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if you do tell me why and who it is and also who is in your way... for me i love jasper hes gorgous and can mess wit my emotions so i could never be sad but to bad alice is in the way i wish i was her cause shes awesome too

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I love Edward!!!! he is soo awsome and sweet! Bells is in my way I wish I was her cause she has an awsome power!!!
hey girlies so yay i have had a great respose to this yes i know i said i loved jasper but i kinda moved on to emmett because he is awesome in the book and on screen wow he is amazing rob is annoying me because he is just gorgous but stupid but thats just my opinion but other then that i LOVE all the cullens and just wanted to say heys
Well like the majority of women out there I am in love with Edward. Who wouldn't love a man who is sweet, caring, protective, slightly obsessed with your happiness. Not to mention he is HOT!!!!! I wish he were real.

Actually, he is real, not the vampire thing but, HELLO?!?!?! Robert Pattinson! he is still loving and sweet! I got to meet him yesterday!
in love with emmett... rose needs to pack up and move on!! i love how he is the comic relief in the books and the jock and just amazing!!!
I love ......... well, i love Jasper,Emmett, AND,especially, Edward! Because they are so......i can't even think of a word to describe them! My favorite girl in the book is Bella because I am just like her, i broke the same leg as her, I dream about Edward, I smell like Bella! I mean it is sooooooo weird! My new nickname is Bella! At school, well when school wasn't out yet, evry1 called me Bella! It was so weird! lol.
Yes, I am completely and madly in love w/ Edward Cullen! HE IS SOO FREAKING HOT!! XD
It is a toss up between Edward & Carlisle. Carlisle is a doctor and intelligent and compassionate, very much the gentleman, and so sexy. Edward, is sweet, and caring, intelligent, funny, and incredibly sexy! They are both amazing, and don't forget they sparkle! LOL They both dazzle me!
I dont love just one, I love them ALL!!:D But, I think I love Edward the most out of them all.


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