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if you do tell me why and who it is and also who is in your way... for me i love jasper hes gorgous and can mess wit my emotions so i could never be sad but to bad alice is in the way i wish i was her cause shes awesome too

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I love Edward Cullen because he is just so sweet and so hot. I mean, who doesn't love a vampire? All I want to say to him is, bite me! :P
some girl asked rob to take a picture wit her and after that she asked him to bite her
I know this doesnt go with the topic but I had to tell you how much the boys hate Edward and the twilight series. one time i was talking about gymnastics the boys were wining like usual. then I said okay I will talk about how HOT edward is . there like whats up with gymnastics.
One thing, hot is like a cuss word for them, so don't say hot about a vampire! and i mean it!!!!
i love emmett. he's so funny and playful, but at the same time would break someone's neck if they tried to mess with you. he's like that big teddy bear that everyone loves. to bad he's in love with rosalie, she kinda scares me. lol. oh, and i don't care what anyone says, i think carlisle is hot. and he's in his early twenties so it's fine. lol.

ps. my favorite cullen is alice, but i'm not in love with her. just had to throw that out there.
haha Carlisle could be my doctor any day! Drools**
haha. i know right...
i know what your saying.....
hahaha : o
totally agree ;)
I Agree! *drool*
Alice is my fav chacacter also . the boys in my class think its so weird how I love edward but alice is my fav
I love Edward but bella is in the way can't she be happy with like Jacob or mike


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