The Twilight Saga

This will be just a story filled with drama.With all the Twilight characters,and some of my own.

Almost all these wolves have imprints,but,that doesn't stop them from staying with the ones they loved before,even if it kills them.

And for the Cullens...Well,this is all I'm saying...Everyone has a secret...And I will be adding a few of my own vampire characters into here too. tehe. Hope you like it.OH AND BTW,theres no certain time line according to the its not after any of them...


Chapter 1.

Jake P.O.V

I kicked at the sand,as I walked down the shore of First Beach. This whole imprinting thing...Is supposed to be RarE, not some sort of disease. More then half the pack has an imprint. What the hell is up with that?! Does that make any sense? Rare, or a highly contageous disease? I would like to say rare,but it's not. It's like a flu, some sort of sickness that's getting past around. It's disgusting. Of course, I haven't imprinted yet. I'm not planning on it either. It's just stupid, no one is supposed to end up with happy ending this fast. It's so unreal. But, then again I'm like the only one without an imprint, besides Embry,Brady,and Collin. See that, 4/10 wolves are single. 4 out of 10! That's insane!!

I frowned, and looked up at the sky, my eyes skimmed across someone in the distance before they settled on the pink,orange,and purple sky. It was only about 8 o'clock at night. Usually everyone is out, but tonight, it was completely vacant. I looked back down, but, my eyes rested on the figure sitting in the sand not only a few meters away. A girl. Great just what I needed to see at a time like this?! I looked away, but something drew me back to her. She was ... I've never seen her here before... I sighed, and decided to introduce myself.

I walked the 5 steps over to her, and crossed my arms.

"Are you new here?" I asked,just making sur

She looked up at me, her eyes are green, her hair dark brown and wavy,that went down to her shoulders. Her skin a sweet caramel tone, her lips were a soft pink rounded in a perfect way,her bottom lip only a little fuller then the top.

She smiled a little,her teeth a brilliant white against her caramel tone,she nodded,"Yeah...I,uh, just moved here,yesterday." She explained, and stood up,"I'm Audrey."

I smiled back,"I'm Jacob...Call me Jake,if that's what you prefer...But, maybe we get to know eachother more before we come out with the nickname..."

She giggled,"Nice to meet you Jacob." she extended her arm towards me, and I took her hand, and shook it,her hand was really soft...Okay, I feel like a creeper.

I let go of her hand, and shoved both of mine in my jeans pockets,biting down on my lip.

"So,you want to get to know eachother?" she wondered with a small grin.

I shrugged,"That's if you want to call me Jake."

She smiled wide, and started twirling a strand of hair between her fingers, staring at the ground.

"Do you walk around like that all the time?" she wondered, looking up at me.

I looked down at myself,realizing what she wastalking about."Yeah.Most of us La Push guys do." I shrugged, as she stared at my chest. I pressed my lips into a tight line.

"Sorry, you must think I'm like a ... creep."

I chuckled and shook my head,"It happens a lot."

"I could imagine...Your really...buff." she laughed lightly, staring up at me.

I just nodded,"So where are you living?" I slapped my hand over my mouth,"Sorry, I didn't mean it to come out that way...Like, um...Where are you ... Oh nevermind." I muttered,staring at the ground.

She giggled, it was a beautiful sound."Do you know the Clearwaters?" she asked, her voice sounded like bells...Bella. My knees felt week evertime I thought of her. I shook the memories out of my head.

"Yeah, very well. Leah,Seth,Sue."

She nodded,"I'm their neighbor."

"I have one little tip,for you..."I trailed off, staring into her eyes,laughing a little.

"And that is?"

"Beware of Leah Clearwater." I warned, and started laughing.

She raised an eye brow,"Really? She seems really nice,to me." she grinned.

I scoffed,"Leah?Nice? Impossible."

"Well,she was the first one to welcome me. We were actually hanging out,before I cam down here."

I pursed my lips. I couldn't see it. A nice sweet girl, hanging with a rude obnoxious b<*>* like Leah.

She shurgged,"Well, I guess I should go then?If I'm friends with Leah, I guess we shouldn't be friends?"

She started walking past me, but I grabbed her arm,pulling her back."I don't think that's completely neccesary." I whispered, looking down at her in my arms.

She stiffened a little, her fingers tracing along my stomach,leaving some sort of spark,everytime she touched me. i closed my eyes, taking in a deep breath. She stopped, and started shaking a little.

I opened my eyes to look at her.

"I'm sorry..."

"No,it's fine...Kepp going." I encouraged.

She smiled a little, closing her eyes,she pressed her lips to my chest. I closed my eyes,again,enjoying the moment.

"Jake?!" I heard a familuar voice yell,and start laughing.

I opened my eyes, and Audrey jumped back,blushing. I turned around to face the evil son of a devil who disturbed my moment. It was of course, Embry.

"Jake! Already moving in on my sister?! Seriously??" he scoffed, his face a light shade of red,from the laughter.

I looked at her,"Your his sister?"

She nodded,"Step sister."

I raised an eyebrow, and looked at her, then looked at Embry. I guess they could be related in some way. "That's ... Embry you never told me you had a sister?!"

