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You've Stolen My Heart! (Sequel to Love Triangle Who to Choose) COMPLETED

This is the Sequel to Love Triangle, Who to Choose??.

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There is more than one secret being kept in Forks.

Love, jealously and revenge. The Cullen's will hardly see it coming.

It is only a matter of time before everything changes.

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 (This video was created by Jesse Desplat)

NOTE: It is set after New Moon, so this story is a mix between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

All rights belong to Stephanie Meyer and the plot/ characters of the Twilight Saga. Additional characters and plot details are of my own invention.

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Bella’s P.O.V

It was a slow drizzle outside my bedroom window, I sat at my desk and brushed my hair. I sighed, I thought back to all the memories of the past couple of months, Edward’s illness, Emmett and I almost kissing and the fight I had with Jake.

We had almost been full circle… a year, it was at the beginning of the year when Edward became ill and it was just about a month before Christmas, another school year over. While I was brushing my hair I thought about it and realised that I had three different kinds of romance going on. I had to break two of those hearts but which two? It was a hard choice.

When I looked in my mirror I saw Edward, I thought ‘not another vision’, but I soon heard him calling my name “Bella? Aren’t you ready?” I was slightly shocked and jumped in my seat, and turned around to face him. He smiled and then I asked “How long have you been there?” He replied “Only a couple of minutes; do you have something on your mind?” I just smiled and said “Just thinking about the year and how it passes all too quickly.” He smiled at me again and then asked “So are you ready?” I was confused “Ready for what?” He laughed under his breath and then simply said “So you are ready. Meet me down at your truck.” With that he jumped out the window with the wickedest smile on his face.

I pulled my hair back and went down to the kitchen where Charlie was sitting in his uniform eating his cereal and reading the paper. He called me and said “Bells that Cullen boy is out front.” I nodded my head and said “I know Dad, we’re just going for a drive (I made it up so Charlie wouldn’t be too suspicious) I’ll be back later today ok?” He sighed and replied “Ok Bells. But I want you to be extra careful, the station has been getting reports of certain happenings, so be on your guard.” I just said “Ok Dad I will. Enjoy your day at work!” He mumbled something and then I left.

Out at the car Edward was leaning against his shiny Volvo, he keeps it in really good condition. He laughed and then asked “A drive? You hate my driving!” I sighed yet again and said “It was the best I could come up with! Now where are you taking me?” He opened my door walked around to the drivers side jumped in and laughed “You’ll see.” I decided to give in and get in the car.

Minutes later…

I looked out the window turned to Edward and said “Your house? What’s so secretive about that?” He laughed for the fourth time today and got out of the car. He shook his head and said “You’ll see, now come on.”

When we got to the house I saw Esme smiling. Alice came to me in a running jump. She hugged me and said “Just in time. I know you’ll like it!” I groaned and said “Not more clothes is it?” She laughed a high soprano laugh and said “No silly! I’ll show you!” She dragged me, while Edward and Esme followed us. When we entered the living room Alice yelled “Ta-da!” She was pointing to a giant tree… of course Christmas! Esme laughed and told me “We’d thought you’d like to help us decorate the tree this year!” I was puzzled and said “I thought Vampire’s didn’t like Christmas.” Esme replied “Well since you came and joined our family we thought we could do with a little celebration.” I just smiled and asked “So where do we start?” Just then Carlisle, Emmett and Jasper came in with about three different boxes each marked “Christmas.” When they opened the boxes, I saw that everything in there was newly bought.

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Emmett’s P.O.V

Christmas again, only this year it will be a lot better with Bella in our family. I watched Bella, Esme, Alice and Rose decorate the tree. Whenever Carlisle, Jasper, Edward or I wanted to offer our opinion on something we would be shushed and the girls went on with their decorating. Bella was not as into this kind of thing as Alice or Rose, but she put on a very genuine smile and helped out as much as she was allowed to.

I decided to put the game on and I asked Jasper, Edward and Carlisle if they would care to join me, they would do anything to get out of that!

When the football ended we went back to the main living room to find the girls had finished the tree and were just about to put the final decoration on the top of the tree, it was a light golden star, the colour matched very closely to our eyes. Bella was given the honor of putting it on the very top of the giant tree. Of course she needed a ladder to reach the top of it; she climbed the short distance and placed it on the tree. She tried to lean back as far as she could to admire the work they had done. She wobbled and fell backwards I was about to run and catch her, but of course Edward beat me. I guess you could say Edward was Bella’s knight in shinning armor… but not me… of course it would never be me.

