The Twilight Saga

                 Everything changed when young Isabella Swan had to change her life after an attempt on her life. Everything started to become normal for her again after a few months of adjustments since moving to Forks. There were things she never expected to happen as she grew up and one of those things was falling in love with a vampire and befriending a wolf who imprinted on her little sister Nevaeh.



                Running and hiding was all what I knew. At the age of six, she was killed by man she didn’t recognize. The man had short blood hair and blood shot eyes: only his irises were red. He didn’t look like a very strong guy when I first looked at him, but he was stronger than I realize. There was this brief instinct to run, but somehow I knew better. I hid my face in the motel room I was in. I made a run for it back to Phoenix so he wouldn’t attack my family. He would only be after me. I also had to leave Edward and his family behind. Alice tried to get me to stop when I said I was leaving. I tried to explain to her that it was the only way to keep the people I love from getting killed. I bit my lip and trembled when I heard the familiar ring tone for the love of my life. I had to keep myself from picking it up while every instinct told me to since he wasn’t there when Alice had the vision of my death. This was the best thing for me. At that very moment, I felt like I belonged in the grave. I shouldn’t have survived when I was little. I snapped my head upwards when I heard a worried conversation outside the door. I got up and placed my ear to the door to hear what was being said.

               “Alice, are you sure she’s even in the motel?” I heard the familiar male voice. I fought the urge to open the door and embrace him in my arms since of the worry in his voice. I heard the exasperated sigh come from him. Alice wasn’t even speaking out loud; she was thinking her words, “Even if she is here, why didn’t you stop her?” There was a loud growling behind the door causing me to move slightly away from it. I felt my heart break when I heard dry sobbing that was just audible to my ears. I hated hurting him, but it was the only way for me to protect my younger sister. I placed a hand over my mouth and felt the tears coming. I didn’t have the guts to write Edward a letter because I knew I wouldn’t have gone through with it if I did. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked behind me. Malcolm was standing right behind me smirking. He whispered something in my ear before heading into the backroom. I looked down before looking back at the door hearing a slight whisper from Edward, but it wasn’t to Alice anymore. “Bells, if you’re in there. Please let me in and we can talk.” There was one thing that barely managed to hear. “I love you.” I placed a hand on the door knob wanting to open it and walk into his arms, but I knew better. I dropped my hand and backed away from the door.

                I felt my heart starting to break once I walked away from the door. I glanced towards the back door before hearing a set footsteps walk down the stairs. I slowly headed towards the window and pulled back the shades to see if he was still standing there. I bit my lip as I saw him lean against the railing with a blank expression on his face except for his eyes. They had his protective nature in them. I smiled a bit to myself when I realized he was hearing Malcolm’s thoughts.  Another thought passed through my head. They were standing close enough to get me in time. I shook my head a little bit and let out a tiny giggle which caused Edward to glance over at the window. I dropped to the floor causing the shade to fall back into place. I knew it was pointless in hiding now since he most likely saw me. I stood back up and reopened the shade a crack. He was still looking at the window. His eyes changed from being protective to loving and his smile was enough to make my heart melt and become alive again. I took another look at the back door. He didn’t seem to be coming out. I glanced back out the window and frowned when he moved. I pulled back the shades all the way to see if he moved closer to the window and sighed when he was nowhere to be found.

               There was no evidence that he was even there. I shook my head when I started to think I was just making it up. I refused to believe that the conversation I heard a few moments ago was in my head. Sure, I didn’t hear Alice, but it didn’t mean that they weren’t here. I dropped the shade again and looked at the floor for a quick second before looking directly at the door. There was a pounding and twisting of the doorknob. I heard the growling again and took a few steps away from the window and towards the couch. My heart started to pound faster, the adrenaline filling my veins. It wasn’t Edward’s growl; it was Malcolm’s. I felt liking running again. I looked towards the door leading to the back room. I let my feet hit the ground and closed that door behind me. I studied the room, trying to find out if there was an exit. My eyes skimmed over a window and froze there. It was high enough for me to climb out. I looked at the door. The front door still carried the weight of the pounding. I sprinted to the window and pulled myself over the ledge. I landed on one of the fire escapes and heard my feet hit the metal stairs till I hit the ground. I stopped and held my heart for a moment. I started walking towards the opening of the alley staring at the ground and felt arms wrap around my waist and pin me to wall in a flash. I felt my heart racing again at the sudden speed my back hit the wall. I opened my mouth to let out a scream, but I felt lips gently press against mine silencing any sound that was about to come out. I felt my body relax and my lips give into the kiss after a minute or two. We stood there for a moment before he pulled away. I closed my eyes as my heart slowed its pace. I felt cold hand cup my hands and pulled it upwards causing me to stare into the golden eyes of the man I loved with every ounce of my being…

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