He shrugged,"It wasn't that important."

"I'm not important?!" she demanded, and walked over to him,with her hands on her hips.

I chuckled, looking away. This is interesting...

"Jake! Help me!" Embry crowd.

I shook my head,"Not a chance."

I watched as Audrey jumped on his back,trying to get him down. She got off, and held her hand up to smack him,but,put it back down instantly.

"Yeah, I'm not stupid."

"Not anymore." Embry joked.

I looked over at him, with the she-knows? expression. He nodded.

"You can't keep secrets,once your sister punched you in the face,breaking her hand. 'why the hell are you so freaking hard!' " he mimiked the last part in his sister voice,but a little more hoarse.

"Stupid werewolf." she muttered, and turned around walking back to me.

"So,have you imprinted yet?" she wondered.

I scoffed,"Imprint?Me?Impossible."

She giggled, but her face dropped slightly,"Really?" she asked,looking me in the eyes, her stare sent a shiver down my spine,piercing right through my soul. Everything went blank, as I thought about her. I leaned down towards her,wrapping my arms around her waist, I pulled her up into my arms...I bit down on my lip, and set her back down. I used all my force to look away from her.

"Imprinting?Me?Again,impossible." I had to keep my eyes off of her, to be able to lie about this.

She took my face between her hands, pulling it down to her,"Really?" she breathed,her lips inches from mine.

"Ummm...Ummm." I was tongue tied.

"Jake! Don't you dare think about planting one on my sister! Or,I will destroy you! Muwahahahahahahahahahahah!" Embry yelled, and started choking on his evil laugh.Typical.

"Embry, I already planted on her.Too late." I said, and pressed my lips to hers.

