The Twilight Saga

Of the three Twiligh/New Moon/Eclipse... What is your favoirte?


My answer... Eclipse! It was dead on and it was super funny! I like to go watch it when I need a laugh!

I love all three but since I am asking to choose one I figured I would too!!!


XO Edward XO Jacob XO




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LOL... That def was a great one too!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Oh man I can't even choose!

Probably Eclipse, it was amazing and I love how they got the men singing too!


BUT I love New Moon because Jacob Jost (Edward) and Kyle Datyon (Jacob) Were SUPER hot in that one :')


Have you guys seen the one where the Hillywood cross over with Evil Iguana?
I laughed so hard I almost cried :')

OMG... No I haven't see that one... Post the URL because I really would like to c it!!!


I would have to agree with you about New Moon... They did look HOT!


That was another reason I liked Eclipse too... The men got involved and the wolves dance... PRICELESS!!!

New Moon and Eclipse totally. The wolf pack is sooooo hot. Aaaaah............ jacob/seth/paul

So random, but so funny :')


Oh the Pack was pretty fine in Eclipse too!
It's just crazy how they all look close to the actors!

OMG!!! That was absolutely so FREAKING FUNNY!!!! Thanks for Sharing!

Haha I know right?!

So so random, but hilarious!

Thats fine! (:

I know!!!!!

I love love love the Harry Potter Friday parody xD

"my parents, my parents DIED! my parents, my parents WHY?! Sad, sad, sad, sad.... looking forward to the movie!"

YES I loved it too! And the movie was AWESOME!

I love the Harry Potter Friday Parody. It was hilarious! I was deing the whole time.


WOH: ``Dobby`s Dobby`s dead Dobby`s dead NO Dobby`s Dobby`s dead Dobby`s dead HOW, cry, cry, cry, cry`` LOVE THEM!


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