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Hi! My name is Gypsy Hale and I can Cullen-Ize you! Actually I can do pretty much whatever you want... here are two examples of what I do:




I can do any eye color, and I can change the hair color and/or lip color, and I can even do airbrushing  and/or skin softening (and, as you can see, I can make you paler). Umm I don't really have anything else to say... just provide a picture and the more specific you are the better it will turn out so be as specific as you can! Thanks!


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No paling??
I didn't know if you wanted paling so I did one for both (:

Just have fun with it.

OMG thank you sooooooooooo much for my last pic, I look freakin epic! I love it!!! Could you do the same to this one? But I was wondering if maybe you could make my lips blood red as well with some blood driping out the corner of my mouth? Cause that would be awesome! Thanks again, Lilith.

Love it thank you.

Have fun with it and do what you think would look good.

Could you also do my kids they saw what you done and loved it and they want one of there one. Please
could you do this one with really blue eyes airbrushing and blood red lips? thank you so much

Could you do gold eyes please. the first one was GREAT.

Can you do ours so I can print it off to have at our wedding its in 3 days :) please

red or gold eyes plz and thank you!


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