The Twilight Saga

i finally learned how to do it, now if you want to be cullenized by me i need to know a few things


Example :what color eyes do you want? ( it works better with lighter color eyes but it still works on dark ones)






After: Gold eyes






Red eyes:




Blue eyes:



and this one:





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kool my cuz wants one but she has to get a betta pic
yeah, i can
sure , i just need the pic
sure, here

Can you cullenized this??? please...tnx...
i want blue eyes.....
And this please..tnx....
in this,,i want red eyes...






hope you like it

thank you..i like it.. :)

could you cullen-ize me??  im already sorta pale but maybe change the eye color to gold or watever you thinks best???  im just giving you a pic im using as my profile pic. kinda scared of people stealing other pics.. anyways i'll shut up. here:



if this pic wont work pm me please... i can give you a better pic

i know they are kind of hard to tell , with the scenrey and the way your head is angled kind of makes it hard to but if you give me another picture i can do it again if you want

























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