The Twilight Saga

Hi! My name is Gypsy Hale and I can Cullen-Ize you! Actually I can do pretty much whatever you want... here are two examples of what I do:




I can do any eye color, and I can change the hair color and/or lip color, and I can even do airbrushing  and/or skin softening (and, as you can see, I can make you paler). Umm I don't really have anything else to say... just provide a picture and the more specific you are the better it will turn out so be as specific as you can! Thanks!


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Haha! I really dont care which you do but I would like to have a blue streak in the hair. :D

Sorry! I tried really hard but I couldn't get the blue streak to work ): I just couldn't get the color right and it looked really weird... sorry!
lol its okay! it's fine! it looks amazing! (( do u think u can change the eye color?? )) sry!
it looks reaalllyyy good! thanks!
Oh sorry I guess it didn't save when I changed the eye color... oh wait I just got the wrong pic, here's the right one :P

totally cool! thanks!

can u give them gold eyes, some airbrushing, a bit of skin softening & paler, thax sooooooooooooooooooooo much =-D


Could you make my eyes blood red like a newborn vamp's and some skin softening please to make me look pale like a vamp, thanks.

What do you use? Like what program?
Picnik and a lil Paint.NET :P

To everyone who sent me their pic: I'll be done soon! Sorry!
Hey can you do this one for me? Make the eyes Light ice blue (Or electric watever works) and make the hair a little more auburnish? Thnx


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