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You've Stolen My Heart! (Sequel to Love Triangle Who to Choose) COMPLETED

This is the Sequel to Love Triangle, Who to Choose??.

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There is more than one secret being kept in Forks.

Love, jealously and revenge. The Cullen's will hardly see it coming.

It is only a matter of time before everything changes.

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 (This video was created by Jesse Desplat)

NOTE: It is set after New Moon, so this story is a mix between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

All rights belong to Stephanie Meyer and the plot/ characters of the Twilight Saga. Additional characters and plot details are of my own invention.

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Bella’s P.O.V

It was a slow drizzle outside my bedroom window, I sat at my desk and brushed my hair. I sighed, I thought back to all the memories of the past couple of months, Edward’s illness, Emmett and I almost kissing and the fight I had with Jake.

We had almost been full circle… a year, it was at the beginning of the year when Edward became ill and it was just about a month before Christmas, another school year over. While I was brushing my hair I thought about it and realised that I had three different kinds of romance going on. I had to break two of those hearts but which two? It was a hard choice.

When I looked in my mirror I saw Edward, I thought ‘not another vision’, but I soon heard him calling my name “Bella? Aren’t you ready?” I was slightly shocked and jumped in my seat, and turned around to face him. He smiled and then I asked “How long have you been there?” He replied “Only a couple of minutes; do you have something on your mind?” I just smiled and said “Just thinking about the year and how it passes all too quickly.” He smiled at me again and then asked “So are you ready?” I was confused “Ready for what?” He laughed under his breath and then simply said “So you are ready. Meet me down at your truck.” With that he jumped out the window with the wickedest smile on his face.

I pulled my hair back and went down to the kitchen where Charlie was sitting in his uniform eating his cereal and reading the paper. He called me and said “Bells that Cullen boy is out front.” I nodded my head and said “I know Dad, we’re just going for a drive (I made it up so Charlie wouldn’t be too suspicious) I’ll be back later today ok?” He sighed and replied “Ok Bells. But I want you to be extra careful, the station has been getting reports of certain happenings, so be on your guard.” I just said “Ok Dad I will. Enjoy your day at work!” He mumbled something and then I left.

Out at the car Edward was leaning against his shiny Volvo, he keeps it in really good condition. He laughed and then asked “A drive? You hate my driving!” I sighed yet again and said “It was the best I could come up with! Now where are you taking me?” He opened my door walked around to the drivers side jumped in and laughed “You’ll see.” I decided to give in and get in the car.

Minutes later…

I looked out the window turned to Edward and said “Your house? What’s so secretive about that?” He laughed for the fourth time today and got out of the car. He shook his head and said “You’ll see, now come on.”

When we got to the house I saw Esme smiling. Alice came to me in a running jump. She hugged me and said “Just in time. I know you’ll like it!” I groaned and said “Not more clothes is it?” She laughed a high soprano laugh and said “No silly! I’ll show you!” She dragged me, while Edward and Esme followed us. When we entered the living room Alice yelled “Ta-da!” She was pointing to a giant tree… of course Christmas! Esme laughed and told me “We’d thought you’d like to help us decorate the tree this year!” I was puzzled and said “I thought Vampire’s didn’t like Christmas.” Esme replied “Well since you came and joined our family we thought we could do with a little celebration.” I just smiled and asked “So where do we start?” Just then Carlisle, Emmett and Jasper came in with about three different boxes each marked “Christmas.” When they opened the boxes, I saw that everything in there was newly bought.

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98. Jacob’s P.O.V


“So, Diego, what’s going on?” I was facing a young boy, who I practically despised. He seemed to be rather chummy with Renesmee and I didn’t like it one bit.


The red-eyed vampire looked me squarely in the eyes. “Not much dog, you know, just having major power over the greatest vampire coven in history. How about you?” He cocked his head to the side and smiled condescendingly at me. Another reason I disliked him, he thought he was some kind of vampire god.


“Well, Nessie and I have been rather busy ourselves. Planning Christmas, and lots of other things.” I smiled back at Diego and took Nessie’s hand in mine.


For a moment I thought he was going to say something wicked back at me, but then he smiled brightly at Nessie and said, “I’m pleased for you little sis,” He might have said something more, if it wasn’t for the fact that Esme stormed into the room, wanting to know who broke her furniture. He immediately bolted from the room.


“So, he called you his sister. Huh.”


Renesmee smiled brightly up at me, squeezing my hand reassuringly. “Yes, he’s like a brother to me. Although, it’s nice to know that you would fight for me. Thanks for not ripping him to shreds.” She said as she kissed my cheek lightly.


I loved Renesmee, I really did. People may think that our relationship- well, imprint- was a freak of nature, and rather disgusting considering the circumstances. Even though Bella and I had been best friends, and yes I had chased after her, very unsuccessfully I might add, but the feelings I held- and still hold- for her are different to the ones I have for Nessie. I love her, and one day I plan to marry her and have children with her. I have concerns that it may not be able to happen, but right now, all I can focus on was just how much I adore Renesmee Cullen.


“Hi there Jacob,” A familiar voice caught my attention. It was Sam and Emily, and their little girl Annabelle. Only a couple of months ago she had turned one year old. She was absolutely adorable, and looked around with wide eyes in Emily’s arms.


“Hey guys, it is so great to see you.” I hugged all of them one by one. “So, how is it going with a kid and all?” Sam did look tired, but the huge smile on his face seemed to mask that.


“It’s good. Although she can get to be a little bit of a handful… well you’ll see.”


Emily rolled her eyes and looked at Annabelle. “We have a little shape shifter on our hands, don’t we?” She spoke as she tickled her daughter’s tummy and she hiccupped.


