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You've Stolen My Heart! (Sequel to Love Triangle Who to Choose) COMPLETED

This is the Sequel to Love Triangle, Who to Choose??.

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Here is the completed document of You've Stolen my Heart:



There is more than one secret being kept in Forks.

Love, jealously and revenge. The Cullen's will hardly see it coming.

It is only a matter of time before everything changes.

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 (This video was created by Jesse Desplat)

NOTE: It is set after New Moon, so this story is a mix between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

All rights belong to Stephanie Meyer and the plot/ characters of the Twilight Saga. Additional characters and plot details are of my own invention.

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Bella’s P.O.V

It was a slow drizzle outside my bedroom window, I sat at my desk and brushed my hair. I sighed, I thought back to all the memories of the past couple of months, Edward’s illness, Emmett and I almost kissing and the fight I had with Jake.

We had almost been full circle… a year, it was at the beginning of the year when Edward became ill and it was just about a month before Christmas, another school year over. While I was brushing my hair I thought about it and realised that I had three different kinds of romance going on. I had to break two of those hearts but which two? It was a hard choice.

When I looked in my mirror I saw Edward, I thought ‘not another vision’, but I soon heard him calling my name “Bella? Aren’t you ready?” I was slightly shocked and jumped in my seat, and turned around to face him. He smiled and then I asked “How long have you been there?” He replied “Only a couple of minutes; do you have something on your mind?” I just smiled and said “Just thinking about the year and how it passes all too quickly.” He smiled at me again and then asked “So are you ready?” I was confused “Ready for what?” He laughed under his breath and then simply said “So you are ready. Meet me down at your truck.” With that he jumped out the window with the wickedest smile on his face.

I pulled my hair back and went down to the kitchen where Charlie was sitting in his uniform eating his cereal and reading the paper. He called me and said “Bells that Cullen boy is out front.” I nodded my head and said “I know Dad, we’re just going for a drive (I made it up so Charlie wouldn’t be too suspicious) I’ll be back later today ok?” He sighed and replied “Ok Bells. But I want you to be extra careful, the station has been getting reports of certain happenings, so be on your guard.” I just said “Ok Dad I will. Enjoy your day at work!” He mumbled something and then I left.

Out at the car Edward was leaning against his shiny Volvo, he keeps it in really good condition. He laughed and then asked “A drive? You hate my driving!” I sighed yet again and said “It was the best I could come up with! Now where are you taking me?” He opened my door walked around to the drivers side jumped in and laughed “You’ll see.” I decided to give in and get in the car.

Minutes later…

I looked out the window turned to Edward and said “Your house? What’s so secretive about that?” He laughed for the fourth time today and got out of the car. He shook his head and said “You’ll see, now come on.”

When we got to the house I saw Esme smiling. Alice came to me in a running jump. She hugged me and said “Just in time. I know you’ll like it!” I groaned and said “Not more clothes is it?” She laughed a high soprano laugh and said “No silly! I’ll show you!” She dragged me, while Edward and Esme followed us. When we entered the living room Alice yelled “Ta-da!” She was pointing to a giant tree… of course Christmas! Esme laughed and told me “We’d thought you’d like to help us decorate the tree this year!” I was puzzled and said “I thought Vampire’s didn’t like Christmas.” Esme replied “Well since you came and joined our family we thought we could do with a little celebration.” I just smiled and asked “So where do we start?” Just then Carlisle, Emmett and Jasper came in with about three different boxes each marked “Christmas.” When they opened the boxes, I saw that everything in there was newly bought.

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Okay, so I have been doing some more writing and have been able to post sooner than I thought. This is the final non Cullen/ Pack P.O.V. So I hope you like it! :)


92. Tom’s P.O.V


“Emily!” I jumped at the high-pitched scream. “How many times do I have to call you?”  Rosalie was approaching her daughter, who a moment ago was seeing and talking to things that weren’t there. “What in the world happened to you? Are you possessed?” Emotions flickered across Emily’s face as if she was watching a train race past. “Calm down. First off I’m not crazy. There is such a thing as a gift that allows you to communicate with ghosts. So, instead of bombarding me with questions- think things through- anything is possible in this life.” Rosalie stood there, not sure what to say or how to move. A somewhat jealous smile passed across her lips and she said “Well, who was this ghost who so desperately needed your help?” Emily faltered, searching for something that she could tell her mother. She smiled weakly and replied “Ah… she didn’t say who she was. I think she was from the 1900s or something. She needed my help. What else do you need to know?”


