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I can cullenize anyone who wants it done. I can do any color you want except black white brown or program will not allow shaded colors, and honestly it doesn't turn out that well.The picture needs to be a nice size...the bigger the better. I know these pictures aren't exactly how the cullen's eyes look but I didn't intend on them looking that way. I will work on the gold to make it more of a gold than a green. Please make sure the picture is clear and not blurry, it also helps if it is a picture of your face. If I do a picture like doesn't look that good. If you want your picture done...reply the picture to me and what you want done and i will usually have it done in an hour. Its first come first serve, and i will reply the picture back to you. If I see that someone has posted my picture on a website and claimed it as their own, i will close down this discussion. I will not have my work stolen. If you like this discussion, please check out my other discussion on wheather I look like Kristen Stewart and vote for me. Also, I have no claim to the pictures nor did I take them. I found the pictures and added coloring to certain parts of their faces. Thank are some of my pics.



Ashley Greene-Make up, eyes, and lips done here


Robert Pattinson-Eyes


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart-Eyes, Skin, and Kristen's bloody lip


Jackson Rathebone-Eyes


Peter Facinelli-Eyes


Kellan Lutz-Eyes


Nikki Reed-Eyes, Lips and Eye Shadow


Kristen Stewart-Eyes


Megan Fox-Dress


Lady Gaga-Eyes, and Face Make up


Kristen Stewart-Eyes, Make up, Lips

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ok computer is fixed and my cullenized pics are back and running
i cant do the sparkly skin but i can do everything else

Ok guys im going out of town for the next two weeks so my discussion will be closed until further notice :[


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