The Twilight Saga

This will be just a story filled with drama.With all the Twilight characters,and some of my own.

Almost all these wolves have imprints,but,that doesn't stop them from staying with the ones they loved before,even if it kills them.

And for the Cullens...Well,this is all I'm saying...Everyone has a secret...And I will be adding a few of my own vampire characters into here too. tehe. Hope you like it.OH AND BTW,theres no certain time line according to the its not after any of them...


Chapter 1.

Jake P.O.V

I kicked at the sand,as I walked down the shore of First Beach. This whole imprinting thing...Is supposed to be RarE, not some sort of disease. More then half the pack has an imprint. What the hell is up with that?! Does that make any sense? Rare, or a highly contageous disease? I would like to say rare,but it's not. It's like a flu, some sort of sickness that's getting past around. It's disgusting. Of course, I haven't imprinted yet. I'm not planning on it either. It's just stupid, no one is supposed to end up with happy ending this fast. It's so unreal. But, then again I'm like the only one without an imprint, besides Embry,Brady,and Collin. See that, 4/10 wolves are single. 4 out of 10! That's insane!!

I frowned, and looked up at the sky, my eyes skimmed across someone in the distance before they settled on the pink,orange,and purple sky. It was only about 8 o'clock at night. Usually everyone is out, but tonight, it was completely vacant. I looked back down, but, my eyes rested on the figure sitting in the sand not only a few meters away. A girl. Great just what I needed to see at a time like this?! I looked away, but something drew me back to her. She was ... I've never seen her here before... I sighed, and decided to introduce myself.

I walked the 5 steps over to her, and crossed my arms.

"Are you new here?" I asked,just making sur

She looked up at me, her eyes are green, her hair dark brown and wavy,that went down to her shoulders. Her skin a sweet caramel tone, her lips were a soft pink rounded in a perfect way,her bottom lip only a little fuller then the top.

She smiled a little,her teeth a brilliant white against her caramel tone,she nodded,"Yeah...I,uh, just moved here,yesterday." She explained, and stood up,"I'm Audrey."

I smiled back,"I'm Jacob...Call me Jake,if that's what you prefer...But, maybe we get to know eachother more before we come out with the nickname..."

She giggled,"Nice to meet you Jacob." she extended her arm towards me, and I took her hand, and shook it,her hand was really soft...Okay, I feel like a creeper.

I let go of her hand, and shoved both of mine in my jeans pockets,biting down on my lip.

"So,you want to get to know eachother?" she wondered with a small grin.

I shrugged,"That's if you want to call me Jake."

She smiled wide, and started twirling a strand of hair between her fingers, staring at the ground.

"Do you walk around like that all the time?" she wondered, looking up at me.

I looked down at myself,realizing what she wastalking about."Yeah.Most of us La Push guys do." I shrugged, as she stared at my chest. I pressed my lips into a tight line.

"Sorry, you must think I'm like a ... creep."

I chuckled and shook my head,"It happens a lot."

"I could imagine...Your really...buff." she laughed lightly, staring up at me.

I just nodded,"So where are you living?" I slapped my hand over my mouth,"Sorry, I didn't mean it to come out that way...Like, um...Where are you ... Oh nevermind." I muttered,staring at the ground.

She giggled, it was a beautiful sound."Do you know the Clearwaters?" she asked, her voice sounded like bells...Bella. My knees felt week evertime I thought of her. I shook the memories out of my head.

"Yeah, very well. Leah,Seth,Sue."

She nodded,"I'm their neighbor."

"I have one little tip,for you..."I trailed off, staring into her eyes,laughing a little.

"And that is?"

"Beware of Leah Clearwater." I warned, and started laughing.

She raised an eye brow,"Really? She seems really nice,to me." she grinned.

I scoffed,"Leah?Nice? Impossible."

"Well,she was the first one to welcome me. We were actually hanging out,before I cam down here."