After Rosalie finished interrogating her daughter to the third degree, everyone went off to his or her own business. I stalked upstairs, just ready to get on with my plan. I was going to make Bea’s Christmas. I opened the door to my room and a growl almost escaped me. I could tell someone had been in here. But… It surely didn’t take me that long to reach my bedroom from the living area. If you asked me, they’d have to be pretty quick and light on their feet. I immediately ran to my dresser draw where my gun was and started tearing about, scared that the Cullen’s were trying to “help me” again. I let out a gigantic sigh of relief when I saw it sitting there, just begging to be used. Not yet, I told myself Bea first and then you will be free. I put it down and started to repack the draw. I saw something mixed up in the pile of clothes, with scarily familiar writing on it. I carefully approached it and gasped. It was her writing. I pulled away the outer paper containing the letter. It said:


Dear Tom,

I write this as I wait for the kids to arrive. I can tell that will be soon and it scares me that I won’t be able to tell you how I feel. I know that you won’t ever resent these kids for how they came into the world. Thomas, we all have our secrets and it saddens me to say that some are best left kept undisturbed. I know you would agree with me; we have both had difficult pasts and have done things we very much regret. So this letter is not going to be filled with my confessions. I just wanted to tell you that I love you. The reason I am scared is because my Mum died the way she did. But, I know you and the Cullen’s will take care of me. No matter what, you need to know that I would have said yes to any proposal you gave me- in a heartbeat. If we were old enough, I would have married you the first day we met. Wow, six years passes quickly, doesn’t it?


I don’t know much about your family, except that your Mum has kind of gone of the rails and that your father… well just doesn’t seem to be around. But, I never knew if you had any siblings and if you do I think it is important to see them and get to know them. I know for a fact I would have been lost without my brother. While I remember, tell him to peruse his career the best way he can. I know that he had to be stuck in an office just to provide for us- so I think it’s time he broadened his horizons. Please, I know that he isn’t the friendliest person on earth, but you should try and get along, if not for yourself, then for me. Just, at least try. Andrew was never good at making friends, more at making enemies. So, just keep on his good side and don’t cause any trouble for those poor Cullen’s. If you do or already have- God forbid- you better go and apologise right now Mister!


Tom, I know that you are strong and you can do what you want with your life. Don’t let anything get you down. For goodness sake, don’t waste the life you’ve been given. I will be on your case all day, every day if I feel you are beginning to slack off. When we leave, and yes when, not if, you must remind me to or you can offer to at least pay some rent for the things we have used, eaten and broken- thanks to you and Andrew. Well, better be on the road. I don’t want to wake you. You look so peaceful sleeping. But you can’t stop three determined kids, can you?


Love you forever and always,

Eloise xx


Her signature seemed rushed and I could tell that she must have been in real pain. An indescribable feeling washed over me and I hugged the papers to my chest. It was the last thing I had to remember her by. I felt sad, yet happy to have this one last communication from her. It seemed to, as they say; tie all the loose ends together. I wiped the tears on my cheeks away and stood up, looking at myself in the mirror harshly. I needed to pull myself together. I had my own loose ends to tie up now and I couldn’t leave it any longer.


I yanked back the clutch in Eloise’s old truck as it skidded to a halt. I let out a sigh as I saw the condition the house was in. How could one person live here, let alone a family be raised? I approached the front door and heard yelling from inside. I dismissed the idea of knocking and slowly opened the door- aware that it was about to come off its hinges. “How many times have I told you Beatrice? You are lucky you are not out on the streets right now! How dare you accuse Damon of such a thing?” I knew that voice, even though it had been over thirteen years since I was in five feet of her. My mother. I cringed and stepped into the house. My eyes fell to my mother who was in the tattiest clothes; that homeless people probably wouldn’t even wear. I then looked over to the man who had his back to me and… and then Beatrice.