Bella was in Edward’s arms laughing and admiring the Christmas tree in awe, she had a beautiful smile. She could win anyone over with it, I would know. Uh-Oh Edward’s looking at me “Wow, the girls really did a lovely job on that tree. Good thing the boys didn’t interfere.” He had a confused look on his face but he smiled at me. I could see Bella looking at Edward; she shot a look at me, and then grabbed Edward’s attention with some information about some bauble, glitter, sparkly thing.

Boy was I glad she could just get his attention like that.

Rose came to my side and I put my arm around her, I whispered in her ear “You did a wonderful job. It’s almost as pretty as you are.” She looked at me and smiled; I kissed her on the cheek and smiled back at her. She really was an angel, maybe she could sit on top of the Christmas tree. I smiled at the thought; I really was the luckiest man… vampire in the world.

I laughed and lifted Rose up and told her “I really am lucky to have you.” She giggled a girlish laugh and kissed me. I thought I saw out of the corner of my eye Bella looking at us, but that couldn’t be right.
Carlisle’s P.O.V

After Edward left to return Bella home I went outside to look at the sky. I heard light footsteps come down to join me; it was Esme. She laughed; I asked her “What are you laughing about?” She sighed and said “It was so much fun decorating the Christmas tree, it made me feel…” She stopped “It made you feel?” I questioned. She finished “It made me feel… like I was a human again.”

I looked up at the stars and said to her “I know how you feel; I sometimes wonder would my life be better as a human? But then I look at our family, I see you and realise that if I were human I would have never met and fallen in love with you. Then I look at our beautiful children and see how happy they are; it makes me happy to see you all happy.”

She smiled at me, and kissed me on the cheek “I love you.” She whispered. “I love you too.” I whispered back. Her hand slipped out of mine as she walked back to the house, I don’t know what I would do without Esme and the children, my family. Seeing Bella without Edward when he was ill made me realise just how special each one of my family members are.

I am glad I am a vampire, people may not understand why, but if you were me and you saw how I see my family, you would surely feel the same. I hope one day when Bella and Edward are a family he will feel differently about being one of us.

I can not wait to see what the future will hold for the Cullen’s.

I walked back into the house to see Alice standing with Rose admiring the bright lights of the family Christmas tree, Esme sitting on the lounge sewing and Emmett and Jasper throwing a football. I bellowed “Boys what did I say about throwing the football in the house? Remember what happened last time?” They stopped and turned to face me “Sorry. We know what happened Emmett threw the ball too hard and then broke Esme’s favourite vase… and then broke the window.” Jasper replied. “I threw it too hard? I believe it was you!” Emmett teased. “Me?” Jasper cried “You’re dead!” Then they both ran out the door to the field.

I could hear their laughing all the way back at the house, then Alice asked “Why don’t we make a game of it? I call Jasper’s Team!” Alice laughed “Emmett’s Team!” Called Rose, Esme looked up from her work and said “I guess I’ll be the referee.” She smiled and grabbed her coat. Just then Edward walked in the door. “Good,” I said “You can be on Emmett’s Team Edward and I shall be on Jasper’s! Let’s go!”

Then we all ran out to the field and started to play.
Edward’s P.O.V

6 days later…

I was out hunting with Alice, she was actually keeping up with me for once, but that was only because I was slightly handicapped. I was out for 6 weeks and that is a long time for vampires to go without exercise and food. Alice was laughing “Who’s the fastest in the family now? Huh?” She giggled again. I replied “Not you!” I sped up and laughed at her “Is that all you got? Come on you can do better than that!” Alice put her head down and really gave it her all.

She was slightly ahead of me “Ha! Beat that!” She laughed “I will!” I replied smugly. I turned around to face her “Look I’m beating you and running backwards at the same time! Not bad for a sick boy!” She laughed and said “Not bad… but not good either! Come on Edward I didn’t know you were that sick!” She laughed and zoomed ahead of me “I was letting you win! Nah- nah, nah-nah-nah!” She laughed and stuck her tongue out at me. Fine I thought, I can do better, she stopped where she was as if to wait for me to catch up.

When I was close to her she would zip along even further “So I knew you wanted exercise but I didn’t know you meant a leisurely jog!” She giggled “Come on Grandpa!” She was just dealing out the insults. She stopped finally jumping up and down yelling “I win! I win! Give it up for the champion!” When I was close enough to reach her… bang!

There was this steal block around her. “Edward? What’s happening? If this is you playing a joke it’s not funny!” I was shocked I ran to her. “I can’t break this… box!” I banged and smashed at it, that didn’t help she was stuck and stuck for good. I went to grab a rock “Edward!” She yelled “Help me!” I could here the stress in her voice. I was about to pick up the biggest rock I could find then… bang!