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Sam P.O.V
"Sam, is everyone coming over today?" Emily called from in the kitchen.
"Uh, Yeah. And there's a few newcomers." I said, as I got up walking into the kitchen,to find her cooking. I chuckled.
She looked over at me,"What?"
"You work too hard." I whispered, pulling her into my arms.
She smiled,and looked away,"Well, I wouldn't want you guys eating fast food.Get all fat. I mean who wants a fat werewolf?" she asked,jokingly.She giggled.
I smiled, sliding my finger under her chin,raising her head up to mine. She smiled a little, but looked away again.
"Stop distracting me. I have work to do." she said,with a smile on her face.
"It will only be a second.Maybe a minute. A few minutes.Aan hour..." I whispered, grabbing her chin,again,kissing down her face,along the scars. She closed her eyes,with half a smile on her face,but she moved away from me,turning towards the oven,flipping a few pancakes.This was kinda worrying me.
"Emily...? What's wrong?" I wondered,my voice cracking a bit,at the thought that something was wrong.
She stayed facing the stove,"Nothing,nothings wrong." she answered her voice a little shaky.
There was something wrong, there's always something wrong when someone says those EXACT words.I'm no expert on girls,but, I've seen it on t.v enough,to know,that somethings wrong. She's been a little distant the last week.
"Emily,if there was something wrong. Would you tell me?" I asked,wrapping my arms around her from behind,and kissed the top of her head.She loved when I did this.
She just nodded.
"Honey, I;m not stupid.I'm not an idiot.I was NOT born yesterday.But, you need to tell me whats going on.I know there's something wrong.And it's bugging you. You need to tell me, so I can fix this,help you. It's killing me seeing you like this all the time." I explained,hugging her a little tighter.
She sighed,"You want me to tell you what's wrong?" she asked,turning around in my arms,our lips inches away.
I never knew how hard it was to resist kissing her. I've never done it before, she always kissed me back.But,things are different.
"Yes,Em. I need you to tell me." I half begged, and kissed her forehead,then rested my cheek on top of her head.
She sighed,again."No, no,you don't. Ii will not hurt you like this. I ... No,you don't." she whispered,her voice cracking in some parts,like she was about to cry.
"Em, I need to know. I want to know. I have to know.Your hurting me already,by refusing my hugs,my kisses, I need an explanation for why this is? It's litterally killing me." I explained in a whisper.
She pressed her hands to my chest,slowly moving them up, and around my shoulders, to my back,pressing her lips to my chest.
"I love you." she murmered.
"I love you too. No matter what. I always will." I vowed.
I felt her smile against my chest,and she started kissing up towards my neck.
"I would never purposly do anything to hurt you, y'know that.right?" she asked,kissing the side of my neck.
"Of course." I breathed,closing my eyes.
"Good.Cause,I won't ever put you through something like this again.If you'll still keep me. And if you don't, I understand." she mumbled,but her words came out smoothly,but with an edge. Sshe kissed my chin,the corner of my mouth,my cheek,up to my ear. "I love much." she moaned,biting my ear gently,then kissed back down to my cheek.
It was so hard to concentrate on her words, but, I caught them all. They're was something in her words,that made me want to feel worried,or scared,maybe even angry.But, all I could feel was love.
"What's wrong...?" I asked,my voice a bit hoarse,as her lips moved back down to my chest,and her hand slid back down too.
"I ..." she trailed off her voice cracking. She moved back a bit,turning around to the stove. She sighed, and turned off the stove, and opened the oven taking out the muffins.This time chocolate chip.
"Sam, I ... slept with Paul." she finally finished. It took me awhile to realize, as most of the love drained out of me,getting replaced with the right emotions. Anger.Hurt.Betrayel.
"Emily,how could you?" I stared at her,my eyes burning as Ii blinked back the tears.
"Sam, I don't know what happened.It just happened. We both regret it. Wwe swore we'd never hang out again..." the words came out in a rush.
"When did you go see him?!" I nearly growled.
"Last week, we met up at the beach as I walking back from getting the grocceries, and he looked upset. He needed a friend.And I was the only one there, so I decided to help him.Talk to him. Rachel left again, and he was depressed, then it just happened.Sam, Ii'm sorry." she explained, turning around her, around her eyes were a faint shade of red,as the tears streamed down her face.
"Do you know what could happen?!"
"Yes, and well ..." she bit down on her lip,looking down,"I would know by now,at least."
"So, that's just it. You hid this from for so long. You should've told me when it happened!"
"I know, and I'm sorry. Sam, I love you. So much. I didn't mean to. It, it just happened. I swear, I didn't mean to. Your all I think about, all I want. All I'll ever need in life as it is. Sam,nothing can come between us."
"Beside you ending up being pregnant with Paul's baby!" I growled now.
"Sam...I love you." she whispered, and hugged me.
I went all numb. my whole insides melted, all the anger hurt, and betrayel all washed away,with just one touch.
Then the phone rang. I sighed,and looked at Emily,"We'll talk later."
I let go of her and walked over to the phone, and picked it up."Hello?"
"Hey, it's Amber."
"Oh,hey.Um...Collin isn't here..."
"I wasn't asking for him. We broke up,today..."she trailed off,crying."I need someone to talk to,and your the only one I could think of." she choked out."Sam, he did me so wrong. But, I made it worse by trying to get back at him. Sam,I can't do this anymore...Can you come? Please?" she begged,still crying.
"Uh...Um, I'm not sure if that's a good idea..." I sighed,staring at the wall.
"Oh...Okay,I understand. Being a wolf has it's comebacks...We all know that...But,I guess I should go now..."she whispered,her voice getting more quiet.
"Go where?"
"Home." she simply answered,but her voice was shaky.
"Awe, don't do that. We love you. You can't leave us." I said,laughing lightly,"Who else are we going to mess with?"
"Sam...Ii don't have anyone else to talk to,who I can trust.Your the only one,besides him.But,obviously I can't trust him anymore...I have friends back in New York, friends that I can trust."
"Your such a drama queen, you know that,right?" I said,chuckling.
She laughed,weakling."yeah, I do. But, this time is the last time, I'm dealing with this crap. I can't do it anymore! Everywhere I turn, girls are all up in his space, even if he hadn't...Imprinted...He said he loved me, he said he cared,he said he'd before me when I needed him most. Well guess what. Lie.Lie.lie. All lies!"
"Amber,calm down. I'll come talk to you. As long as you promise to stay..."
She sighed,"I promise. Now get your furry ass over here!" she demanded,laughing.
I smiled,"I'll be there in a minute." I siad, not realizing I've been twirling around the cable of he phone between my fingers,like a teen girl talking to her crush. But,that's just a habit I guess. A new one.
"I'll be ther soon." I said, and then the phone beeped, as she hung up.
I hung up the phone, and turned around to see Emily with her arms crossed,with a giant spoon on her hand.
"Where are you going?"
"What's it to you?"
She sighed, and rolled her eyes turning back around and started mixing more pancake mix.
"I'll be back in a few." I said, as I walked out the door.