She saw me, and even though I probably seemed like a stranger to her, her eyes were pleading with me. When my mother saw she had lost her daughter’s attention, she reacted. Her eyes met mine with pure rage. I gulped, “Hello mother.” She froze, squinting her eyes, making it seem as if it was helping her vision. She stuttered in surprise. “T-Thomas? Is that you, sweetheart?” I scoffed angrily at her and moved slightly closer to Beatrice. “Don’t sweetheart me.” She seemed taken back, but immediately changed into the snippy person I remember her being. “What?” I didn’t reply, instead I asked a question of my own. “Who’s this?” I said nodding towards the burly man in front of me. A wicked smile passed her lips and she replied “Damon.” I once again inched towards my stepsister; worried for her protection. My mother clearly saw this and glared at me. “What happened to Bea’s Dad? Huh? Throw him out too, like you did with Simon’s and then mine? Low morals as always.”


The burly man- Damon- took it as his cue to step into action. “What do you think you’re doing, boy? Coming in here disturbing our family time and disrespecting your mother?” I looked him squarely in the eye and said “This was my home before it was yours, mate. Back off.” He grimaced at me, telling me he had a very short temper “Cat got your tongue big guy?” I asked snidely. He shook his head slowly, before raising a fist and hitting me hard in the face. I stumbled back and blinked rapidly as I heard Beatrice scream. I grappled with him and took a few more blows to the face before a punched him in the stomach. He grabbed it and I took the opportunity to directly confront my mother. She looked at me with glazed eyes, acting as if she was already bored with this new occurrence. “He hit me. He hurt your child and you didn’t even bat an eye. You didn’t even come to my defence. You are a wicked person, with a poison heart and I hope you die a horrible and lonely death.” She looked at my eyes, and she seemed almost innocent before she said, “Damon, I’m bored, get rid of him for me would you?”


The man had recovered from the impact and was grabbing me from behind. I struggled in his frighteningly strong grip. “Let go of me you fool!” I cried, kicking him below the waist. “Mother, listen to me, look at me, don’t ignore me and shove into somebody else’s hands like you did when I was young! I deserve to be heard, even if it is by someone like you!” She stopped and spun on her heal, obviously outraged. “Get out!” She cried as I straightened myself up. I strode over to Beatrice and took her hand. “Gladly.” I almost growled. She followed my path, still yelling at me, only just realising that I was pulling her daughter along with me “Oh don’t you dare take her with you! She is my child. She belongs to me!” She reached out for Bea, but I shielded her behind my back “I will look after her, better than you ever did.” She glowered and said “Fine. Go. Simon will just tell me where you are. He’s a good boy.” I forgot that Simon would still be wrapped in my mother’s suffocating world. “He’s not anymore. He’s dead- bullet in the chest. Easy, quick he felt hardly any pain; to your disappointment I’m sure.” It was my turn to smile, having the power felt good. “Don’t follow me, or I’ll have you killed too; but your death will be so horrible, it wouldn’t have been worth the trouble.” She froze, realising that I just said I had my brother killed. I literally ran from the house. Freedom. I thought; I just didn’t get it the way I expected.


When we were in the car, pulling out of the dirt patch- turned driveway- Bea spoke for the first time. “Thomas, right?” I looked at her briefly and saw in a hint of trust in her eyes. I realised that we hardly knew each other, but I suspected so much seeing that I left the house the same year she was born. ”Ah, yeah, Beatrice right?” She smiled timidly at me and looked away quickly. Once we had driven a couple hundred miles away from what was hell on earth; I stopped the car. “Now Bea, if you don’t want to come with me you don’t have to. Simon told me about you, I was worried and thought you just needed to get out of there. I just want you to know that both your brothers will always look out for you.” Bea looked at me and her eyes were moist as if she was about to cry. I took her hand and smiled warmly “So, Simon’s still alive. Thank god. He didn’t exactly have the guts to confront Mum. I’m very grateful for what you did. I don’t want to be a burden on you Tom. So I think it will be best if you drop me off somewhere.” She paused and I could see that her heart didn’t agree with what she was saying.


“Don’t be silly! Of course I want you with me. You’re my little sister. Now come on. I have a place a couple hours drive from here. It’s not much but it should do.” She smiled sweetly, playing with her brown locks. “Wait, what about clothes and things like that?” I smiled, dissolving the worry from her face. “I have already packed my own supplies in the back. Trust me there is plenty of food. I am also willing to take you shopping for some things. I’ve been told girls like that sort of thing.” She smiled at me and settled back in her seat as I put the indicator on to start our new life. “Wait! When Simon rang me he said, he thought you were staying with some friends. What will they say when you disappear?” I kept my eyes on the road; my sister was a real worrier. I sighed and a secretive smile passed my lips. “Don’t worry, they will know one way or another that I am where I’m supposed to be.” Bea reached over and gently touched my hand. It was odd to think I was going to let myself die only days ago and now I was going to make sure I lived to give Bea the best life she could have. “I love you Tom.” She said, withdrawing her hand again. “I love you too.” We both smiled as we drove off into the sunset.

