The Twilight Saga

You can’t be Serious (Collin Imprint story)

    Chapter 1: My Pathetic Life

    Elise’s point of view

    It’s raining. That’s what Kayla, my older cousin said that it does everyday.
    And I thought my life couldn’t get anymore depressing.
    I’m going to spend the summer with Kayla in La Push with her four room mates. Great, I get to live with girls that party all night and sleep all day. My parents said this would build character and hopefully make me more upbeat. About a month ago my boyfriend broke up because apparently there was no chemistry. Oh believe me, there was chemistry, he just wouldn’t get what he wanted from me. My friends tried to convince me that I was better without him but I continued to be depressed. So my parents shipped me off from our suburban life in New York to spend the summer with crazy Kayla.
    The taxi that I was riding in came abruptly to a stop.
    “What’s wrong?” I asked, confused.
    The old, man turned in his seat to look at me. “I can’t drive you any farther.”
    We were pulled over right in front of the Welcome to La Push sign.
    “Just pay me and get out.”
    I sighed, handing him a twenty and then got out to get my suitcase. As soon as it was out, he drove away.

All of sudden it started to rain even harder. “You have got to be kidding me!” I shouted, while opening my suitcase in search of my rain jacket. Dang! It’s at the bottom. I gave up and thought I might as well start walking.
    I swore all the bad words I could think of as I took long strides on the pavement. My feet covered in mud, one of my flip flops broke so I decided to go barefoot. It got worse as a car came speeding past me, splashing muddy water all over me. I gasped. I was completely covered in mud. My white I <3 New York t-shirt is completely brown dripping water. I rub the gross liquid off my face and ignore the disgusting taste in my mouth.
    I suddenly remembered that I have my cell phone.
    “I’m so stupid!” I mumble to myself, looking through a pocket for my cell phone. “YES!” I shout gleefully. I unlock my cosmos and start to scroll through my contacts to K. I press send on Kayla and put it to my ear.
    “I’m sorry but there is no service where you are please try and call again when there is service. Thank you.” Said the calm voice of a woman.

“Are you freakin’ kidding me!” I shouted. “My life has officially hit rock bottom! I lost my boyfriend, I have to waste my summer here and now you have to ruin my clothes.” I whined. I’m not the whining type but my life officially sucks. Hot tears splashed on my cheeks, mixing with the rain water. “Why God? Why?”
    As if on cue, a Toyota truck slowly drove past me.
    I squeezed my eyes shut, expecting to get sprayed again. It never came.
    The truck stopped right in front of me. A girl a few years older then me with dark hair and skin rolled down her window. “Do you need a ride?” She asked.
    I nodded furiously.
    The girl leaned across the passenger seat to open the door for me.
    I climbed in, and threw my stuff in the backseat.
    She started to drive down the road. “By the way I’m Leah.”
    “So, you uh, from around here?” She asked.
    I shook my head.
    She slightly grinned. “You look like a city girl. Plus your blond hair and blue eyes makes you stand out here.”
    I sighed. “I’m spendin’ the summer with my wacko cousin and her odd friends.”
    She stiffled a laugh. “You can sleep over at my house sometimes.” She paused. “I don’t really get along with people well, but I’m getting a good vibe from you.”  
    I smiled. “Aw that’s sweet!” I liked the idea of having a normal girlfriend here. “Hey, Leah, where are we going?”

She bit her lip, deep in thought. “Um, we’re going to my friends house because you obviously don’t know where your cousin lives and I forgot my phone.”
    “Your friends aye?” I say laughing.
    She rolled her eyes. “Yeah, let’s just say, they aren’t my first choice in friends. We’re kinda um, connected in a way, so we are kinda forced to be friends. Just remember when you meet them. I didn’t have a choice.”
    “They can’t be that bad can they?” I mean, why else would she make her friends this big of a deal.
    “It’s just,” she paused deep in thought. “Most people freak out when they see them.”
    I laughed. “Now I really want to meet them.”
    “Well, now you can.”
    The truck stopped in a run down driveway in front of a dark, blue house.