I was trapped too! “Alice! Are you still there?” There was silence. “Alice?” I yelled frightened “Edward!” I could here her voice but it was like it was from above. Suddenly clunk! I was being lifted from the ground.

As I flew through the air I thought about what my disappearance would do to the family…

Carlisle… Esme… Emmett… Jasper… Rose (well not so much Rose… but still) and my beautiful Bella…

I wondered where I was going…

I wondered who was taking me there…

I wondered if I would survive…
Alice’s P.O.V

When I was finally let out of my prison I noticed I was in the darkest of rooms and Edward was next to me. He hugged me and said “You’re ok!” I smiled at him “Where are we?” He looked at me and said “I have no idea, but I plan to find out!”

Suddenly I could here beeping sounds and a handle turning. The glow of a candle was followed by footsteps. I couldn’t make out the persons face, although I could see in the dark he seemed to be wearing a kind of mask…

He was breathing heavily; he finally spoke “Welcome Alice and Edward to the Hotel of Dreams… Bad dreams that is.” He laughed at his very bad joke. I looked at Edward and then asked “How do you know our names?” It was silent and then he answered “You will find out in good time. In the mean time I have done my research on your kind of vampire and this room is built with a special metal material which you vegetarian vampires can not break! There is something extra in human blood that gives my kind… a sort of power over you, we are slightly stronger.”

I was worried he was obviously a no mad vampire that had lots of experience. I asked “What is your name?” He laughed a wicked laugh and said “As if I would let such valuable information out! For now… you can call me James…” I was shocked, he must know about James… which means he must know about the rest of our family. I looked at Edward his golden eyes filled with worry and angst.

“Now let me show you your room (He moved the candle around)… well this is it! Goodnight!” He laughed a deep grumbling laugh and then left. He slammed the door and I heard more beeping noises, there must be a code.

Edward got up and lent against the wall he sighed “What are we going to do? What if he captures Bella or Jasper or Carlisle and Esme or even Emmett and Rose? If we’re trapped in here how are we supposed to warn them?” I thought and said “Wouldn’t be handy if we had another mind reader in the family.”

Edward sighed again and slid to the ground, I sat with him. I whispered “Everything will work out, I know it!” He just looked at me and asked “Have you seen it working out?” I sighed and replied “Well… no…” I smiled at him and held his hand; I had to be here for my big brother… he must really be hurting inside.

Even though vampires don’t believe in God that night I had to… I prayed:

Dear God,
Its Alice Cullen here, I know you probably won’t answer but I really need your help.
It’s my family they are going to be torn apart. I need you to support them.
Please send them some kind of sign that Edward and I are missing and need their help.
If you can warn them that they might be next,
Please keep Bella safe and look after my Jasper. Thank you.
Jasper’s P.O.V

The sun was setting and I had just finished my book. I looked out the window to see a beautiful rose golden sunset. I sighed and went to find Alice; I looked in her usual hiding place… the walk in wardrobe. She likes to spend time in there cooing over her perfect outfits. She wasn’t there; I went downstairs and looked around, not there. I went over to Carlisle his head deep in the paper “Carlisle.” I went over to his side. His head swiftly lifted up to meet my gaze. “Yes son?” He asked, I breathed and then answered “Where’s Alice?” He thought for a second “Try Esme.” He said shooing me away with his hand putting his head back to the paper.

I went into Esme’s sewing room; she was humming a tune, one from one of Edward’s many songs. “Esme have you seen Alice?” She lifted her head from her work; she was repairing the hem of one of Alice’s gowns. It was a deep purple one she wore to a dinner with one of my old friends from the army days. Esme thought and then said “No I haven’t dear… I took the opportunity to repair this dress instead of her buying yet another new one. Why don’t you ask Edward? He is probably in the study or in the garage with Emmett.” I nodded my head and said “Thanks Esme I will.” She smiled softly and went back to her mending.

I checked the study, no Edward just and open book “Wuthering Heights.” Oh reading that again are we? I thought. Geez Edward… I bet you could recite the whole book by now… I can’t understand how he can read the same thing over and over again. I went on to the garage to find Emmett leaning against Edward’s Volvo with Rose, she was giggling like a school girl, it must be Christmas because she has been like that for a while now.

I asked Emmett if he had seen Edward or Alice no luck! I hope she hasn’t left me again. I went back inside.

Two hours later…

Emmett and Rose were playing weird games, too sappy for me. Esme was going through the rest of Alice’s clothes making repairs. Carlisle was in his study reading one of his old, old, old journals… recapturing his youth. Ha! Even that one made me laugh! I settled down in my chair getting nice and comfortable when two sirens went off.