If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would have never believed it. Annabelle who seemed like a perfectly normal little girl, transformed into a wolf before my eyes. She wasn’t a full-grown wolf; quite frankly she was like a squirmy little puppy. Emily put her down and she ran around frantically sniffing everything.


“Wow,” I was speechless. “I- I can’t believe it. I suppose you’d have to carry around a bunch of extra dippers and clothes, well, more than usual, huh?”


Sam smiled at me, but it was Emily who answered. “Well you’d think that, but it’s the oddest thing-” She was interrupted as a sneeze caught us off guard, and the small wolf, once again turned into the little girl, still in her striped stockings and dress with a pink elephant on it.


“Amazing,” I commented again as Sam picked up his daughter. “She is one special little girl indeed.” I smiled and the new parents glowed at their truly wonderful child.


Without looking at me, they both said, “She sure is.”




In less than an hour later the house was packed with more guests than I thought was possible. Each and every vampire the Cullen’s knew was visiting for the holiday, as well as a few nomads, but Carlisle assured me they were okay. Most of the pack was here too, and even though they got the odd look from the vampires, it seemed to be working out okay.


I was still waiting for my father, and in fact Charlie. I guessed they would be arriving together, so I didn’t want to get myself worked up. I was especially anxious about seeing Billy again. The reason was simply that our relationship had been strained lately, and I hadn’t actually spoken to him for what seemed like a month. No, I can’t think like that. It will work itself out. If only that had been the biggest obstacle of the day, then everything would have been fine.


“Okay, this is enough!” A high pixie like yell echoed through the house. I followed the sound, to find Alice in the middle of the living room, in a huff. “I let you in here when I shouldn’t have, and now you have trashed some of Esme’s favourite things. You lot have overstayed your welcome, and it is time for you to go.”


There was a hush as Alice’s angry glare stopped to look at each an every one of the nomad vampires Diego called his friends and family. “Come on guys, you heard her. Time to go.” Diego spoke up from the back of the crowd, starting to herd the clan to the door.


“What’s happening?” Renesmee sidled up to me, and whispered in my ear.


I looked down at her for a second. “Diego’s leaving,” I didn’t know it would evoke such a reaction from Renesmee, but it did.


She rushed over to Alice, and seemed to plead with her for a second. “I understand they’re rowdy and all of that, but Diego should stay. Besides, what is Aro going to say when he shows up and his favourite adopted son has been kicked out?”


Alice suddenly froze amongst the noise. Her eyes glazed over and she seemed terrified. “A-alright Diego c-can stay.” Although she responded to her niece Alice still seemed very vague.


I took a deep breath, overcoming the show that had just taken place in front of me. I gathered that Alice had already recovered, because she said, “That’s for you Jake.” I was about to ask what she was talking about when there was a knock at the door. Oh god. Please, let this be good news.


“Jacob, my boy!” Billy called up to me. I looked down at him and smiled, as Charlie pushed him inside, followed by Sue. I was just closing the door when someone stopped me. Paul. His muscly arm pushed the door wide open. I looked at him with a snide smile, only to realize his other arm was wrapped around… No! Oh please no! This has to be a dream. I almost thought it was, because everything suddenly went black. I fainted.




“Jacob? Jacob, can you hear me?” Everything was fuzzy. My eyes snapped open, and I took a deep breath. The first thing I saw was my beautiful Ness calling to me. Relief washed over her face, when I gave her a weak smile.


“Ness? Oh I am so glad to see you. It was all just a dream.” I sighed at the realization. I hadn’t truly witnessed, what quite frankly was one of my worst nightmares.


Renesmee seemed utterly confused. “Jake, sweetheart, what are you talking about?” She helped me sit up and I looked at her. Her chocolate- brown eyes were still round with worry, and her arms were still shaking as she held me.


“Paul, you know, he wasn’t really here with her. It didn’t happen, right?”


“Oh, Jake, honey… this might come as a bit of a shock but-” Renesmee’s words were cut short, by a grinning face, looming above me. Paul.


“Hi buddy,” he began speaking to me, but he turned his head to the side, to continue talking to someone else, “You were right, he did take the news badly. Funny, you’re brother is so wrapped up in his own little suburbia here that he doesn’t even realized it happened.”


Brother? Wait that must mean… Oh no it really did happen! I groaned loudly, and put my head in my hands, trying to stop the room from pitching and rolling around me. A reassuring hand was placed on my shoulder. I couldn’t quite pick who was comforting me, but I didn’t care. It was just too much. Who knew this would happen? “Why?” I mumbled to myself in frustration.


It was a while before I dared look up at the two new guests, but when I did, I was met with the gentle voice of my older sister’s voice. “I’m sorry Jacob. I really didn’t think that you’d faint. I mean wouldn’t you be happy that I imprinted?”


I sighed. Rachel was always there for me when I needed her. “But did you have to imprint with Paul of all people?” She laughed at me, not in a mocking way, more in a caring sister way.


“Poor Jake. I know you and Paul aren’t the best of friends, but come on, it’s not like I can take it back. Will you just accept it, for me? Besides, Dad went to a lot of trouble to organize my trip to Forks, the least you can do is give me a hug.”


I smiled at her. She always knew what to say. I hugged her and whispered, “Alright you win. You can have it your way. But you have to tell your boyfriend over there that he has to stop being so hot headed.” She laughed, and nodded in agreement.


Renesmee helped me up, and I gave her hand a reassuring squeeze. As she led me over to the sofa, I swear I heard Rachel whisper to Paul, “See, I told you I always get my way.” That was Rachel for you, always the go-getter, the bargain driver, but I loved her.