    “I’m guessing this is your friends house?” I say turning to look at Leah.

     “Yep.” Leah says getting out of the car and into the rain.

























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let me know if I should continue!
write more and keep me updated!!
defo keep it going!!
Chapter 2: Clean Clothes

“Can I leave my stuff in the truck?” I shouted to Leah.

She nods and motions for me to get out.

I groan, not wanting to get wet again. I step out to be pelted by hail, the size of nickels. I shrieked, because it hurt so much. Leah thankfully grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the storm. My whole body is sore and red from the hail.

“You okay?” Leah asked, she handed me a towel to dry myself.

I stiffly nodded.

Leah didn’t even get hurt from the hail. Weird.

“Hey uh, can I take a shower? I need to change clothes, I feel all gross!” I ask.

“Yeah. Follow me.” She went up the stairs and turned left to a little room with a shower. “Wait here.” She walked out to another room. Leah came back with a clean t-shirt and shorts. “Towels are there and the shower is pretty easy to use.” With that she left.

“Wait. Leah!” I shouted.

Leah came back in the room in blink of the eye. “Yeah?”

“Where’s your legendary friends that you wanted me to meet?”

She laughed. “They’ll be here any minute.” She left again.

I stripped, and climbed into the shower. I turned it on hot and washed away all the dirt and grime on my body.

I got out feeling calm and relaxed. I changed into the light, blue t-shirt and a pair of black shorts.

My shoulder length blond hair is frizzy and tangled. My dark, blue eyes look wild.
I glared at my reflection and walked down the stairs. I sat on one of the couches and bit one of my nails, wondering if Kayla’s worried at all.
“Um, who are you?” A man with black hair and no shirt on.
I looked up to realize I’m in a room filled with strangers.
this is so good!!!.......keep me updated! ...:)
Thanks Ashley! I will keep you updated!
Chapter 3: Is the staring necessary?

“Uh, where’s Leah?” I ask, looking around frantically, trying to avoid eye contact with the five strangers.

“She went to the store. She’ll be back soon,” said one of the guys.
“Oh yeah, you’re the hitch hiker Leah picked up.” One of them said.
“Who would’ve thought Leah to be the kind soul to pick up hitch hikers?”
They all laughed.
“I wasn’t hitch hiking,” I mumbled. “So you guys must be the legendary friends that Leah was telling me about.”
They looked at each other for a moment.
“What’d she tell you?” One of them finally spoke up.
I shrugged my shoulders. “Hey do you have a phone I could use?”
One of them pointed to the door.
I really need to learn their names.
I got up and walked out of the room, in search of a phone. I found a small, black phone and dialed my home number.
“Hello?” My older sister said in her high pitched voice.
“Karlee, it’s me.” I say.
“Hey Elise! How’s rainy La Push?” She asked in her bubbly voice.
I groaned. “Horrible. My life sucks! Hey can you tell me Kayla’s number? I kinda have some phone problems right now.”
“Sure!” She tells me the number and I scribble the numbers in my messy hand writing on my hand.
“Thanks Karl! I’ll call you later when I get to Kayla’s!” I hung up, missing my over energized older sister.
I walked right into somebody.
I fell and the guy kindly helped me stand up.
“Who was that?” He asked looking at the phone.
I stared at him. “My sister?” It came out as a question.
“Oh. I’m Brady by the way,” he said and then walked away.
I called Kayla’s cell number.
“Hey, this is Kayla! Well, you probably know that, but if you didn’t, don’t call again or we will make you a human sacrifice! Beep!” There was giggling from girls in the back round the whole time.

Human sacrifice? weirdo.

I sighed. “Hey Kayla it’s me, Elise, your fav cousin! Um, I’m kinda lost, and I guess I’ll try calling you later. Bye.”

I walked back in the living room and all the guys looked away from a basketball game on the tv to me.

I started pacing back and forth, trying to figure out what I’m gonna do.