We ran in the direction of the noise and found out it was two of our cars, Alice’s Porsche and Edward’s Volvo. Emmett said “I swear I didn’t touch them!” I jumped in Alice’s car and Carlisle fixed Edward’s and then said “No harm done, false alarm everyone back in the house!” I was at the back of the group and thought to myself “Maybe it’s a sign from God! Hah from God! I should really write these down!” I turned off the light and went back to my comfortable chair.
Bella’s P.O.V

I woke up in the middle of the night expecting to have Edward next to me, but no such luck… oh well. I had the memory of Edward and I the last time I saw him a week ago, we were standing outside my house late that night, the moon bounced off his smile and it was so cold you could see our breath. He lent towards me and kissed me lightly on the lips, he moved back and I sighed. He silently laughed under his breath and pulled something out of his pocket. It was a fluffy Santa hat he carefully placed it on top of my head and said “There, now you really have the Christmas spirit with you where ever you go.” I laughed and said “I know I’m sorry I have to go with Charlie and see our family. It sucks I’m going to be away from you for a whole week.” He smiled at me and put his hand softly against my cheek and whispered “It’s ok. I’ll be right here when you get back.” Then he ran off into the darkness.

That memory played again and again in my head until I finally fell asleep.

The next morning…

I was up early and dressed. I got home about 11 pm last night, but I was so excited I wanted to get to Edward’s house early. It had been a week without seeing him, so I was really happy. I had been so bored; I had to sit through the same 5 conversations. I put my Christmas hat in my pocket and I was about to head out when someone knocked on the door. “I’ll get it Charlie!” I yelled to upstairs “Ok.” He replied. I ran to the door to see Jasper jumping up and down impatiently. I smiled “Hey Jasper. What’s up?” He thought and then said “Well I’ve come to take you over to our house so you didn’t have to drive.” Oh well that’s nice of him I thought. I grabbed my coat and yelled to Charlie “I’m going out for awhile!” I waited for a second “Kay. See you later!” He yelled back and off we went.

The car ride over wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be although Jasper told some jokes that were really bad and I sort of forced myself to laugh; I felt sorry for him. When we got inside the first thing I saw was the beautiful tree we had decorated last week, it really was breath taking. I greeted everyone and asked the usual questions “How are you?” and “What have you been up to?” etc. etc. Then Carlisle took a breath, clapped his hands together and said “Well…” Which could mean one of two things, he is either very uncomfortable or he has some news.

He continued “Well… I glad to see you haven’t been bored to death. Anyway I have some news for you Bella.” “Good or bad?” I questioned suspiciously. “The news is… sort of bad.” “Sort of bad, what does that mean?” I asked worried now “Edward isn’t sick again?” Carlisle shook his head and said “No, no he isn’t sick the thing is we’ve kind of… miss placed him.” I was confused “Miss place him? How is that even possible?” Carlisle breathed and answered “I don’t know but it seems Edward and Alice has disappeared.” I thought for a second and said “So they’re gone?” Jasper intersected and said “It’s not like they’ve run away… it’s more like they’ve been taken.” Everyone seemed to talk about Edward and Alice as if they were possessions. I went over to the lounge and sat down.

“They’ve been kidnapped… I need to find them.” I whispered to myself.
Emmett’s P.O.V

Carlisle and Esme went to get Bella some water and food, Rose was with Jasper in the garage, and I was leaning against the wall watching Bella.

She was mumbling something that I couldn’t quite make out, Edward something, something, something, Alice, something, something, I guess I, something. With in a second she was out the door and she started running. I jumped out the door and followed her “Hey! Where are you going?” I yelled after her. She didn’t turn around to acknowledge me she just yelled back “I’m going to find Edward and Alice!” I ran after her and when I got to her side stepped in front of her “Well you can’t go alone.” She pushed me aside and kept walking “Then come with me.” She suggested. “Well why don’t you just stay here?” She stopped and turned around to me and said “Either come with me or don’t, with or without you I’m going to find Edward and Alice.”

I thought and then jogged after her “Fine I’ll come with you.” I told her. “Good.” She snapped back, I leisurely walked by her side and didn’t say a word knowing how irritable she could get. We walked for a couple of minutes; human pace really does bug me. When we got to a small clearing I announced “Their scent stops here.” She looked confused “What? How can that be possible? If their scent stops shouldn’t they be here?”

I sighed and told her “I don’t know… nothing can cover up a vampire scent. Maybe they went up in the air.” She thought confused “Are you saying they can fly now?” I shook my head thinking catch up Bella! I said “No of course not. Maybe they were taken in a plane or helicopter.” She said tisking “How could someone just take a vampire your too strong.” She sat down. “I don’t know.” I sighed at sat down with her.

