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When i think of bella and edwards relationship as humans i want to see a fun bestfriend/love relationship! i want to see them make a mess in a kitchen together, dance and sing like weirdos, and have inside jokes! i dont want it to be dramatic and impossible for them to be together! i want to see what it would be like for them to be love struck happy teenagers together without having any problems or bad times so im bringing that dream of mine to life... You Make Me Smile




 Edward and I...the story between us could go on forever so im going to give you the short version...We were little kids together in elementary school and middle school. We went to every birthday party, we had sleepovers, we played tag, we played outside and made a mess, but most of all we were best friends! That ofcourse changed at one point when we found out our feelings had grown to something more...but i like our happy story.... You´re better then the best I´m lucky just to linger in your light Cooler then the flip side of my pillow that´s right He looked at me and winked i laughed. Completely unaware Nothing can compare to where you send me Lets me know that it´s ok yeah it´s ok And the moments where my good times start to fade You make me smile like the sun Fall out of bed sing like bird Dizzy in my head spin like a record Crazy on a Sunday night You make me dance like a fool Forget how to breathe Shine like gold buzz like a bee Just the thought of you can drive me wild Ohh you make me smile The song Smile came onto the radio but Edward had decided to sing the first verse so i joined in at the chorus. "Ohh you make me smile." i sang to him and then started to laugh when he turned off the radio and grabbed the hose. "Edward Cullen you put that hose down right now or so help you i will..." I looked around for a weapon and found the bucket of suds left from washing his volvo and picked it up. He grinned wickedley at the challenge and i knew i was about to lose the battle...but i would win the war. "EDWARD!" I screamed as he sprayed me giving me no mercy. So when he stopped i walked over to him with the bucket, he was about to make a run for it when i dumped the dirt filled water all over him. He spit out some water and we both started laughing histerically. "You evil little girl! you know now i will have to punish you..." he said. I glared at him. "You wouldn't." I said getting scared as he stood up. "Oh but i would! MUAHAHA!" He laughed like an evil villan as he lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder, i started to scream and kick. "Edward! Put me down before i call charlie out here to arrest you!" I yelled but giggled at him. "Nahh i dont think i will besides charlie loves me too." He laughed. It was true though charlie was like his partial father like carlisle was to me. I sighed in defeat but started up again as we got to the destination that his evil mind had come up with. He handed me to the one person who could humiliate me for hours, who could make me cry from laughing, and the one i feared the most. "YAY! I GET TO PLAY WITH BELSY!!" Emmett yelled as i stared at him in horror. "I will be avenged i tell you!! avenged!!" I yelled at edward as i started to squirm around in emmetts arms. Edward sat to watch the show and i glared at him as emmett held me upside down from my ankle. Edward started to laugh as my face turned red from the blood rushing to my head. Then emmett put me back right side up but didnt let go because i would have ran. Then the REAL torture began as he started to tickle me and i started crying from laughing so hard and then it stopped for two seconds. I was about to get up when Edward came over and pinned me down and tickled me some more. "STOP- PLEASE--I'M--BEGGING--YOU!!!! i said in between fits of laughter. I could hear him laughing too and he finally stopped and lifted me up. I glared at him and he looked all innocent at me. "What did I do? I am innocent i tell you! that was an imposter that gave you to emmett! i swear!!" "Yea tell it to the judge!" I said to him as i fake punched him. So he fake punched me back and it started a whole fight and by the end edward had a bruise on his chest. He knew he wouldnt hear the end of it from Emmett which i laughed evilly at. "Okay okay you got your how about i take the evil master mind to lunch?" he asked still laughing from today's events. "Oooohh! lets go fancy!" We both started laughing histerically. Soon we pulled up to McDonalds and we started laughing all over again at our fancy feast we had called it, you know like the cat food. We ordered our food and started heading home when i changed the radio station and the song insomnia came on by craig david and we started singing. Because i can't sleep til you're next to me No i can't live without you no more Oh i stay up til you're next to me Til this house feels like it did before Feels like insomnia ah ah, feels like insomnia ah ah Feels like insomnia ah ah, feels like insomnia ah ah




YES chapter 26 IS missing (sorry guys) leave me a message with an email adress! i will send it IF i can find it my whole hard drive was wiped out and its missing so im searching for it thanks!

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Chapter 2 BPOV

I Never Knew...

"You know we are awesome singers we could start a band!" I said while sitting sideways in the seat next to him while he drove. He laughed. I shrugged as i took another drink of my dr.pepper. That was always my favorite drink and edwards was always root beer so we'd mix them together before we drank them, i had to say that it was pretty freakin delish. I wondered if that was like me and edward, and that we just tasted good together. I laughed at my own thought. he looked at me funny and i just shook my head and he stuck his tongue out at me.

