The Twilight Saga

Which of Bella's characteristics do you love ?

And can you think of a quote that demonstrates that characteristic ?

The key to writing great love stories is creating characters, that the readers fall in love with.

I love the fact that Bella is forth right " I don't like telling lies," That she is sensitive and enjoys having fun. "Ok no neck exposure then"

The quote below is one of my favorites, and it demonstrates several of the characteristics about Bella that I love.

Can you think of other examples ?

Quote: Bella "Could you warn me before hand, the next time you decide to ignore me, for my own good. Just so I'm prepared."

Ref "Twilight" page 91

W3. What an insightful look into Bella's soul.

W4 No wonder Edward couldn't help falling in love with this girl ? WHAT A POWERFUL STATEMENT !

Just to be able to directly say this to some one, she already has feelings for, shows courage.

And by it's frankness it demonstrates Bella's honesty,

It also demonstrates her vulnerability by exposing the pain that she has felt, because of Edward conduct.

And "ignore me for my own good" demonstrates how she can be subtle in her use of irony, to blunt her criticism while still making her point.

But "I always say too much, when I talk to you"

What characteristics about Bella do you love ? And can you think of a quote that demonstrates that characteristic ?

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I love how she is thinks about everybody else before than herself..
Dear Angela,

I do too. I think that there is a lot of Stephanie in Bella.
I like the way she loves Edward unconditionally. She excepts him as he is and that is it!
No doubts, no deal breakers, no games. She just loves him, and isn't afraid to show it!
Points made by Michelle, from the Saga study group "Love a fictional character"

Quote by Bella Swan: "I searched myself for any special gifts, I might have. But found none ! The only thing different about me, was my special ability to love." Para-phrased bjm

The following observations, on Bella's characteristics, were made by Michelle, from the Saga study group "In Love with a Fictional Character" in reference to the forum's on going discussion of the "Characteristics of Bella Swan"

Michelle's observations about Bella's special gift are:

1 She loves unconditionally.

2. She just loves him, and isn't afraid to show it
3. She accepts him as he is, and that is it ! No doubts, no deal breakers, no games.

Dear Michelle,

Not only did you make several superb points. I think you hit the the key "to understanding the Saga" right out of the park.

While Bella is awaiting her vampire conversion, she searches herself. And looks for any personal traits, she might have, which could be amplified when she changes. (Such as Edward's clairvoyance or Alice's gift for premonitions ) But she doesn't recognize any. She decides that the only thing different about her, is her special ability to love ! At that moment she doesn't even appreciate how powerful a gift she possesses.

It is precisely this "gift" which makes her the most powerful character in the Saga.

If we review Michelle's analysis we can immediately see the implications:


Exactly right. Unconditional love is the key. Whatever any one's personal beliefs are, it is impossible to dispute the fact that, over the last 5000 years, the story which has changed humanity and civilization more than any other is...what ?

Right. "The passion of Christ" First written by the apostle Mark in 66 AD

And what is the theme of his story ?

Right again: It is the story of how humanity can be saved through an act of unconditional love.

Michelle's placement of unconditional love, in the first place, on Bella's list is exactly right.

Michelle's second point: " SHE JUST LOVES HIM, AND SHE ISN'T AFRAID TO SHOW IT" Another excellent observation.

Let's look at an example of just how powerful the application of that trait can be:

In 125 AD a seemingly insignificant incident occurred. ( Historians would later refer to it as the "Story of Perpetua" ) The story is about an "earlier Bella" and the theme of Perpetua's story also was "She just loved him, and she wasn't afraid to show it."

Perpetua's true story changed history, and staggered the entire Roman Empire. Interestingly both Perpetua and Bella "chose to walk to their deaths" at the hands of a group of Italians, and both for the same crime of " not being afraid to show their love."

Our English word perpetual, is derived from the nature of Perpetua's love.


Now which other world famous fictional character expressed those same feelings ? Hint: Stephanie Meyer told us she drew inspiration from her as she created Bella ?

Right: Juliet . And now, which of Juliet's quotes best demonstrates her acceptance of Romeo "as he is and that's it ?"

Right again: "A rose by any other name, would smell as sweet. What's in a name ?

As Michelle pointed out the third trait of Bella's love gift, was her ability to accept her "Romeo" exactly as he was.

Michelle, Thank you very much, for sharing your observations with us. You went to bat for the team three times. And you hit a home run every time. Not bad when you are playing in the vampire baseball league.


Doc B

PS I am sorry if my counterpoint responses, to your well made points sound didactic. For 40 years I had the privilege of "teaching, AND BEING TAUGHT BY" some very gifted students. Whenever I came across an excellent analysis, like yours, it was my habit to "dissect it" and share it with the other students. Old habits are hard to break. I know that this is patronizing to say BUT when I compared my analysis of the characteristics of Bella's ability to love, to yours...I found yours was better than mine. So for what it's worth. In my book you get a Double A plus, and a JOB WELL DONE. .

Your friend,
Bear, fka Prof B

The Un-Bearable thought for the day is: As Michelle taught us, the "Twillight Saga" is nothing more than a simple love story !

But then over and over again, it has been the simple love stories that have changed the world.

And it has also been those stories, which have made life worth living. "And the lion fell in love with the lamb."

i love how she loves Edward. She wants to trun into a vampire for him thats so sweet.
i like how she tries so hard to keep piece between Edward and Jacob, How she just wants Jake to be happy.
been uncoordiated thats mee lool


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