Amber P.O.V
I heard a knock, and jumped up off he couch putting on my really torn expression on. I walked to the door and opened it, to see Sam. I tryed my best to hide the smile, and pouted more, staring at the ground.
"Amber, you look horrible." he said walking in,closing the door behind him.
"Thanks. That's exactly the OPPOSITE thing, every girl wants to hear.Doofus."
He chuckled, and put his arm around my waist,walking towards the couch with me. He sat down, and set me down on his lap. I knew I didn't really mean much to him then a good friend,or a sister...But, I had feelings for him.
"So,what happened?" he asked, leaning against the back of the couch, and fell closer to him,on accident.
He looked at me in the eye, and I just stared back. "Um,well..." I didn't know what to say anymore.
He brushed his hand through my hair, and dropped his arm back into his lap,on top of mine. I stared down at our hands for a second,and intertwinde our fingers. I kept my eyes focused on our hands, as I explained.
"Collin,told me this morning, that he's been cheating on me...With,Leah..." she looked down."I can't believe he did that. And how she could agree to it! I mean she's so selfish! And rude! B****y. She's unbeiveable!" I nearly growled.Ii looked up at him,and softened up a bit."What mess did I get myself into? I walked over to her house,when he told me this. Oh, I sure showed her who's boss. I punched in the stomach,right as she opened the door. A surprise attack, bi**h."
He sighed,looking away,"I know Leah can be a pain, but, she's not that bad.You just have to stay on her good side."
"Maybe people could, if she had one!" I snapped.
He looked back at me in a way, that made me regretted saying that.
"I'm sorry...I know you still like her, it's just...I've been friends with her,and even then, she's that." I whispered,looking away from his gaze.
He sighed,"No, I understand. And, trust me, I'm finished with her. What she did to you is unacceptable."
I smiled a little,"You were always such a good friend,Sam." I whispered,looking up at him.
"I still am." he whispered back.
I smile, and nod,"Yes,you still are. And,always will be.Forever?"
"Forever." he agreed,and kissed my forehead. I took in a deep breath,smiling a little, his lips felt so nice against my skin.
He seemed to realize something, and sat up straigher."I'm sorry...I didn't realize the feelings you felt for me...I should go."
I looked at him,terrified."No. Don't leave.Please.Just a little longer..." I begged.
He sighed,leaning back again,"Only a little longer."
I smiled a little,"I should've told you...I'm sorry."
He shook his head,"No,don't worry about it..." he said, pulling me closer to him, so I was laying on his chest. I smiled,closing my eyes, and pressed my lips to his chest. I looked up at him,kissing up his chest. He closed his eyes,and took in a deep breath,wrapping his arms around my waist. I placed my hands on his shoulders,kissing his neck. His skin was so warm,it felt so nice. I kept my eyes closed, blocking out every other sound, except our breathing,which started to excelerate. I pressed my left hand to the other side of his neck,while I started to suck on the right side. He moaned quietly, which practically made all my insides melt. He held me tighter to him,but took hold of my face,with his hand, and his other around my waist, pulling me up to him, so we were eye to eye.
"I'm not going to hurt Emily." he whipsered.
"She hurt you."
"Two wrongs don't make a right."
"That's so old...I know you like me."
"As a friend."
I sighed,"No, more then that. I know I do, the way I make you feel...What I can make you do...Friends can't do that to other friends, if they don't share the same feelings.."
He pressed his lips into a tight line,"Amber..."
"Just think about it...She slept with your best friend.Your brother.Your own fricken brother.Your homie.Your amigos.Your family...."
I stared at him,holding his gaze. His teeth clenched together,"It wouldn't make a difference if I liked you or not, it stll isn't right."
"Just like her kissing him,touching him,sighing his name..."
His eyes turned into fire, and he rolled over so I was under him, crushing his lips to mine,with such anger,fury,curiousity,love,passion,hurt... I kissed him back,my fingers knotted in his hair, as his held onto my waist,kissing me harder,more passionate,moving his tongue with mine. His hand moved down from my waist,down my leg,to my knee, moving my leg to around his waist,then did the same to the other. I grabbed a fistful of his hair,pushing him closer to me, while moving my hand stiffly,down to his back.
His lips moved down to my neck,letting me breath.
"I don't like you, my ass." I mumbled.
He chuckled,"Shut up." he whispered, and bit my neck gently.
"Make me."
His breathing picked up, as his hands moved up my body ,then up my shirt,feeling me. Like that will make me shut up?!
I moaned quietly, my breathing getting heavier."Sam..."
He groaned, sitting up, sliding down at the other end of the couch. I sat up too, my breathing still ragged, I looked over at him, a little confused.
"Your too young."
"I'm 17, I'm old enough."