"You know edward, i just remembered prom is in a couple of days and we both dont have dates you want to go with me again?" I laughed at the memory of me and edward falling all over the place on the dance floor from my lack of balance.

"Sure! I'd rather go with you than hear what nasty stuff Jessica had planned and then have to tell her no." He shivered and i cracked up so hard i almost cried.

I sighed. "So are you staying in the guest room so we can hang out until we pass out from exhaustion?" Edward stayed over all the time, ofcourse not in the same room anymore because of Charlie and all but we would hang out all the time and sometimes Alice would come over too.

"Yea i have nothing better to do anyways." I gasped faking hurt.

"I'm sorry Edward if you dont wanna hang out with your best fran then you dont have to if im such a bother to you." I was doing good on this acting thing he was acctually believing that he had hurt my feelings.

"Bella you know i didn't mean it like that...gosh me and my stupid mouth i was seriously just messing around...Bella?" I was smiling hugely with tears about to spill over from my silent laughter and then i started really laughing when he pulled into the drive way.

"Bella! seriously?! Wow..." was all he had to say. I just patted his head and got out of the car with happy meal in hand.

After we ate we were just watching a movie when i heard a knock on Edwards door and went to answer it. It was Jessica ofcourse here to ask him to...god knows what so i had a little plan that i knew edward would follow.

"Hey Jessica look what do you want now?" I asked faking boredom when acctually i was really excited inside for my plan to unfold.

"Yea um is Edward here? i wanted to see if he wanted to go to the dance with me." She said but i stopped her right there.

"Haha, um, yeah, see the thing is jessica he is going to the dance with me and we are sorta together now so BACK OFF." I said stringing out the words back off, then edward came up, i knew he had heard everything and knew my plan.

"Hey Honey who's at the door?" He asked while wrapping his arms around my waist in a hugging sorta way. "Oh hey Jessica what do you want?" He asked her while looking slightly annoyed and amused cause i knew he was.

"Umm, uhh...well i wanted to know if you wanted to go to the dance with me lauren and eric." She asked still not giving up.

"Jessica, me and Bella are together and ofcourse we are going together!" He said to her like it was an obvious fact.

"HAH! you two are seriously dating?" She asked not believing us. We nodded. "Okay if you guys are really dating then kiss each other right now!" She yelled at us i was shocked and she could tell but edward apparently had a different idea. He spun me around and kissed me. But before i knew it i had my hands in his hair and we were making out with Jessica standing on his porch with her mouth hanging open. We didn't stop until she left either.

When he kissed me i thought that we could be something more. He wrapped his arms around me while still kissing me and shut the door with his foot. He was carrying me over to the couch when i laughed and he broke off. He was staring at me so intensly like i was missing something really obvious.

"Now you know." was all he said as he got up and headed to the kitchen. I followed him. What did he mean that now i knew?

"What do you mean now i know?" I asked and he spun around and grabbed both sides of my waist.

"BELLA! How do you not know?! I have been COMPLETELY in love with you since the eighth grade! Dont you remember when i beat up Mike after he tried to kiss you without your permission in 9th grade?! i was so jealous that he could simply tell you how he felt about you without having to worry about losing something special! When Jessica came to the door and i heard what you told her i was ecstatic and then i finally got my chance, she tole me to kiss you and ofcourse i wasnt going to argue with that! Bella look at me! and listen to what i am saying, i. love. you. but it doesnt matter because obviously i just lost my friendship with you! and after all that we've been through i-" he couldnt finish because i had already jumped onto him kissing him and he crashed into the counter behind him.
this is tooo cute.....a budding romance with just the fun stuff is great...please keep me posted
iam insulted how didnt u tell me about ur fanfict well first thing first i like the bff relatioship between bells and eddie
Eddie is funny
and awh he beat up mike newton wow thats romatic how can bella not know i mean nothing says love than beating someone because that some one tried to kiss u common well
liking th story
ps i am still offended u didnt tell me lol just kiddding

btw Mconalds its not fancy uu know whats fancy bying some tacos from the corner lol
now thats what i called Bon Appetite
hahaha!! sorry i had to post and get off! and its brand new its like...a day old! haha and i know i like eddie funny he's shweet :P and thank you!
Write more soon keep me updated!
I totally love this! It remaids me of me and my best friend just not the kissing part. Like the other day we got in a otter pop fight and a mud fight while going swimming! lol

I love how is carefree and this is just great!

Luv Mandi♥
how do u get your writein to chane colors?
Oh S*%#@!!!!!


haha i know i love it too!
LOVE IT..!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you! i have school so after school ill try and write more :D
OMG! You MUST write more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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