The door opened, I turned towards it expecting the person to be Leah.
Instead another tall, guy with dark hair. He’s wearing a dark, red t-shirt and a black, leather jacket. “I just had the best date of-,” he started but stopped when he saw me pacing.
“Who’s that?” He whispered.
“She’s a hitch hiker Leah picked up.”
I could feel them staring at me. I tried to ignore them, but I just couldn’t. “You know, staring is rude!” I grumbled, still pacing.
“Yeah, and walking around in someones house is rude too.” The guy that just walked in retorted.
I glared at him. “Fine. I’ll leave.” I start to walk to the door and walk outside. It’s dark but not raining anymore.
I bet, I could find my way to Kayla’s house.
I looked for Leah’s truck but realized she mustv’e taken it to the store.
It starts pouring again.
That’s when I saw the truck pull into the driveway.
Leah got out and grinned when she saw me. “Why are you outside? The storm is supposed to be getting worse.”
A breeze came and brushed my knotted hair into my face. “Your friends were jerks.”
She groaned. “Sorry they’re just really hungry!” She says grabbing four huge bags of food.
I helped her carry in my stuff and the groceries, apparently it’s to dangerous on the road so Leah insisted that I sleep over.
We walked back in and they stole all the food.
Leah whispered something to Brady.
“Sorry how we were acting,” I think Brady said with a mouthful of chips.
“Ew! Say it don’t spray it!” I say sticking my tongue out at him.
They all laughed.
“So, Elise, did you meet everyone?” Leah asked in between bites of a sandwich.
I shook my head.
We’re all spread out in the living room. Me and Leah on the floor, the rest on the couch or in chairs..
“That’s Quil, Embry, Jared, Paul, Brady and Collin.” She pointed each out.
All are shirtless except Collin.
“Nice to meet you guys.” I say, trying hard not to frown. I mean they are cute and everything but I came here to get away from guys. Not to be surrounded.
Collin was looking everywhere except at me.
“So, Collin,” Paul started, “how was your date?”
Everyone faced Collin waiting for his reaction.
“Um,” his dark, brown eyes flickered to mine for a moment before he looked away and grinned the handsomest smile I’ve ever seen, “it was amazing. I think Chloe could last a little longer then most of the girls I date.”
He is a player. Figures.
I groaned getting up to go throw my plate away. “Please tell me you guys aren’t all players.”

“Well,” Quil says when I get back, “the only player here is Collin.”

“Yep,” Collin says playfully punching Quil in the shoulder, “and proud of it.”

“How can you be proud of that lifestyle? It’s sick and gross!” I say making a face.

“See?” Leah says motioning to me. “This is why we need another girl because she agrees with me completely on everything.”

I high fived Leah.
My phone’s ring tone went off in my suitcase.

I blushed and got up to go get it.

Max. My ex boyfriend.

I bite my thumb nail, deciding if I should pick it up. We haven’t talked since the breakup.

“Who is it?” Leah asked, obviously curious.

I sighed. “My ex boyfriend.”

“Ooh, I see your dilemma.” She paused weighing my options. “I think you should let him leave a message and call him back.”

I was itching to pick up and see why he called me.

“I disagree with Leah. I think you should pick it up,” Collin says speaking up.

“Why do you care?” I ask glaring at Collin.

“You’re the one who voiced your opinion in my personal life, so I’m just returning the favor.”

I rolled my eyes, deciding to listen Leah and not pick up my cell phone. I plopped back on the floor next to Leah. “Wait so whose house is this?” I say trying to make conversation.
“Embry, Quil, and Jake.” Leah said.
“I better go uh, call my cousin again,” I say getting up and going back to the kitchen.
I get her voice mail again. “Hey Kayla. It’s mwa again and I just wanted to let you know that I found a place to spend the night. So no need to worry. Um, I guess I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” I say hanging up.
Since I’m here, I might as well listen to Max’s message.
“Hey, Lise, it’s me, uh, Max. Um, I heard you were going out of town, and I just wanted to talk to you. It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve heard your voice. So call me back. I miss you, Lise.”
My jaw dropped.
It’s as if my prayers have been answered. He wants to take me back.
This is really nice keep me updated :-)
its fab!!love it!!update soon
koolsz.keep meh updated
me too!!
Your story sounds good! keep me updated!


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