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do you think Nessie and Jacob would be a good couple when she gets older? if not, who WOULD be a good character to be with him? (I didn't say you couldn't add yourself as a character! :D)

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i dont know i just dont see her with anyone else


Jake and Leah would have been great, they both lost a loved one (Jake > Bella, and Leah > Sam) to another person, that other person's true love. During breaking dawn I completely began to stop shipping (supporting the couple) that was formally my favorite BlackSwan (Jacob and Bella) and started shipping Blackwater (Jacob and Leah), their bond grows so strong in such a short period of time that its quite astonishing really. And I personally just dislike Nessie. She's quite annoying as she's smart enough to know that she's all high and mighty, I would have preferred Seth imprint on Nessie because Seth seems to be the type of guy who already understood and loved vampires, he accepted them, and it would have made more since for him to be the one that completely accepted Renesme.

Thats just me ^^

Could Nessie ever be with anyone at all? She believes she is above everyone else, yet the only one actually WANTING to be with her is Jacob.


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