Even with all this madness going on, I spared a thought for my other sister, Rachel’s twin: Rebecca. I knew she wouldn’t be here today. I knew she took Mum’s death the hardest, and she basically fled to Hawaii to escape the memories. However, I could look forward to the 6 ‘o’ clock phone call from her, the same time as every year on any occasion. At least I could take joy in the fact she had found love with Solomon. She seemed happy, so I was happy. Maybe one day, I’ll persuade Dad to let her in on this whole vampire, shape-shifter world we live in. One day soon.




“Dinner will be ready in an hour and a half.” Alice chimed. She insisted announcing every little thing, right down to the minute. As if on cue my stomach grumbled. Boy, I hope the Cullen’s put on a good feast.


“Of course we do.” Edward called from across the room.


Once again, thanks for sticking to that whole privacy thing we spoke about earlier. I thought to myself. I heard Edward chuckle. Even though I- and Nessie- appreciate privacy, I know that Edward can’t exactly stop his power. I guess I’ll never really be alone again, and for some reason that comforted me. I was in. I had a family of my own now, somewhere I could call home, and a place I would always belong.


Nessie’s laughter echoed through the room as she entered, followed by Diego- who I was actually starting to like, I mean he was kind of charming. Ness sat down next to me, snuggling into my warm arms. Also, thanks for not ripping my head off for this whole imprint thing. I shot another thought over to Edward.


He looked at me out of the corner of his eyes, and I knew what he would say: It’s okay. I may not be happy about it, but Ness is and that’s the important thing. But if I ever find out that you hurt her or you got her pregnant without a plan- you know it’s going to be your last day alive. Yes, that scared me, of course it did. Who wouldn’t be scared of a guy who basically knows every move you make, and is the fastest of his kind, and can kill you at the drop of a hat? However, it was okay, because I knew I would never hurt Nessie, or let anyone hurt her. I wanted a long and happy future together.


My daydreams were interrupted by a forceful, yet musical, knock at the door. Everyone- who was now stationed around the television in one way or another- turned their attention to the door. Alice got up to answer it, cheerful as always, but froze when she realised who was on the other side of it. She faltered only for a second before opening it, and smiling warmly at the final guests to arrive.


“I am so sorry we’re late.” His voice made my skin crawl and insides churn. This man was Aro, the head of the Volturi.


“That’s alright Aro, we’re just, um, happy, you could make it.” Alice responded kindly.


Aro moved in off the porch. “I’m happy we were invited. I would have travelled with Diego, but something very interesting came up at the last minute. Please, take my coat.” Aro handed the cloak to Alice, as she stood there shocked. Jane and Demetri copied his lead, literally throwing their coats in Alice’s direction.


“Is that everyone Aro? I was under the impression that all of your guard would be joining us. No matter I’ll just-”


Alice was cut of by Aro’s dismissiveness, as he spoke to her, “Yes, there is more of us. How rude of me, I actually do have one more guest to add to that list.” He turned to call out the door. “Felix! Alec! Please bring our special guest inside.”


Not one of us expected this special guest to be her- least of all Alice. But there she was, covered in snow, holding the hand of this Alec boy. “Hi.” She spoke softly.


“Mirabelle, what on earth are you doing with them?” Alice asked concerned. “I thought you were upstairs. All this time… you’ve been…” Alice trailed off in utter disbelief.


Betraying you?” Aro prompted with a smile. “Go on, tell her disappointed you are, how angry it makes you feel. Go on.” As he spoke, Aro moved silently closer to the mother and daughter duo.


Mirabelle sighed as Aro kept goading Alice. He was relentless in his barrage suggestions. Suddenly he was cut off mid sentence as Mirabelle slapped him, with an open palm, on the face. “God old man, leave her alone.”


Everything was frozen, deadly quiet. Until Aro mumbled something about a good killing and then paying a price- then everything seemed to happen in fast motion. Felix lunged for Mirabelle, as she screamed, Alec took the tackle for her. Aro stood aside, with a snicker, watching the chaos unfold. Diego immediately stepped in, lording his authority over the group. As people were trying to calm down, and fights separated Alice whispered to Mirabelle, “What have you done?” Before walking off.


“Mum! Wait! Please! I can explain.” Mirabelle cried, running upstairs after her mother. Renesmee gave me one glance, and I knew we had to follow to help her sister. As we got up and made our way up the stairs, we noticed Emily and Justin mirroring our actions.


We waited by the door, until Renesmee thought it was safe to enter. I know I’m usually not an eavesdropper, but because of my good hearing- due to the whole werewolf thing- I could hear every word:


“Oh, Mirabelle, of all the things you could do, joining the Volturi is the worst.” Alice told her daughter.


“I know that you feel that way about it, but you don’t understand. Alec and I are in love. I wanted to join for him, and to do good in the society.” Mirabelle explained.


“But, why did Aro accept you? Surely not just because you’re a Cullen.”


“Please, Mum, just listen. I haven’t exactly been honest with you. I, can, well, see the past.” Alice gasped at Mirabelle’s confession.


“See the past? Since when?”


“Ah, since forever I suppose. Ever since I was born. It was mostly of you and Dad at first, but then I could see the history of everything that ever happened. I just didn’t want to admit that to you. Then, well because there’d be expectations and all of that. I wanted to be my own person, not just do or be things simply because of my family. That’s why Aro didn’t know who I was until he made the deal to let me join. I’m sorry I hurt you.” Mirabelle’s voice was so quiet, full of truth, and pain. I couldn’t believe that someone who had only lived a month on this earth could have so much experience.


“Sweetheart, you know you can talk to me about anything you want to. I just don’t think the Volturi is for you. I mean you slapped Aro- nobody slaps Aro. Besides, it involves a lot of gruesome things, and killing. I really think you should reconsider.” Alice pleaded with her daughter.


Mirabelle sighed, with a sad giggle, “I know I hit him, but boy was he getting on my nerves. Yeah he’s kind of cool and evil and all that stuff, but Diego has proper plans for the Volturi. Alec told me these things when he visited every week or so.” She suddenly stopped talking, realizing what she had just said.