A few minutes later Bella stood up and said annoyed “My back is really sore.” She turned her back to me and just as I was about to stand up… bang!

Everything went dark, I tried to get up but I was caged in “Bella?” I called out. “Emmett are you ok?” She asked worry obviously in her voice. “Yeah I’m fine.” I told her, I heard rushing steps and then I asked “Bella are you ok? Stay calm!” There was no reply and seconds later there was another bang!

I was being lifted up into the air as I got higher I heard blades whipping threw the air.

As I was flying threw the air I hoped Bella was ok.

I wondered what Rose would do without me.

I wondered what Carlisle and Esme would do with another lot of their children stolen.

I wondered where I was headed… I had this worried feeling in my gut… I knew it was going to be bad.
Bella’s P.O.V

I woke up in this dark strange room alone. My head hurt I must have hit it pretty hard. It was quiet in my room. I felt my way to a wall, I could hear loud noises, yelling and hitting. Someone was yelling “You can’t keep us hear you have to let us go!” I heard punching. “You can’t ruin this for me! I am so close!” Suddenly a door out of nowhere swung open. There was a light from the corridor and I saw a man, he threw a man in he hit the wall with an earsplitting crack. “Now stay here!” The man with the mask yelled. He shot me a look and slammed the door.

I ran over to the poor man. I looked at his face “Emmett?” He looked at me. “Emmett you’re shaking.” I told him. He was sitting on the ground his back against the wall. I put my hand on his face, he looked at it. He was coughing; he managed to choke out “Bella I’m sorry.” I shushed him and said “It’s ok… it’s ok.”
“No it’s not,” His voice was sore and croaky he continued “If I made you stay home we wouldn’t be here.” I sighed and said “No one can stop me once I set my mind on it.”

He went on “I’m sorry I made it worse. When this kidnapper came in I attacked him and told him to let us go… I tried to be… a knight in shining armor.” He smiled the weakest smile I had seen on his face. A knight in shining armor what was he on about? A knight we weren’t in the medieval ages. Oh… a knight… he wanted to rescue me… how sweet. I looked in to his weak golden eyes, he coughed again. “Emmett… you are too sweet for your own good.” He laughed but that made him cough even more. “Shh don’t worry, you’ll be ok.” I lent in and whispered “I love you for trying.” He looked at me with intense eyes and told me “I love you too.” I looked him up and down, he seemed really sick. I stared at his face once more and we looked into each others eyes, as I did I saw a side of Emmett McCarty Cullen I had never seen before.

I saw him just as he was no smile on his face and no jokes hiding his true feelings. His eyes where showing me all he had, just him. I lent into him his icy face touching mine, a mini shiver went threw my spine. His lips gently caressing mine, it was gentle and subtle, nothing I had ever expected from him. He kissed me again this rush of pure love rushed over me the kind of love you have for a teenage sweetheart. His lips were softer than I first had expected, when I moved back his eyes were a soft mellow gold and he had this genuine smile on his face.

“I’m sorry…” He mouthed as he sighed and closed his eyes. “Don’t worry Emmett we’ll get out of here.” There was no reply “Emmett... Open your eyes! Emmett, wake up! Wake up!” I cried. I felt my way around the wall until I found what felt like a door. I slammed my fists to it with rage and cried “Let us out! We need help! He’s sick! Please! Please!” I kept slamming and banging my fists to the door. Then I started kicking at it “Please! Help us! Please!” I kept screaming and suddenly the door flung open, and I wobbled back. I saw a candle glowing as this kidnapper walked in. “Look what you did!” I cried pointing at Emmett passed out on the floor. “Please for all that is good, help him! Please!” I cried tears running down my cheeks.

He looked at me and yelled “Would you just shut up! Your voice is so annoying! And if you don’t be quiet… you might just not make it out of here.” He glared at me and slammed the door “Please.” I whined and collapsed in a pile. I was worried that if I didn’t stop complaining I might get killed but if I didn’t who knows what might happen to Emmett.

I sat all alone in my prison in the corner, I felt pathetic and useless as I cried to myself in my dank little corner. I heard beeping and then the door open the glow of a candle was followed by the man that had hurt Emmett. “Well Bella have you cried out your worries?” I sniffed and said “I have no idea why you’re doing this but you have hurt one the most innocent vampires I know.” He appeared to roll his eyes although I couldn’t quite see. “Oh… poor dear do you need to write in your little diary?” I stood up fuming now and told him “Look Mr. I don’t know who you are or what you want or even how you know my name but if you lay one finger on my family there will be consequences!”