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Love it
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The countdown has begun and there are only a couple more P.O.V's before this wraps up! Thank you to all of those who read the first story and are still reading now- it means the world to me. So, I hope you like it! :)


93. Renesmee’s P.O.V


It’s only been a few days, but as I sit on the floor trying to keep to myself, I can’t help but recall what Alice had whispered in my ear as Thomas left the house that day. “He’ll never know that she knew she was going to die.” I shuddered at the thought. When I asked where Thomas was going, Alice just reassured me she knew he was doing the right thing. I shrugged it off, the only thing I gathered was that he was settling into a new house.


Andrew came back only hours after, with an unmarked package in his hands, from the letterbox. When the parcel was opened, we gasped, seeing that it was over a thousand dollars in cash. Only a brief message accompanied it “Sorry the rent’s late.” No questions were asked about whom it was from. Thomas was busy getting on with his life and he needed to settle into his future before he could even glimpse the past. Speaking of which, Alice and Jasper are currently out in the middle of the forest burying a gun. I would say that my family is strange, but it’s actually a pretty normal day.


Our family has gone through a number of massive changes, but the most current one was Emily. Not only had she recently found her talent- which Emmett insisted on rubbing in Jasper’s face- she was now being “courted” by a nomad. Emily woke up a few mornings ago, revealing that she had undergone a huge growth spurt- she looked about 18. We are pretty sure that it was no coincidence that later that day in the middle of the night a boy arrived on our porch. His eyes were a bright red, standing out in the stormy evening. He told us that he was looking for a dark haired girl, who he was pretty sure went by the name of Emily. He met her and soon explained that he had travelled with Diego, but had stayed in Forks when he saw Emily. He said that his name was Justin and he meant no harm to our clan. He told us that the reason he had arrived as he did is because that morning he felt a tug. I suppose a calling. How romantic! I had to watch as they whispered sweet nothing’s in each other’s ears and he so gently brushed the hair away from her face, only to kiss her on the cheek. I envied my much older sister for the bond she shared with her nomad boyfriend. Of course he had to give up his killing lifestyle and live like us, but he agreed for Emily. Now they are upstairs, sitting in front of the television watching a movie.


Meanwhile my other sister, Mirabelle, has also undergone a growth spurt of her own, but she’s only about 17 at this point. We have no idea why, because there doesn’t seem to be a boy in her life. Grandpa Carlisle assures me that I should probably grow soon too and I won’t be stuck at the age of 8 forever. Mirabelle also hasn’t had any luck in the gift department either. She keeps telling Alice that she is an everyday vampire and she shouldn’t expect much from her. I feel sorry for Alice and Jasper, they have such an independent daughter that doesn’t appear to need them. I must say, despite Mirabelle’s protests, I have a gut feeling she is keeping a couple of things hidden from us and I am just not referring to her talents.


Andrew also has left the household. Thomas seemed to have a brief word with him before he ran off and that spurred Andrew on. He said he was very grateful for our hospitality, but he felt he should move on and get out of our hair. He wants to study and learn things. He said ever since his so called “brief encounter” with the Volturi, he has wanted to study law. He is already knee deep in books somewhere on the other side of the world. Who knows what will become of him.


I finally decide to give up on the book I’m reading and give my Dad a gentle smile as I pass him. I put the book away and skip upstairs to my room, being careful to avoid any contact with Emily and her boyfriend. I must say, despite my envy of the couple, Justin is adjusting very well to our family life. I enter my room and close the door with a heavy sigh. I look around, already wondering what I’m supposed to be doing. I am dying to go to school, but seeing my sister’s rapid growth my parents are scared to enroll me just yet. I sit down in front of my mirror and brush my red-golden curls slowly. I wonder what it would be like to have a boy like you, even love you? I would never be as pretty as my parents or anyone else in my family; I’ll just be the ugly duckling that never turns into a beautiful swan. Those thoughts were creeping into my head again and I tried to shake them out. “Don’t be so silly.” I whispered to myself. Yet, I couldn’t get a certain tan boy out of my mind. I knew, that there was a big age difference, but maybe if he loved me I could grow… I let the thought trail off. No, I shouldn’t get my hopes up like that.