“Don’t worry, I’m not surprised, not after this. I suppose you’re going to tell me that you’ve got a pet dragon or that you are trained in the five deadliest combat sports on the earth.”


Gentle laughing surrounded them. “No, even though that would be great, and I wish it were true, I don’t. Even though I never wanted to admit it, I am more like you than anyone else in the world. In fact let me show you something…” As Mirabelle trailed off Emily and Ness signaled for us to enter the room.


We all stood there in awe. “Mirabelle, you painted this?” Alice asked, her eyes never leaving the artwork on the wall of her daughter’s bedroom.


“Yeah I did. See, I am like you with all this crafty, arty work.” Mirabelle smiled as Alice embraced her.


With a sigh Alice turned to us. “What are you doing here? Who is entertaining the guests?” Her eyes were round with worry again. “Come on, let’s get down stairs.” She ordered us as she fled back down to the living room.


Renesmee loitered behind for a second and spoke to her sister, “I’m glad you’re happy Mirabelle. I always new you were special.” The two sisters hugged each other and I heard Ness say, “And that Alec boy is cute. Good one.” As they laughed, it finally felt like Christmas was upon us.




“Everyone join hands!” Alice chimed to all the guests who were crammed around the dinner table.


“Alice,” I groaned, “do we have to?” She glared at me, and I decided to keep quiet.


I joined hands with Ness, who was on my left, and Rachel who was sitting at my right. Alice began, “Thank you for a wonderful year.”


I scanned the faces of the pack, most of which had their own imprints sitting next to them. There were even some newly joined members, Colin and Brady. It was great to see our pack growing. “We are blest to have each other and are grateful for the times we shared.”


I saw faces of vampires I barely knew, but who were great friends of Carlisle, and who were wicked talented. I knew that we would meet again in the future. “Let us be happy and bless us this Christmas season.” Alice continued as looked at the Cullen’s, all of them happy with their soul mates and children of their own.


I smiled across at Sam, who as a Christmas present had given me leadership of the pack. He told me he was retiring and could think of no one better to take his place. Besides, he even admitted that I did have the blood right to do so. It was only a matter of time before I stood up to him to claim the title. I watched as he glanced over at his wife and daughter who were both incredibly happy. Even Rosalie was beaming and she helped little Annabelle into her high chair.


I craned my neck to see my father sitting a chair away from me with Charlie and Sue. What surprised me the most was that I saw Aro, joining his hands with Diego. I think that slap really snapped some sense into him, or that iffy-looking-sedative-thing Alice slipped into his glass of blood. Either way I was praying it lasted all the way through lunch.


“And most of all, we hope that the years ahead are ones of great joy and happiness for those around us. Thank you.” My eyes settled on the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, my Renesmee. At the conclusion she turned around and quickly kissed me on the lips.


“Right, so first course is up. Soup for the humans and wolves… and blood for the vamps.” Alice announced standing up.


“What’s after that?” I called over to her.


“Turkey for you… more blood for us.”


“Ah is that-” Diego began to speak before Alice silence him.


“Don’t even ask- more animal blood for us. Then dessert will be plum pudding and then-” She was cut off by a loud chorus from the other guests.


“More animal blood for the vamps. We got it Alice.”


“Okay. Let’s eat!” She chimed in response with a flourish of her hands.




“I told you we did a good feast.” Edward said as the large number of guests moved from the dining room into the sitting room.


“You sure do.” I responded with a smile.


“Well, we better get going.” A vampire called Zafrina- I think- spoke to Alice.


“No wait! We still haven’t taken the Christmas photo!” All the wolves groaned in unison and I laughed.


“Oh and the presents!” Emmett exclaimed with a smile, before dashing off.


Rosalie mumbled, “Who knew someone could get that excited about playing Santa.”


“Everyone is to stay where they are,” Instructed Alice. “No one can get away from me. I’m just too good.”


With a sigh every sat back down in their seats and waited.


This was a great Christmas. In fact it was the best ever.

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I really love it

Thank you so much. :D x

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to post to let you know that I will still continue writing this story, but I have taken a break from it to pursue other things.

I really appreciate all of you who have kept reading over the years, and because of that, I do want to finish what I started.

Hopefully, with a bit of luck I might be able to completely finish by the middle of this year. I know that seems ages away, but lately I have just suffered from complete writer's block.

Thank you for understanding. :)


Hello everyone! I know it has been ages and ages since I last updated, but we are very close to the end. I am hoping to finish this story very soon so keep your eyes peeled for the last update which is coming very soon. Thanks for your patience and I can't wait for your feedback. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Enjoy! x

99. Edward’s P.O.V


Alice came back into the room like a gust of wind. She was smiling brightly, with a camera in hand. She looked so sweet and innocent that you wouldn’t have guessed that she could be so loud. “Emmett! Don’t even think about it. Not before my photo you don’t!”


She pulled herself out of her admonishing of Emmett, and turned back to the crowd with a smile. “Okay, we’re going to have to get some order to make sure this photo is absolutely perfect.” She didn’t even miss a beat before she continued, “American coven, follow me.” They all faltered for a moment, before Alice waved them on. As they left the room she was giving them very strict instructions.


We all relaxed when she was out of sight. She would spend several minutes fussing over them, making sure their clothes looked perfect- that they looked perfect- and that this was going to be the best Christmas photo ever. I didn’t even need to read her mind to know what she was thinking. I was snapped out of reverie when I felt Bella near me. She smiled before whispering into my ear, “Look,” I followed her line of sight. There was Jacob, beaming from ear to ear, in a rather serious discussion with Sam.


“So you see, it’s not really that difficult. Now, if you want them to be absolutely at your beck and call, then what you have to do is-” Sam abruptly stopped speaking when he realised that I was eavesdropping.


