called her that. I could tell just by the way her face lit up when i said the word. She was the only thing in the world that could ever cheer me up whenever i thought of her stupid boyfriend. "I'm good. Nahuel's taking me to dinner for our three year anniversery!" she said happily. Ever since she turned four, she looked like she was i her teens. That was when i was going to tell her about my imprint that had happened between us, but Nahuel beat me to the punch line. It was like he ahd ripped my heart out and had happily ate it in front of my face. Everyone knew how i had felt after he did that. Bella and Alice always tried to comfort me about it, and sometimes it helped. Alice and Bella were like my little sisters. Rose was..... like my personal devil. She had tried to make me feel better at first, though, which had creeped me out, so she stopped. Emmet just made fun of me and made me laugh. He was just like my twin bro. It felt nice to laugh around him. And Eddie (my nickname for him,) was just like my dad. I groaned after she said that, but quietly so she couldn't hear me. "That's great, Ness," i said with my biggest fake smile.
I heard Nahuel calling for her. "Well, gotta go!" she said cheerfully. Then she pecked me on the cheek, and left. Suddenly, Nahuel came in, and grabbed a tie from his side of the room. "see ya later, wolfy," he said with a mocking grin. Then, he left to go towards Renesmee. "I wish it was our three year anniversery," i muttered under my breath. Then i continued to listen to the music Nauhel hated, happily taking my shorts off so i could dance with my awesome ducky boxers.


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Chapter 7 Part 2
Rensemsee's POV-
I kept my mouth open like that for about an hour. jacob just kept on staring at my eyes.
Me being his imrpint explained everything.
Why he always looked like i was the only thing that mattered in his life, why he used to never look at other pretty girls that passed by the high school hallways...
why everything.
"Jacob... Now you've just made everything more complicated,' i said.
"And why is that?" he asked me.
"because now i have to kiss you... crap," i muttered.
i'm eating so brb and gnna write the rest after i finish eating
Chapter 7 Part 2
Rensemee's POV-
"I honestly don't mind," said Jake with a grin.
I snorted. "Whatever," i said, rolling my eyes.
Then he pulled me into a big bear hug and put his lip on mine.
The kiss was soft and sweet, but i desperately wanted more.
I ecided it was best if i didn't make it more intense.
Then he quietly pulled away.
i got out of his huge arms and we looked at each other.
Then Nahuel burst into the room.
'What the f*** is going on here?!" he snapped.
"Nahuel, I-"
"I don't wanna hear it, Ness. But i do wanna hear this: tell me who you love; me or the mutt,"
Jake growled, stepping a step closer to my fiancee.
"Jake, stop!"
"You know, you tell me who you love, too; me or the wanna-be," he snapped at Nahuel.
"I- I don't know," i said quietly.
"Then tell us once you do know," Nahuel and jaob said at the same time.
Then they both went out of the room, and i plopped myself on the bed, groaning and crying at the same time.

I had decided to go to the Cullen's house instead of my house.
When i got there, i found Jake sleeping on the couch.
Everyone was staring at me. I dcided to stare back.
Their stares were making me nervous.
"What?!' i snapped.
"You know what," my father eplied to me.
"Ugh! I don't wanna talk," then i was gonna go to the couch, but then i remembered that jacob was sleeping on it.
"Dammit," i muttered.
Then, out of nowhere, Jacob reached his arms out at me and pulled half of me on him.
"Um, jacob? Jaooob?" i asked while trying to get out of his arms.
"Nessie," he muttered, then he turned around and i had to be next to him while i was in his arms.
I groaned while emmett was laughing like crazy.
i found a pineapple on the florr (probably the one that i had thrown at him last time,) and thretened it towrads him by holding it and looking ready to throw it.
He grew quiet while shuttering at the memory.
"Fine. I'll stay here until you wake up," i thought to myself.
The i fell asleep in his huge, muscular, arms.

I woke up nugglinng into Jacob's chest. "Ahh!' i screeched, which woke Jake up, too.
I fell off the couch and quickly got up.
"Don't ever do that again," i snapped at him.
"Umm... Ok?' he said, confused.
Then i ran out of the house once more.
And i overheard Dad telling Jake what he had done, and Emmett laughing like crazy, and Jake throwing the pineapple at him.
Write More PLZ It is really funnny!! I Love it
Can u keep me posted when you write More PLZ
i'l write ASAP:-)
Chapter 8
Jacob's POV-
I couldn't believe it. The love of my life was getting married in just one week.
Worst of all, the man she was marrying didn't even love her.
I knew he was just planning something. i simply couldn't stop staring at her ring as my leg was wrapped around hers and we were in the Cullen's backyard.
We had always done this, so it wasn't awkward to be like this.
"Jake," she said softly.
"Yeah, Ness?" i said sfotly back while twirling a lock of her hair.
"do you think i'll make the right desicion?" she said, softer than a whisper.
'I know you'll make the right desicion," i told her.
She turned to face me. "If i don't choose you, will you hate me?" she said softly.
My heart was suddenly and empty black hole. I knew she had chosen Nahuel, but i simply didn't want to believe it.
"I could never possibly hate you," i said softly.
"Well, i chose Nahuel," she said so quietly i amost couldn't hear her.
I started trembling everywhere. I didn't wanna turn right now, but i was simply so upset.
"Ok, then. But just one thing," i said to her.
"Yeah?" she asked me.
"i'm not gonna go to your wedding, ok?" i said.
It was silent for a moment.
"Ok," she finally said, her voice full fo hurt.
I was desperate to cradle her in my arms, to tell hr i would never stop loving her, to explain to her that i knew she loved me back.
But i knew that was impossible.
I knew she could never possibly love me. Why did i even try?
Oh, yeah, 'cause i'm stupid, i thought.
"You're not gonna see me gain until you're wedding's over, ok?" i told her.
"But, Jake-"
"I'm sorry, Nessie... but i gotta go,'
and with that i was off.
sry it's sooo short!:-(
i shall write more tomorrow, i swear!:-)
it´s awsome.. pleas uppdate really soon! :)

WRITE SOON PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 8 part 2
Today was my wedding day. I was so desperately afraid and nervous that all day my palms were sweating. i had decided to cut my curls so right now they reached about half of my back and were a bit layered.
The wrost part about today? Simple:
I couldn't stop thinking about Jacob.
My dad knew exactly what my thoughts were thinking about, so he talked to me the less today.
Alice was quiet while she led me towards where i was going to change into my mom's wedding dress.
She said towait in the room, and i perked my ears up so i could eavesdrop.
"My vision's right! we can't let her do this," alice said to Rose and my mom, her voice in agony.
"Well, no one knows where Jacob is, and she won't listen. It was her choice, alice," Mom said. "BUT THIS ISN'T RIGHT!" Alice screeched.
I knew she was right.
I should have chosen jacob. He and i both knew i loved him the most. I needed him. He needed me.

The wedding started about three hours later. when dad led me towards Nahuel, everything felt completely wrong.
I could tell that this wasn't gonna be pretty.
"You do what you think is right," my dad whispered in my ear.
Then he went to go sit next to Mom.
Time flew by faster than i thought it would.
suddenly, i realized it was my turn to say 'I do.'
"I... don't," i replied to the preacher.
And i could have sworn i heard Emmett smile.
srry it's short but PLZ COMMENT WHEN U READ!:-)
i loveee love loveee love loveee itt keep writinn more. lovee it soo freakinn muchh. i love jacob and he needs nessie soo keep me posted!!!!
please writ more b/c i love ur story


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