There was a knock at the door and I called them in “Hi Renesmee. Justin and I are,” She cut herself off laughing saying, “Stop it Justin!” She straightened herself up and continued “Sorry, Renesmee. As I was saying, Justin and I are going hunting and Edward and Bella have said they’ll come too.” Probably to keep an eye on you two, I thought to myself. “So, the house is kind of going to be empty until Rose and Emmett get back from their trip into town… Seeing as Carlisle is at work and Esme is looking at a few open houses; getting ideas. Although I think Jake said he might drop by today. Anyway, enjoy your free time!” She waved at me a small smile and closed the door behind her. I have way too much free time for my liking I thought. Well, alone again. With my luck Rose and Emmett wouldn’t be home for hours and Jake, well he was really bad when it came to sticking to his plans.



The girl screamed as the attacker wielded his knife at her. I sighed and shut the television off. I didn’t need idle human horror movies to entertain me. Just for fun, I slid down the handrail to the floor below me and with a childish squeal; I heard a car door slam. I ignored it at first thinking it was most likely someone from my family returning home, but then I smelt his familiar sent and heard his heavy feet on the ground. “Hiya,” I heard his voice echo down through the house and realised that Jacob Black was talking to me. “Ah, yeah, hey.” He closed the door and strode powerfully toward me. He smiled warmly and ran his hand over the back of the couch before standing directly in front of me. “What are you up to?” I shrugged moving away from his sight, before I fainted into his arms… well that wouldn’t be such a bad thing; would it? Stop it! Don’t think like that. “Not much.” I replied, firmly gripping the spine of the book I now had in my hand. “Oh, it sounded like you were having a good time from outside.” I blushed deep red. “Oh, right.” I sat down on the couch and casually opened the book, trying to cover my now beat red cheeks. “You know I sometimes do it too. Slide down the rails I mean.” Jacob chuckled in my ear, his breath moving my curls and tickling my face.


I took a deep breath trying to compose myself. “I- I never took you as that type. I mean I knew you were immature- No! I mean I knew that you liked the idea of those kids games- wait I didn’t mean to make it sound like that… Let’s just forget it.” Jacob chuckled again more loudly and leaned back into the couch, his hand brushing my shoulder as he went to place it along the back of it. “Don’t worry I’m used to being insulted.” I felt better that he said that, but then slightly worse. I turned slightly in my seat and studied his face for a moment “I know, just don’t think I’d ever purposely insult you. I would never want to hurt you, you’re too…” I stopped suddenly aware of what I was about to say. I am a child for goodness sake! “I’m so what?” Jacob prompted with a smile. I couldn’t tell if it was an interested or mocking smile, but knowing him it was probably the latter. “You’re too… soft. I know you take things deeply.” I said in a rush, jumping up from the couch.


I moved back over to the bookshelf, filling my arms with books. I tried to keep my mind of the boy who was sitting over on the couch. I could feel him stand up, but he didn’t move anywhere. “Renesmee, do I make you uncomfortable?” I didn’t look at him; otherwise he would have seen my whole face flush. I stuttered when I replied “N-no, why would possibly think that?” I turned on my heel, facing him, with my new bundle of books and strode in a diagonal line past him to the stairwell. He quickly dashed over and placed himself between the stairs and me. “Renesmee…” he touched my arm and I immediately dropped all the books on the floor. “Great,” I said angry with myself, and for reasons I didn’t understand I felt like crying. “Here, let me.” Jacob knelt to the floor, gathering the books and I did the same feeling compelled to help. I felt Jacob look up briefly at me and I tried to make my hair hide my face. “Has anyone ever told you that you are beautiful Nessie?” I was going to answer, but I couldn’t. What do you say to the nicest compliment anyone’s ever given you? I ignored what he said, instead replying, “You, called me, Nessie… no one’s ever called me that before… not even my own parents.” Jacob let an awkward cough escape his throat and said “Oh sorry… I didn’t mean to.” I cut him off looking up at him with a smile. “Don’t worry, I like it.” He smiled softly in return.


