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Ok, so if you were stuck in the middle of no where and u needed to survive, who would be with you and how would they be benficial to you? Personally i'd have Seth Clearwater. he would not give me atitude and probably would be very helpful. I wanna hear your thoughts : )

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Edward. Then maybe he could turn me into a vampire and we could hunt together.
edward of course!
edward so he could help me survive and all that
Hes protective, romantic and sweet.
We'd be vampires together, and have the whole island to ourselves :)
Sams here:D
Emmett for me
We could tell eachother jokes
And of course he would make me a vampire
As much as I LOVE Edward, I'd have to say Jasper. There's something about his gift that makes me think that I would never feel any kind of negative emotion ever again...
Probably Edward. He wold take such good care of us. Probably build a hut out of tree branches and leaves or something:D
Plus, he can change me to a vampire!
Emmett, if Im stuck on an island we could at least make it fun
I would probably take Alice with me because she would see the future and tell me if we survive or not :D

I would take Emmett he would make everything fun and turn me into a vampire 

ofcourse,edward!hw i wish it cud b 2ru...*starts day-dreaming*


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