He rubbed his temples and said “You threatening me? Oh what are you going punch me? Go right ahead little girl.” He held his arms open “Take you’re best shot!” He teased. “Oh right mock me all you want!” I smirked. “What’s your name anyway?” He laughed a smug laugh and answered “You can call me James.” As he said the name I had multiple flash backs, I fell backwards onto the floor. “Ha! You’re just a fly!” He snickered “Well, I have things to do like check on your little friends.” I gasped “You have my friends! Why? What do you really want with us?” He sighed and said “As I told your friends you’ll find out in good time! Now go to sleep or whatever your humans do.” I decided to ask him “What about some food?” He turned to look at me “Food? Why would I give you food when you have been such a rude and disrespectful guest?” “Oh…” Was all I could manage to say, I was just too scared.

Things I was absolutely sure of…

-This vampire had Edward and Alice
- His name was not James
-This meant he knew about our family
-Emmett was unconscious and very ill
-He was going to take us somewhere
-He had a deal with someone and he obviously needed us for that to happen.

I was trapped here, all alone with an unconscious Emmett. I moved over closer to him, just so it felt like I had some form of protection.

I pulled my knees up to my chest and hugged them.

I ended up silently crying myself to sleep…
Rosalie’s P.O.V

I was sitting in my room brushing my hair. Today I planned to do my nails and relax, have a pamper day. I was humming a soft tune when someone knocked at my door; I put my hair brush down and went over to the door. I expected to see Emmett but instead I met the eyes of a welcoming Carlisle. “Oh Carlisle… do come in.” Before he took a step he asked “I haven’t interrupted anything have I?” I looked around seeing what he might think he interrupted and said “No of course not, I was just having a beauty day.” He laughed, I don’t know why though; it seemed a bit strange that Carlisle would laugh at a beauty day. He came in and turned around I closed the door and asked “So what do you want?”

He took a seat on one of my cushioned chairs. “Well Rosalie, I went to find Bella and Emmett you see, they had been gone for awhile now. So I followed their scent and it seemed to come to and abrupt stop, I don’t know how that could be but… their where no footprints after that so I believe they went upwards.” I thought about it and asked “So what they have a secret helicopter or something?” He paused and answered “Well… not exactly I was thinking about it and there seemed to be a mix of scents in the one place. I could smell Emmett’s, Edward’s, Alice’s and Bella’s scent.” I just realised what he meant. “So you’re saying that is the place where they were all kidnapped from.” “That’s exactly it.” He replied.

A thought just came into my head “So Edward was captured with Alice and Bella was captured with Emmett, which means each pair would most likely be alone in a room together.” Carlisle was puzzled by my thought process but continued anyway. “Well most likely but if four of us have been captured we have to be careful about the way we try to track them.” I fell back on my bed and whispered “Bella and Emmett alone in a room.” I was absolutely terrified by the thought. Carlisle sighed and asked “I may not want to know but… what’s so bad about Bella and Emmett being in the same room?” He was obviously confused; of course he wouldn’t understand… he’s not a girl.

I sighed and turned to face Carlisle directly. “Carlisle you may not understand but I know the way they are, I swear if Bella puts one hand on Emmett she will be sorry.” I stood up fuming. Carlisle stood up and came over to my side, he told me “Bella is with Edward she would never touch Emmett she knows how much you love him and he loves you.” That didn’t help; I didn’t really want to tell Carlisle what I saw I knew it would just upset him. I sighed heavily and just said “I guess you’re right.” He smiled at me and I smiled back, he said “There you go.” He gave me a hug and left the room.

I went over to my clothes closet and went to the section of Emmett’s clothes I flipped threw and found one of his old shirts that Esme had once offered to fix, I yanked it out and held it in my hands. I knew Emmett had done nothing… yet. I just was so angry, that now he was alone with Bella there was more chance she would try to take him.

I had tried so hard lately not get to angry at Emmett and smack him on the back of the head but I couldn’t help it… With a high pitched scream I ripped his shirt to shreds.
Alice’s P.O.V

I was worried; a little while ago I heard lots of yelling, crying and hitting. I was worried this ‘James’ person was kidnapping humans. Edward has been very distant he said he would try to read the minds of the people, but he couldn’t he said it might be something to do with the metal walls. I sat with my back to the wall, after awhile I heard whispers; I pressed my ear to the wall. The conversation went something like this:

I have them here

I can get them to you anytime you want

We made a deal

You better have held your side of the bargain

You want them so soon

Well you better pay up

Ok look I’ll bring them to you as soon as possible

I’ll start to travel tonight

I’ll see you soon

He was obviously on the phone, almost immediately I heard the beeping of the code and the turning of a handle. Edward and I both looked up at ‘James’ with inquisitive eyes. He took a deep breath and began “Well my dear Cullen’s I have some rather good news… We shall start travelling sooner than I first thought, so that means you will be free of this place easily if you co-operate that is.” I looked over at Edward and he gave a quick nod in my direction. “So do we have a deal?” I took a breath and answered “Yes we do. Although I do have one question who else have you managed to capture?” He looked a bit annoyed by my question he snapped “You and your damn questions, you shall meet them when we get there.”