"Let me re-phrase that. Your too young for me." he said,looking over at me, his breathing slowly returning back to normal.
"Age doesn't matter,when you really like someone...You don't?"
"No, I really like you,Amber. But, it's just not right."
"Yes, it is."
"No, it really isn't."
I sighed, and crawled over into his lap, wrapping my arms around his neck, pressing my forhead to his,closing my eyes,slightly. "It.Is."
He didn't say anything else, he pressed his lips to mine once,twice,and a third time, then pinned me down on the couch,with my hands over my head.
"Excuse me,mister officer bit I think you got the wrong girl."
"You mean your not the girl, trying to seduce Emily's fiancee?That's considered a crime." he asked, in a low voice.
"Not if he's enjoying it."
He chuckled, and leaned down kissing me once,"He's enjoying it,eh?"
I pulled his face down to mine,kissing him.
He pulled back for a second,"He' s really enjoying this." he whispered,letting go of my hands,kissing me hard.
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Sam P.O.V
I twirled her bronze-coloured hair between my fingers,as she layed in top of me,with her cheek pressed to ym chest,and her eyes closed. Her breathing had returned to it's normal pace, and she opened her eyes again.
"I ca't believe we just did that." she whispered,staring at the wall across from us,towards the tv that wasn't on.
"I thought you...wanted to?" I looked down at her confusingly, her hazel eyes staring back at me,with hint of golden hidden in the green,and the brown. Her eyes are so beautiful. She smiled a little,still staring at me.
"I did, I still do...It's just all this time, I liked you, and now...You've finally admitted the same feelings you have for me,and we just did that...I think I'm dreaming..." she trailed off, then started mumbling on about how good of dream this is, even though it's not.
I smile and chuckle,"Amber,honey,this isn't a dream."
She raised an eye brow,"Really?Are you sure?Aand if you are...How?"
I sighed, and lifted her face up to mine,"I'd pinch you,but, that would just hurt..." she stared back at me,confusingly,and I kissed her.
She pressed her hands to the side of my face,kissing me back.I wrapped my arms around her waist,pulling her up closer to me,holding her tighter.
She broke away from the kiss for a second,kissing down towards my neck,"This is the whole reason why I think this is a dream.How is this making it any better?" she whispered,her lips moving back to mine,but,not kissing me.
I brushed my hand through her hair,"Amber,your not dreaming...I'll pinch you to make sure..."
She shrugged,"Okay."
I sighed,this is stupid,I slid my finger down her back,around to her stomach, and up her arm,to her elbow,then up around her shoulder, I pinched her arm,gently.
"Ow!" or so I thought I had.
"You awake now?" I wondered,chuckling.
"Yes,I'm awake...Ow..." she muttered,sitting up,and winced slightly.
I just stared blankly, my eye brows pulled up in confusion."What's wrong...?"
She shrugged, wincing again."Ugh! You think you could lay off a little in the muscle department?" she asked.
Then I realized why she wincing, I moved closer to her,examining her.
"I'm fine,Sam.Don't worry...I'm just saying...Your a little,rough..." she blushed slightly,from the subject.
I took her arm,gently looking at it, and saw a few purple marks up her arm."Your fine?"
She nodded,"I couldn't feel better."
I kissed up her arm,and she leaned back into the couch closing her eyes,"mmm.."
I kissed up to her neck, my hand moving down her chest,to around her waist,holding her against me.My other hand moving up,everytime my lips did.She moaned quietly,herbreathing started to pick up.
"Sam..." she moaned.
I pressed my lips into a tight line, and moved back, I picked up my shorts off the ground, pulling them on.
"Sam?" she questioned, I looked over at her, my mouth dropped open.
"What?" she asked,almost frowning.
She walked over to me,placing her hand under my chin,closing my mouth.
"Your...Just,beautiful..." I whispered,pulling her into me,my hands gripping her shoulders, I kiss her uncontrollably. She pressed her hand on my shoulders,kissing me back,hard. Then her hands smoothly moved down my chest,to the top of my shorts,undoing them,and slipping them back off,pressing herself closer to me.I wrapped my arms around her waist,moving her legs to around my waist.This time, I walked into her room,laying her down on her bed.
Collin P.O.V
I walked up to Ambers door,not bothering to knock on the door, I took the key from out of the mail box,where it usually is.
I had to give her an apology. A very big apology. I was stupid, and .... I just wasn't thinking straight,Iguess. But, somehow I still have feelings for Leah. I highly doubt she has any left for me, but, I could deal with that. Cuase I think I'm in love with Amber...Her bronze-coloured curls,that hung down to her chest, her hazel eyes with a golden tint in them. Her unantural ivory-toned skin. The way her hair would shine a brilliant orange colour in the sunlight. The way her eyes glittered when she would see me. Her pale fingers caressing my cheek. The way she always reminded me how much she loved me everytime I came back from patrol. She's the one for me.