“Here,” Jacob said handing me a few books to put with the others. We were still crouching on the floor. As one of the books was being put on top of the other a slip of paper fell from it. I picked it up carefully and sighed angrily “Emily.” Jacob looked at me quizzically, so I explained, “it’s a poem Emily wrote for her new boyfriend- she hides them so Rose won’t find them.” He smiled and I let out a lonely sigh, placing it back where it came from. I looked back up and found Jacob staring intently at my face. “What?” I asked, worried that I had something in my teeth. As Jacob moved, I could feel something come over me. His hand brushed against my cheek as he moved strands of hair away from my face. It’s a dream come true. His eyes only faltered for a moment, leaving me wondering what had happened, but then he leaned in and kissed me passionately- maybe too passionately for someone of my age. When he pulled away, I realised what had happened. I looked at myself in the reflection of the glass and saw that I had grown, just like my sisters, I was now a sixteen-year-old girl; who could go out with the boy she loved. Jacob smiled at me once more before kissing me again.


 “Wait,” I whispered breathlessly “I think we should discuss something.” Jacob moved his hands away from my face somewhat reluctantly. I quickly put all the books back in the shelf before beckoning Jake to join me on the couch. “What is it?” He asked with adoring eyes. I felt a bit hesitant at first, but decided to tackle my insecurities head on. “Jake, there is the small issue of you being in love with my… my mother.” Jacob sighed and I felt bad for just saying it like I did. I mean, of course it felt weird when you really thought about the idea… but I needed to know what it meant for my relationship with him. “Ness, you’ve got to understand that I really only loved your Mum as a best friend and nothing more. I suppose it was just because she was there at a very confusing time in my life. You know the whole werewolf transformation thing and I confused friendship love with romantic love. Besides, I think the only thing I was attracted to was the little part of her that has become you… if that makes sense.” It seemed simple enough. “Okay, but how does that work? I mean you couldn’t have known that “that little part” would become me? It seems rather twisted for a normal- ish boy like you.” Jake chuckled and I was confused “Nessie, I’m a werewolf for goodness sake! Haven’t you ever heard of a thing called imprinting?” I shook my head and settled in as he explained.


“Ah, so I get it… but what about my Dad?” Jacob paused, looking at me ever so slightly disgusted. “No, Jake. I mean that you must have developed a sort of friendship with him then. He is part of my DNA.” Jacob nodded his head in understanding. “Yeah. Well, I suppose if I thought about it, Edward and I have sort of become almost best friends.” He looked as if he was remembering something. I smiled, satisfied that if I was going to let this relationship happen, I wouldn’t have any hang ups. “So, do you have any questions for me? I don’t think it’s fair that I bombard you like that I just go scot free.” Jacob focused back onto my face and smiled benignly at me. “No… well I do have just one…” He trailed off obviously hesitant. “Go ahead, ask me.” Jacob swallowed slowly and shifted his weight forward. He seemed eager, yet somehow held back. “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?” I lent in and kissed him passionately, when we broke away I rest my forehead against him and said, “I thought you’d never ask.”

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94. Esme’s P.O.V


“A little more to the left.” I instructed Alice as she balanced carefully on the ladder. She looked back over her shoulder with a fed up look on her face. “Oh Esme, I have been moving this left and right for long enough- I can tell you will be fine if it is hung right there.” I sighed and let my shoulders relax. I smiled at her sarcastically and looked over to Emmett who was carrying in the new tree. “Just over in the corner. No- the other one.” Emmett rolled his eyes at me and muttered something under his breath. I knew I was being a bit too precise for Christmas decorations, but who can blame me? It’s the first time our family will be whole and be happy since… well let’s just say it has been a while. Rosalie descended the stairs “Esme, relax, Christmas isn’t for a few days now and we don’t need to stop to sleep or anything. Enjoy the holiday!” She smiled as Emmett scooped her up in his arms and spun her around.


“Yeah, come on Esme, relax.” Carlisle whispered in my ear whilst linking his arms around my waist. I chuckled under my breath and let Carlisle embrace me. “Alright, but don’t blame me if everything isn’t perfect.” Carlisle gave me a gentle hug, and kissed my cheek. He rested his chin on my shoulder, stopping me from facing him. “Esme, as long as you’re there, the day is guaranteed to be perfect.” I rubbed his arm softly and whispered, “You are such a charmer,” before walking off to check on the menu for the afternoon.


