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When i think of bella and edwards relationship as humans i want to see a fun bestfriend/love relationship! i want to see them make a mess in a kitchen together, dance and sing like weirdos, and have inside jokes! i dont want it to be dramatic and impossible for them to be together! i want to see what it would be like for them to be love struck happy teenagers together without having any problems or bad times so im bringing that dream of mine to life... You Make Me Smile




 Edward and I...the story between us could go on forever so im going to give you the short version...We were little kids together in elementary school and middle school. We went to every birthday party, we had sleepovers, we played tag, we played outside and made a mess, but most of all we were best friends! That ofcourse changed at one point when we found out our feelings had grown to something more...but i like our happy story.... You´re better then the best I´m lucky just to linger in your light Cooler then the flip side of my pillow that´s right He looked at me and winked i laughed. Completely unaware Nothing can compare to where you send me Lets me know that it´s ok yeah it´s ok And the moments where my good times start to fade You make me smile like the sun Fall out of bed sing like bird Dizzy in my head spin like a record Crazy on a Sunday night You make me dance like a fool Forget how to breathe Shine like gold buzz like a bee Just the thought of you can drive me wild Ohh you make me smile The song Smile came onto the radio but Edward had decided to sing the first verse so i joined in at the chorus. "Ohh you make me smile." i sang to him and then started to laugh when he turned off the radio and grabbed the hose. "Edward Cullen you put that hose down right now or so help you i will..." I looked around for a weapon and found the bucket of suds left from washing his volvo and picked it up. He grinned wickedley at the challenge and i knew i was about to lose the battle...but i would win the war. "EDWARD!" I screamed as he sprayed me giving me no mercy. So when he stopped i walked over to him with the bucket, he was about to make a run for it when i dumped the dirt filled water all over him. He spit out some water and we both started laughing histerically. "You evil little girl! you know now i will have to punish you..." he said. I glared at him. "You wouldn't." I said getting scared as he stood up. "Oh but i would! MUAHAHA!" He laughed like an evil villan as he lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder, i started to scream and kick. "Edward! Put me down before i call charlie out here to arrest you!" I yelled but giggled at him. "Nahh i dont think i will besides charlie loves me too." He laughed. It was true though charlie was like his partial father like carlisle was to me. I sighed in defeat but started up again as we got to the destination that his evil mind had come up with. He handed me to the one person who could humiliate me for hours, who could make me cry from laughing, and the one i feared the most. "YAY! I GET TO PLAY WITH BELSY!!" Emmett yelled as i stared at him in horror. "I will be avenged i tell you!! avenged!!" I yelled at edward as i started to squirm around in emmetts arms. Edward sat to watch the show and i glared at him as emmett held me upside down from my ankle. Edward started to laugh as my face turned red from the blood rushing to my head. Then emmett put me back right side up but didnt let go because i would have ran. Then the REAL torture began as he started to tickle me and i started crying from laughing so hard and then it stopped for two seconds. I was about to get up when Edward came over and pinned me down and tickled me some more. "STOP- PLEASE--I'M--BEGGING--YOU!!!! i said in between fits of laughter. I could hear him laughing too and he finally stopped and lifted me up. I glared at him and he looked all innocent at me. "What did I do? I am innocent i tell you! that was an imposter that gave you to emmett! i swear!!" "Yea tell it to the judge!" I said to him as i fake punched him. So he fake punched me back and it started a whole fight and by the end edward had a bruise on his chest. He knew he wouldnt hear the end of it from Emmett which i laughed evilly at. "Okay okay you got your how about i take the evil master mind to lunch?" he asked still laughing from today's events. "Oooohh! lets go fancy!" We both started laughing histerically. Soon we pulled up to McDonalds and we started laughing all over again at our fancy feast we had called it, you know like the cat food. We ordered our food and started heading home when i changed the radio station and the song insomnia came on by craig david and we started singing. Because i can't sleep til you're next to me No i can't live without you no more Oh i stay up til you're next to me Til this house feels like it did before Feels like insomnia ah ah, feels like insomnia ah ah Feels like insomnia ah ah, feels like insomnia ah ah




YES chapter 26 IS missing (sorry guys) leave me a message with an email adress! i will send it IF i can find it my whole hard drive was wiped out and its missing so im searching for it thanks!