“Sorry, sorry,” I muttered, raising my hands in surrender, “I should know better than to listen into ‘pack secrets’ or whatever you call them.” He smiled at me snidely, and paced over to us, his muscles rippling beneath his t-shirt, and fire in his eyes. I sharply sucked in air, and waited for him to attack me, seeing as for whatever reasons, wolves were overly sensitive about pack matters.


“Don’t worry Cullen, I won’t harm you.” He said with a booming laugh and a jovial pat on the shoulder. “For two reasons, firstly, it’s Christmas,” a gentle humor flickered in his dark eyes, brightening his tanned face, “and secondly, I won’t have to deal with you for too much longer, and hey, I kind of, well, like having you as a friend.”


“Wait,” I frowned, “what do you mean you won’t be around for much longer?”


He didn’t even falter as he reached to half-shove, half-drag Jacob into the limelight. “Because my cold, pale friend,” Sam glanced across at Jacob, “this young man will be taking over my position as pack leader, which, if I’m honest has been rightfully his for a long time, in just a few days.”


“You have got to be kidding me.” I groaned.


Bella thwacked me in the side and muttered under her breath, “Don’t be so rude,” before giving Jacob a big hug and congratulations. “Go on,” She urged me, her eyes sparkling with the potential of making a scene if I wasn’t half descent towards her best friend.


“Congratulations.” I extended a hand for him to shake. “I think you’ll do well, and actually get the pack into shape for once.”


“Hey!” Sam protested, but I ignored him, as Jacob and I shared a common understanding. We were really good friends, but it almost felt like tradition to give each other a hard time now and then. It was great we were finally able to have a proper friendship.


Alice’s spiky hair and pixie head popped around the corner and she called out, “Egyptian Coven!” There was a stifled groan as the group left the room, apprehensive of what my sister was about to do to them. I tried to disguise my laugh, but wasn’t very successful. Alice made sure that I knew she wasn’t impressed before she disappeared again.


Sam chuckled as Emily called him over to help with something regarding Annabelle. She was an amazing little creature- the start of a new and powerful generation. As if reading my thoughts Jacob smiled nervously, “Um, while I have you two alone,” Jacob coughed, fiddling with his shirt, his eyes not able to rest comfortably anywhere. “You see the thing is,” He started again, his voice cracking and even more nervous than before.


“For goodness sake, Edward, can’t you just read his mind and get it over and done with?” Bella pleaded with me, her eyes like saucers. Whenever she did that my frozen heart skipped a non-beat.


“No,” I smiled slyly. “It’s not often I get to see Jacob Black squirm.”


Edward!” Bella snapped, reassuring Jake and telling him to breathe.


My lips formed a vicious smile as it dawned on me exactly what was going on. “He wants to know whether we’d be okay with him having a family with Nessie.” Bella looked at me confused, in obvious need of elaboration. “He’s worried that after what happened with you…” I trailed off sighing, “He’s worried that Nessie won’t be able to have children, or at least survive the birth, especially if they are werewolves.”


“For goodness sake, Jake. You’ve got to be kidding me? I would love to have grandchildren.”


I chuckled. “All right, I’ll agree if I can start calling you Grandma.” Bella rolled her eyes, but she knew I wasn't serious. “Go and ask Great Grandpa over there if he can help you find some information or whatever answers you’re searching for.” I got Carlisle’s attention easily and almost shoved Jacob over to him.


“Looks like we’re a family of firsts, huh?”


“Firsts indeed,” I muttered hushing Bella and indicating for her to look over to the corner where two young vampires, with such startling different eyes whispered to one another. “Are we going to stop it?” I asked, concerned that our family was mixing up with the Volturi after we had worked so hard. “You don't think he is just using Mirabelle because she is Alice’s daughter?”


Bella’s brow creased. “I doubt it.” And then she laughed, musically like wind chimes. “You’re supposed to be the mind reader remember? Besides, I think Mirabelle would have seen if there were any plans or anything of the sort. I trust her judgment. I also think that Alec knows what happens to him if he breaks her heart.”


“You’re dammed right.” Jasper muttered, laying on his southern accent more than usual. Catching Alec’s gaze he smiled, baring his sharp teeth with a chuckle. “This’ll be fun.”


“Not if Alice has anything to say about it.” I said, watching as Alec gulped. “I’m pretty sure she can see him coming around in a compromise with our lifestyle.”


Jasper was quick to add. “Or I’ll make him.” As if on cue, Alice returned, taking another two covens with her, and shooting me a warning look as if we were next. “Oh, better get back to the poor kid. Justin looks hungry and like he’s going to burst. Who would’ve thought I’d be helping someone with their thirst control? Ironic isn’t it?” He looked at Bella, humor in his eyes, and I was sure Bella was having a flashback.


“What the hell are you talking about?” I watched, terrified as Aro’s resounding voice silenced the other chatter in the room. I dashed over, as Renesmee and Bella did the same from opposite sides of the room. Aro had lifted Diego off the floor with one strong hand and was staring at him like he was going to kill him. “I don't owe you anything, you owe me!”


“Hey!” Renesmee shouted. “Let him go!”


Aro turned, still holding Diego as fiercely as ever. “Let him go? Oh, how sweet. You want me to let go of a boy who has just challenged the whole system of the coven I have been ruining for centuries and will forever? How clouded your young mind must be.”


“You promised.” Diego seethed, drawing our attention back to him. ‘You promised me I could run the Volturi if I joined you.”


“Promises, promises.” Aro quipped, shaking his head. “Promises come and go my boy. You are not yet well trained enough to run such a magnificent coven. Things are going to stay the way I want them to be. Understand?”


