The Twilight Saga

Bella is growing up with Charlie and when she is 4 a nomad comes and kills her dad so Bella runs into the forest where Alice and Jasper find her and bring her to the Cullens place to live, so she grows up with the Cullens

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“Bella Run… run Bella run…” Nooooo!!! My daddy was dying because this strange man is hurting him. How could I run with my daddy dying before my eyes, I need to save him.

“Stop it, Stop hurting him.” I started kicking. The bad guy finally realized that I was here. Although he looked sad like he knew what he had done was horrible. Our eyes meet and he made me feel even sadder.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered and ran away. I was standing there alone with my dead father in front of me. I fell to my knees and started to cry, “I love you daddy, i love you.” I whispered. He told me to run, so I will. I needed to be strong but he was all I had. My mother had left me when I was a baby. I embraced him one more time and then ran into the woods. Once I was far in the forest I found a tree stump to sit on it was wet because it had rained earlier. When had it not rained here? It was strange that all the times I was sad it had rained but the most sad parts of my life it had become sunny. That time was right now. I started crying again when I heard a faint voice yelling. Jasper stop, don’t hurt her, well of course you won’t but don’t think about it. Hurt who and was I hearing this in real life? Then all of a sudden someone was holding me by my hip and I was sideways against theirs. I started screaming. “Let me go. Don’t hurt me like the bad man had done to my daddy.” A short girl came out of the woods. She looked nice. She had short black hair and was very pretty. “Jasper put her down!” So that voice wasn’t in my head, unless I was dreaming. Does that mean daddy is still alive? Maybe if I pinch myself I will wake up. ”Ouch” ooopps did I say that out loud. No I was awake. When I pinched myself the girl made a strange face wondering what I was doing. What are these people doing in the woods?

When the man named Jasper put me down he put me carefully on my feet but I still fell face forward. The girl came over, helped me up and then crouched down to meet me face to face. All of a sudden I felt calm but still could not catch my breath. “Don’t run sweetie, it is okay.What is your name?"

"Bella." I choked out.
" Now why are you in the woods alone crying?”

I couldn’t get much out because I was still crying and was tired from screaming. “A... bad man hurt…. my daddy. He told me to run, so I did.” I caught up with my breath again.

“Aawww sweetie, it is okay.” She hugged me, I hugged her back. I had no one and this was very nice of her. She seemed nice at least.”My name is Alice and this is Jasper.” I finally saw the man’s face he looked hurt. Did I do something wrong? He had blond hair. They both had the same goldish black colored eyes. They were both pretty.

"Your very pretty. I dont think i will ever be as pretty as you."
"Don't say that, you know why?" I shoke my head."Because you are one of the cutest little girls i have ever seen." She tickled my stummy and made me giggle.
i looked over at Jasper and touched his face. "Your really pretty too." they both laughed.

“Now do you have a place to live?” I shook my head.

“Not anymore my daddy’s dead.” I leaned over and cried onto her shoulder. Jasper crouched down to my level to.

“Hunny, would you like to come live with our family for a while? You don’t have to though if you don’t want to.” She looked reassuring but there was no point to saying no since if I got hurt at least I would then be with my daddy in heaven. I nodded my head. “So do you want to see your new home then?”

“Ya, ya.” I felt a little more excited now that I will still have a family. “Ok” She picked me up in a cradle and ran super fast towards my new home.

What do you think and Should I continue

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more please
omg love your story
whe r u going to update soon
it has been like 5 months ago!!!!!
please update soon
This is really good! Write more soon okay? Thanks! ^_^


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