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ahhhh write more plzzzzzzzz also i think u should write a second book to this. it would be perfect
SORRY SORRY! AHH! DX ive been gone forever i know i know im such a meanie sorry :( im writing now and i noticed someone suggested a second book? :O thanks! im glad you like it so much! :) you guys are great im really acctually suprised i still have readers considering i take years to even say guys are the best for sticking around! im posting more today pinky promise! im deffinatley not sure on a sequel because you know how some people write second books and they just arent as good? i dont want that to happen so im writing asap posting today im not sure that it will be the full chapter though cause i had planned on making it very long this last chapter...thanks for sticking around guys! <3 you make me smile!

:) morgan
the next part to the chapter NOT THE END YET! dont worry writing more now and im gonna post more of this later today no worries thanks all!

"Isabella Swan! Get out of your bed...before you have to put assault charges against me!" I heard Alice yell through her teeth. What did i do?!

"Alice! It's eight in the morning! And Edward and I were just getting off the plane..." I said half awake remembering the dream.

"Trust me Bella you do NOT want me to touch you right now." She said more calm like. I turned over and gasped.

"OH MY LORD ALICE! put...that...down...slowly and calm." I said to her. In her devious little hands she held probably the biggest and coldest bucket of water known to mankind.

"Are you going to get out of bed?" She asked with a scary glint in her eye.

"Yes! I will Alice just put it down...please! Not on my wedding day!" I said pleading with her with all that i had. I got up with my hands up palm forward as if i were showing a cop i didnt have a weapon. She started putting it down and I sighed. And then screamed. She still threw it on me ofcourse. You can't underestimate Alice. "ALICE CULLEN!" I screeched as I spit out a mouth full of water. "CHARLIE! I would like you to put this evil little girl under arrest!" I yelled as I opened my bedroom door and started walking down the stairs.

"What did I do mommy?!" I heard a little voice at the bottom of the stairs. She was already dolled up for the wedding.

"Aww! Your so pretty Belly!" I ran up to pick her up and she took an automatic step backwards.

"YOUR NOT!" She screamed and giggled. "I don't think daddy is going to want to marry you if you look like you jumped in the pool with your clothes on!" She giggled and I rolled my eyes, something I got from Edward.

"Thank you so much i feel better now! And I look like this because your evil little AUNT! Threw a bucket of water on me." I said pointing at her at the top of the stairs she was filing her nails.

"What?" She said with a grin. I sighed and looked back at my daughter who seemed even more amused.

"So thats why Ali had me fill that bucket of water?" She said while tilting her head to the side...she is lucky she is adorable...or she wouldn't be very pretty either.


"I freaking LOVE you Alice!" I squealed as I carefully touched my perfectly sculpted face trying not to smear the makeup. Everything looked so natural but she managed to cover up every imperfection on my face. My hair was stacked on my head with a simple curl on each side of my face. I was beautiful and today would be the one day i would brag about it. It was my day today and I was going to live it up. But of course as soon as i heard a piano playing my knees started to shake and I had to breathe deeply to keep myself calm...and standing.

"I've been known for creating miracles." She said admiring her own work. She helped me strap on the shoes and put the final touches of makeup on herself.

"Thank you so much Alice, you look great by the way and so did Bells." I said giving her one final hug as Isabella Swan.

"Bella we need to get going or else there will be dozens of people staring at an empty stairway!" Charlie called.

"Alice you should be going down righ-" I started.

"Now I know, I know. Have the best day of your life ALMOST sister." She grinned, air kissed my cheek, obviously trying not to smudge her work, and walked carefully down the stairs in her light purple dress. We had chosen the colors white and purple for this long awaited day. I took a deep breathe as I locked my arm with Charlies. I sent Bells down before us though her being the flower girl and all. She was of course the cutest thing ever and you could hear all the "Aww's" floating up the stairs. I could see her blushing now.