I unlocked the door, and walked into the house. I heard some really disturbing sounds. I covered my ears,okay Ii might be 16 now, but, it still bothers me. Is she watching one of those chic flicks again? I shuttered, and walked into her room,and gasped slightly. To find her and Sam...Doing that! Ugh! I covered my mouth trying not to puke.
I took a step back out of her room,shutting my eyes closed. That was just a nightmare. Just a nightmare. She isn't doing that, with Sam right now. Sam has Emily. He would never do that to her, unless she did something really bad,but,he still wouldn't even then. He loves her too much, he doesnt even like Amber. I pinched my arm, and opened my eyes. I rubbed the spot I pinched,having an after sting, which meant It wasnt a nightmare. I looked up, and gaged.
"Sam! What the hell are you doing?!" I demanded then anger finally building up inside of me.
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Collin P.O.V
I walked over to him, my hands folding around his arms, pulling him off of her, throwing him against a wall. I growled, at him then my gaze focused on Amber.
I shook my head, pressing my hands on top of my head,"I don't get it?... How could you?" my voice came out hoarse, my throat felt thick, and I coughed trying ot make it go away. I can't believe she did this. Then again, I do. She's trying ot get back at me, because I slept with Leah, she get's to sleep with someone? That's how it is now,though...Isn't it? That's disgusting! Wrong! Stupid! Sick! I clenched my teeth together as I swallowed down the description I just thought of her, which really was the discription of me. Tequnically, I slept with my own sister...But, not blood related. But, it was still wrong, I guess. Okay, it's abosolutely wrong, I was with Amber, when I was doing this stuff with Leah. And I was wrong for it.I was not thinking at all,clearly. I was disgusting. I was stupid. I was sick.
She looked up at me,gathering up the blankets,covering herself. "How could I?" she scoffed."How about how could you?"
I pressed my lips into a tight line, I wasn't expecting that.Although I should've seen that one coming.It was so typical. So Amber.
"Amber, Ii don't know what came over me...Okay?!"
"Well, Ii know what came over me. This morning, as I woke up, with you sitting at the end of the bed with your head in your hands. I woke up to your cry. Ii woke up to something so, wrong. I bad way to start a day. You smiled, and kissed me like nothing happened, then you just left. I ... was broke, Collin. I called you, and you came back. I was happy. Then you told me. You told me that you slept with Leah Clearwater. 'I'm too young for that,Amber.'" she mimiked,and continued,"Then you just left me,again. To cry, all alone in an empty bed, with a broken heart." the words came out in a snarl," You left me there. That was the worst thing. I cryed and cryed, and you never came back. I called and called. And you never,NEVER answered." she looked down, then across the room towards Sam, who was now leaning against the wall fully dressed. Well, fully dressed for a werewolf."I called him, he's the only other person in this place who I can trust, who will listen to me, cry my heart out into a phone. Listen to me babble on about my life.And my girl problems. I wanted him to come over,to talk---" I cut her off.
"Some talk,eh?"
Sam sighed,"Collin..." he grinned,"It was a greeeaaaat talk."
I made a disgusted sound, and glared at him,"You should go."
"No he shouldn't." she argued back.
"We need to talk." I muttered.
"There's nothing more to talk about. I'm done with you. It's over.We're over."
"Can we just talk, sort things through?"
She got up,walking ot her closet and got dressed quickly, walking over to Sam,"C'mon let's go." she erged.
He nodded slowly, and turned around taking her hand in his,and walked out of her room.
"Y'know ... Amber. Your more of a b***** then I thought." I said, walking out of her room too, standing right behind her, so we were touching.
"Back the hell up." she ordered.
I crossed my arms,"No."
She turned around, so we were face to face. I wish I was taller, it would make me seem so much more menacing.
I simply shook my head,and answered,"No."
She clenched her teeth together, her hand balled into a a fist and she held up about to punch me. Then robotically, unclenched her hand, turning around in seconds jumping into Sams arms, kissing him. My mouth dropped, as I took in what she was doing. Making me jelouse as hell. I watched uselessly, as his arms wrapped around her waist,helplessly kissing her back. I decided right in that second as his hands moved up the back of her shirt,hearing a moan escape from her lips, that I will cause a mess. A very messy one. I took out my phone, flipping through all the apps, turning off the flash I clicked on video camera. Not like they would notice this while their both unthinkingly making out with eachother.
I turned the camera on, and stood there taping the kiss.
As soon as they broke away, I pressed end, then skimmed through all my contacts pressing in the little check box, and clicked the send button, sending the video, to everyone. Including Emily.