He clapped his hands together twice and the wall with the door disappeared all you could see is the corridor. “Come.” He ordered, and once he had four men… vampires. He had vampires working for him? Oh this couldn’t be good. The four of them were pushing the two chambers that Edward and I were to be transported in. “Alright my friends, here are your first class seats.” He laughed again; I didn’t really like his sense of humor. “Ladies first…” James said motioning towards one of the death traps. I got up and walked over to the gray metal box, I ducked my head and said “You know it better be worth it, the deal you made. It better be the most important thing you ever wanted in the whole world.” I turned around and sat down with my legs crossed. The man still had a mask on, but I knew he was taken off guard by what I had said; I just gave Edward a smile as two of the vampires pulled the lid up on my box so I would be sealed in.

I heard multiple screws being put into place; I just kept thinking I hope the rest of our family was ok. Just as I heard the man coax Edward into his box I had a vision of the Volturi, Edward and I were there along with… Emmett and Bella! Oh no! I had to tell Edward not to get in the box “Edward don’t get in! He has Bella! Don’t get in!” There was lots of drilling and banging they were trying to drown me out “What?” Edward called back “Don’t get in!” I yelled banging the side of my crate “Don’t get in!” I yelled again “Sorry, I can’t hear you tell me later ok?” He yelled back to me. I stopped my useless attempt to warn him and waited until suddenly I was lifted into the air.
Edward’s P.O.V

As I was flying over God knows where, I heard helicopter blades and quite a lot of banging. It was about a 5 hour flight before we finally touched the ground, from there our crates were opened and we were blind folded, but before Alice was she looked around frantically looking for something or someone. I decided to read her mind she was screaming “He has Bella and Emmett I tried to warn you not to get in! What if she was the one screaming? Oh what if ‘James’ was torturing her?” Her brain was running with questions that weren’t getting any better than the last. I was blind folded and held from behind by one of James’ vampire helpers.

We didn’t have to walk very long before we entered a room it smelled very familiar… too familiar for my liking. It smelt old and crusty, almost like a vintage wine. The vampire behind me ripped off my blind fold, but kept a firm grip on my hands behind my back. I looked over at Alice her eyes were wide golden globes she was worried I checked her mind again she was saying “Oh this is the other thing I was going to tell you… oops!” I looked at her and rolled my eyes. “Thanks.” I mouthed. The crates behind us were moved away by the four vampires. ‘James’ stepped forward, just as he did Aro, Marcus and Caius stepped from behind the scenes to their usual seat.

Aro spoke “You no longer need to wear that silly mask my son.” He pulled off the balaclava type mask. His face was thin but very well structured; he had very short cut brown curls. His eyes were golden like ours… so he wasn’t a no-mad… so all that talk about having more strength than us was a charade? He was skating on very thin ice. Aro spoke again “Michael it is nice to see you have fulfilled your task.” His name was Michael? Oh this just keeps getting better and better! Was his deal for a pig? I felt like I was being used for something utterly stupid. A moment later some others entered the room.

Bella came in with the same blind fold and was being held with her arms behind her back. So where was Emmett? Bella’s blind fold was yanked off harshly that made me mad; they obviously have no respect for women or humans. She came to my side almost immediately; I whispered “His name is actually Michael.” She was slightly confused but caught in quickly.
Michael looked back at us with his golden eyes; Bella whispered “He’s a vegetarian.” I nodded my head in confirmation. He turned around to face Aro “If Edward and Alice aren’t enough for the bargain I have thrown in the human too.” Michael’s voice was very serious. He looked around behind us his head darting from one to the other “Where’s the last one?” He asked confused. “Emmett’s coming.” Bella said in a meek voice “He hasn’t been too well lately.” Minutes later Emmett was being dragged in unconscious over the back of one of Michael’s helpers. It was disturbing to see my poor brother being treated like a sack of potatoes. Finally the man got a chair and put Emmett on it, he looked horrible.

Michael continued on “There is also this other one I managed to capture for you.” Aro smiled at the good work Michael had done, he praised him “Well done my boy, not only have you brought the two I need but you have given me two extra which will surely come in handy. I am very proud of you.” Michael seemed to like the praise, but quickly put on a very serious face “Well thank you but I did have to do a lot of preparation for this to work. First of all I researched the family and their history, and then I had to monitor their movements for awhile. All this is beside the point Aro I believe we had a deal?” Aro smiled and said “Yes we did and you have just earnt it.” He was holding up his fingers to show the small amount. I heard a sigh of relief from Michael.

