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Ok, so if you were stuck in the middle of no where and u needed to survive, who would be with you and how would they be benficial to you? Personally i'd have Seth Clearwater. he would not give me atitude and probably would be very helpful. I wanna hear your thoughts : )

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okay well i would probaly be with Jasper because he has been in the army (human days) so he must know how to survive... he would be benifical in the way or survivng and he is totally gorgeouse so yah lol hahahaha....:P
edward, bcuz idk hes like superman except like 25 times better...
Edward! Come on. On an island all alone..... lol joke
I'd want demetri cause i love him so much and hes a tracker so he track someone to get back to where we need to be and id have him bite me so i would not die swiming back
edward because if it was just me and him everything would be perfect
i would say Carlisle ... He's very protective n calm ... things always turns right with him ... most importantly ... He is HOT >>
I would definetly t ake Edward so he could protect me and everything
Edward. Who needs food when you have someone that can make you immortal?
Jacob, he could keep we warm at night when i gets a bit cold

I would take jasper with me first of all were on a island all alone :) plus he will mess with my emotions and keep me calm and chilled ........................... hes like my personal brand of marijuana ....just kidding :P


carlisle wut if you get hurt

second choice would be  Alice

and third  edward 


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