The Twilight Saga

ok :Dwho is the best couple? edward and bella,alice and jasper,emmett and rosalie,carlisle and esme,sam and emily or jacob and nessie?.....oo and do you think that charlie and sue would be a couple?i honestly think that jasper and alice are the best couple ,don;t get me wrong bella and edward are amazing at well and he is still the perfect who

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Alice Jasper
Jacob Reneesme
Emily Sam
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......i really dont no. they are all so matched up perfectly. but i would have to say Edward and Bella
i think bella and edward are a pretty interesting couple
cus their personalities are kinda different, not really matched up for each other
but they do connected strongly to each other
they are my fav:)
Edward and Bella for sure:)


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