I looked over at Alice who held a clipboard up in front of her face as a pencil frantically dashed across the page. “I hope that you are doing something productive there.” She peeked over the edge of the board and giggled slightly. “I suppose you could call it productive…” She trailed off and I grabbed the clipboard off her. “Oh yes, I would call cartoons very productive. Now come on. We need to get this guest list together.” I threw the board back over to her and she caught it swiftly. I settled back into my seat and tapped the table impatiently. “Esme, we already know who we are going to invite. Can I just call them, please?” Her eyes were bright, and I could tell she knew my answer. I waved my hand and she skipped over to my phone.


“Where’s Mirabelle?” Emily asked, whirling through the kitchen in a rush. She looked over at a list on the bench and grabbed something from the fridge. “In her room I think, why?” Emily paused only briefly and replied “No reason, just wanted to speak to her.” I nodded slowly as she began to leave the room. I opened my mouth to stop her. “Emily,” I whispered softly, she heard me and spun around on her heel swiftly. “Yeah, what’s up?” I gestured for her to take a seat across from me. She did and looked at me with worried and quizzical eyes. “I noticed that Renesmee has followed your growing pattern, have I missed something?” Emily was about to speak, but then creased her brow, thinking it over for a moment. “I suppose you mean what ‘triggered’ it,” someone calling her name distracted her and she stood up saying “didn’t you already know about Jake?” She raced from the room as they called her again. So, a werewolf had stolen a vampire’s heart… I suppose there is a first for everything.


“Right,” Alice said, pacing back into the room “Everyone has said they’ll come… except I can’t get an answer in Volterra. I’ll try again later.” I nodded, taking in what she told me. I creased my brow unsure “Wait, who said anything about inviting the Volturi?” Alice laughed, but stopped, seeing that I was worried. “Don’t fret! Diego is sort of ‘co-running’ it now. Everything will work out perfectly.” I sighed and let her continue on with her duties. As Alice left, Jasper arrived and as they passed each other their fingertips touched only briefly. It was the kind of reassurance that young lovers need. I remember when Carlisle and I were first getting to know one another and how we were always holding hands or brushing shoulders. It almost happens subconsciously. It is a sign of true love.


Rosalie had a stone cold face when she entered the room and said, “Warning, incoming childish question heading your way.” I had to laugh a little bit at that and waited for Emmett to come in; more than sure it was him Rose was referring to. “Hi Esme, do you have a second to talk?” I heard a sort of snicker escape Rosalie who was standing behind us. I nodded, smiling at Emmett and standing up. He looked worried for a second, but then blurted it out. “Can I be Santa this Christmas?” A nostalgic and loving smile passed across my face. He was so sweet- even if he was a grown up. “Aw, Emmett. If you want to you can… but don’t you think we are all a tad old for Santa?” He seemed a little disheartened, but shook his head vigorously “Nu-uh. It’s the girls’ first Christmas. So we can have a Santa. Please Esme? Please?” He had his puppy dog eyes on. God, did this boy know how to get his way. I mean, how could I refuse that face? “Okay, on one condition. You do not wear that suit at the dinner table.” Emmett smiled ecstatically and hugged me, before running off with Rose. Kids these days.



“Esme, could you please go through that one more time, because I don’t think we all got it.” Alice said, clearly mocking me. I rolled my eyes and waved my hands in the air. “Alright, you’re dismissed for now. Oh and good job Alice, persuading Diego to come.” She smiled at me brightly, linking her hands in Jasper’s with ease. “Wait, Diego’s visiting us?” Renesmee chimed, from the other side of the room. I saw the delight on her face and nodded. “Yeah he is, with a few others from the Volturi.” She smiled back at me and I knew she would be really happy to see him. He was like a brother to her.


I sighed. I knew I was overworking the family, but I felt the need to keep busy. I needed everything to go perfectly, no stuff ups, no flaws. Besides, Carlisle was still working at the hospital up until Christmas Eve, so I was sort of alone until then. Before I realised what had happened, the family had disappeared right under my nose. They were all off again, doing their own thing. I was almost startled by the noise Mirabelle made coming down the stairs. She was almost skipping, with a beaming smile plastered to her face. “What’s made you so happy?” I asked, glad to see the girl must be doing something pleasant and fulfilling with her life. She froze, her face faded of any happiness and she defensively replied, “Nothing.” Oh well. Maybe everything wasn’t going to be perfect after all.


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