Brady P.O.V
I felt my phone vibrate, and picked it out of my pocket, opening it.
It was from my brother.
I clicked on the message, and stared at the screen with a blank expression. Oh crap. Holy crow. Amber and Sam?
What? How...Could Sam do that to Emily? I shook my head, and couldn't watch it anymore, having to hear her helpless sighs, and the sounds of their lips crushing against eachother. I shuttered, closing my phone. I looked around and saw Paul.
I ran up to him, he was staring at his phone.
"Did you see this?" he asked me,completely aware that I was coming up to him. I nodded.
"Yeah, I did."
"How could he do that? How could she do that?"
"Another question, why didn't Collin stop them?"
"To get revenge,maybe?" he suggested.
I nodded thoughtfully,"I wonder if he was dark enough to send it to Emily. That would be pretty cruel,you know?"
Paul nodded,too. "Very." he whispered, and looked away, closing his phone."I did this."
"Um, no. Sam and Amber did."
He shook his head, "You don't understand. I ... was with Emily, and something happened. She told him, and he probably did that to get back at her."
"You what?! And ..." I shook my head, my mind only focusing on the him and Emily part,"You what!?" I repeated.
"I slept with her,okay! Gawd." he grunted.
I turned around thinking I was going to puke.
"Don't talk to me, you sicko!" I choked out, and gaged.
He sighed, and I stood up straight feeling a little queasy."I can't believe you did that." I muttered, staring out towards the water.
"Neither can I."
"You should, you dumby. You idiot. You---" he cut me off.
"Shut up! I know I'm a bad person! I get it, okay?!" he shouted, his face turning the faintest shade of red, from the anger he's been storing up.
Then my phone vibrated, I looked down, It was Quil.
"Did you get the vidoe??" he asked, "Yeah did you?!" I heard Embry shout in the background.
"Yes, I did."
"Emily is going to be broke. And Collin..."
"Collin's the one who took it,smart ass."
"Oh, right." he sighed,"This is messed. Oh, did you hear that Collin had an affair with Leah??" I heard Embry shout into the phone.
"So you didn't I'm guessing." Embry said,taking over the phone.
"No, I didn't."
He chuckled,"You never hear anything."
I sighed,"So I guess you heard about Emily and ---" Paul slapped my arm,with a huge amount of fource,knocking me to the ground, and sat on top of me, grabbing the phone out of my hands, with his hands wrapped around my neck.
"If you EVER tell anyone. I will, hurt you." he threatened.
I nodded, assuming that I was the only one who knew. He realesed me, and handed me back my phone.
"Emily and...?" Embry trailed off, wanting the info.
"Sorry, I have to go."
"What? No! C'mon dude. Tell me."
"Not if my life depended on it." which tequnically it was.
Paul grimaced, and started walking into the store. I huffed, and hung up on Embry.
"Dude! You have to tell me!" I heard Embry yell. I turned around to see him, Quil and Claire walking towards me.
I sighed, and shook my head."Go away."
They caught up to me, Claire holding onto Embry and Quils hand. She was about 16 now, her hair was dark brown,and wavy with small curls that hung down her back, her eyes a chocolate brown, her eye lashes were long, her nose was cute, it was button-like kinda small,and round. Her lips were a light shade of pink,and glossy with her of course, lip gloss. Her skin was a russet colour like the rest of us, and she was wearing a purple sleeveless dress. To be honest, she's hot.
Quil noticed me starin at her, and growled under his breath. "Back off."
I stepped back,"Just taking in the older Claire." I said,defensively.
"I know." he snarled.
Embry chuckled,"Stop checking out his imprint."
Claire blushed,"Brady, get a hold of yourself." she joked, as I just stared at her. She is hot.
I nodded,blinking back into reality," Okay, so about the video..."
"What about it? There's nothing we can do about it. We shouldn't get involved." Quil thought out loud.
"He's my brother, I'm already involved. And now we all are, seeing how we know everything."
"Not baout your unfinished sentence about Eemily." Embry added.
I shook my head,"If I tell you Paul will kill me."
Embry snapped his wrist, in an odd way,"Ohhhhh!!!!! You just told us, by not telling us in a way that Paul won't kill you."
"Emily and Paul. I would've never guessed." Embry shrugged.
"Freak." Quil muttered.
"Nnow who's the gossip girl." I mumbled.
Claire just shook her head.
Embry frowned,"Stop hating,hater."
I rolled my eyes.
"Speechless!" Embry shouted.
"Yet, I'm not the one threatening Jacob about making out with your sister, am I?"
Embry's frown deepened,"What are you talk about?" he demanded.
I gave him my phone, pointing to a picture someone sent me.
"Now, there's a new gossip girl." Embry muttered.
I shrugged, and looked at the sender, my brother."Collin." I sighed, shoving the phone back into my pocket.
Embry looked down,"If he hurts her...I'll kill him, and none of you will be able to stop me."
I looked over at Embry, as he looked back up, he was serious.
Quil and Claire both looked at him, with curiousity."You wouldn't. I know you too well,Embry." Claire whispered.
"Yeah, he's our best friend." Quil added.
He shook his head,laughing sacastically," I'm not kidding." he said sternly.
Claire pursed her lips,"NO you wouldn't."
"I would."
I sighed, ans started tuning them out, cause all they kept saying was yes and no. Arguing like usual, I swear sometimes Embry and Claire should be together. They're like the perfect match, but Quil imprinted Claire, so that makes them the perfect match. Ii remeber only a two years back, Claire had this massive crush on Embry. It was cute. Quil went through a really hard time with that, but I can tell, the way she still looks at Embry, she still has feelings for him. And she's not just holding his hand, to keep safe. I watched them still bickering, then Claire dropped Quils hand, and...kissed Embry.The worse part was he kissed her back, with his arms tight around her waist.