I pursed my lips. I couldn't see it. A nice sweet girl, hanging with a rude obnoxious b<*>* like Leah.

She shurgged,"Well, I guess I should go then?If I'm friends with Leah, I guess we shouldn't be friends?"

She started walking past me, but I grabbed her arm,pulling her back."I don't think that's completely neccesary." I whispered, looking down at her in my arms.

She stiffened a little, her fingers tracing along my stomach,leaving some sort of spark,everytime she touched me. i closed my eyes, taking in a deep breath. She stopped, and started shaking a little.

I opened my eyes to look at her.

"I'm sorry..."

"No,it's fine...Kepp going." I encouraged.

She smiled a little, closing her eyes,she pressed her lips to my chest. I closed my eyes,again,enjoying the moment.

"Jake?!" I heard a familuar voice yell,and start laughing.

I opened my eyes, and Audrey jumped back,blushing. I turned around to face the evil son of a devil who disturbed my moment. It was of course, Embry.

"Jake! Already moving in on my sister?! Seriously??" he scoffed, his face a light shade of red,from the laughter.

I looked at her,"Your his sister?"

She nodded,"Step sister."

I raised an eyebrow, and looked at her, then looked at Embry. I guess they could be related in some way. "That's ... Embry you never told me you had a sister?!"

He shrugged,"It wasn't that important."

"I'm not important?!" she demanded, and walked over to him,with her hands on her hips.

I chuckled, looking away. This is interesting...

"Jake! Help me!" Embry crowd.

I shook my head,"Not a chance."

I watched as Audrey jumped on his back,trying to get him down. She got off, and held her hand up to smack him,but,put it back down instantly.

"Yeah, I'm not stupid."

"Not anymore." Embry joked.

I looked over at him, with the she-knows? expression. He nodded.

"You can't keep secrets,once your sister punched you in the face,breaking her hand. 'why the hell are you so freaking hard!' " he mimiked the last part in his sister voice,but a little more hoarse.

"Stupid werewolf." she muttered, and turned around walking back to me.

"So,have you imprinted yet?" she wondered.

I scoffed,"Imprint?Me?Impossible."

She giggled, but her face dropped slightly,"Really?" she asked,looking me in the eyes, her stare sent a shiver down my spine,piercing right through my soul. Everything went blank, as I thought about her. I leaned down towards her,wrapping my arms around her waist, I pulled her up into my arms...I bit down on my lip, and set her back down. I used all my force to look away from her.

"Imprinting?Me?Again,impossible." I had to keep my eyes off of her, to be able to lie about this.

She took my face between her hands, pulling it down to her,"Really?" she breathed,her lips inches from mine.

"Ummm...Ummm." I was tongue tied.

"Jake! Don't you dare think about planting one on my sister! Or,I will destroy you! Muwahahahahahahahahahahah!" Embry yelled, and started choking on his evil laugh.Typical.

"Embry, I already planted on her.Too late." I said, and pressed my lips to hers.

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:O Loved IT! O: :O O: :O O: :O O: :O O:
you are the drama expert nikia with this and midnight this is amazing
i agree with ashley
you make both stories so intersesting and hard to stop reading

i love it its fantastic!!!
lol...i might add a little,later tonight...or early tomorrow.
I love it!!!
i think i know what it is but im not sure....
Its so weird though.... Alice and Edward!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
thats exactly what i was thinking
yeah lol Nikia post soon :D
lmao,you'll see. it could be something beyond what you think though... i mean Alice and Edward?
jk,your pretty close,i guess.
i cant write today,soooooo sorrryyy.
but i will tomorrow.or tonight. but i cant promise that.
i'll write asap though...
I never said anything about Alice and Edward, I said that you guys were pretty close,I guess.
it would add lots of drama,but Jasper is like right behind them too,y'know....But, okaaay...I give up.
theres NOTHING i mean NOOOOOTTTTHHHHHIIINNNNGGG going on between Alice and it? get it? good.


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