The Twilight Saga

 Bella Swan has always desperately craved to push out of the limits of the tiny town, Forks. The only thing tying her down is her long time
boyfriend, Jacob Black. She eventually moves to New York, still keeping
up her relationship with Jacob from miles away. Her former best friends,
Alice and Rosalie have dwelled in New York since high school. She meets
Edward Cullen, a single, skilled musician. When Jacob stops returning
her calls and explains he found someone else, Edward is there for her,
and she falls for him in the process. But that is not the end of the
plot! There is still heaps of drama to discover...

 I swallowed hard; as if it that would make the lump the was forming in my
throat evaporate. My fingers trembled, I was fighting the urge to reach
my hands out and press my palms to his face. Ice locked around my
heart. "I love you." I confessed in a strained tone, my head was
spinning wildly. It was to late to take the words back. Strange as it
sounds I didn't regret them. His torn expression re-arranged, an angelic
smile spread across his already glorious face. He brought me into his
arms. His breath stunned me, as it fanned across my skin. "You're
everything." He breathed.

 Bella (20)

 Edward (20)
 Alice (19)
 Jasper (20)
 Rosalie (20)
 Emmett (21)

 -Table of Contents-

Chapter One
Chapter Two; Part One


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omgg i love itt
I like it
love it!!!!!
Thanks everyone! I'm almost done with the chapter.
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poor jacob - oh well!
bring on Edward - cant wait to see how they meet!
Hey, that was really good! I loved it! :D

Can't wait for Edward to come in! ;)
I'm all done with the next chapter!
Just waiting for more replies!
I'm a new reader.I loved the 1st chapter.Please keep me updated.It sounds so interesting.And the chapter was so not boring.I can't wait for more!
keep me updated

Chapter Two; Part One:
My stomach churned in unease. I chewed on my lip, staring ahead.
"So here we are Bells." Charlie stated the obvious.
"Hm." I murmured, Charlie thew open his door, and walked around the back. He disappeared for a moment, only to return with my bags. I could see Jacob hesitate as he opened the door. I felt a pang of regret. I would ask him to come with me, but he couldn't leave La Push, or Forks. Thats where he belonged. I didn't. I stalked over to Charlie, who was now, leaning casually against the front of the truck. I took my luggage from him and shrugged it on my shoulder.

I hugged him quickly and pecked him on the cheek with swiftness. He flushed, and I turned to a pained Jacob. My lips quivered. How would I say this?
His tortured expression studied mine. He cupped one side of my face and kissed me.
Oh who needs New York anyway!
No, no, no...
Charlie cleared his throat inconspicuously, to my utter embarrassment and extreme relief. I broke off. I was pretty sure my face burst into flames right there.
"I have to go." I whispered, so low that Charlie couldn't hear.

I waved once to my father, my blush still in place. My heart rippled with despair as I turned my back on my love. I look down, as unexpected tears welled up in my eyes. I was totally oblivious as my luggage was inspected, and as I stumbled my way onto the plane.
Reality didn't set into until I plopped into my seat, I traced wrinkles on the dark leather. I heard very distinctly when someone set down next to me. I turned my head a fraction of an inch.
He was lean and tall, at the same time muscular. His honey-blond hair was untidy. His blue-green eyes were wide. He was cute. But not my type.
Plus, already have a boyfriend.
"Hello." He greeted with a polite smile.
"Hi." I sniffled, desperately blinking tears away.. "My name is Jasper Hale, yours?" He asked with a slight southern accent.
"Isabella Swan. Bella." I was more relaxed now. Jasper had a stable emotional climate, the atmosphere around him reflected that.

"And your going to New York?" I wondered. DUH! I mentally scolded myself.
He nodded.
"Why?" I randomly blurted it out. I didn't mean to say it out loud. I blushed and added in a rush, "you don't have to answer that."
"A friend." He replied, I must have been imagining the faint color in his face.
"A friend?" I questioned, unable to suppress my curiosity. He was easy to talk to. Very conversational.
"Her name is Alice." He explained quickly.

"Ah." I said in understanding. "Is she your girlfriend?" I wondered.
"I wish." He huffed, remembering something.
"So why are you going to New York?"

And I told him, it was a simple trip. No glitches.
I staggered off the plane. "Bella!" I whirled around at the sound of my name.
It was Jasper, he was just getting into a yellow Porsche. "You should stop by sometime! Alice would love to meet you!" He yelled over the hustle and bustle.
I nodded in encouragement. I hope he saw the gesture.
I walked into the streets, fetching a cab. I already had my apartment, and my furniture was brought in last week. I shuddered remembering sleeping on the uneven wooden floor at home. I attempted to make the small living area bright and welcoming, unsure if a succeeded or failed, my eyes roamed over my work. The tiny kitchen was painted a mellow blue, along with an eating nook.

My room was copied exactly from Forks. (I couldn't afford new furniture)
I was exhausted. I walked numbly to the bathroom and stepped into the shower. The enticing aroma of strawberries filled my consciousness and the warm water unraveled the stress building inside me. I stayed in longer then necessary, too weak to move.
I slipped into my sweats and collapsed on my bed. My cell phone beeped annoyingly, untraceable. I groaned.
I just wanted to sleep.

Sorry its short! But you'll love the next chapter! She meets Edward!! YAY!!!
This is really good!
I doubt that!
But thank you sooo much!


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