It was all too quick for my eyes to make out what was going on, but, Quil already had Embry pinned to the ground and started punching him.
Claire screamed uselessly, trying to pull him off. And I just stood there numb, watching Quil beat up Embry. But, that wouldn't last long.
Cclaire kept tuggin and pulling, but nothing happened due to her weakness. "Brady! Stop him!" she cried, looking up at me, her face tear stained. I stared at her for a moment, then rushed over to Quil just as Embry kicked him Quil off of him, knocking me down like a pin in bowling alley.
Embry then hopped on Quil, and started punching him in the face.
Quil grabbed his fist, but Embry punched him with his other hand.
"Embry!" Claire screeched.

Claire P.O.V
I can't believe this is happening!
I ran over to them, and again this time trying to pull Embry off of Quil, but all I ended up was puling so hard, that Ii fell to theground, smacking my head off the cement. I screamed, holding the side of my head with my hands, feeling warmth against my hand, then liquid trickle down my forehead.

Quil P.O.V
I looked over at Claire instantly, but Eembry was off me in a heart beat already at her side.
I walked up to him, and held my fist up about to knock him out.
"Quil! Stop!" she cried. I pressed my lips into a tight line, and dropped my hand, as she cryed out in pain.
I kneeled down beside Embry, then looked up at Brady, "Call for help! What are you just standing there for?!" I shouted, tears straming down my face. Then Paul walked out, his mouth dropped open.
"I'll call 911." he said in a rush, pulling out his phone dialing the number, talking in a rushed tone. While Brady stood there motinless.
"What the hell Brady! Do something?!" Embry shouted.
Brady pulled out his phone and dialed a number.
"Who are you calling?" I asked.
"Emily." he answered. Of course, cause Emily is her aunt...
I leaned my head down towards hers, and pulled out a cloath from my back pocket, wiping away the blood that slid down her forehead. I kissed her forehead, and Embry held her hand, repeatidly telling her she was going to be okay.
"Claire, don't worry baby, sshh." he murmered, and kissed her hand.
She took in slow deep breaths, and just then an ambulance arrived, and chief swan, along with Emily, with Paul Amber, and Collin.
"What happened?!" Emily demanded running over to us, but a doctor stopped her."What are you doing?! That's my niece!" she screamed.
He nodded, and started talking to her in a low whisper, as the other doctors came, putting her on a stretcher.
"Can I come?please." Embry begged.
"Only one." the man informed. Embry nodded and looked at me.
"You should be that one." he whispered.
I smiled a little,"Thanks." I got up, Embry let her hand go, letting his fall limply to his side, as he watched her enter the back of the ambulance in horror.
I walked after them,getting into the back and held her hand,"You'll be okay." I whispered.
I watched as she just nodded,her eyes sliding closed.
Jacob P.O.V
We all rushed into the hospital. Me, Audrey,Embry,Paul,Jared,Collin,Brady,Sam,Emily,Kim,Leah even Bella. I walked to te front desk, and tapped the counter.
"Hello?" a women asked,turning around in her chair to face me.
"Um, how many people can go in at once?" I wondered.
"Depends on the condition, who are you here for?" she asked.
"Claire Young." I answered.
She nodded, looking through a folder,"well, only 2 at a time for now."she looked up at me,then behind me frwoning slightly."You have the whole crew with you?"
"Yes, she's very important to us." I informed.
"Well, someone is already with her right now, so you can send one person down, unless he's coming out."
I nodded,and looked over at Embry,"Go ahead."
He nodded, and walked up to the counter standing beside me,"What room is she in?" he asked in a hoarse tone. I looked at him, like really looked at him, realizing his face was tear-stained, and worried writeen all over him.
I sighed. The lady skimmed through the folder again,"Room 9." she answered not looking at us anymore,"Is that all?"
We both nodded, and Embry patted my back as he walked into the hallway making his way towards Claire.
I walked over to Audrey,pecking her lightly on the lips, wrapping my arms around her waist,hugging her tight.
"I love you." I whispered, kissing her cheek.
"I would say the same...But,I'd be lieing." she whispered.
I took a step back,dropping my arms to my side,"huh?"
"What I'm saying is, I don't love you back. I like you,don't get me wrong. But, I don't love you...Not yet."
I pressed my lips into a tight line,"I ..." I didn't know what else to say, not realizing I've been holding ont the edge of the coffee table, making a dent in it. I let go, and huffed. Taking slow deep breaths,calming myslef.
"I'm sorry Jacob."
Jacob? I sighed,"Whatever." I muttered, and turned around walking outside.
"Jake!" I heard Bella call, and she was beside me in seconds.
I stopped, looking at her,"What?!" I demanded, tear welling up in the corner of my eyes, and bit down on my lip, fighting back the tears.
"Jake...Don't do this.Don't. You can't do this."
"Don't do what!?"
"Leave, you can't leave again."
"Why? Why should I stay? Give me one reason,Bella." I asked.
She sighed,biting down on her lip,"Because Jake, we all love you, and it would kill us all if you left."
"Not Audrey.She doesn't love me." I stated.
She sighed,again taking my hand in hers, then hugged me tight. I held my breath,making sure I didn't breath in her stink. I hate that she's a vampire. It makes everything harder. I stiffened slightly, my hands robotically moved to around her waist,hugging her back."Jake,I love you.I can't stand having to have you gone,out of my life." she whispered in my ear.
"You still love me?"
"Always,Jake,always." she confirmed,kissing my cheek.
I smiled,and we just stared into eachother eyes for a moment,I brushed my hand through her hair.
"I love you too." I whispered, leaning in closer.
She smiled a little, holding me tighter,which caused me to move closer to her. I pressed my hand to the back of her neck, and the otheragainst her cheek, her breathing picked up and it made me smile, that I make her feel this way,still.
"Jake..." she groaned, but, couldn't find the strenghth to move away.
I kissed the corner of her mouth,my bottom lip gliding across her cheek,up to her ear,"Always?"
"Always." she answered, her hands moving to my shoulders,pressing herself closer to me.
I smiled a little,moving down to her chin, then back up to her lips, and kissed her with such force,and passion, that I thought I never had. I thought my feelings were long gone after I found out that she was marrying that bloodsucking leech. Even worse, when she had a child.
I kissed her harder,making her feel my anger,my fury, my curiousity,my love, and then more anger.
She kissed me back,her cool lips leaving sparks as they moved with mine.
"Jacob?" I heard Audrey ask,her voice low in surprise.
I wasn't going to let her ruin this moment for me, that I've been waiting for, since the last kiss we had. And I still love Audrey,she's my imprint. But, I still love Bella. I moved my hands down to her waist, holding her tight against me, as hers moved to around my neck pushing herself closer to me, her cold skin sending a shiver down my spin, as she kissed me harder,moving her tongue with mine. I don't think I've ever kissed anyone like this before...
Bella then moved her lips up to my ear,"This is how it feels,kissing a rock." she mimiked, my question from last year, when I had asked.
I smiled a little,"It's nice." I whispered,kissing down her neck.
She moaned softly,"Jake..."
I loved how she used my nickname. That made me know that she loved me,not only that but what she's doing right now. Kissing me. Making me touch her. Having her sigh my name. I've always dreamed about this day. Just a little more extreme, and not in a hospital parking lot, with my imprint staring at us. But, having Bella in my arms, Bella sighing my name. It was all too amazing.


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