The Twilight Saga

This is going to be a Jacob and Renesmee story. 

Jacob grabbed my hands in his. "You don't have to love me."

I looked into his eyes. "I know. But...I do."


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You HAVE to write more!
thanks! i will!
aww thats soo sweet
I'm writing more soon! Anybody have any ideas for a good plotline?
It sounds really good! I really can't wait for the first chapter.I love Jacob and Renesmee stories.
thanks! i'm going to start it soon! and i love their stories too!
You Don’t Have To Love Me

I grew up in a…dysfunctional family. Well, everyone got along, most of the time, but it was just different from other’s families. First, off their all vampires. Yeah, that’s right. Vampires. But not the scary ones who kill people all the time. They’re the pretty ones that are so called ‘vegetarians’. That only means they drink animal blood.
So there are them. Then there is my grandpa Charlie. He’s human. He doesn’t know really anything about vampires, but he knows something is up.
And there are also the wolves. I consider them family too.
Jacob was a werewolf. But he was also one of my best friends. He was there for me since birth. No lie.
I didn’t really know why he was always there for me. I thought it was just because he loved me like family or a best friend. But that wasn’t even half of it. The whole story I found out on my seventh birthday aka my seventeenth birthday. But wait…I am getting way ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning.

---chapter one will come when you....COMMENT!
thanks! oh, and i'm thinking about your idea. I'm probably going to make it a separate story, though. But it and this story will be part of The Imprint Chronicles.

Chapter One:

“Happy Birthday!” I was woken up with those words being yelled. Not the way to start out my morning.
My whole family was standing at the foot of my bed smiling.
“You do know I am a teenage girl. And that means, I like sleeping in and not having my whole family in my room as soon as I wake up,” I told them.
“We know.” Alice grinned. She turned to everyone else. “You heard her! Scoot!”
Everyone but Alice left me in peace. Well, not really peace, considering I was still with Alice.
She grabbed my hand pulling out of bed. “Come on! It’s your birthday for crying out loud! Time to celebrate! Now, what to wear, what to wear.”
“Oh! How about that new pink top with the cream flippy skirt and my cute brown boots?”
She started digging through my closet, in no time coming out with the outfit I had picked out.

---i'll finish up chapter one when i get more comments!
i will!


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