The Twilight Saga

 ii would choose Edward bcuz he's TRULY the person we ALL fell iin love wiith. Rob pattiinson was just the GREAT viisual aiide to all of us who fell iin love wiith Edward. Even for those who aren't even twiiliight fans or those who are suckers for love moviiez are drawn iinto the twiiliight seriies bcuz of rob pattiinson. Haviin hiim play Edward was GENiiUS, But iif iif ii had a chance wiith one of them to be "the love of mii liife" iid choose EDWARD. Rob pattiinson as an actor iin twiiliight saga iis iiciing on a cake to me. Looks good, looks tasty, has you iinterested on watz iinsiide but iinsiide iits not the taste of rob but the taste of Edward. A taste were ALL famiiliiar wiith or would Love to try for the FIRST tiime and that's the TASTE of TRUE LOVE. And some may say "iif iit wasnt for Rob there would be no Edward." but there would have ALWAYz been an Edward. iits just that Rob was lucky enough to play him.




he lookz so damn gorgeouz iin ALL black btw, lol




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I TOTALLY agree with you.It's Edward we like,too bad he's taken, for the girls out there who loves EDWARD that is for you!(laugh)
I agree with the both of you!!!:) lolz;)
yessss it is Edward all the way!! its Edwards feelings, charissma, and gentleness that we all love!! Rob just makes it that much better...
Is there another Edward out there?? Go team Eward:)!!
rob all the time!!!!!!
edward cuz he's so sweet, such a gentlemen, and i bet edward is a thousand hotter than rob if he's real!
first of all, i totally love how u put that! it was by far the best which would u chose message! LOL! :)
as for which one i would pic, i really dont know. i totally agree with u that rob was and is the perfect edward. but that its edward that most of us really did fall in love with because of the books. im come on lets face it hes perfect! lol.
but rob, is one of the reasons i love edward so much! and i also love his personallity! have u seen him in interviews and on tv??? hes totally funny!!! and i like guys who can make me laugh. hes also an amazing actor ... i saw him in remeber me and he was just as amazing in that! (altho its not the character edward.)
so, i dont know. :)
also technically edward is taken by bella, except for in my mind ... in which i am bella ... the new and improved! LOL! then again, robs rummored to be taken by kristen *sob* :(
It is true I fell in love with Edward Cullen and because Rob portrays him I have found a new obsession with him but I wouldn't say I am in love with Rob. I am a huge fan of his but I am totally head over heels in love with Edward because he is everything to me.
It would be edward


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