The Twilight Saga

 Bella Swan has always desperately craved to push out of the limits of the tiny town, Forks. The only thing tying her down is her long time
boyfriend, Jacob Black. She eventually moves to New York, still keeping
up her relationship with Jacob from miles away. Her former best friends,
Alice and Rosalie have dwelled in New York since high school. She meets
Edward Cullen, a single, skilled musician. When Jacob stops returning
her calls and explains he found someone else, Edward is there for her,
and she falls for him in the process. But that is not the end of the
plot! There is still heaps of drama to discover...

 I swallowed hard; as if it that would make the lump the was forming in my
throat evaporate. My fingers trembled, I was fighting the urge to reach
my hands out and press my palms to his face. Ice locked around my
heart. "I love you." I confessed in a strained tone, my head was
spinning wildly. It was to late to take the words back. Strange as it
sounds I didn't regret them. His torn expression re-arranged, an angelic
smile spread across his already glorious face. He brought me into his
arms. His breath stunned me, as it fanned across my skin. "You're
everything." He breathed.

 Bella (20)

 Edward (20)
 Alice (19)
 Jasper (20)
 Rosalie (20)
 Emmett (21)

 -Table of Contents-

Chapter One
Chapter Two; Part One


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I love it
i think you should!
jessh, write, asap, if u don't I'l be forced to use my mad ninja skillz on yew
Like the sound of this!! Please update me!!
Chapter One;
Bella's POV:

I sighed contently leaning my head back. The constant sound of the waves crashing against the rough and rocky shore was peaceful, it wasn't quite, but it was relaxing. I could feel the saltwater, a thin mist. We were sitting on our piece of strewn driftwood, bleached bone-white due to the frequent contact with the salty water. Its stubby branches appeared as dead limbs.
I felt the blood boil in my cheeks as Jacob curled his muscular, tan arm around my shoulder. I blushed deeper when he reached with his free hand to stroke the length of my cheekbone with his fingertips.
"I can't believe this will be our last night together." He mused.
"For a few months." I corrected him in a drowsy tone. A frigid wind fanned against the exposed skin on my face and neck. I shivered, pressing my chilled cheek onto Jake's shoulder.

"Right that makes it easier." He said in a voice that made me question if he was talking to himself or not. He gazed into the dark water, watching in silence as it beat against the sand.
'I'm gonna miss you so much." I murmured.

"Bells, you know I'll miss you like crazy."
"Yeah." I hedged, suspicious now.

His next words surprised me. "Then why are you leaving?" He chocked a little on the words.
Oh no! Not this again, he has been trying to convince me to stay since I announced I was leaving. Finally breaking away from this hazy, cloudy cage. Yet, I couldn't bear to even think of being away from Jacob for any length of time. This separation would be the most difficult thing to do. And I knew I had to.

Escaping this handkerchief-sized town wouldn't hurt, I could be sure of that. It just saddened me to be so far from him; my soul, my core of existence....
Charlie even suspected that we were more then cocky kids.
CRAP! Charlie was waiting for me....

Just on cue my cell-phone vibrated, loudly interrupting the natural voices, and making me jump up.
"Dad, I'm leaving right now." I rushed through my explanation, not even bothering to greet him.

"You better be Bell." He said sternly. I nodded to myself.
"I know, I know."I muttered. "See ya seen." I breathed, breathless.

I was jogging to my rustic Chevy as I snapped the beat-up phone shut. Jacob kept up effortlessly with my reduced pace-I really didn't want to bash my head into an over sized boulder that was nestled into the sand coated pebbles-.

Jacob (who was already in front of me) yanked the door out of my way. I mumbled a 'thanks' and slid into the warm cab. He followed my my example. It took an agonizing twenty minutes to get home. Jake was pelting me with an enormous amount of questions about my future life in New York City. I really didn't know why I wanted to move there. Go to college, discover myself....

Charlie was pacing in the driveway when I pulled up. I swiftly got out of the car. "Hey dad." I smiled as I ran into the house. My foot caught on something, probably my own feet. Jacob caught me before I could clatter to the cement. I blushed bright red and hurried inside.
I gripped my few beige colored bags that were sitting on the otherwise clear kitchen counter. I shrugged out of my rain coat and boots, changing into a thin sweater and dark denim jeans. I slipped into Converse sneakers, the color of oil. My wavy brown hair surrounded my translucent complexion in tangles. I sighed heavily before bounding down the stairs and out the door. Jacob's expression was pained, torn. My instinct feeling to comfort him flared violently.
A blinked the tears away. I needed to do this. For me.

"Ready?" Charlie asked, his eyebrows shooting up.
"Yes." I croaked, gulping back the emotion.

We were taking Charlie's cruiser, for the convenience. Jake would drive my truck to New York next month. He already was in the drivers seat. I squeezed in the passenger seat, sharing it with Jake. It was a silent drive, but not awkward, Charlie didn't think it was necessary to fill every silence with chatter. Something I was grateful for.

I could Jacob's eyes on me the whole way, my neck and face heating up. His face was rippling in pain. I shed a few tears and almost told Charlie to turn around.

Okay, so I know that was boring and short (the next chapter will be more lengthy). It sucked right? It gets A LOT better. Please comment and review!
I love it! XD
OME!!!! I LOVE IT!!! PLZ HURRY ! u NEED 2 write more
Good! Update soon! Can't wait till she gets to New York!
no it doesn't.... i like it.... keep it going.........
love it.


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