“But Aro,” came an unexpected voice from the corner of the room. It was Alec. “I said that Mirabelle and I would severe only if Diego was put into power, and if I walk, then Jane walks and so does half of your guard.”


Aro’s eyes flared, and I could sense his desire to rip so many throats out. The tension was palpable. His eyelids flickered as if he was having trouble blinking. Or maybe he was having trouble accepting that he might have to start changing things. “All right. I will let Diego have some minor role, at first. Maybe we will start by putting you in charge of the scavengers. Hmm, everybody happy?”


“Yes.” Voices chorused together.


“I’m fine with that, if you could just put me down now.” Diego complained, still hovering above his leaders head. Aro carefully set him to his feet, and brushed him off as if he were a China statue. “Thank you.” He huffed, straightening himself up.


“All right, now that’s over, can the rest of you get in here and take one photo, please?” I could tell Alice was tiring. I gave her a quizzical look. She sent a thought my way: Give it a rest Edward. I’ve just let the Volturi employ me daughter. Now is not the time.


She waved her hand and we all followed. I smiled at the extreme decorations Alice had put in this room, a Christmas tree, candles, little paper snowflakes hanging from the roof. I noticed that Emmett was staring down the Santa statue sitting in the corner. He either really hated Christmas decorations or- oh right, he was really going to follow through with that later.


“Okay, good. This looks so much better than I thought it would.” Alice had set up the camera on a stand and was fiddling with the buttons. “Now, all you have to do is smile. Got that?” Alice seemed wary and she pressed the timer button and glided into place at the end of the group next to Jasper.


I heard hushed whispers behind me. “Why are you asking me now?” It was Rosalie.


“I just wanted to know if you approved of Justin and would let us get married.” Emily quickly explained in return.


“There is no way we are letting you do that.” Emmett was using his threatening voice.


“Why?” Emily cried. “When you and Mum have married like twenty times!” Rosalie gasped and the camera flashed as Alice let out a groan.


“Rosalie, seriously. Just let her get married for goodness sake! Can no one stay still for more than thirty seconds? Let’s try this once more.” Alice shot us a look and I smiled at her. She set the timer and raced around again, smiling her usual enthusiastic pixie smile. As always she lightened the room with it.


“Sorry I’m late woman!” Came a cry from the other room. Garret. We’d given up on him showing up.


Kate, drawn by her mate’s voice, ran through the photo just as the camera flashed causing Alice to let out another increasingly uncontrolled scream of anguish. “That’s okay. You’re not too late for the photo.”


“A photo?” Exclaimed Garret. “What are we, humans?” He chuckled, sticking to Kate’s side like glue. I swear I heard Charlie mumble something rather gruffly under his breath. Something I won’t dare repeat.


“Come on now!” Alice tried to get the groups’ attention back as Kate chatted amongst her sisters. “We can surely stay still for the full ten seconds this takes can’t we? Seriously, and then you can all go and do your own thing. Sound like a deal?” There was a chorus of agreement from us all. Nearby Emmett seemed to chuckle impishly and rub his hands together in anticipation. I didn't even want to know what he was plotting in his mind. Luckily for Alice it had nothing to do with ruining her perfect “family” photo. This time the whole thing happened without a hitch. And then we all ran to escape her obsessive-compulsive clutches.


“Is Alistair here?” I heard Garret ask.


“No.” I chimed in. “What business of it is yours?”


He raised his hands as if in peace. “None…. Except that I had liked to talk to him. I often here tale of his travails and happenings, and thought we might have some common interests.”


“News has it that he’s still under a rock somewhere. No doubt he will pop up again in the future.”


“Besides,” Kate cut in. ‘I thought I was your only interest.”


‘You’ve got that right woman.” Garrett chuckled, chasing his mate playfully.


A loud snort of disapproval caught my attention. I would know that sound anywhere. “Young love, isn’t it sickening?” Tanya strode casually to my side, and I instinctively pulled Bella closer to me.


“Not a fan of it then, I see. No one in your life?”


Tanya smiled bitterly, making sure that her sister Irina was still nearby. “My family knows too much about the pain of broken hearts. Isn’t that right dear sister? Maybe we’d all have a chance if Bella’s fragility didn't cause such a problem for everyone, hmm?”


“I’m not fragile anymore Tanya. So keep your snide remarks to yourself.” Bella piped up, tensing by my side.


“Well, well,” she smiled, her eyes gleaming with interest. “As much as I do love a good fight, I am just not in the mood for it. And this is a new dress. But I’ll leave it be. I think a new year will all do us good.”


“Maybe you’ll find a new man.” I suggested. I could tell Tanya was biting her tongue.


“My dear Edward, a new century may even be too soon before I start to open my heart again.” She was smiling, but it was sad. I might have said something more, if a booming voice hadn’t snatched my attention away.


“Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!” Emmett was standing on the stairs decked out in a full Santa suit. “Who wants presents?” He cried, lifting up a red velvet bag overstuffed with goodies.


“That’s it.” I murmured. “He’s officially lost his mind.”




Everyone had finally made their way home as the sun crept behind the trees, ready for bed. Alice collapsed on the couch and Jasper moved to sit next to her, clasping her hand as he always did. Jacob had taken Renesmee for a walk and I was ready to have some down time. I was about to say something when Alice screamed my name. She was sitting bolt upright, her eyes wide and glossy. She was having a vision:


Blood. Flashes of blood and… And Aro. Diego. They were all there. Screams, screams, oh the screams that I heard. And then suddenly Renesmee, my baby girl was running and running and running. The vision blurred, but not before I saw the most terrifying thing: Renesmee lying cold and dead in a pool of blood.

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So now, after 100 chapters and over 300 pages of writing, we have come to the end.

