The Twilight Saga

Chapter one;

I knew she was mine from the moment I walked in. I had forgotten about voluntarily leaving Jacob's pack, and only knew of Her. She had medium brown hair, with gold undertones. Her skin was slightly tanne, but pale enough to see the flush in her face. Her hair fell in thick waves to almost her waist, looking soft and warm. When I first saw her, she was surrounded by a couple pople. four girls, and five guys. She was talking to a guy about a couple inches taller then her, with bleached blonde hair and deeply tanned skin. She was holding her waist with one hand, the other was in her hair by her ear, and she was laughing. He was lughing too, and then she hugged him. The laughing stopped, and he looked kind of ... sad. He put hs head in her hair, closed his eyes, and sighed. She ppulled back, and looked away. All I heard was, "Jez, I can't do this anymore," to her. It was sharp, clear, and hurt despite the anger.

I went into the councellors office, across the hall where her group was. I learned later, it basically was her group. A guy about a foot taller then both of them came over, "Jay, she's trying," he said. His voice was deep, he sounded about 17, "Trying what? To hurt me more?" the other guy, Jay, demanded. "Jay, I'm sorry," she-Jez-said pleadingly. Looking back, I saw her ice blue eyes were wide and tear-filled. "I'm trying to. I'm trying to watch you go through guys like chips, while I'm left here as your bestfriend. I'm not River, I'm not gay!" he nearly shouted. "She doesn't go through guys like chips, Jay, you know that!" the tall guy said. "River, just stay out of it" Jay yelled. The secratary gave me my schedule, and I went out into the hall.

Jay threw a fist at River, and I had to step in. "Hey, uhm, whats the problem here?" I asked. "How about you mind you own bus-" he looked up at me, a uber buff guy 2 entire feet taller then him. He swallowed, "Uh-no problem here," he said, walking away tensely. I looked around, "Sorry if you wanted to brawl, I-uhm-" I looked around awkwardly, realizing what I just did. I heard a little sniffle, "He-He's a jerk anyway, don't worry," a small femanine voice said. I looked up. "Hi, I'm Jez, or Jezzy," she said shyly. "Seth," I said quickly.

River smiled, "Well, Seth, I'm River. I'll let you know now, only bout a couple people in our group are straight. The rest are bi, mostly, then me, Kallie, Jayde, Hunter, and Fen are gay," he smiled a little. "You're okay with that, right? We wont get and crap from you?" he asked, looking kinda worried. I shook my head, "I don't get the whole homophobia thing," I said. He smiled, "This is Gabby, Lauren, Kallie, Jayde, Hunter, Fen, and Drake," he said, introducing everybody,

The bell rang, and I looked around. Jez looked at me "You're new right?" she giggled a little, "I was too, last year, what class you have?" she asked. "Science 1o with Mr Jensen," I said. She smiled, "Me too, I'll walk with you," she said, smiling. I smiled back, and shrugged. We walked towards the stairs, and I heard;

"I think Jezzy just called dibs..."

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Its not long.. And my grammar and spelling are kind of horrible.. But I tried :3

This is a good start to what could be a great story. I like it. Its a Seth imprint story right? Its good

Lol uhmm yeah :3 it is..


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