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personally i love jacob black he is fun and caring. Im also in love with the actor who plays jacob black (Taylor Laurent) omg he is HOT! lol

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yes i am...
i love love love love him very very much
HELL YEA ME RITE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG IM IN LOVE WITH HIM SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOOD DO ANYTHING TO MEET HIM!!!!!!!!!! (that includs Taylor Lautner!!!) I WISH HE WAS REAL MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :,(
I am in love with Jacob Black, he simply is out of this world, so beautiful, strong, hot, caring, he has a through heart, he is just wonderful. He is my first thought in the morning and my last at night, it's pretty bad and I wonder if my life will ever be 'normal' again.
It's pretty bad for me, I am so in love with Jacob, it's difficult to keep track of reality anymore. I think about him all the time, he is the most wonderful person ever, he is so beautiful and totally Hot! OMG please help me!!!!!!!!

i was untill i read BD and he imprints on Nessie...there's no point if he's taken :( but i moved on to Seth :p
Not me but my cousin made out with a small poster of him when i gave it to her

Oh I am totally in love with Jacob. I think that he is so much better for Bella then Edward plus Taylor is way hotter then Robert.
my cousin is
Girl i'm wit you! go team Jacob!
im mon team edward because i think that hes who bellas meant to be with but im in love with Jacob

I love Jacob as well.


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