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100. Bella’s P.O.V


The next morning I found myself lying in bed, with Edward next to me, his eyes shut tightly as if he were willing sleep to come to him even though it never would. I sat up being careful not to stir him. I smiled down at him, lying there so peacefully that nothing else seemed to matter. He was on his stomach and I gently ran my fingers over his back, watching as I cast shadows over his pale skin. He had become increasingly self-conscious about the scars and scratches that now marked his back and sides ever since the battle with the Volturi. Every one of us had been left with ailments of one form or another. Carlisle’s neck had been sore and Rosalie was covered in what could only be described as black bruises. We all had suffered greatly, but for now it seemed that we were finally allowed some peace and quiet.


Edward finally chose to open his beautiful golden eyes and I had to take an unnecessary breath of air to steady myself. Even now he flustered me with his charming looks. I watched as he got ready and I soon followed.


As Edward pulled his shirt down over his head and buckled his belt, I sighed. He smiled across at me, as if wanting to extract and examine my thoughts, but I didn't allow him. He ambled over to me, wrapping his arms around me, and whispering, “I love you.”


Right then I thought I would have blushed, and I had to check myself to remember that it wasn't possible. Even though I had been a vampire for a while now, I still had to get used to the lack of human-like qualities I now possessed. “I lo–”


My words were cut off by the scream of my daughter. She came running, calling our names over and over again until she was in our sight. “What’s wrong?” I asked, scared as she double over huffing, her face red and flustered.


Edward’s eyes darted around, as he seemed to be witnessing Renesmee’s thoughts play out in front of him as he fell backwards into a sitting position on the bed. “Mum,” Renesmee finally found her breath. She placed her hand on my cheek and I was sucked into the otherworld of my daughter’s mind.


Aro and Diego were walking together into the Volturi’s lair. Aro wrapped his arm jovially around his adopted son’s shoulders and smiled gleefully. “I understand you want power my boy, so power you shall have.” Aro was explaining as they took their respective seats. “These are a bunch of rouges that have been killing humans– too many of them. You will give them their sentence.”


Suddenly the room filled with what seemed like hundreds and hundreds of red eyed and menacing looking nomad vampires. There was the flash of familiar red hair and pooling blackened eyes. Aro whispered quick instructions to Diego who immediately stood up, seeming threatened by the presence of other unknown vampires. “Elect someone to speak on your behalf.” Diego’s voice rung out with a sure authority as he looked down at the perpetrators; his voice was so like Aro’s it was uncanny.


“Ah, that’d be me then.” A young newborn stepped forward. He had short, cropped blond hair and a stern looking face. “My name is Riley and I am the leader of this clan.”


“Good now–”


Riley spoke out of turn. “Look sir, if you could just have some sympathy for us. We were all created for some army, but our leader, she’s been killed so we have been struggling without a purpose on our own. It’s just that there are so many of us, some very young and it is incredibly difficult to control such a large group. I am sure you understand.”


Diego shot an uncertain look to Aro who spoke up, moving things along. “You’ve killed the innocent and you must pay for your crimes.”


It was subtle, but I still picked up on Diego’s disgust at Aro’s sudden sympathy for humans. He never thought they were innocent before. They were just playthings to eat and toy with.


“Look here. You are nomads and I understand your need to eat, but killing thousands of humans across the globe in a matter of weeks is as you can surely see, unacceptable.” There was a murmur in the crowd, but it was hard to see. There were just so many of them that anyone could be lost in there.


“But if you just–”


“No more time for talk!” Diego cried, relishing in his new authority. It appeared that he was suddenly drunk with it. It was too much for such an inexperienced young vampire. “You will all go through to the chamber to your left.” He pointed a thin finger at the doors to the side and as if by magic they creaked open. Guards flanked the outer sides of the group and started prodding them, only a few fought back but they were killed so quickly it scared the others into submitting to their superiors.


As the crowd trickled away out of sight Aro stood at Diego’s side. “Well done my boy. The underworld will sing praises of my protégé Diego.” He slapped him on the back and moved silently away like the flowing water of a creek.


Almost instantly, like an immediate reaction to the name, there was a plaintive but forceful cry. “Diego!” As if he knew the voice like it was his own Diego turned immediately, his eyes widening in disbelief. “Diego, it’s me, please help!”


Nearly all of the nomads had been forced into the chamber and it was just this otherwise plain looking dark haired girl extending her arm at the edge of it. “Bree!” He shouted out to her, a feeling of relief and unbelievable happiness stirring within him. “Bree!” He called again, but as he ran towards her the guard shoved the last of the swarm of bodies inside and locked the door.


Picking up his pace Diego ran like mad to the doors, scrapping the metal locks away as if they were soft clay malleable in his hands. In his panicked state he flung the doors open. But it was too late. He saw the most terrifying thing that any being on this world can witness: his beloved burning alive.


Renesmee gulped, bringing me back to my senses. “Aro did that. Aro did that to him. He did it on purpose– I know he did. Mirabelle said that she saw Aro and his charges plotting to have me killed to get back at Diego’s disobedience, but then he caught wind of Diego’s search for Bree and he killed her instead. Almost all of those nomads were ones Diego had met when he was with Bree. I can’t believe it.”


“Oh sweetheart.” I muttered, pulling her close and hugging her tight. “What can I do?”


Renesmee didn't answer, instead Edward asked his own question. “How did he not realise? How?


“Edward,” I hissed, still comforting Renesmee as she cried over her friend’s loss. “You know Aro, he’s capable of anything. Deceiving anybody. Making them see what he wants them to see.” I turned my attention back to my daughter. “How did you find out?”


“Alec called Mirabelle a-and then she told me. I could picture the whole thing, it was awful.”


“I can only thank God Mirabelle hasn’t left yet.” I said, smoothing Renesmee’s hair.