“Let them come.” Aro ordered to someone working behind the scenes. A man came out followed by a women and a child. The women had tanned skin, her jet black hair was tied up in a bun and her eyes were as golden as the sun. The child on the other hand had dark brown curls, rosy cheeks and a few freckles placed perfectly across her nose. Her eyes on the other hand were an emerald green. Behind me Bella gasped “She’s human!” I just watched as they hugged as a family, tears running down the little girl’s cheeks she cried “I’m so glad you’re back from your trip Daddy, I missed you so much.” She kissed her fathers cheek. He whispered “I’m glad I’m back too Princess.” He kissed her on her forehead. He turned around to face us he looked at Alice and said “You were right they are worth the whole world to me.” Alice and I looked at each other; we could see why he was so desperate to make this deal work no matter what it took. He looked at all of us and said “Let me introduce you all Bella, Edward, Alice and Emmett… I guess this is my family, my wife Hannah and my beautiful daughter Eliza.

Aro was standing a sort of grimace on his face he wasn’t one for showing affection. He coughed uncomfortably and said in a booming voice “Right that is enough we need to press on Michael you may leave now, and please hurry.”

As Aro watched them leave his smile widened, he was happy to see all the love birds leave. “Ok then shall we press on we do have little time.” I wondered why Aro needed us so desperately and asked “So Aro why do you need us?” He giggled a tiny giggle and smiled uncontrollably “Well my friends I believe we had a deal…”
Bella’s P.O.V

Aro was talking about why he wanted us “If you remember,” Aro was pacing up and down “We had a deal… I let you go and you promised to turn Bella into a vampire. Step forward child.” He ordered me to the front “Look at this.” He said examining my face “No eyes of red or gold, no skin of pale white, no frozen heart, and no indestructible features… as soft as a marsh mellow.” He let go of my face. He continued saying “Now if I am not correct that means you owe me.” I looked back at Edward his eyes full of worry looking at the floor. Alice’s eyes were not much different to her brothers she was worried for my and their safety. I stepped back closer to Edward he had a low rumble in his chest, I gently tried to calm him but he snapped and snarled “What do you want from us?”

Aro’s eyes widened “Well as you may as well know we have been ruling for many, many, many years now but there has been talk of a coo and some younger vampire’s to take our place.” Both Marcus and Caius scoffed from behind most likely offended by the fact. “So we need your help.” “But why do you need us?” Alice queried from behind. Aro was some what shocked by her question “My dear isn’t it obvious? I need you because you can see if anything is coming to affect us and I need your brother there to read the minds of people who come, to see if they are hiding something.” Alice looked down at the floor feeling slightly stupid for asking a fairly obvious question. “How long would we have to stay with you?” Edward asked still very annoyed “Well as long as it takes to make sure we are safe in these thrones.” I sighed “That could be years.” I whispered into Edward’s ear.

Edward was thinking deeply “What if I turn Bella into a vampire within the next year, then can I leave your services?” Aro thought at Edward’s compromise “Hmm… My boy, that deal can not be made.” Caius called from behind “The Volturi does not give second chances.” Aro decided he would make the deal final “You two have betrayed our trust, which means you shall stay in our service for as long as we require you. No matter what you do to Bella, that is how it will be. Of course to be kind we shall pay for all fairs, as you may be able to visit home every now and then, to deliver messages of course.”

I was upset by the fact that I would have to go without Edward for possible years, Edward opened his mouth to say something “Aro, what if Alice and I were able to track down the younger vampires that were trying to take your throne in say just a couple of months?” Aro turned around to face his colleges obviously discussing their options. When he finally came back and faced us he said “If you managed that my friends, then we might be able to arrange something, but that would mean anytime we needed your help we could call on you and you would be here almost immediately.” Edward looked across to Alice she gave a quick nod to Edward and stepped forward to address Aro “We shall accept; but we would like to go home for Christmas.” Aro was confused “Christmas? My dear vampires do not celebrate Christmas.” I decided to speak up “But humans do.” It was a sort of a whisper; I must admit Aro was slightly terrifying. He walked over to me and said “Dear I’ve have been nice enough not to get you into this agreement, and you do not need vampires to celebrate your small event. You shall have many more Christmas’ with them, so I believe I can say when they leave and when they come.” Edward asked “What about our diet?” Marcus from behind Aro answered “That shall be catered for.” Edward stepped forward with Alice and they both shook hands with Aro. “We have a deal.” They all said in hard voices.


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