The wedding march started and my heart went into double time and I could feel the nervousness causing persperation. I took another deep breathe as we took the first step down the stairs to my future.

hurry up please i want her baby to be born it should be a boy here i will help you eith names
Edward Jr.
Jem(combination of jasper and emmett
i will write about the baby being born sorry im taking forever on the wedding haha heres more on the wedding EDWARDS POV btw


"Does this look okay? Nothings wrong right everythings going smoothly? Where is Alice and Little Bells?! She should be here telling me nothing is wrong and since shes not all i can think is something has gone wrong and I-" I rambled my pulse pounding in my ears as Emmett cut me off.

"Edward Cullen! You are getting married today! this should be one of the best days of your life no one is here to ruin this for you! Everything has been going perfectly down there and in about ten minutes your bride will be walking down the stairs with your future father in law! Calm...down." He said resting his hands on both of my shoulders. I breathed out once and gripped a chunk of my hair.

"Good job and we just finished fighting with your crazy hair and now look at what you've done! Come over here I will fix it AGAIN!" Jasper yelled holding a bottle of hairspray out looking just a bit gay. I snickered and let him style my hair again apologizing.

"I'm just nervous guys! Geez!" I laughed and leaned against a wall when i started hearing the living room getting more and more quiet. My heart skipped a few beats as i stood up completely straight.

Emmetts phone went off, he had one of those phones like walkie talkies and we heard Alice talking through it. "Get Edward out there now we are about to start and he better be perfect or so help me God i will hang you in one of the trees by your feet!" She said deadly serious into the phone. They both grabbed one of my arms and basically dragged me out to the spot Bella would soon be standing in front of me. The music started and it all went silent.

Little Bells came slowly down the stairs blushing bright red. As soon as she saw the crowd she walked a little faster throwing flowers to the floor in her haste. Her hair was pinned up in curls and she looked more adorable than i had ever seen her. I smiled widely as she hurredly gave me a hug and the AWW's went wild, she went and sat down next to my parents. Alice had already come down and had given me an approving look as she went to her place. She was wearing a small head set that was very unnoticable that probably ten other people were wearing such as the caterers outside the our house setting up.

Then Bella came down the stairs. She was glowing but blushing at the same time watching closely each of her steps as she gripped her fathers arm tightly. She was more beautiful than i had ever seen her and I knew even more right then that she was the one for me. She slowly lifted her face as she landed on the last step and her eyes met mine. Her hair was perfectly styled and her dress fit her form just nicely. We had all told Alice she needed a form fitting dress in fears that she would trip and fall. Alice had reluctantly agreed, since she didnt get to give her a long to the floor dress like she had wished there were many beautiful designs all around the dress. Even though i had heard all of this i couldnt even pull my eyes away from hers to even glance at the dress.

Bella had begged not to have us to write our own vows to each other she had known she would be embarrassed if she had to say anything or if i said anything to her so a few days before we had made vows and said them to each other with no one else around. I found it to be alot more romantic that way. We repeated after the minister, and Bella squeezed my hands. Both of our faces were streaming with tears and i felt acctually pathetic that i was crying but at that moment i didnt care that Emmett and Jasper would give me crap about it later.

"I do." She said taking a hand away to quickly wipe her face. Alice had obviously planned for this, waterproof makeup.

"You may now kiss the bride." Was all i heard before our lips touched and the cheering began. I could feel her smiling under my lips right before we parted and smiled at each other. We were officialy husband and wife. I grabbed her hand and we all headed to the backyard.
love it
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww love it
awww. loved it :) bells is so cute. and alice is so evil. hahah :)
I loved it soo much!! i cant wait till the baby is born:):)
So cutr finally they got marry. I been waiting for this
Awesome chapter!!! YAY!!! They're married!!! XDDDDDDD
Loved it!


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