“She- she was supposed to leave tonight.” Renesmee sniffed. “They said that Diego- that he’d gone wild. They said they couldn’t track him because he doesn't want to be found.”


“I’m sorry,’ I breathed. ‘I’m so, so sorry.”



The carefree air that we had so hoped would keep our spirits high for a while had already dissipated and we all sat around with glum looks on our faces. That’s why the knock at the door was so startling, even for us.


Despite the sad mood, I smiled when I answered the door. “Dad.”


“Hi Bells. I know I gave you presents yesterday, but Sue, she thought I should give you this as well. It’s from all of us.” I knew what he meant. When he said all of us, he meant him and Sue. They were becoming quite an item to the point of almost engagement, and I can’t say I begrudge him anything for it. Besides, Renée had certainly moved on with Phil – another dose of which I had to put up with for several hours last night as they visited during the late hours of the night on their way through to see other family members.


In my hands I now held a large rectangular package that I would have dropped had it not been for my heightened balance and strength. “Thanks.” I smiled, greedily tarring at the paper and revealing a nice surprise.


“I know you like a lot of collage-y type things so… I got some help to put this together for you.”


“Thanks.” I repeated staring down at the myriad of pictures of me during the past four years I had spent in Forks. There really was one of everyone I knew here on there. It was pretty spectacular, especially coming from my Dad. “Ah, I’ll hang this up.”


“Right by the nice presentation of our graduation caps.” Edward smiled, taking the board from me and running to put it up.


I found that I still fidgeted awkwardly. “Is that all you wanted?”


“I suppose.” Even my Dad seemed to pick up on my stiltedness. “But please do tell that Jacob boy to go and visit his father before the New Year.”


Jacob, as if his ears were burning, popped up beside me. He had come over to comfort Nessie and it had seemed to work for now. “Oh don't you worry Charlie my man. I’ll be over there before you can say…”


“Do you want a doggy treat?”


“Touché.” Jake smiled with a self-deprecating smile. There was a snort from the family room: Rosalie. They never did get over their friendly rivalry.


“At least you’re still in one piece.” Jake picked up on the thread of conversation. “Yesterday would be like walking in a minefield for any other human. Even some of the vamps couldn't contain themselves. I believe there are a couple of limbs in the back yard if you wanna check them out.” Jake let out a huge, reverberating laugh at his own joke, and I couldn't help but smile.


“I’m not just any ordinary human.” Charlie returned in good humor.


I elbowed Jake in the side to tell him that it was time for him to leave us be. He frowned at me in annoyance but sauntered away, back into the arms of Renesmee.


“Well, I’ll be off.” Charlie said with a tilt of his head.


I watched as his solid form retreated to his car. “Dad!” I called out after him, letting myself run as fast as I could and throwing my arms around him. “Thank you.” I whispered with severe sincerity. “Thank you for letting me be me.”



“Are you holding up okay sweetie?” I asked, as I joined Edward and Renesmee outside in the crisp evening air.


Renesmee nodded. “Yeah, but I’m worried about Mirabelle. She’s still determined to join Alec.”


“Don't worry about me.” Came a snide voice from behind us. There was Mirabelle flanked by her parents on either side. “I’ll be fine. I’m not taking any crap from anyone.”


“That’s right.” Agreed Jasper, seemingly proud of the soldier and fighting spirit within his daughter.


Alice sighed. “I am sure you’ll change them all for the better, but I wish you could do it with slightly more pleasant language.”


Mirabelle shrugged, not worried about being admonished. She quickly turned the limelight away from herself. “Come on Emily! We’ll leave without you if you don't stop sucking face with Justin.”


“Oh please.” Shuddered Rosalie. “I do not need to know that.”


“You’re going to have to get used to it if they’re getting married, babe.” Emmett tried to lighten her mood by smiling his broad smile. Rosalie had slowly come to terms with her husband’s childlike humor, so much so she barely scolded him about his Santa Claus escapade.


Emily and Justin appeared holding hands, rather bashful. “That’s right.” Emily chimed in, all to eager to discuss her upcoming nuptials. “Can’t wait.”


“Where’s the honeymoon going to be?” Asked Mirabelle with a snort of laughter. Her parents frowned but it ran off her back like water.


“There isn’t going to be one.” We all stood there waiting for the explanation to come. “There isn’t going to be a honeymoon because I’m enrolling in high school.”


“Why?” I asked, honestly shocked. “If it were up to me I’d stay far away. High school sucks.”


“I want to help people.” She told us simply. “I want to help the ghosts, and that’s a good a place to start as any.” She talked about her extraordinary gift as if it was nothing, but it was something. It was clear she wanted to give to others and she was going to help the ghosts of those who had passed get closure and finally be at peace.


The clouds parted and the full moon appeared in the navy blue sky as Esme and Carlisle finally arrived, Esme with a smile on her lips as Carlisle whispered something sweet in her ear. “I love you too.” She murmured.


We all stood together. One big family, that's what we were.


“Everyone ready?” Called Emmett in anticipation as we all agreed. “Let’s go and get some dinner.”


I laughed as we all started running into the dense forest, just as it should be and would be for years to follow. I was about to shadow the movements of the others, when something held me back: it was Edward. I gave him a puzzled look.


“You really didn't like high school?” He asked, truly curious. “But that’s where we met.”


“That was the best part. Falling in love with you. I’d do it a thousand times over.” I smiled, leaning in to kiss him.


“And you'd never go back? Never?”


I thought about it. “Maybe. We could hang out with a new generation of school kids one day. Who knows, we could end up becoming friends with Mike and Jessica’s kids.”


“That’s a horrible thought.” We laughed together in perfect harmony.


“Well, maybe I’ll rethink it then.”


He took my hand as we faced the forest together, a formidable and unbreakable team. “It’s all right.” He told me. “We have forever to work it out.”

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